How to get Free career counselling from experts?

How to get Free career counselling from experts?

How to get Free career counselling from experts

Career counselling is a process that enables candidates to understand their capabilities and interests and choose their careers accordingly. 

Are you wondering whether free career counselling is for you? Check out the blog to have a complete overview of career counselling and the process to obtain free online career counselling.

At any stage of life, one can avail career counselling to improve their career opportunities. It is quite an important aspect for the students who are about to begin their careers. However, leaving and getting into a new career can be stressful at the later stage of life. There’s where career counselling becomes important. 

In a free career counselling session, the consultants consider your interests, preferences, and skills and thus guide you through the correct career track. Career guidance platforms like SeekEx cater to the queries of the students to the working professionals and enable them to make the right career decisions. Let’s discuss every aspect of the career counselling process in detail.

What does career counselling mean?

Several factors come together to complete the process of career development. Your career directly or indirectly depends on the factors like interests, background, circumstances, personality, capabilities, and values. Career counselling is simply a process by which you get awareness about the working world and its basic structure. By understanding the working environment properly, you are able to make better educational and career decisions.

Career development is a lifelong process where you will come across several turns. At each turn, you have to make crucial decisions regarding your career and that will further decide your future. 

The career counselling programs are designed in such a form that it provides you relevant career advice regarding your current career decisions. Along with that, these programs also educate you about the relevant skills that enable you to make the right decisions about your career in the future too. Major segments that career counselling deals with are:

  • Enables you to understand your core strengths and weaknesses.
  • Helps you to analyse the factors that influence your career development
  • Makes you understand the current work trends.
  • Allows you to identify the crucial steps and help you to create a plan accordingly.
  • Provides valuable information regarding your career goals.

Whenever you take help from a career consultant, they will help you out with these points. You are looking for someone who can tell you exactly which career is best, aren’t you? No, don’t expect that the career counselors will tell you exactly what you need to choose. They will provide you with information by which you can make your own decision. They make sure you are capable of making decisions not only regarding your career at that point in time but also in future.

Objectives of Free Career counselling

Often finding the best career counsellor near me is the trend. But before that, you must understand the basic concept of counselling. The very first thing that people need to understand is that counselling is not something only for students. In fact, working professionals can also opt for it if they want to change their career paths or they are at a bad phase of their career. 

In today’s contemporary education system, a career counsellor plays multiple roles at a time. Even schools and colleges are conducting sessions to allow the students to comprehend their career choices and decisions. Often there’s lots of confusion in the mind of students about their interests and preferences. 

A good Career Advisor always tries to assist in simplifying their confusions and showing them the right direction in the career journey. Let’s check out some of the objectives of free career counselling:

  • One of the most important objectives of free career counselling is to help you to sort out your interests and passion. You can easily find out what you are good at and accordingly select the right career.
  • Often people face lots of career-related stress and anxieties. In that situation, a career counsellor will assist to gain clarity in thought process and find the most suitable solution for the cause of the stress. They also assist you to align your skills and desires with the available job opportunities.
  •  Some people choose the right career option but later on they lose their interest in it. A career consultant enables you to foresee those challenges that come in the path of the career journey and thus you can remain prepared for the upcoming challenges.
  • Career counselling comprises assessments like psychometric tests that allow you to analyze your own skills and abilities and locate those career prospects that are according to your preference.

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When does a person need career counselling?

Signs that you need free online career counselling


In this era, youth and job seekers have access to lots of resources. Information and details about anything can be accessed from anywhere in the world with the use of the internet. In such a situation where elders at your home are ready with their suggestions and there is a whole lot of free advice online then you may think why career counselling is needed. 

Isn’t it enough to research online about the available career options and make your decision? The answer is simple No, you may research by yourself and listen to your family members. But that won’t be enough for making the right career choice. The career choice that you make now will remain with you the rest of your life and define your future. 

Anyone can seek free career counselling whether you are just in class 10 or a graduate or a working professional. The sooner you get career counselling it’s better for you to make more informed decisions. Below mentioned are some of the reasons due to which there’s a need for career counselling:

  • Often people with no career goals find it difficult to make informed decisions about their career. With a proper career counselling program, they are able to understand the major career options that are available and what would be best for them as per their capabilities and interests. 
  • Many students tend to get confused between two areas of interest. In such instances, they tend to choose different subjects as per their interests whereas they would excel in their career if they would have selected another set of subjects. This is where career counselling becomes essential as it helps in analyzing the right career path
  • When people are clueless whether the job that they have opted for is according to their potential or not, then career counselling becomes their saviour. A good career counsellor online will always help you to come out from confusing situations and make the right career decision even if you are a working professional. 

Difference between Online Career Counselling and Offline Career Counselling


Difference between offline and career counselling online help

Over the years Career counselling has gained lots of popularity. As people are becoming aware of its benefits the demand for good career counsellor is increasing. For decades offline career counselling existed but in recent times online career counselling is also taking up the race. Still, there are people who believe that offline format is the best. In reality, both offline and career counselling online have their own advantages. 

Moreover, online career counselling has all the benefits of offline career counselling that you can avail from the comfort of your house. There’s no compromise with the expertise and knowledge of the counsellor or the steps of the sessions. Beyond that, when you choose to have a career counselling session online you can enjoy some additional benefits like you can escape from travelling and also get appointments easily. 

Some popular apps and websites provide you access to the best career counsellors, tests, and advice online. With the technological advancements, it can be said that there’s no difference between online career counselling and offline career counselling. 

Why Online Career Counselling is better?

There are countless benefits of online career counselling as long as you opt for a trusted medium for contacting the career counsellor online. Platforms like Edumilestones, SeekEx, brainwonders allow you to get in touch with the best counsellors online. Let’s check out the benefits of career counselling online:

  1. Get in touch with the best experts worldwide

In the case of offline career counselling, it’s likely that you have location restrictions. That means you can seek advice only from the career counsellors who are located within your reach. Whereas in the case of career counselling online, this parameter can be removed completely. Irrespective of your location you can get access to the best counsellors. 

So, go ahead with online counselling and get in touch with experienced career consultants who will enable you to identify the best available career options and help you to understand the trajectory that you should take.


  1. Ease in taking assessments and tests

Most career counselors conduct fact-based assessment and testing programs to understand the candidate’s preferences. It also helps them to identify the personality of the person and thus accordingly they can suggest the right career options. 

Basically, these tests are meant for analysing your personality traits, interests, and aptitudes. However, when you opt for offline counselling sessions, then these tests and assessments are also conducted offline. It can be a strenuous and time taking process. 

So, if you opt for an online counselling session then these steps become quite simple and you can also opt for the tests as per your availability. Hence, career counselors never force you towards a particular career option as all the analysis is on the basis of facts that you input in the assessments. 

  1. One to one conversation becomes simple

In the process of career counselling for students, one-to-one direct conversation is quite essential. In the case of offline counselling sessions, young students may not open up easily. However, when the sessions are conducted online, the entire process becomes simpler for both the counselors as well as the students. 

The career counsellors will have extensive discussions and thus provide advice about career planning. Along with direct conversations, students also get multiple resources that make the career planning process simpler for them. 

  1. Easy Access to the Career counselling apps

Today, there are numerous career counselling apps, like the SeekEx app that make searching for the best career counsellors online easier. Without much hassle, you can go through a list of verified experts on the app and make appointments for counselling sessions at your convenience. Yes, finding the names of the best counselors can be done online. But knowing the best one will not help you out. The counselling apps allow you to schedule an appointment, call the career counsellor directly and attend the session from the same platform conveniently. 

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What does Free career Counselling mean?

Does online career counselling sound interesting? Are you planning to get an online counselling session? Now, the next query that most people have is whether free counselling sessions are available or not. Yes, there are career counselling sessions that are absolutely free of cost and you can easily get them. If you want to know more about it, keep reading this blog. Later, in this blog we’ve discussed in detail about the process to get free career counselling

If you want a deeper understanding of your career prospects, aspirations and goals then opt for a free career counseling session. Both students and working professionals can go for these types of sessions. It provides clarity about the career trajectory to the students. Whereas the working professionals can understand the steps that they should take to excel in the journey successfully. 

In this digital age, you can definitely explore different available options online. But professional guidance is a must as that provides you validated knowledge. Often the source of information present on the website is not valid. Moreover, a professional career counsellor always provides you with career guidance considering your preferences and interests. Further, in this blog, we’ll explore the notion of free career counselling and also understand how it can help you to decide the right career path. 

4 Benefits of Free Career Counselling Session

There are several benefits that one can avail from a single free career counselling session. However, a free session may not provide a detailed career trajectory but it can be quite fruitful for many. You can avail of free sessions and take an assessment test to interact with the concerned counsellor without paying any fee. Moreover, these sessions are quick and you’ll not have to undergo a lengthy procedure. Take a look at the benefits of a free career counselling session.

  1. Discover your interests

The first and foremost use of free career counselling sessions is that you are able to explore your capabilities free of cost. In the session, you take psychometric tests. These tests enable you to explore the skills that you have and the fields that interests you the most. When you go for direct conversation with the counsellor, then they will help you to discover your interests and accordingly provide you details of relevant fields. 

  1. Gain Knowledge about the process

Most of the time, students are not aware of the exact process of proceeding towards a course. Due to this, they lose the chance of studying that particular course. And as a result, they have to compromise with any other subject. 

Many students dream of studying abroad but it seems to be a tough path as they don’t know about the process. Free career counselling online enables you to determine the steps and find out the application process. In fact, the mentors are always available to provide career guidance throughout the journey.

  1. Guidance regarding the Admission process

Different websites and the official websites of Universities and colleges may provide all the details of admission to a college, institute, or course. Still, many students face difficulty in understanding and completing the process. That’s where career counselling online sessions play an important role. 

The experts remain beside you throughout the admission process from filling the form to drafting the admission. In fact, you can get all your queries answered directly from expert career consultants

  1. Assistance in availing Scholarships

Finances for courses can be a burden for the parents. Some students are not able to fulfil their dream of studying abroad just because of the heavy higher education cost. A career consultant understands your situation and provides ways to avail of different scholarship schemes. In this way you can easily minimise the cost of studies as well as living costs while studying abroad. Therefore, career counselling for studying abroad becomes essential for students who want to pursue a course from a college or university abroad. 

Who can use Free Career Counselling Session Online?

Irrespective of the stage of life you are in if you want a plan that will help you to excel in 

your career, get free career counselling online. You can also seek career guidance if you want to plan your career or you want to change your career plan midway. Here is a list of candidates who must opt for counselling session:

1.Class 10 students 

Up to class 10, basic education has a standardized path, and students have to study almost all the students. After class 10, students have to decide their subjects and that is the first step towards their future career. Primarily, there are three main divisions of streams that are science, commerce, and humanities. But many students may prefer to opt for some skill-based courses like polytechnic or ITI. Whatever the requirements may be, a counsellor can help you understand the appropriate career choice. Hence, career counselling after the 10th is a must for all the students of classes 9 and 10. 

Typically, students prefer the stream that they are interested in or select the stream on the basis of the marks that they have secured. A perfect career guide allows them to head start their career in the right direction. 

  1. Class 12 students 

Once you chose a stream after class 10, now in class 12 you have an upcoming challenge to select the right course of study. The next step after class 12 is a college which is a stepping stone of the career. Thus, availing online career counselling after class 12th is quite important for a successful career. 

Depending on the course and field you choose, the duration of college can last from 3 years to 5 years. With proper counselling sessions by a verified career counselor, you can identify the course that you should opt for. A certain field can have two types of courses. One is an academic course like whereas another one is a professional course such as BBA. Students from the commerce stream in class 12 can opt for both courses. But they have to decide the one that is most appropriate for them and can define their future career.

Other than that, career counselors also provide relevant career guidance to select the right college. Campus placements, faculties, and educational facilities of the colleges differ. With the help of free online career counselling students can identify the colleges that are the best in all aspects. Besides that, they also guide you throughout the admission process. In the case of some colleges, the admission process can be strenuous and shall require guidance.

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  1. College Students

After getting into college, some students feel that they have a limited number of career choices. But still, there are lots of career options that students can pursue. At this stage, free online career counselling is very helpful. In the counselling session, all the opportunities that are still available are discussed in detail. 

Counselors also guide college students to make the right decision and switch their courses if required. Even after college students need guidance to choose the appropriate courses among certificate courses, diplomas, post-graduate degrees, or recruitment exams. If you pursue any of these courses and later realize that you are no longer enjoying them then take professional career guidance and adapt the right decision. 

  1. Working professionals

There’s nothing like, once you choose your career you can’t opt for free online career counselling! At any point of time if you feel you are not professionally happy in what you are doing then immediately rush for a counselling session. It doesn’t matter what your age is and how much time you have already invested in that profession. There’s always scope to pursue your passion and enjoy the work you do on a daily basis. 

Whether you’re interested to know what’s lacking in your profession or you need simple guidance to grow in your career take the counselling session. The experts will not only guide you to choose the appropriate profession on the basis of your interests but also provide you with relevant guidance for making the career switch

Why to choose SeekEx’s online career counselling?

Seekex as your Online career counselling experts

Seekex is a career counselling app that has an extensive list of verified career counsellors. They are always ready to guide the seekers with the best career guidance. The professionals are well versed to sort out all career-related queries. There are professional career counsellors, faculties of reputed colleges and universities, and working professionals as experts on the app. 

All of them have loads of experience in this field and before becoming verified experts they had to undergo a rigorous verification process. That’s the reason you shouldn’t compromise with your future by taking career counselling from unverified counselors available online. SeekEx provides you the facility to get in touch with verified and experienced counselors online with ease.  

These are some of the reasons that indicate choosing SeekEx’s free online career counselling is beneficial:

  • Qualified career counselor: SeekEx provides you access to genuine and highly experienced counselors. Before becoming a career expert on the SeekEx app, one has to undergo a rigorous verification process. 

Hence, the career counselors over here are problem solvers, keen listeners, and observers so they are able to guide you to make crucial career decisions with ease. Irrespective of the domain you wish to get in, career counselors provide relevant assistance on it. 

  • Secure environment: Once the seekers get the SeekEx app, they can find a list of career counselors on it. On the app, it is quite easy to select the appropriate counselor as you get access to the intro video of all the counsellors. After viewing the intro videos, you can understand who will be appropriate for you. 

Moreover, the app has the facility to call the counselor directly and receive free online career counseling. So, the app provides a safe and secure environment. Such a secure environment also provides assurance of confidentiality of the information shared by the candidates.

  • Trustworthy: Whenever you opt for career counseling, you look for someone who is trustworthy and can understand your problems. To help you in a better way to select the right career options, sometimes the counselors can ask you about your family background and financial status. The counselors on SeekEx are trustworthy and a seeker can share their personal information with them without any hesitation. 

Steps in Career counselling process with SeekEx

In the process of helping the seekers with appropriate career guidance, the experts on SeekEx perform various steps. It includes conducting assessments and helping the students to determine their interests and passions. Here are the steps that come under SeekEx’s career counselling process:

  1. Download the SeekEx app from the play store and install it on the device. The seeker has to register on the app as a seeker.
  2. Enter all the relevant details asked there about you in the profile section. This enables the counselors to know about you in detail. 
  3. Seekers can find a list of career counselors on the app. Their introduction video is also present in their respective profile. You can view their introduction and select the one whom you find appropriate for you.
  4. Get in touch with the career counselor by either directly calling them or by scheduling an appointment with them. It completely depends on the availability of the counselors. 

Each counselor follows a different method for providing career counselling. However, in most cases, the first step of free online career counselling is a psychometric test. This test has five categories namely Aptitude, personality, emotional quotient, interest, and orientation style. 

On the basis of your performance in this test, the counselor is able to understand your interests, strengths, weakness, and abilities. Accordingly, they provide you with various career recommendations. 

Once the test is completed then comes the in-person counselling session. With the help of the results of the assessment, the career consultants guide you to identify your key career goals. Moreover, they also narrow down the options and thus you are able to identify the most suitable career option. 

The last step that SeekEx’s career counsellors follow is to provide you with a career plan that allows you to move towards your goal successfully. After all, simply identifying a career option is not enough you must have a clear road map to reach your goal. 


Hence, whether you are a working professional, a college student, or a class 10th student you can always opt for free online career counselling if you want to plan a successful career. Irrespective of your age, situation, or background, availing career counselling online is simple and easy. A career is the foundation of your future so you shouldn’t compromise with it. So, why are you still waiting? Check out the SeekEx app and get free career counselling today!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Free career Counselling

I am a class 9 student. Can I get free online career counselling? 

Yes, class 9 and 10 students can opt for free online career counselling to identify the streams that are best for them. 

What preparations are needed before free online career counselling?

You don’t need to prepare anything before a free online career counselling.

Can I get paid counselling on the SeekEx app, if I have already taken free online career counselling?

Yes, you can always opt for paid counselling if you think you need more details about your career. 

Are free online career counselling available for working professionals?

SeekEx app provides free online career counselling for everyone, even for working professionals

Does free online career counselling provide details about the admission process?

In a free online career counselling session, you get all the details about the courses including their admission process. 

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