Career in NDA for Female Aspirants | Eligibility, education, Age limit and so on

Career in NDA for Female Aspirants | Eligibility, education, Age limit and so on

Today, both males and females have the opportunity to fulfil their dream of serving their country. The Union Public Service Commission releases the notification that mentions the eligibility criteria to appear for the National Defence Academy exam. Now, females can also be part of NDA so there are numerous girls who want to find out the details to get into NDA.

When it is about girls opting for NDA as a career, there are still parents who are worried. It’s obvious to have a thought that defence is the right profession for their girls or not. Even girls don’t know what’s the right process to have a successful career in NDA. In that case, taking the help of consultants becomes necessary. The girls can approach the experts on the SeekEx app who will provide complete information about the process and also guide the ways to prepare for NDA. In this blog, every detail related to a career in NDA for females is discussed.  

What is the NDA exam?

What is the NDA exam

The NDA exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission twice a year. The main purpose of this exam is to offer candidates admission to Army, Navy, and Air Force. These segments are the wings of the National Defence Academy and the Indian Naval Academy Course. For a career in NDA for females as well as males, the candidates need to prepare well. In the year 2020, around 5.3 Lakh aspirants applied for the exam and around 2.4 lakh appeared. 

Basically, the National Defence Academy exam is conducted in two stages. The first one is the written exam and the other one is the SSB interview. Once the exams are conducted UPSC is responsible to prepare a list of candidates that contains the name of those who have obtained minimum qualifying marks in the written exam. Only those students who have cleared the written exam are called for the SSB interview round where their intelligence and personality test is conducted.

Why is NDA a Good Career Option for Women?

Earlier only males were considered eligible to apply for the NDA exam and become part of India’s Defence system and serve the country. However, females had to suppress their urge to serve their country. Later, when women were made eligible for defence, it was a great opportunity for them to serve the country as they wished.

Today, career in NDA for a female is considered one of the exciting career options with a bright future. The salary in the defence field is as high as in other fields like medical, engineering, etc. Let’s check out a few reasons why NDA is a great career option for females:

  • Opportunity to obtain Defence training: In the process of NDA preparation, candidates had to learn various new skills. Apart from that, once they get selected Indian defence Academy tends to offer advanced technical training and also additional training during off-duty. The training is basically intended to work on character and leadership development, physical development, and intellectual development. So, a career in NDA for females is beneficial to get trained in different fields.
  • Serve the country: The most important reason why females want to have a career in NDA is to serve the nation. Be it male or female who wants to get into NDA always have the purpose of serving the country selflessly. The Indian army is considered one of the most powerful military in the world. This is another reason why a career in NDA for females is appropriate. 
  • Job Satisfaction: Today, job satisfaction is one of the main criteria of any career. Employees must feel good while working in their job. In the case of a career in National Defence Academy India, candidates get a challenging work environment, career progression, competitive pay, and regular appreciation which leads to job satisfaction. Although, in some instances, there can be extremely challenging situations when you work for the Indian army you easily get used to this sort of work environment. 
  • Job Security: Another main benefit of a career in NDA for females is that it offers job security. Once you get the job in NDA, there’s very less chance of getting terminated from the employment. The job in Indian Defence services ensures job security as well as offers several other perks such as health care benefits to the employee as well as to their family members. 
  • Abroad Postings: Acquiring a position in the Indian Army doesn’t imply that you have to stay in the country itself forever. The fact is that a career in NDA for females also opens up the opportunity to get postings abroad and continue serving the country. Besides that many officers also gets a chance to go on United peacekeeping missions. 
  • High Salary: Apart from all other benefits a career in NDA for females also offers a high salary package. The best part is that you get paid from the time of training itself. Besides high salaries, there are numerous other perks that they get while on the job. There are 61 types of facilities and allowances that are applicable for a person serving in the Indian Army. 

Hence, these benefits mention why a career in NDA is beneficial for females as well. In fact, it is a great opportunity that directs career growth in the direct direction. So, for anyone who wishes to serve the country and have a well-defined career then NDA is the best option. 

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Career in NDA for Female Aspirants |How to join NDA after the 12th?

How to join NDA after the 12th

To join NDA after the 12th, the candidates whether male or female have to satisfy the eligibility criteria for NDA. Both males and females have to pass class 12 to apply for NDA. They can apply for the exam through the official website of the Indian army. Once applied, you have to undergo a written examination. After qualifying for the written examination a 5 day SSB interview (Service Selection board interview) and various medical tests are conducted.

Finally, when a candidate qualifies for all of these stages of the NDA selection process they have to go through a course for 3 years. Upon completion of the three-year course, the candidate is posted as a lieutenant in the Indian Defence services. 

Every year UPSC releases a notification to apply for the NDA exam on the official website of the Indian Army. For a successful career in NDA for females, you must first apply for the exam. The NDA form is divided into two parts.

The first one is registration where you have to fill up all your details, select the exam center and finally pay the application cost. While filling up the form follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Provide all the essential information while registering for the NDA exam. 
  • Check the NDA eligibility for females and males
  • Choose the branches according to your choice.
  • Generate the registration ID
  • Select the exam location
  • Pay the application fee
  • Upload the signature and photograph

Now, you are set to appear for the NDA exam 1. However, you must prepare well to get through the first exam to appear for the interview process. Put your effort and dedication and take the guidance of experts to perform well in the exam. 

National Defence Academy: Details

The National Defence Academy is a defence academy that is known to impart training to the aspirants for joining the Indian Armed Forces.

These trainings are conducted for three services of an Indian defence system: Army, Navy, and Air Force. Numerous alumni of NDA have served the country with pride. 


A huge number of Indian soldiers sacrificed their lives for liberating Sudan during the East African Campaign in World war II. Further, the Sudanese Government contributed a significant amount to build a war memorial to remember the sacrifices of the Indian troops in 1941. When the war ended, the commander in chief of that time, Field Marshal Claude Auchinleck of the Indian Army got inspired by the military academies of various countries, especially America.

He was the one who formed a committee to establish a Joint Services Military Academy in India. On the basis of these recommendations, the government of India established its own National Defence Academy in the year 1955. The first National Defence Academy was established in Pune city of Maharashtra. 

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Different wings of NDA

To have a successful career in NDA for females or males, it’s essential to know about the various wings of NDA. Basically, NDA is responsible for preparing cadets for the three main wings of NDA: Army, Navy, and Air Force. Once a candidate is able to undergo the entire selection process and get selected in the NDA they are divided into different squadrons and Battalions.

Today, there are around 18 squadrons present in the National Defence Academy. These are in the order of the English alphabet A-R. However, every year the number of aspirants is increasing so the government is also planning to extend the number of squadrons. Nowadays, female candidates are also allowed to apply for the NDA exam and that is further pushing the need for more squadrons. 

Every year the cadets that are present in the Squadrons and in the battalions compete internally. This is to mark the achievement so that they remain inspired for their future challenges. 

Life in National Defence Academy

Once the NDA exam aspirants are able to cross all the stages of the selection process and get into NDA, they contribute three years of their lives towards it. After completion of these three years, it will turn into an abode for the cadets who want to serve the country. Hence a career in NDA for females it’s essential to get into NDA first. 

Initially, the training sessions are quite hectic and drain the cadets completely. But with time, you get stronger both mentally as well as physically. You will realise at a time that whatever you learn here will be with you throughout your journey in this career. Definitely a career in NDA for a female is not easy but the hard work that cadets put in ensures that the country gets the best protector. 

Where is the National Defence Academy?

The National Defence Academy is located in the southwest part of Pune. It is around 18km away from Pune city. The reason Khadakwasla of Pune was selected to start the NDA was the Khadakwasla Lake. On one side there is the shore of the Lake and the other part is guarded by hills. 

The campus of the National Defence Academy in Pune is near the Arabian Sea and is also close to Lohegaon Airbase. Different remnants and memoirs from wars and the contributions of many cadets are adorned on the campus. 


The training at the NDA campus in Pune is more than what takes place in other academic colleges. Not only academic examinations are conducted but there are various other physical tests that are conducted over a span of six terms and each term consists of five months.

Upon completion of all the examinations and the training held in NDA, a cadet is awarded a degree of B.A or The degree is from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, and the respective wings of the cadets are also marked as specialisation. 

Further, to proceed in a career in NDA for females or males the aspirants move on to acquire training in their respective wings. The army cadets get training at Indian Military Academy Dehradun whereas air force cadets get training at the Air force academy Hyderabad. Finally, the Naval cadets get on the training ships. 

Many people talk about the hardships in the Academy but the fact is that there’s no success without hardships in any career. However, a career in NDA for females or males provides an opportunity to serve the country with pride. 

NDA Eligibility Criteria for Females: Requirements

NDA Eligibility Criteria for Females Requirements

The NDA eligibility criteria are released by the Union Public Service Commission. The official notification mentions the requirements to apply for the NDA exam for both males and females. The NDA eligibility for females includes educational qualifications, age limits, and body parameters. Let’s discuss them one by one:

NDA Educational Qualification

For a career in NDA for females, it’s essential to meet the minimum eligibility criteria. Different wings of NDA have different criteria. Check out the minimum education qualification requirements: 

  • To get into the Indian Army, the candidate must pass class 12th with a minimum of 60% marks from a recognized board.
  • To get into the Indian Air Force and Navy, the candidates must pass class 12th with a minimum of 60% marks from recognized boards and have physics and mathematics as subjects. 

Age Limit 

The age limit for both NDA exams 1 and 2 is 16.5 years to 19.5 years. The age limit is the same for both men and women. However, in the case of nationality, the candidate should be a citizen of India or a subject of Nepal or Bhutan.

A Tibetan refugee who had come to India to settle permanently is eligible to appear for the NDA exam. For a career in NDA for females, it’s essential to meet all the eligibility requirements. 

Body Parameters

 Height and weight requirements for the Indian Army and Air Force

  • The BMI index of the candidate should be less than 25
  • The waist to hip ratio in the case of females should be less than 0.8
  • The waist circumference of the females should be less than 80 cm
  • All the parameters related to biochemical and metabolic conditions should be normal. 
  • The minimum height requirement for female candidates is 157cms and for the Air Force, it is 162.5cm. Although there are some exceptions on the basis of regions.
  • In the case of vision, there are a few eligibility criteria like the distance should be 6/6 in case of the corrected eye and 6/9 in case of a worse eye. If the candidate has myopia then it should not be more than 2.5D or the air force candidates are not allowed to appear for the exam. 

National Defence Colleges

  1. Cadets Defence Academy, Dehradun
  2. Surbhi Academy, Chandigarh
  3. Defence Services Staff College, Nilgiris
  4. Bwales Maritime and Defence Academy, Aurangabad
  5. Magadheera Academy, Coimbatore
  6. Saanvi Junior College and Defence Academy, Karimnagar
  7. 7.IBT Institute Tinsukia,Assam
  8. Gallant Defence Coaching Academy(GDCA), Korba
  9. Air Force Academy Dundigal, Hyderabad
  10. Defence Public School, Solan
  11. Supper brilliant Point coaching Institute, New Delhi
  12. Defence Career Academy, Lucknow
  13. Best 99, Begusarai
  14. Gyan Sagar Institute, Chandigarh
  15. Armed Forces Preparatory Academy Tamil Nadu

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NDA Selection Procedure

A successful career in NDA for females is possible only when a candidate is able to cross all the selection procedures. The selection procedure has two stages that are psychological Aptitude Test and an Intelligence test that are introduced at the selection centres. Here are the steps that are present in the NDA selection procedure:

  • If you fulfil the NDA age limit and other eligibility criteria then follow the application process and appear for the exam. 
  • Further, UPSC prepares a list that contains the names of the candidates who have obtained a minimum qualifying mark in the written commission. The minimum eligible marks are decided by the commission. 
  • The students who qualified in exam 1 are eligible to appear for the other stages of the selection procedure.
  • For the next stage, the candidates have to appear to the service selection board for an intelligence and personality test where the candidates for different wings of NDA are assessed. 
  • Finally, if you cross all the stages of the NDA selection procedure successfully, you are eligible to receive training at the NDA colleges across the country for the next 3 years duration. 

In the year 2021, female candidates were allowed to appear for the NDA exam. Earlier only unmarried male candidates were considered eligible to appear for NDA. The Supreme court made the decision to allow women to appear for the NDA exam and equally participate like men to serve the country.

So, girls before applying for the NDA exam must ensure that they are unmarried and meet all other eligibility requirements of NDA.  

How SeekEx can help?

How SeekEx can help

These days the NDA exam is a prominent examination for students, male or female. The recent order by the supreme allows female candidates as well to appear for the NDA examination and serve the country. But many girls out there are confused about whether it would be an appropriate career option for them or not.

Apart from that many girls wonder whether an NDA for girls is viable or not. There comes the role of the SeekEx app, which offers access to professionals who can guide you in the right direction. 

To have a career in NDA females must prepare well for the examination and very well know which specialisation they want to go for. Only when the girls have complete knowledge about NDA, they can give their best. In that scenario, upon approaching the SeekEx team, here are ways the career experts will help you:

  • Offers thorough knowledge of NDA Syllabus and exam pattern: Before appearing for the NDA examination, it’s essential to understand the exam pattern and the syllabus thoroughly. Under the proper guidance of career experts, candidates can cover the topics one by one and plan out their timetables accordingly. As the written exam has two main subjects which are Mathematics and general ability, the career experts will also provide you with names of the best books and study materials, NDA preparation apps, etc.
  • Guides to creating customised timetables: Every individual is different and so are their needs. The career counsellors on SeekEx guide the candidates to understand the time they have for the written exam and the topics they need to complete in that time duration. Based on that, the experts will guide them to create a customised timetable.
  • Clear all the queries: As the NDA examination is newly introduced for the female aspirants, there are lots of queries that they have in their minds. The experts on SeekEx guide the candidates, especially the female candidates to clear off all the doubts they have regarding the NDA examination.

Hence, if you are a female aspirant and looking ahead for a career in this field then download the SeekEx app and get in touch with the experienced career experts. To have a successful career in NDA for females you need to prepare well for written examination and interview. 


Having a successful career in NDA for females requires a better preparation strategy and an effective study plan. Firstly, whenever you want to opt for a career in NDA, clear your basic concepts. Practise previous year’s papers to understand the pattern and your abilities to succeed in the examination. 

Proper career guidance will enable you to chalk out the preparation strategy and a customised timetable. If you follow the guidelines rendered by your career experts then you can easily cross all the phases of the NDA exam and earn the opportunity to receive training in the National Defence Academy. 

So, go ahead and have a conversation with career experts on the SeekEx app and take a step towards fulfilling your dream of securing a position in the Indian Defence Services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the NDA exam tough?

National Defence Academy exam is considered one of the toughest examinations. One of the reasons why it is considered tough is that lakhs of candidates appear for the exam. The other reason that makes the NDA exam tough is that it is a gateway for those candidates who want to serve the country. 

2. Which exams are conducted under the NDA?

To clear an NDA exam, the candidates have to first qualify for a written exam. Upon qualifying for the written examination, candidates get the opportunity to appear for the SSB interview that consists of a psychological aptitude test and an intelligence test. Above all, the candidates need to be physically fit to be considered for final admission. 

3. Which post is awarded after NDA?

After NDA, the cadets are appointed to the post of Lieutenant.

4. What happens after qualifying for the NDA exam?

A. Once you qualify for the NDA written exam, you have to crack the SSB interview, and medicals and also secure a position in the merit. If you qualify in all these rounds then you can join NDA for a course of 3 years. Further, after completion of the course, you will join your respective academies for getting specialized training. 

4. Are girls allowed in NDA?

Yes, unmarried girls who fulfil all the eligibility criteria are allowed in NDA.

5. Is NDA a good career option?

A.NDA is a good career option as along with honourable employment with a good salary package and numerous perks, it provides you a chance to serve your country. 

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