Best fashion designing courses after 12th – Eligibility, Duration, fee, Top colleges, and so on

Best fashion designing courses after 12th – Eligibility, Duration, fee, Top colleges, and so on

India’s fashion market has been increasingly growing over the years. The rapidly growing middle class and development in the manufacturing sector have added to the growth of the fashion industry. Hence, a career in this sector is high paying as well as full of opportunities. Students who want to get into the fashion industry should opt for fashion designing courses after the 12th. Are you interested to know more about fashion designing courses? Read this blog to get a complete insight into this field. 

Irrespective of the stream of study in class 12, a student can opt to pursue fashion design courses. Mainly there are three levels of courses: Diploma, Certification, and Undergraduate degree. Some of the top colleges that offer fashion designing courses after 12th in India are NIFT, Symbiosis, Pearl Academy, etc. There are so many courses and college options available but selecting the right one for you is challenging.

There comes the need for guidance. SeekEx’s career experts guide you about the prospects of each course and thus you can make the right decisions and have a complete career roadmap ready!  

What is a Fashion Designing Course?

What is a Fashion Designing Course

Fashion Designing Courses are courses that deal with the concepts related to fashion. The curriculum of the course includes workshops, fieldwork, practicals, seminars, and studio-based projects. Some of the specializations available for the students pursuing fashion designing courses after 12th include textile design, footwear design, jewellery design, knitwear design, and fashion illustration.

Nowadays students prefer to opt for a certain specialisation along with a fashion design degree. 

Fashion designing is a creative art form that involves various steps in the creation of clothing and lifestyle items. This art form has changed after getting influenced by numerous cultural and societal views. Over time design adapts to the style and colour sense changes.

Fashion designers have to conduct extensive research for designing and converting it into a fad. Their motive is to create garments that are both functional and appealing to people. 

Fashion designing Course-Eligibility


A candidate needs to meet the eligibility criteria to pursue fashion designing course after 12th. Upon completing class 12th in arts, science, or commerce, a student can seek admission to a college/institution offering the course. If the students opt for a bachelor’s degree in this field then that will take at least 3-4 years for them to become fashion designers. Let’s check out the eligibility criteria for the fashion designing courses:

  • Candidates must pass class 12th from a recognised board in any stream. 
  • To get admission to prestigious institutions like NIFT, and Pearl academy in bachelor courses, candidates have to clear the respective entrance examinations. 
  • There is no certain percentage mark required. However, different institutions may have certain cut-offs for seeking admission. 
  • Numerous short-term diploma courses are available in which the course duration is between 6 months to 2 years. 

List of the best fashion designing courses after 12th

List of the best fashion designing courses after 12th

1. Bachelor of Design

The fashion world is quite vast and deals with studies regarding technical and professional knowledge of various aspects like costume design, fashion history, trends, business communication, sewing, fashion drawing, and a lot more. B.Des course is the course that is offered by the best fashion designing colleges in India. The main focus of the course is on design techniques and the factors that affect fashion trends in different age groups of people.

This design course imparts in-depth knowledge about design techniques and also renders proper guidance in the research process of new fashion techniques. 

2. B.Des Fashion Design

B.Des Fashion is one of the popular fashion designing courses after 12th. It is a four-year bachelor’s degree program that focuses on all aspects of design and communication. With this undergraduate course, the students learn about the basic skills and information required for starting a fashion design career. Upon completion of the course, the candidates are not restricted to only working in fashion houses but they become independent designers.

Apart from that, there are numerous job opportunities available like textile designers, merchandisers, and fashion designers. 

3. B.Sc Fashion Designing

Those students who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree course can opt for a B.Sc in Fashion Designing. One can pursue this fashion designing course in Delhi or any other part of India to have a successful career in this field. It is a three-year undergraduate program that imparts knowledge regarding the development of designs for accessories, footwear, garments, jewellery, bags, and many more things related to the fashion world.

This course guides the students in such a way that their creativity gets stimulated as well as they are able to analyse diverse technical competencies. Moreover, with this course, candidates can make paintings on merchandise and specify their ideas.

4. Diploma in Fashion Design

Apart from undergraduate courses, students can also opt for a diploma in fashion designing. A diploma course covers key areas of all the design skills that are required to get into this field. Some of the common aspects included in this course are high creativity, powerful visualisation skills, good drawing skills, etc. As this is only a one year course so it is suitable for all those who are willing to pursue a short-term course.

The main objective of a diploma course is to provide learning to the students to create high-quality designs that are functional as well as aesthetically appealing to fashion. Upon completion of the diploma course students have numerous job opportunities in varied fields such as fashion, garment making, design, etc. 

5. BA in Fashion Designing

Just like any other Bachelor’s degree, BA in Fashion Designing is a 3-year undergraduate course that includes a study of trends in the fashion industry and related markets. This course focuses on the art and science of creating unique and original designs for clothing, footwear, luggage, etc.

Hence, it includes a detailed study of market trends and their respective fashion. Upon completion of the BA fashion designing course after 12th, a student gets a huge number of job opportunities in the fashion industry.

6. BA in Fashion Business Management

The Bachelor of Arts in fashion Business Management is another famous fashion designing course that students aspiring to become fashion designers opt for. Usually, the students pursuing this course gain in-depth knowledge of different types of businesses in the fashion industry.

Numerous fashion designing colleges in Bangalore and other parts of the country offer this course. Basically, the entire program is integrated into a series of workshops, seminars, and sector studies to enrich students about the industry. 

7. BA in Fashion Design & technology

BA in Fashion Design & Technology is a bachelor’s degree program that focuses on fashion and interior design. Usually, the candidates graduating with this course are able to work in different companies associated with the fashion industry as well as companies associated with interior design. There are numerous fashion designing colleges in India that offer BA in fashion Design and technology courses. 

8. BA in Fashion Merchandising and Production

The students who are searching for an undergraduate fashion designing course after 12th can opt for BA in Fashion Merchandising and production. This is a unique multi-year undergraduate program that offers an opportunity for students to explore the relationship between contemporary innovation and imaginative planning.

Along with that students also get an opportunity to challenge the clothing industry and bring innovation and imagination to this sector in an outstanding form. 

9. BA(Hons) in Fashion Brand Management

Those who are strategic as well as have lots of creativity must pursue BA(Hons) in Fashion Brand Management. This course focuses on three core areas that are brand identity, market research/trend interpretation, and marketing strategy. Unlike other courses that focus mainly on designing, this course covers topics related to brand management, consumer behaviour, and marketing strategies.

Along with that it also provides knowledge about brand management with respect to the global fashion and lifestyle industry. One can opt for this three-year fashion designing course after 12th.

Upon successful completion of the course, students have numerous job opportunities and further, they can opt for research studies in different disciplines.

10. BA (Hons) in Fashion Design

BA (Hons) Fashion Design or Bachelor of Arts (Honours) is an undergraduate fashion design course that focuses on creating original designs in garments, bags, jewellery, and many other aspects related to the fashion industry. This study covers concepts that enable students to cope with the market’s ever-changing trends.

Besides that, it also offers intensive coursework that enables the students to focus more on research-based studies and design. You can opt for a fashion designing course in Bangalore or from colleges in other cities and have a great career. 

11. Bachelor of Fashion Studies

Another popular fashion designing course after 12th is bachelor of fashion studies(BFS). This course deals with fashion technology which includes the art of applying design, and aesthetics to clothes and accessories. Usually, it is a three-year course divided into 6 semesters. Some fashion designing colleges in Mumbai offer this course on a part-time basis also.

Upon completion of this fashion degree, candidates have lots of job opportunities in the fashion industry. 

12. Bachelor of Fashion Technology (BFT)

Bachelor of Fashion technology is a four-year undergraduate course that imparts knowledge, skills, and methods for creating accessories and apparel considering current fashion trends. One can opt for this fashion designing course after 12th from any reputed institution/college across the country. Apart from design techniques, the course also provides students with the skills and equipment required for the fashion industry. 

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Career Opportunities after Fashion Designing

Career Opportunities after Fashion Designing

Numerous fashion designing courses after 12th enable students to pursue different career options. Fashion designers are able to make rough sketches on paper and also create computer-aided designs. For a successful career as a fashion designer, a candidate needs to gain knowledge about past trends as well as upcoming trends for creating designs that can cope with the trends.

Below are some of the popular career options that a student can opt for upon completion of fashion designing courses after 12th:

  • Fashion Designer: In today’s era, the profession of a fashion designer requires no introduction. Precisely, fashion designers are the ones who are directly connected with the fashion industry. If you are a fashionista then you can opt for fashion designing courses after the 12th and have a successful career as a fashion designer. Some of the top fashion designers in India are Varun Bahl, Sabyasachi, Rohit Bahl, etc. Over time, they have actually brought a revolution to the Indian fashion industry. As a fashion designer, you will be responsible to take care of everything related to designing apparel or accessories. 
  • Retail Manager: Upon completing a fashion designing course online or offline from any of the reputed colleges, a candidate can become a retail manager. In this job role, you will be responsible to set up a daily target for the staff and make sure that the marketing and promotion techniques are working effectively. You have the opportunity to work in a boutique, departmental store of prestigious brands like Zara, Lifestyle, etc. as a retail manager. 
  • Fashion Stylist: One of the most exciting job profiles for candidates pursuing fashion designing courses after 12th is Fashion Stylist. In this job role, the stylist has to select the right pieces from the designers collection or wardrobe and help the client to pick the best outfits. While making the selection, the stylist must consider the client’s body types, tastes, and preferences. Apart from selecting clothes, the stylist has to take care of the makeup, accessories, and hairstyles for enhancing the overall look of the person. To become a fashion stylist, one can pursue courses from the top fashion designing colleges of India.
  • Textile Designer: Another famous career opportunity available for students pursuing a fashion designing course is a textile designer. They are the ones who design 2D unique or repetitive patterns for different types of fabrics. Textile designers work on printed fabrics, weaves, or knit patterns that are either used to make clothes or soft furnishings. Most of the time they work in industrial settings. However, these days lots of textile designers prefer to work even independently. A candidate can opt for a course from fashion designing colleges in Pune or some other city in the country. 
  • Jewellery and Footwear Designing: Usually fashion designing implies designing apparel. However, the fashion designing courses after 12th include much more topics than that. Jewellery and footwear designing also comes under this section as it compliments the textile section. Without the right footwear and the right jewellery/accessories, a perfect dress could not get complete. Hence, jewellery and footwear designing are vital parts of fashion designing. One can opt for either online fashion courses or offline fashion courses and have a successful career in this field.  

Top Colleges for Fashion Designing in India

Top Colleges for Fashion Designing in India

For a successful career in the fashion designing field, candidates must pursue fashion designing courses after the 12th from a reputed college/institution. Today, fashion designing is a lucrative industry and there’s hardly anyone who is not aware of this field. Many students prefer fashion designing colleges in Delhi but there are many prestigious institutions across the country that offers valid course in this field. Here is the list of top colleges for Fashion Designing in India:

  • National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)
  • Global Institute of Fashion Technology (GIFT)
  • Northern India Institute of Fashion Technology (NIIFT)
  • Indian Institute of Fashion Technology (IIFT)
  • National Institute of Design (NID)
  • Inter National Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD)
  • Indian Institute of Fashion Technology (IIFT)
  • Army Institute Of Fashion & Design (AIFD)
  • MIT Institute of Design (MITID)
  • Madras Institute of Fashion Technology (MIFT)

How can SeekEx help? 

How can SeekEx help 1

A fashion designing course is one of the best career options for students from all streams; science, commerce, and arts. Those who are interested in the fashion world and have the ability to bring out their capability to contribute significantly to the fashion industry should opt for a fashion designing course after 12th.

The courses are available in different forms like certificates, diplomas, bachelor’s, and masters. Basic differences between all the forms depend on the fashion designing course duration which is between 6 months to 4 years. Most of the students prefer diploma or undergraduate degree courses for a successful career in this field.

If you are confused about which course you should choose and how to proceed in your career then get relevant guidance from career experts on the SeekEx app.

The experts present on the app are there to guide you about the types of courses that you must choose. Suppose you have decided that you want to pursue an undergraduate degree program then again there are numerous bachelor’s degree courses in fashion designing available for the students. Only an expert can help you to choose the best one considering your preferences and creativity level. 

To get admission to fashion designing colleges in India like NIFT, Symbiosis, etc. the candidates have to appear for entrance exams like CEED, UCEED, NIFT, etc. The career experts guide the students to prepare and clear these entrance exams so that they can study fashion designing courses from a reputed college or institution. Moreover, the experts can provide you with information about fashion designing courses after 12th, their fees and thus enable you to choose the course that is suitable for you. 


Everyday people used to wear clothes so these are the products that are available for mass markets. The designing of clothes and related accessories is quite important to keep up with the fashion trends. A fashion designer is one who brings out creativity and puts up the best designs. Hence, a career in fashion designing is quite demanding and high paying. A candidate willing to get into this field can pursue the best fashion designing courses after 12th and have a successful career. 

Although to have a successful career in fashion designing, you must have an inclination towards this genre and have some sorts of skills. Above all, you must choose the right course and the best college for giving proper direction to your career. In this blog, a list of top fashion designing courses after the 12th is explained in brief.

You can check out this list and also take guidance from the career experts on the seekEx app to make the right selection. Therefore, pursue the best fashion designing course as per your skills and abilities and frame the complete career roadmap with the help of SeekEx’s career experts for a bright fashion designing career!

Frequently Asked Question

Can I pursue a Fashion designing course after 10th?

Majority of fashion designing courses are available after 12th.

What are the most popular types of fashion designing courses available after 12th?

The types of fashion designing courses after 12th are certificate, diploma, undergraduate, and master’s degree. 

What are the top fashion designing entrance exams in India?

Some of the top fashion designing entrance exams in India are NIFT entrance exam, UID design aptitude test, AIEED, IIAD Entrance exam, CEED, and UCEED. 

What are the average fashion designing course fees?

The average course fee for fashion designing ranges between 50,000 to 11,00,000. The fee structure depends upon the course and the college where you are pursuing the course. 

What is the average salary of a fashion designer?

The average salary of a fashion designer is 3-5LPA. Again the amount may differ depending upon the experience, college, and the course.

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