Career guidance after 10th | What to choose After 10th Class?

Career guidance after 10th | What to choose After 10th Class?

Career guidance after 10th What to choose After 10th Class

Class 10th is like a benchmark for every student. This is the first step towards a future career. The decisions made at this phase will shape your future. Are you in class 10 and confused about what’s after 10? This blog will clear all your doubts. 

Lakhs of students appear for class 10 boards every year. Most of the students don’t have a clear view of their future. That’s completely fine! career guidance after 10th will help you out!

You have to make very crucial decisions regarding your streams as you have to choose between science, commerce, and arts. This will decide your career option and thus it will accordingly shape up your entire future. 

In that respect career guidance after 10th becomes quite important. It not only helps in determining the right career options but also the right career path. Career Counselling platforms like SeekEx offers you the opportunity to communicate with the best career counsellors and understand what’s appropriate for you after 10th. 

Here we’ll briefly discuss all that you must know at this stage and how career counselling is beneficial for you.

Different Streams Available after class 10

The most challenging decision that one has to make after completing class 10 is picking the right stream. It’s an extremely important step and everything that happens with you in your career depends on this decision. Often students tend to follow the herd mentality and choose the stream that most of their friends opt for or the one that their parents and relatives suggest. 

These ways are not correct as that may lead to flawed career decisions. Therefore, you must make the decisions only after acquiring a proper understanding and knowledge about the streams and their related career captions. Career guidance after 10th is necessary for that situation. Before we proceed in further discussion, let’s further find out the streams that are available after class 10.

  1. Science

Science stream is the most popular stream that students opt for. Even the parents want their child to go for this stream. There are lots of lucrative career options after science like engineering, medical, computer science, research, etc. Moreover, the science students can later easily switch to Arts and commerce career options if they don’t enjoy the options that are available for science stream students. Still, career guidance after 10 will prevent the need to switch subjects and make the right decision. 

The foundational science subjects include physics, chemistry, Mathematics, Biology along with other elective subjects like computer science, IT, and Electronics. Apart from this, you have to study some compulsory language subjects on the basis of your medium. Both classroom teaching and practical training in laboratories are provided. In case you find engineering you should opt for PCM as a core subject whereas if you are interested in medicine then opt for PCMB. Career guidance after 10th students will allow you to determine the subject combinations that you must take. 

  1. Commerce

The second stream that comes on the list is commerce. If you like finances, economics, and numbers then you must opt for the commerce stream. Though proper career guidance after 10th allows you to determine the captions that are available for commerce students. As far as career options are concerned, with the commerce stream, you can get some of the most lucrative and high-paying career options. Chartered Accountancy, Investment banking, company secretaries, financial advisors are some of the high-paying career options. 

Although to build a career in this profession you have to pursue professional courses after 12. And, Career counselling for students will provide you with relevant guidance to pursue these courses post-class 12. Usually, commerce students have Business Economics, Business Study, Accountancy, and Business Law as core subjects. Similarly like the science stream. Commerce stream subjects will also have to study a language subject. career guidance after 10th will allow you to find out whether a commerce stream is appropriate for you. 

  1. Arts/Humanities

From the past two decades, it’s been found that art streams were the least preferred stream among the students. Nowadays perception is changing, students are becoming more aware of the scope of the career options that arts stream can bring with help of career guidance after 10th. In recent times, it’s noticed that Arts has become the widest opted study stream after 10 among the three streams. 

The career opportunities in Arts are not only off-beat and exciting but also high paying. Earlier, the Arts stream was limited for the students who were interested to go in the academics or research field. In the past decade, more students are opting for this career option. You can explore a plethora of career options with proper career guidance after 10th. Some of the equally lucrative career options are journalism, teaching, social work, politicians, and lots more.

When it’s about the subjects that Arts students can choose, there are many options available for the students. Some of them are history, political science, literature, economics, sociology, etc. Like other streams, one language subject is compulsory. The choices of subjects depend completely on your preferred career options. So, make sure to opt for free career counselling for deciding the subject combinations. 

  1. Stream Independent Courses

India’s education sector was earlier restricted to only three streams that are science, commerce, and Arts. But in recent times it has diversified a lot and now students have lots of other unique choices after class 10. If you wish to explore something different then rush for career counselling after 10th. Some of the options are diploma courses, vocational courses, short-term certification courses, and other professional courses. You may not be aware of all these options and how they can help you to have a successful career. That’s where you need the guidance of an experienced career consultant. They will analyse your requirements and preferences and accordingly help you to make informed career choices. 

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Which board to choose after 10th?

What to do after 10th

Now, you have completed your 10th class, it’s the most difficult time as you have to make many informed decisions about your career. These decisions are going to influence your entire life. As already discussed you have to make informed decisions regarding your stream. Besides that, you have to also decide on your board of study. Yes, the board too plays an important role in your career path.

 Each board has its own advantages and choosing the board depends upon your career goal. Most commonly, in India CBSE, ICSE, IB, and state boards are prevalent. Usually, state boards follow the syllabus of CBSE with slight amendments. When it’s about receiving the best knowledge and guidance after class 10 then selecting the right board and school becomes mandatory. Are you confused about which board is for you? Career counselling for 10th students helps in avoiding confusion and selecting the best option. . Let’s check out the perks of each board in brief:

  1. CBSE

One of the most preferred boards across the country is CBSE(Central Board of Secondary Education). It is the national board of the country with an integrated curricular approach for the development of the students. It puts more importance on skill development. 

Career counselling online is essential to determine many other benefits of skill development in a career. Moreover, CBSE board students get relevant help to prepare for various competitive exams as most of the questions are from NCERT which is the recommended book for CBSE students. The best part is that if you are a science student and want to opt for JEE then the CBSE board will be of great help as this exam is conducted by CBSE. 

Another advantage of the CBSE board is that you get the flexibility to select subjects as per your interests. Hence, it can be said that its overall structure is very compact and comfortable. Get CBSE career guidance to understand how this board will be useful for your career making. 

  1. ICSE

ICSE(Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) is the second most preferred board even though it is considered as the toughest among all. ICSE follows a very comprehensive syllabus that provides equal importance to every field. As the board puts lots of emphasis on the English Language so usually students from this board have in-depth knowledge about English. 

Before opting for this board in your classes 11th and 12th, get career guidance after 10th. If you want to clear civil services exams then you can opt for this board as your writing compactly in English improves when you study on this board. Unlike CBSE, the content of the syllabus is higher and quite impactful than the CBSE board. So, if you want to decide which one is better then get CBSE Career guidance to understand both the board in detail and make a well-informed decision.

  1. IB

IB (International Baccalaureate) is the perfect board for those who want to study abroad. This board enables you to become culturally more aware and provides global affiliation which helps you to get admission anywhere abroad. The best thing about this is that you can choose your own subjects. It totally depends on your preferences. career guidance after 10th enables you to find out the pros and cons of the board and thus you’re able to make the right decision. 

Each board is different in its own way. Your aptitude and future career plans let you decide which board will be perfect for you. For assessing this, free career counselling helps a lot. Students should undergo career assessment tests to analyse their personality, interest, and knowledge and accordingly make a decision. This is possible only with help of experienced career counsellors. 

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What are the career paths available for 10th students?

The decisions regarding your stream, board, and future career options are some of the most crucial decisions of your life. You should never make this in a hurry or by getting influenced by somebody else’s decision. It’s always better that you opt for career guidance after 10th to get the right career guidance. However, before you consult experts, it’s important you are aware of the different career paths that you have after 10. Check out the career paths that are mentioned here:

  • Intermediate: Upon completion of class 10 most of the students opt for intermediate which is a 2 years course. Students can select one stream among three, namely science, commerce, and arts. Further, they have the option to choose the subject groups like PCM, PCB, PCMB for science stream students. Likewise, in the commerce stream, students can choose commerce with or without Mathematics. After class 12, they go for graduation or some other courses. Career counselling for students becomes mandatory when it is about finding whether to pursue intermediate or some other courses.
  • Polytechnic: Those students who want to gain skill-based learning just after class 10 can pursue polytechnic courses like Mechanical, automobile, civil, chemicals, and computer. Polytechnic colleges are present across the country and students can opt for diploma courses for a duration of 1, 2, and 3 years respectively. Career counselling for 10 becomes important to understand which one will be suitable for you. 
  • Paramedical: Those students who are interested in the medical field and want to get placed as soon as possible pursue paramedical courses. Some of the common courses are DOA(Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant, DMLT(Diploma in medical laboratory technology), and DOT(Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant). Before selecting a course you must acquire all the details about it with proper career counselling after 10
  • ITI: It is also a skill-based course that enables the students to learn basic engineering concepts and their different technicalities. After completion of ITI you will get placement in the field of electrical, electronics, and Mechanical. But it has limited scope than engineering. If you want to know the difference between ITI and engineering courses then go for career guidance after 10th students and make the right decision about the career path after class 10. 
  • Other short-term courses: With the enhancement in technology more and more workforce is also required in the technical field. That’s why many students opt for these short-term courses and have successful careers. Some of the courses are web designing, digital marketing, graphic designing, etc. Choose the one that interests you as well as has great job opportunities. Check out these courses in detail with the help of career experts. Free career counselling online is best for that. 

Class 10 is considered the first step in your career so it is the time when you need to make the right career decision. A wrong decision at this step can either completely make or ruin your future. So, you should always opt for career guidance after 10th to gain information about all the options that you have after 10. Effective career guidance can do wonders for your future. Under an expert’s guidance, you can assess and analyse your strengths and weaknesses and make your career decisions accordingly. 

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What are the common mistakes made by 10th students?

career counselling for students to make them eliminating the mistakes

The students in class 10 are still quite immature. It’s expected that they make mistakes. Usually, they are dependent on parents, teachers, and their guardian’s advice. At this age, it’s quite obvious to make some unwanted mistakes by getting influenced by others. To avoid such incidents, students should opt for career guidance after 10th and get proper career guidance from experts. Do you know the mistakes you can make after class 10? Let’s briefly discuss those mistakes so that you can avoid repeating them:

  1. Accepting the pressure of parents/society

Parents are the ones who always want the best for their children. As they don’t have complete knowledge about the career options that are in trend nowadays they get highly influenced by the professions that were in trend at their time or by the professions that are popular in the society. Only with proper career guidance after 10th all the misconceptions can be omitted. Many parents have a wrong perception that their child can succeed only when they get science stream after 10th. But that’s not the fact! Many courses are available other than engineering and medical that provide success. That’s where career guidance is required. 

  1. Following Friends

Often students feel confused about their career after 10th. In most cases, it’s found that students follow in the footsteps of their friends. If their friends opt for the science stream they also opt for the same without any career goal. Later, they realise they were not at all interested in that particular subject. This would destroy their entire future. Hence, instead of following what most of their friends are doing, students must opt for career guidance after 10th and sort out the career path before selecting the stream. It’s necessary that you choose the option in which you are passionate rather than choosing what most students prefer to do. Career counselling will help you do what’s best for you. 

  1. Making decisions without complete knowledge

One of the biggest mistakes that students tend is to take decisions regarding their career without complete knowledge about other career options. These days a plethora of career options are available for students after 10th. There were very limited career options available two decades ago but today students have so many options. Due to a lack of knowledge of career options, students fail to make the right decision. There comes the role of career guidance. With proper career guidance after 10th students can explore all the career options that are available and determine the one that is appropriate for them. 

10 Benefits of Career Guidance After 10th

The decision that students make after class 10 directly influences their entire future. In most cases, students tend to make wrong decisions due to family/ society pressures, financial problems, or by following their friends. Everyone dreams of landing the best job with a high pay package. There are many such courses that can provide you better career opportunities than the typical career options like engineering. But you need to know them. Right? Career counselling online helps you to remain aware of all the options that are available. Here are the benefits of career counselling after 10th that a student can get :

  1. Find out your interests

The majority of the time students are unaware of their interests and passions. As a result, they tend to choose the wrong career option. When you opt for free career counselling then that includes lots of personality tests and aptitude tests that will help you to determine your interests. Every person has some kind of strengths and certain weaknesses. But we often tend to ignore those strengths and weaknesses while determining the passion. career guidance after 10th enables you to categorize your abilities and easily analyse what’s best for you. 

  1. Get advice about the selected career path

When you search for a ‘career counsellor near me’ your main purpose is to find a counsellor who can show you the career path that has lots of opportunities. At times you might have decided your career path but you can’t move ahead in it because of a lack of information. Due to this, you may make certain mistakes. But career guidance after 10th will help you to get advice on your own selected field of sṭudy too. 

  1. Know about all the available courses

Career counselling for 10th students helps them to know the pros and cons of different streams and courses. When they are aware of all the courses then only they compare and find out which out is suitable for them. Career counsellors provide a detailed explanation of all the courses including the admission process and fees. 

  1. Prevent mid-career changes

Once you choose a stream after 10 and decide a career path, it’s expected that you will continue on that throughout your life. If you make your decision without proper career guidance then you tend to choose the wrong career path. You may realise about it much later in your career. In that case, there’s a need to make mid-career changes and start again from the very beginning. Career counselling for students easily helps you to choose the right career at the beginning itself. 

  1. Get assurance for job

Though career counsellors never claim that they provide you assurance for finding a job, still when you search for ‘career counselling near me’ and avail guidance, you know that there’s an assurance of getting a good job. Moreover, for any career, the main focus is always on finding high-paying jobs according to your capabilities. It’s found that all those students who have taken the career counselling sessions end up in the satisfying job. Hence career counselling enables you to choose an accurate career as well as end up finding a high-paying job. 

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  1. Increase in Self-Confidence

For a successful career, self-confidence plays an important role. It’s quite important that you are confident enough in every stage of your career. With career guidance after the 10th your confidence level increases as you will become aware of the benefits of the courses and their processes. Moreover, career counselling helps you to make the right career decisions whenever required.

  1. Understand the trend

Every generation is different and thus the careers that are popular and high in demand also differ. As per academic choice and current environment you should select the profession. Doing so will provide you with lots of job opportunities at the end of your course. Career guidance after 10th makes you capable of understanding the ongoing job trend or upcoming trends and thus you can select your course accordingly. 

  1. Get a second plan

Having a plan B is always necessary. It is possible that you choose a course after your class 10 but later the scope of that particular course decreases and job opportunities also become low. In that situation, you must have another plan. Career guidance after 10th will provide you with a plan B that can be implemented at the right time. 

  1. Provides unexpected career suggestion

When a child goes for career guidance after 10th then it’s expected that the counsellor will suggest to them about the available streams and other courses they can pursue. However, good career counsellors always suggest something you might not have thought of at all like studying abroad. 

  1. Helps in determining a career goal

Every student must have a career goal so that they can work to reach it. Once you complete your class 10, now it’s time to find out your career goal. If you can’t understand what’s best for you then simply get career guidance after 10th to analyse your interests, preferences and align them with the available courses to determine the career goal.

How does SeekEx help to choose the right career option?

How seekex helps in with career guidance after 10th

Now, you know why career counselling is so important for students after completing class 10. However, these days due to the availability of so many career counsellors online it becomes difficult to choose the right one. Career counselling platforms like careerguide, SeekEx, etc are there to simplify your process. You can easily use SeeKEx to find good counsellors and also get free career counselling from them. Ultimately SeekEx helps in choosing the right career options. Here are the ways career counsellors of SeekEx help you:

  • Assess your passion: Today, you might be confused among science and commerce streams. Believe me, when you are in a job you don’t want any confusion as confusion at that stage can be devastating. To avoid such a situation you need to assess your interests and passions and identify the subjects that excite you with help of career counsellors on SeekEX.
  • Analyze your strengths and weaknesses: Among many other benefits, analyzing your strengths and weaknesses is one of the main benefits of career guidance after 10th students. If you chose a career by only considering your skills and abilities but later you fail to deal with the subjects that it covers then it’s of no use. So, you must get proper career guidance to align the courses considering both your abilities and lackings. 
  • Identify a career path: Just understanding a few career options is not the right way to decide your career. Everything in which you are interested can’t be converted into a career choice. Suppose you are interested in a particular career option but it doesn’t have good job opportunities then it will be of no use. So, the career counsellors on SeekEx always suggest a career path that has lots of opportunities.
  • Easy availability: When you seek career guidance after 10th from a counsellor on the SeekEx app, you can easily contact them either through audio call, video call, or chat messages. They are available around the clock to help you with valuable suggestions. 

Summing Up

Decisions that you take after class 10 shape up your entire future. Choosing the right stream will provide your career with a strong foundation. Still, wondering what to do for selecting the right stream? Get career guidance after 10th students to clear all doubts! You should never make this crucial decision in haste. Get in touch with consultants on SeeKex and choose the right stream after the 10th. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to take commerce but all my friends are opting for science. What should I do?

You should follow your passion instead of following your friends. Take career counselling for 10th students to find out what’s right for you.

If I take commerce after class 10. Can I change my stream later in graduation?

Yes, you can change your stream after class 12 but there are a few exceptions. To know more get career counselling for 10th on SeekEx app.

Does the Arts/Humanities stream have good job opportunities?

Arts/ Humanities stream has lots of scopes. Determine the scope and job opportunities in this stream with the help of career counselling for 10th. 

Can I pursue a diploma course after 10th?

Yes, you can pursue many diploma courses like ITI, polytechnic, etc after 10th. Get career counselling for 10th to know more courses. 

Which stream is good for civil services exams?

Most students who want to go for civil services exams opt for Arts Stream. Career counselling for the 10th will allow you to acquire more details about it.

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