Best Mobile Repairing Course | How to Become Mobile technician in 2022?

Best Mobile Repairing Course | How to Become Mobile technician in 2022?

In this era, there’s hardly anyone without a mobile phone. Perhaps many of you might be reading this blog on your mobile phone. Mobile phones have become a thing of necessity. What happens when it goes out of order? You rush to a mobile repairing technician who repairs it and you are again able to use your phone. So, you can imagine the role of a mobile technician in our life. Today, in this blog we shall discuss the career of a mobile technician. Yes, there are lots of mobile repairing courses available that enable you to have a well-settled career. Continue reading to know more!

Wait! Before you proceed further to understand the mobile repairing courses, you must understand its components and whether it is the right choice for you. Mobile repairing courses cover the subjects that train the students to work on mobile hardware, rebooting, troubleshooting, software, etc. If you are interested in such subject matters then you should opt for the course.

However, it’s essential to seek the right guidance from the experts. SeekEx renders access to career experts who are there to help you to understand whether a mobile repairing career is meant for you or not. Apart from that, they also suggest you select the right course and enable you to have a well-defined career. 

What are Mobile Repairing Courses?

What are Mobile Repairing Courses

The courses that are meant to train students on various components of mobile hardware and software and enable them to troubleshoot the problems in it are known as mobile repairing courses. These courses are designed in such a way that they enable the candidates to install, test, analyse and repair various types of mobile devices and smartphones.

Besides that, they also offer training regarding the process of mobile phone hardware troubleshooting, flashing, software installation, mobile phone generation, etc. Upon completion of the courses, you get prepared for employment in the field of mobile technology. 

Usually, mobile repairing courses are vocational courses that are available in the form of certificate and diploma programs. To date, there is no full-time degree course in this field. All these courses are available both in online and offline modes. For being a mobile technician, you must have certain skills that include knowledge about hardware and software.

Further, details regarding troubleshooting can be learned from the courses. Some of the course details are mentioned below:

  • Usually, mobile repairing courses are available at certificate and diploma levels and there are no such dedicated bachelor’s or master’s degree programs in this field. 
  • Most of the mobile repairing certificate courses are of only 6 months duration. The certificate courses usually include basic topics like basic repairing, chip level training, software installation, etc. 
  • The diploma level mobile repairing courses are of 1-year duration and include more advanced topics than that of certificate courses such as software repairing, phone assembling, hardware repairing, etc. 
  • A candidate who has completed class 10 from a recognised board is eligible to pursue mobile technician courses. However, some of the diploma courses require the candidates to pass 12th to become eligible to apply for the courses. 
  • Numerous institutes situated in Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad offer mobile repair courses at a reasonable fee.

Eligibility Criteria for Mobile Repairing Course

Eligibility Criteria for Mobile Repairing Course

Anyone who is interested in pursuing a mobile repairing course needs to meet the minimum eligibility requirements. The basic eligibility requirement is that the candidates must pass class 10 board examinations in humanities, science, or commerce streams. However, there are numerous such courses that don’t have any basic education requirements.

As we know that mobile repairing courses are not available at bachelor’s or master’s degree levels which could be a possible reason that they don’t have lots of eligibility requirements. Let’s check out some of the basic eligibility requirements to pursue mobile repairing courses:

  • The candidates must pass class 10 or 12 from a recognised board
  • Some institutes may conduct entrance tests to check the basic knowledge of the applicants. 
  • Most of the institutes offer admission on a merit basis or on qualifying entrance exams. 
  • There are no specific requirements to appear for the mobile repairing course entrance exams.

Scope of Mobile Repairing in India and Abroad 

Scope of Mobile Repairing in India and Abroad

Almost all businesses and industries give more importance to skills than educational qualifications. That’s the reason people are choosing the courses that grant them skills and knowledge in a specific field. Mobile repairing courses are designed in such a manner that it provides candidates opportunities to enrich themselves with knowledge and start their career in this field. 

Due to unprecedented growth in the mobile phone industry, there is a high rise in the demand for the best mobile technicians in India as well as abroad. There’s hardly anyone out there who doesn’t use mobile phones. However, many people using mobile phones are not tech savvy and require mobile repair services even for the smallest of problems. That’s the reason a career in mobile repair has a bright future. Here are some reasons that define the scope of mobile repairing as a career:

  • No requirement of any specific educational qualification: The best thing about mobile repairing courses is that there are no such specific requirements for the education qualification. A basic educational qualification of a 12th pass is enough to pursue a course in this field. If you are someone who has an inclination toward technology and wants to learn new techniques and methods then this career option is for you. 
  • Relatively easy to understand: One of the biggest advantages of a mobile phone repairing course is that it is relatively easier to understand than other mechanical engineering courses as we use mobile phones in our everyday lives. The courses in this field deal with the working of the phones as well as their repairing processes. Be it hardware to software, with the courses you can gain complete knowledge about all. 
  • Short duration: The short duration of the courses makes it the best choice for those who are looking for courses that they can pursue and get job opportunities. Usually, the mobile repairing courses are certificate or diploma courses and so their durations are short. The reason the course duration is short is that the mobile repair procedures and methods are easy to understand. Thus, it covers only the topics that are relevant to the technicians.  

Hence, a career in mobile repairing has lots of scopes not only in India but also abroad. If you are someone who is tech-savvy and have the skills to learn the techniques and methods to repair a cell phone then simply opt for mobile repairing courses. It can provide a demanding and well-planned career option. 

 Mobile Repairing Course | How to Become a Mobile technician?

List of Mobile Repairing Course

Mobile repairing courses are high in demand, but how do you become one? This is a common question that comes to the mind of the students who want to opt for this course. The best way out is to pursue a mobile repairing course and start your career. Listed below are the best courses that are available for the students to have a career in ṭhis field: 

1. Certificate in Mobile Repair Technician

This is a certificate course that is available for students who are interested in becoming mobile repair technicians. In this course, students receive training regarding different areas of mobile repair and maintenance. The total duration of the course is three months and it completely depends upon the institution from which you are pursuing the course. To pursue a certificate in mobile repairing and maintenance programs, you must fulfil certain eligibility criteria. However, the eligibility requirements also vary from institution to institution. 

The minimum eligibility criteria which are the same for all institutes is that the candidates must pass class 8 or 10th. Although it is preferred that the candidates pass 12th from a recognised board before pursuing the course. Similarly, like the eligibility requirements, the fee structure also fluctuates among institutes. The fee remains in the range of INR3000 to 10,000 per annum. 

2. Certificate in Mobile Repair and Maintenance Course Programs:

This certificate course is a vocational training course that mainly includes a skill development program. This course is offered by various mobile repairing institutes to impart knowledge about mobile repair and maintenance processes. Once a candidate completes this training, they will obtain a certification to work in this field. 

Usually, it is a 3 months course although the duration may differ depending upon the institution from which you are applying. The basic eligibility requirement to pursue this course is that the candidate must pass class 8 or 10th. Some of the institutions may require the candidate to pass class 12th. There may be some other additional requirements of different institutions. 

3. Mobile Phone Hardware Technician Course

The mobile phone hardware technician course is also a certificate course that comes under the skill program domain. The main objective of this course is to enhance and impart relevant skills related to repairing mobile hardware. The total course duration is 1 to 3 months on the basis of the institutes you are applying to. 

To apply for a mobile phone hardware technician course, the basic eligibility requirement is a class 12th pass. However, some of the institutes may also allow students of 8th or 10th pass to pursue this certificate course. Upon completing this mobile repairing course, a technician will be able to identify and troubleshoot the issues in the hardware of a mobile phone. 

4. Skill Diploma-Mobile Repair Technician

This is another popular course in this field that is known to develop and enhance mobile repairing skills in students. It is also a 3 to 6 months diploma course and the duration completely depends on the institution. The minimum education qualification required to pursue this diploma course is that the candidate must pass at least class 12th from a recognised board. However, some of the institutes may allow even 8th and 10th pass students to opt for this mobile repairing course

5. Diploma in Vocation on Mobile Communication

Among all other diploma courses, D.Voc. Mobile communication is considered one of the most popular diploma courses in the mobile repairing field. Mobile phones play a vital role in the communication process. So, this course focuses on the aspects related to mobile communication. It covers mobile maintenance and repair processes and also offers an advanced program that helps the technicians to address all mobile communication problems. 

Unlike other diploma and certificate courses, this course is a 3year course. Hence, to pursue this long course, the candidates must pass 12th from a recognised board. However, different institutes have different requirements. In this course curriculum, students learn about mobile software, hardware, and maintenance. This mobile repairing course fees range from INR 3,000 to INR 3,00,000 per annum depending upon the institute you are applying to. 

6. Certificate in Electronics Repair and Maintenance

This is a certificate in smartphone repair that covers different areas related to electronics and types of equipment used in mobile phones. A certificate in Electronics repair and Maintenance is one of the best certificate courses that students can pursue to start their career in this field. The course duration is only 1 to 3 months so students can easily pursue this course and start their career in this field. Usually, institutes seek 8th or 10th pass certificates from the candidates. Upon completion of the courses, candidates gain the ability to repair different mobile devices.

Mobile Repairing Course Fees

The fee structure of mobile hardware and software repairing courses depends on various factors. The deciding factors are the nature of the course, level of difficulty, type of institution, duration of the training, etc. In the case of certificate programs the fee of mobile repairing courses is around INR3000 to 10,000INR per annum. Similarly, in the case of diploma programs, the fee for the courses ranges up to 30,000 per annum.

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Best Mobile Repairing Institutes in India

Whenever a student desires to pursue mobile repairing courses in Delhi or any other city they have an abundance of institutes available. Upon completing the courses from such reputed institutes they can have a secure career in this field. Prizm Institute in Mumbai is considered one of the best mobile repairing institutes in Mumbai and is one of the best in the country. Listed below are some other best mobile repairing institutes in India:

  • Rajeev Technical Institute, Lucknow
  • Britco & Bridco, Delhi
  • Hitech Mobile Repairing Institute, Delhi
  • National Institute of Electronics and Information technology, Kohima
  • ABC Mobile Institute of Technology, Delhi
  • ITI(Indian Training Institute), Delhi
  • Global Institute of Cellular Technology, Ernakulam 
  • Magnus Innovative Technical Services Private Limited Mangalore
  • Brainsoft IT Academy Limited, Ranchi
  • Nice Tech Institute Guwahati

Online Mobile Repairing Courses Websites

The best thing about mobile repair training processes is that they can be obtained both in online and offline modes. Unlike other technical training where the candidates have to obtain the training only in offline institutes, mobile repairing courses are available on websites. These websites provide all the relevant information and a candidate can start their career in this field by pursuing the mobile servicing courses online on these websites. Listed below are some of the popular websites:

  • This is one of the most preferred websites to get into this field. There is a section on this website where candidates can learn the process to fix cell phones. The guides available are comprehensive and systematic and hence they enable the individuals pursuing the courses to understand the android mobile repairing process easily. 
  • This is another popular website where candidates can find courses that allow individuals to learn about mobile repairing tools. It contains the mobile repairing tool’s name list in Pdf along with their uses. It is a great source to understand the functioning of different tools and their respective repair processes. 
  • Another popular website where you can easily learn the mobile repair process and start your career is There are numerous articles on this website that have been properly organised and indexed. That’s the reason you can easily browse through those articles one by one and learn the process to fix a mobile phone. 
  • is a blog website that is updated regularly on the topics related to cell phone repair courses. Precisely, it is perfect for people who want to fix apple mobile phones. Mostly, blogs explain those problems that appear in Apple devices. 

How can SeekEx help?

How can SeekEx help 2

Whenever you desire to opt for any career option, counselling becomes quite important. That’s the reason you should take help from the career experts on SeekEx to understand different mobile repairing courses and select the best one. Also, career experts on SeekEx provide all the course details and enable you to understand whether this course is suitable for you. Only when you have extensive information about the courses, and understand whether this career is meant for you or not. 

Besides introducing you to the available courses, career experts also guide you about the mobile repairing courses approved by the government so that you can get the best job opportunities after completion of the course. The best thing about SeekEx’s career experts is that you can directly consult the mobile technicians on the app.

This enables you to understand the pros and cons of this particular profession from someone who is already on this career path. Hence, you are able to make informed career decisions for a successful future. 


There’s no doubt that the future of the mobile phone repairing industry is full of opportunities. If you are someone who is interested in mobile phone technology then you can pursue a mobile repairing course and have a well-defined career. In this blog, you got a complete insight into all the courses and how they contribute to a secure career option. However, before choosing a particular mobile repairing course, you should always consult the experts who can guide you in the best possible way. 

Go ahead and consult SeekEx’s experts to become a mobile repair technician and have a complete career plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which mobile repairing course is best?

All the certificate and diploma courses in Mobile Repairing allow the candidates to start their careers in this field. 

2. Do I need to pass class 12 to pursue mobile repairing courses?

No, it is not necessary to pass class 12 to pursue mobile repairing courses as lots of institutes allow even 10th or 8th pass candidates to pursue these courses. 

3. What is a salary of a mobile technician in India?

A mobile technician can earn a salary up to 20,000INR in India.

4. What is the duration of mobile repairing courses?

The duration of courses depends upon the institutes. Usually, the duration of certificate courses is 1- 6 months and diploma courses are 3 months to 3 years. 

5. Can commerce and arts stream students opt for mobile repairing courses?

Yes, all stream students can pursue mobile repairing courses. 

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