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Best PCB career options after 12th | Courses after 12th PCB – SeekEx


One of the most crucial phases of a student’s life is class 12th. It is the phase where they make numerous essential career decisions that can make or break their future. Among various other decisions, selecting the stream is the most vital one. The stream initiates the career and shapes the future. Every stream has its own significance. If you are a science stream student with PCB(Physics, Chemistry & Biology) then this blog is for you. Here you can find the best PCB career options after 12th. Thus, you can plan your future career accordingly!

Passing class 12 with a good percentage is not enough to have a successful career. You need to have a defined career roadmap that provides clear insights into your career and allows you to grow continuously in your selected career path. An abundance of career options is available after 12th science PCB. If you want to explore the best PCB career options then seek guidance from experts. SeekEx has career experts who can render you the right career guidance. Continue reading this blog to find out the best PCB career options after 12th. 

What is PCB?

What is PCB

PCB stands for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology and is opted by science stream students. Abundance of career options is available for the students who opt to study PCB subjects in their class 12. Some of the popular career options include medicine, biochemistry, biotechnology, Nursing, agricultural and dairy science, optometry, nutrition, dietetics, etc. Those students who have taken Mathematics along with Biology either opt for engineering or a medical career. Usually, admission to most of the PCB courses after 12th is granted on the basis of entrance examinations. So, a student opts to pursue any Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D., and then M.Phil. 

PCB career options | Courses after 12th PCB | after 12th Science Course List

Top Courses after 12th PCB

Whenever it is about PCB career options, the most popular option that comes to our mind is MBBS. Although there is an abundance of career options available other than medical if you have studied PCB in class 12. Let’s check out the list of courses that are available after 12th PCB:

1. MBBS: 

MBBS(Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) is the first course that comes to the mind of the majority of students who choose to study PCB. If you want to become a doctor then you must choose this course after 12th PCB. The profession of a doctor is notable and respectable among all other options in the science stream. MBBS is an undergraduate program that enables you to become a doctor in a specialised field. 

To pursue MBBS, one has to clear NEET, AIIMS, and JIPMER entrance exams. MBBS includes subjects like pathology, anatomy, surgery, etc. You are offered the courses depending on the scores obtained in the NEET exam. Accordingly, the students get to opt for different specialisations. Some of the specialisations are cardiology, General surgery, endocrine, organ transplant, Gynaecology, Nephrology, etc. The course duration is 5.5 to 6 years. 


BAMS stands for Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and surgery and is another popular non-segregated degree in the medical field. India is home to Ayurveda and Vedic Sciences so it is one of the demanding careers in the medical field.. In this course, the candidate gets to learn about Ayurveda and Vedic Sciences. Besides that, it teaches both modern and traditional medicines and techniques of surgery. 

Through this course, you get traces of a tour of the history of Indian Ayurvedic Sciences. The course duration of this PCB career option is 4.5-5 years. Some of the common entrance exams through which admission is granted to BAMS courses are JEE Advanced, NEET, IIFT, etc. The basic eligibility criteria for admission is to obtain at least 60% marks in aggregate in class 12th in PCB.



Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery is a course for those who are interested in Homeopathy medicines. With this course, students are able to start their career and become licensed homoeopathy doctors who has practical knowledge in this field. Compared to allopathic medicines, homoeopathy is considered an alternative medicine with natural healing. The course duration of BHMS is 5.5years. To pursue this course, one needs to pass class 12 with 50% marks and have science(PCB) as a core subject. It is also one of the preferred PCB career options for several students. 

4. Bachelor of Science

The above three courses are medical courses, but there are many other courses after 12th PCB other than medical that students can opt for and have successful careers. Bachelor of science is a three-year degree course that can be pursued after completing class 12. The students who have completed class 12 with PCB are eligible to apply for the course. However, the percentage required and the entrance exams depend on the institutions or colleges you are applying to. The specialisations offered in this course include Chemistry, Biochemistry, Nutrition, Zoology, Botany, etc. 

5. BDS

Bachelor of Dental surgery is yet another popular PCB career option that students opt for when they are interested in getting into the medical field. In this course, the students learn about small surgeries and treatments associated with dental and oral parts of the mouth. This course will allow you to become a dentist but if you want to grow in this career then you should obtain an MBBS degree as well. It is a 4-year course in which you can get admission only after completing class 12 with PCB.


Bachelor in Pharmacy is a PCB career option that one can opt for if they are interested in the medical field but they don’t want to pursue MBBS. For having a career in pharmaceutical sciences, it is essential to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy. In this course, a candidate gets to learn about the concepts associated with Medical Chemistry, Discovery, Drug Safety, Medical Plants, Drug Usage, etc. Upon successful completion of this course, you will become a pharmacist. The course duration of B.Pharmacy is 4 years in which you can get admission if you pass class 12 with 50% aggregate marks in PCB subjects. 

7. Bachelors of Physiotherapy

BPT(Bachelors of Physiotherapy) is a 4-year undergraduate program that is considered one of the best courses after 12th PCB. In this course, the candidate has to also opt for 6-8 months of internship. Usually, the locations where internships can be done are health & fitness centres, hospitals, institutes, etc. The course offers you learning about the physical movement of the body and the ways the disability and disease movement can be channelized. Thus, the student can become a chief Physiotherapist upon completion of the course. 

8. Forensic Sciences

One important PCB career option that involves the implementation of scientific knowledge in the investigation of crime scenes is Forensic Sciences. The study of forensic sciences offers knowledge about analysing the evidence found at the crime scenes. Hence, you get to learn about different crime scenes, soil, body fluids, bones, data recovery from various devices, etc. Forensic experts are the ones who examine the reports and support the authorities to solve the case. It is a 4 years course that requires you to complete class 12 with PCB. 

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PCB Career options Except for Medical

1. Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is a combination of subjects like Biology and Information technology. You can opt for this PCB career option if you are interested in information technology as well as biology. This course will enable you to analyse and interpret biomedical and pharmaceutical data. Upon completion, you will get appointed to Biotechnology companies, healthcare organisations, and pharmaceutical companies. Apart from that, you can also acquire supplementary positions as Bio Analyst, medical coder, and Clinical Research Associate. Bioinformatics and Bioinformatics are the courses available in this career option. 


Biotechnology is one of the courses that is a simple combination of Biology and technology. In this course, the candidates learn about organisms in the industrial process. This is one of the preferred courses after 12th in science courses list. Hence, it has lots of scope and opportunities for the aspirants. The professionals are responsible to work in various fields like developing better fuel, monitoring proper production of food items, developing vaccines and drugs for epidemic diseases, and a lot more. Upon completion of the course, the candidates get employed in healthcare industries, pharmaceuticals, Genetics, Clinical Research, etc.. Biotechnology and Biotechnology are the courses for this profession.

3. Food Science

Food Science is one of the PCB career options that is associated with understanding the biological and chemical procedures that affect plants, dairy, and food. The subjects in the course are dairy technology, agricultural engineering, agronomy, horticulture, and agricultural engineering. With this course, one can become a process development scientist and Food technologist. Food Science and Food Science are the courses that you can opt for a career in food science. 

4. Public Health Administration

Among various PCB career options other than medical, public health administration is one of the most rewarding ones. Public health administrators are the ones who are responsible to promote and improve public health. They conduct various campaigns and programs for monitoring the health of the community. Bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration is required to become a public health administrator. 

5. Physiology

The course in Physiology is one of the popular PCB career options without NEET. It involves the study of various physical activities and mechanisms associated with living organisms. Various research is done which includes muscles, anatomy, organs, cells, and interaction between them. Both human physiology and other living organisms’ physiology come under this. With the course in Physiology, you get the opportunity to be a Physiotherapist, Sports Physiologist, Biomedical assistant, or Clinical Exercise Physiologist. 


High salary courses after 12th science PCB 

PCB Course NameSalary Range
MBBSINR 40,000 – 12,00,000
Bachelor of ScienceINR2,00,000-5,00,000
Forensic ScienceINR 2,00,000-4,00,000
Food ScienceINR3,00,000-6,00,000
Public health AdministratorINR1,00,000-4,00,000
PhysiologyINR 1,00,000-3,00,000

Government Jobs after 12th PCB except for Medical

Government jobs after 12th PCB

Usually, PCB career options include professions related to the medical field. Apart from medical professions, several government job opportunities are available that help the students to have a bright career in this field. These job openings are for students who have pursued PCB in class 12 and have completed any specific course after that. While gaining insights into the available government jobs, we need to have a look at the entrance examinations that allow admissions to these jobs:

1. NDA(National Defence Academy)

National Defence Academy exam renders opportunities to the candidates to join the Indian Army Field. This is one of the PCB career options other than medical. Basically, the eligibility to appear in this entrance exam is the candidate must be a 12th pass out. Whereas there are other eligibility criteria to appear in the National Defence Academy exam. 

2. SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level 

The next popular government job entrance exam after 12 PCB is SSC combined higher secondary level examination. Staff selection commission renders an opportunity to work in the position of lower division clerk, sorting assistant, data entry operator, Junior Secretariat Assistant, and data entry operator. PCB subjects help the candidates to prepare for SSC examinations easily.

3. Railway Recruitment Board(RRB)

If you are a PCB science student and looking for a government job after 12th then you can opt for the Railway Recruitment Board examination. The examinations conducted by RRB aim to recruit candidates both for technical positions as well as non-technical positions. The best part of the RRB exam is that it is available in different languages such as Hindi, English, Kannada, Punjabi, and so on. If you are looking for PCB career options as well as a government then you can opt for any of the RRB entrance exams. 

4. Forest Guard

Human activities have harmed forest reserves to a great extent. The job role of a forest guard is to protect nature and ensure that human beings don’t harm nature further. Besides that, the forest guard is also responsible to clear fire lines and repair and renew boundary marks of the forest. In short, the basic job of a forest guard is to protect the forest. This is one of the government jobs for which candidates can opt after completing their 12th with PCB. The basic eligibility criteria to appear for this career option is 18 years to 32 years. 

How can SeekEx help?

How SeekEx can Help 1

All those who have completed their 12th in science with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology have a huge number of career options. There’s a need to decide the PCB career option ceaselessly to achieve success in your dream career. SeekEx’s experts are there to guide you with the best insights about all the available courses. 

The career opportunities in PCB are vast but with the proper guidance of SeekEx’s experts, you can decide on the right one. Experts also help you to prepare for various entrance examinations and acquire admission into desired colleges. Mostly PCB subjects bring out varied career opportunities in the medical field. Still, there are several non-medical opportunities available that offer you a successful career in this field. With the help of career experts, you get knowledge about all these options and choose the one that interests you the most. 


Choosing the career option that interests you is the best way to have a successful career. When you have selected Physics, chemistry, and Biology in your class 12, usually you already have a career goal in mind. In case you haven’t thought about it, SeekEx’s career experts are there to help you out with the best suggestions. In this blog, you get an overview of the best PCB career options after 12th, that you can choose and have a successful career ahead. Explore all the available career options with the experts on SeekEx and choose the one that interests you the most for a defined career path!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which subjects are included in PCB science?

PCB includes Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. However, students also study Mathematics and English in these subjects. 

Which course offers the highest salary after PCB in 2022?

MBBS is the course that can offer the highest salary in 2022. 

Are PCB career options good?

YA.Yes, PCB career options are highly rewarding. 

Can one opt for a government job after PCB in 12th?

Yes, government job opportunities are available for those who have completed PCB in 12th. 

Which is the most popular course for PCB students?

MBBS, BHMS, and BAHS are some of the popular courses available for PCB students.

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