How to Choose the Right Career Advisor for Career Guidance?

How to Choose the Right Career Advisor for Career Guidance?

Right Career Advisor For Career Guidance Seekex

Are you looking for help to decide your career goals? Career Counsellors can help you out! Career guidance from counsellors enables you to decide your career goals and define the strategies to achieve them. 

Well, consulting a career counsellor is not enough. You must get in touch with the right ones. Numerous apps like the SeekEx app provides you access to the best counsellors. You have to choose the right one among them and clarify all your doubts. Whether it is about getting immediate guidance in finding a job or long-term guidance like deciding your career roadmap, experts are there to help you out in all the cases. 

Now, how will you know who is right for you? This blog deals with everything that you need to know for finding the right career counsellor. 

Who is a Career Advisor? 

A Career advisor or counsellor is one who enables you to chalk out the plans regarding your career and achieve desired employment goals. They provide career guidance to frame strategies for finding new or different job opportunities successfully. With all relevant knowledge, information, and skills, they help students or professionals to make proper career decisions. Usually, they are the ones who have expertise in career counselling techniques and theories of career development. 

A Career Advisor provides you a vision to look at different career options from a different viewpoint. In this way, you can go through numerous career choices and end up selecting the one that proves appropriate for you. Apart from all these benefits, they also motivate the candidate for making a major job change or career switch whenever required. They keep motivating you to focus on achieving your desired career goals. 

What are the services provided by a Career Advisor? 

Career Counsellors provide a variety of services. At any part of the career planning process, if you feel you need guidance you can opt for free career counselling. The major role of a counsellor is to help candidates to understand their interests and skills and determine their career values. Under the supervision of counsellors, they can investigate various career options and envision a career path. Irrespective of the stage you’re in you can get career guidance

Below mentioned are the services that are provided by a career counsellor:

1. Assistance in Job search

After completing a graduation or Master’s course, students may not get placements from the colleges. In that case, they can’t understand how to search for jobs. So, they can opt for career counselling online and get relevant support and guidance in the job search process. The experts will always professionally guide you to apply for a job. Career counsellors even provide help in writing the cover letter and resume,

2. Skill Assessment

Understanding your skills is an important step for determining the career options that are suitable for you. Often students are not aware of their own skills and that prevents them from making the right career decision. With career counselling for students, they can find the skills that they are good in and thus make their career decisions accordingly. In the counselling session, the counsellors provide various skill assessment tests that easily detect your skills.

3. Identify Values

Before starting your journey in a career, you should know some values. Be whatever you will never go against your values while you are on the job. Apart from that, obtaining career guidance from experts enables you to understand the facts that you usually don’t know about the job search. Through these sessions, you also get coaching for effective salary negotiations. Besides that, you also get to know how to maintain a balance and integration between personal and professional life. 

  1. Coaching training 

Be it company assessment tests or mock interviews, career counsellors provide comprehensive training for all. You get coaching for preparing for interviews and understanding the interview process in a better way. In this way you can easily identify the obstacles that are preventing you from getting your dream job. 

How does a Career Counsellor or Advisor help in choosing the right Career?

How Does career advisor Helps

Today, getting into the perfect career has become so challenging. Huge competition in every field is the major cause of this challenge. In this rush, many students tend to follow the trend and run behind a particular career option in which they are not at all interested. At times it’s found that students opt for the wrong career option and after completion of the course they are left with no job opportunity. That’s why career counselling has become a necessity nowadays,

Career counsellors help in a number of ways like they assist in identifying and exploring career options, choosing career choices, searching target jobs, and helping the job seekers to understand the job search process properly. Career consultants always help you to understand yourself first then career options and then job opportunities. 

Basically, their focus is always towards guiding you on the ways to attain work-life integration. Every person is different with different abilities. So, a particular profession may be suitable for you but that may not be appropriate for someone else. A career guidance session helps you to explore your skills, strengths, and weaknesses. Based on these details you can find out what’s best for you. 

At every step of this process, the career counsellor remains beside you and continues to provide information regarding every step that you need to take. 

Therefore, career counsellors not only help you choose the right career but you can determine an entire strategy to become successful in the career. Beginning from the admission process, information about courses to understanding the job options that are available, experts help you in every phase. 

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What are the Ways to Find the Best Career Advisor?

Ways to find the Correct Career Advisor for You

Whenever it is about searching for the best career counsellor then the first thing that you do is Google search for ‘career counsellor near me. You can find the list of counsellors present in your locality. You simply visit them and attend the counselling session. Was that useful for you? At times it may be useful but that’s not the right way out. Let’s check out the ways usually used to find career counsellors:

  1. Reference from family and friends

In most cases, your friends and family would suggest career counsellors from whom they or their known persons have taken career guidance. It’s not necessary that these counsellors are always bad. At times you may get the right advice from these counsellors. However the majority of the time it is found that they suggest what they feel is the right career option. So, this way of finding career counsellors is not effective. If you need to opt for this then you must research well about these counsellors before seeking career guidance from them. 

  1. School/College’s Suggestions

These days schools and colleges also arrange career counselling sessions for their students. Many professional career counsellors who are starting their careers come to schools and colleges to provide career Counsellor. Some of them turn out to provide excellent career counselling. But most of the time these sessions are in groups. Even though they provide good advice you will not get one-to-one suggestions. Hence, this way of finding the best career counselling is not successful. 

  1. Search online for counsellors in the locality 

As we tend to search for everything online and there’s no exception when it is about searching for a career Advisor. For seeking appropriate career guidance you may type in a search engine, ‘career counsellors near me’. You can find a list of counsellors in your area and on the basis of their reviews you approach them. This is somewhat an effective way as through reviews you will know who is a good career guidance provider in your locality or city.

Though this can’t be considered as the best way out because the options will be limited depending on the city you live in. Moreover, you have to take out time to travel to avail the counselling session. When you’re a working professional then it becomes even more difficult.

  1. Online Platforms

These days numerous online platforms like SeekEx are available. You can easily download these apps and find the list of career counsellors on them. Check out all their details and schedule your appointment depending on their availability and your convenience. These apps confirm that the counsellors present on them are verified and genuine. So, you can remain assured that the career-related suggestions and clarifications that you will get will come from experienced, professional career experts. 

8 Tips to choose the right career counsellor for career guidance

Career Coaching is beneficial at every point of your career. In fact, you can seek free career counselling at any stage of your life. Irrespective of the fact that you are a working professional with many years of experience or a class 10 student you can get it. 

But how to choose the right career counsellor for receiving proper guidance? Choosing the right counsellor and moreover understanding that the advice that he/she is providing is correct can be challenging. Here are a few tips by which you can understand the career Advisor Genuity:

  1. Asks you about your career choices

The career counsellor should ask about your career choices. Yes, you expect them to tell you about some of the successful career choices as soon as you approach them. Right? But it is not the way a good counsellor works. From childhood, we build a perception about careers by looking at the professions of our parents and siblings. You may either replicate their career or resist those choices.

A good counsellor will always ask you about your choices before providing you with further career guidance. In fact, this helps the counsellors to outline the best choices for you in a better way. 

  1. Assists you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses

If you know what your strengths and weaknesses are then you can very easily identify your career choices without the help of any counsellor. Career counselling for students is important because students are not at all aware of their own strengths. As a result, they often make wrong decisions thinking they are not eligible for it. These days we have huge sources of information that seem to be quite attractive and tempting yet confusing.

You can be successful in each profession that you have selected according to your personality and strengths. Before career guidance, you have to take some tests which will assist you to identify your strengths, weaknesses, and skills. 

  1. Doesn’t suggest common job options

These days career counselling is becoming a very good earning option. So, whenever you opt for free career counselling online, always rely on a genuine platform. If the career counsellor provides you career options that are very common and in trend but not as per your liking then you must remain beware of those counsellors. Exceptional career guidance will never suggest you something just because it’s famous or is in trend.

They will try to first find out what skills and strengths you have and which career options will be suitable for you. 

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  1. Provides a complete career path

Finding career options that are as per your skills is not enough for having a successful career. A good career counsellor is always concerned about the career path rather than the goal. Dream jobs don’t depend on the things that you are good at but it depends on the factors that determine how you can expand your potential to learn new things. It’s the job of a career counsellor to provide you with career guidance to reveal the path that tells us about your potential and the learnings that you must get for excelling in your career.

You may not be comfortable about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. So, career consultants will motivate and guide you to move towards the right path through the process. 

  1. Provides a Practical Glimpse of the career options

Often students fall prey to a career option just because it appears to be exciting. There are lots of things behind a profession that are not visible to common people. That’s why career counselling after 12 becomes mandatory for the students. The counsellor will provide you with a practical glimpse of the job responsibilities as well as the hassles that you have to take on when you are professionally working in a career. Some careers have a huge difference between what it appears to be and what it is in reality.

Even while selecting a course many students find a course tempting and later realise it’s not for them. So, career counselling after 10 is also necessary to have a reality check of all the streams and the career options that one can have after choosing that stream. 

  1. Charges you reasonably

Yes, this is not a factor to consider while searching for a good career counsellor especially when there are so many good career counselling platforms like SeekEx that provide free career counselling online. But it’s a true fact there are career counsellors who may charge you an unreasonable amount for a single session. Make sure if you pay for your session you are getting enough from them. Their career counselling process must include the strategies to follow for a successful career.

In some instances, the counsellor may suggest a job option that pays you less than what you pay for learning about that career. In that case, it will be a sheer waste of time and resources. Better, you consider the cost factor before seeking career guidance

  1. Check the reviews

One of the best ways to determine whether the career counsellor is best for you or not is by checking the reviews on different platforms. It’s not one single person who struggles to recognize their dream job. Many of them suffer and take advice from counsellors. You can acquire recommendations from them and find a counsellor who can provide right career guidance. Besides that, if you find that the people recommending the counsellor are already in a good position then that means they had the right career guidance. So, research well before you get connected with any counsellor online.

  1. Remains Connected

Now, with all these tips here you may get in touch with experts who will allow you to recognize all the best career options. Once you are aware of your dream career, it doesn’t imply that all your queries related to your career will get solved in just a single session. A career counsellor remains in touch with you throughout your journey. Though they do not directly get involved but will remain available whenever you need any sort of assistance in your career journey.  

Why is SeekEX the best platform to find career counsellors online?

How SeekEx helps in choosing Right career

As already discussed, there are various ways to find the right career counsellor online. You can easily search for the counsellors online by searching career counsellors near me’ However, it is advisable to rely on the career counselling platforms that select their career consultants through many verification processes. SeekEx is one of those platforms that provides career counselling to students who are in need of expert advice.

Parents try their best to guide children about their careers. Children are also aware of their talents and skills. But aligning the skills with the interest can be done only with proper career guidance from the experts. Career counselling after 12 enables the students to understand their career requirements. Students will not only understand what their strengths and skills are but they will also know about various courses that are available for them.

Besides that, career counselling after 10 allows the students to determine their streams, and accordingly, they can frame an entire career path. Below are some of the reasons you should choose SeekEX for availing career guidance:

  • Experienced Career Counsellors: All the career counsellors available on the SeekEx app have relevant experience. Before becoming an expert on SeekEx, they have to undergo numerous verification processes. Only those experts who are verified and genuine are allowed to provide their valuable career guidance to the students.
  • Scientifically designed assessment tests: The assessment tests that are provided by the career counsellors during the counselling session are designed by the experts considering various personality traits and learning abilities. In this way, you will be able to identify your core strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Convenience: SeekEx app is quite easy to use. Even if you are a student who is looking for career guidance after 10, you can easily use the app to contact the counsellors. Moreover, the tests are also conducted online so all you need is an internet connection and you can avail complete career guidance. You can contact the experts at your convenience. There’s no need to wait for long hours to connect with them.
  • Speak to the counsellor: Through the app, you can connect with career counsellors directly. Whether you are a student who is looking for career guidance after 10 or you are a working professional, you can speak to the career counsellor directly. The app provides you audio or video calling facility.
  • Affordable: Offline career counselling sessions charge you very heavily. But the charges of the career counsellors on SeekEx are quite reasonable. The best part is that most of the counsellors present on the app willingly provide free career guidance. Thus, you can have an entire counselling session without spending any money. Of course, you have the option to take paid career counselling sessions. But that’s only when you need some extended consultations. 
  • Available in remote areas: Many students who stay in remote areas can’t reach career counsellors locally. Career counselling after 10 or 12 is essential for all. For these students, the SeekEx app is very helpful. They can take online career counselling and clear all their doubts. The only requirement is the availability of an internet connection. Besides that, you get free career counselling so you will not have to pay anything for getting advice for your entire career. 

Right career guidance from a genuine career counsellor can shape your future. Choosing the right counsellor becomes essential when you are trying to figure out the best career choice among so many available options. Career counselling for students becomes more necessary as from the very beginning they will know which subjects to opt for in classes 10 and 12 for a certain career path. 

SeekEx’s career counsellors even provide CBSE career guidance to understand how this board can aid in shaping the future of a student. Therefore, it can be said that online counselling platforms like SeekEx have experienced counsellors who help a large number of students to get their dream job. Moreover, the career counsellors also ensure that you are able to cross all the hurdles that come in your way and successfully move forward in your journey. 

How to find the right career Advisor on SeekEX?

SeekEx is an online career counselling platform that enables students or working professionals to connect with experts to get career guidance. While registering on the platform as an expert the career counsellors have to undergo a number of phases. The first one is that they have to submit relevant documents to prove their expertise and experience. Further, these documents are verified by SeekEx’s team to verify their genuinity. Only after the complete verification process they are available on the platform for the seekers. You can either choose to get free career counselling or paid ones. Both forms are equally beneficial for students and working professionals.

SeekEx has a huge number of options of experts for the seekers. Although everyone on the app is genuine and verified, you still have to find the right career counsellor who is appropriate for you. Only when you reach an appropriate counsellor, you can expect to get the right career guidance. Whether you’re looking for career guidance after 10 or career guidance after 12, you can follow these steps to find the best counsellor on the SeekEx app. Below mentioned are five points that will help you to find the best option:

  1. Analyse your requirements

Do you need career counselling after 10? Are you looking for free career counselling? You should have a clear view of your requirements before finding a career counsellor. If you’re one who has a clear view about the career options that are confusing you the most then it becomes easier to find counsellors who can help you in that direction. There must be a clear opinion about the options that you wish to choose.

With a clear view of your requirements you can easily chalk out the profiles of the career counsellors present on SeekEx. This will also help them to understand your strengths and weaknesses easily. As a result, they will provide you with suggestions regarding the options that are as per your preferences. 

  1. Check out the value-added services

While searching for the perfect career counsellor online through the SeekEx app, you must check out the services that are mentioned in their profile. Today, simply identifying the best career option is not enough. There are numerous processes that one has to cross for pursuing a particular course. Many counsellors provide information about the admission process and give tips for entrance exams and interviews to the students who seek career counselling after 12

However, those who have just completed graduation or post-graduation and want to enter the job world must look for value-added services like creating an attractive resume, finding suitable industries, and the best career alternatives. The professionals who want guidance must look for career counsellors who can provide tips and thus help to get promotions easily and excel in the current job profile. 

  1. Unique career assessments

SeekEx has multiple career counsellors and everyone has their own unique style of providing career guidance. In that case, it becomes even more necessary to analyse and find the most suitable career counsellor for you. Free career counselling sessions are provided by most of the experts on the app. 

So, you can take a free counselling session and try the assessment tests provided by the counsellors. In this way, you can find counsellors who provide unique career assessments. These days career assessment tests are easily available online so the counsellors must provide a unique test that can effectively determine the strengths and preferences of the candidate. 

  1. Smooth Interaction with Counsellors

SeekEx is a platform for career counselling that allows the seekers to directly make an audio/video call to the experts and seek their guidance. However, the experts have the option to mark their availability. You can’t contact those experts who are not available at that point in time when you want to have the conversation. While choosing an expert on SeekEx you must consider this point. You can book an appointment with the counsellors that are available at your convenience. Establishing a smooth interaction with career counsellors is the key to determining a successful career path. 

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Finding the best career counsellor is not a difficult task if you are aware of career counselling platforms like SeekEx. Simply select a career Advisor on the app and effortlessly strategize your career roadmap. It becomes quite difficult to make the right choice of career counsellors as a huge number of experts are available online. But remember without finding the right counsellor, you can expect to get the right career guidance. SeekEx has chalked out your difficulty and hence made finding a suitable career counsellor quite easy. 

Go ahead and check out the best career counsellors! Avail of the free career counselling session on SeekEx!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get free career guidance on SeekEx?

A.SeekEx has numerous career counsellors who choose to provide genuine free career guidance

I am a lawyer and have 10 years of experience. Still, I am unable to grow in this field. Will I benefit from career guidance?

Career guidance from the right career counsellors will definitely determine what’s stopping you from getting success in your profession.

Do career counsellors help to find the courses that will help in getting high-paying jobs?

Upon determining your skills, career counsellors will let you know about the courses that can upgrade your skills.

Do I need to take an appointment with the career counsellor for seeking career guidance?

On SeekEx, many career counsellors are available round the clock. You don’t necessarily need to make an appointment. However, you can book appointments with your preferred counsellors who are not available at a particular time slot. 

What is the best way to find career counsellors for career guidance?
The best way to find career

counsellors for career guidance is to search for them on career counselling platforms like SeekEx.

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