How to become a doctor in India? Career, Eligibility, Courses and so on – SeekEx

How to become a doctor in India? Career, Eligibility, Courses and so on – SeekEx

The profession of a Doctor is one of the most prestigious career fields. Those who become doctors get the opportunity to serve people. So, it is considered one of the most rewarding and satisfying career options. This blog will provide you with clear insights on how to become a doctor in India and what are the ways one can grow in this profession. 

The journey to become a doctor begins with understanding the process of how to become a doctor in India. If you have the desire to choose medicine as your profession then you should first consult an expert on the SeekEx app and get a complete understanding of the steps and growth prospects. Further, experts will also guide you with the ways to start preparing for medical entrance examinations. This blog will offer a brief insight into the process.

Who is a Doctor?

Who actually is a Doctor

A qualified medical professional, trained to treat patients for various health conditions is known as a doctor. They treat patients with different health conditions according to their specializations. Through different diagnostic tests, doctors determine the conditions that cause the problem in the patients and thus provide suitable treatments for them. Once a doctor completes their studies they have the option to either work in their independent clinic or any other healthcare institution. 

Plenty of specializations is available that doctors can select which enables the doctors to treat patients with different health issues. Firstly, a doctor conducts diagnostic tests for determining the conditions affecting the patient’s health and accordingly suggests treatments. If you are passionate about being a doctor then find how to become a doctor in India and follow the steps. 

Skills Required to Become a Good Doctor

Becoming a good doctor is not a cakewalk. It’s a big decision that must not be taken lightly. So, if you want to become a doctor you should start with complete dedication and prepare thoroughly for the process. Once you reach medical school, you have to undergo an intensive learning schedule. Though it is a highly rewarding career option, you must have some specific set of skills for becoming a doctor. Let’s check out the skills required to become a doctor before proceeding further:

  • Communication skills: Before finding how to become a doctor in India you must check that you have effective communication skills. Although communication skills are something that is important for every career, it’s very essential for being a doctor. A doctor is expected to interact with patients and understand their problems of the patients as well. With poor communication skills, a doctor is not able to succeed in their career but it may also put the lives of patients at risk.  
  • Emotional Intelligence: It is another essential skill that’s needed to become a doctor in India. Having emotional intelligence will enable you to tackle patients with sensitivity. Often doctors have to deliver some sort of bad news to the patients or to their relatives. In that situation, they must have the emotional maturity to remain professional and explain to the patients or relatives the best course of action. Therefore, empathy, understanding, and professionalism are the skills that are essential for becoming a doctor in India.
  • Decision-making abilities: For all those who want to find how to become a doctor in India, must check that they have decision-making skills. When it is about a patient’s health then final clinical decisions are left to the doctors and they are comfortable enough to take the responsibility and make tough decisions for the patients. Thus, it implies being a doctor doesn’t mean only managing and overseeing patients’ treatment plans but it is also taking critical decisions on their behalf. 
  • Professionalism: Dealing with patients is not easy when they are going through a tough time. So, you have to incorporate professionalism at every time and generate empathy to understand the patient’s pain. However, in this process, you have to ensure that at any cost your ability to treat the patient is not compromised. Hence, generate these skills before understanding how to become a doctor in India
  • Problem-solving skills: Much work of a doctor is like detective work where you need to gather clues, and evidence and work towards a cause to find a solution. In short, you have to be a natural problem solver when you are a doctor. While understanding how to become a doctor in India you must analyze whether you have this skill or not. Of course, with the course, you will gain technical knowledge to understand some cases but it will also grant you the ability to solve different problems and construct a plan to implement the knowledge strategically. 

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Requirements for becoming a doctor

Requirements for becoming a doctor

The role of a doctor is such that it directly impacts patients’ lives. All those who want to find how to become a doctor in India must know that the requirements for becoming a doctor are not that simple. After all, a doctor will be held for the health of the patient and a decision can impact their lives. If you want to know how to become a doctor in India, you must check that you fulfill all the below-mentioned requirements: 

  • The first requirement to become a doctor is to pass class 12th in science with Physics, Chemistry, and biology subjects. Before applying for admission in the medical field, make sure that you fulfill all the requirements. 
  • Once you fulfill all the eligibility criteria you can apply to different reputed medical institutes. Each institute has its own requirements so if required you have to appear for relevant entrance tests and crack them. Some of the popular medical entrance tests in India are AFMC, NEET, AIIMS, institute-wise entrance tests, and state-wise entrance tests. 
  • After satisfying the eligibility requirements and scoring valid marks in the entrance examinations, you have to apply for admission. The process of admission may vary from one state to another and from one institute to another.

Is it hard to become a doctor?

Many students who are still wondering how to become a doctor in India, must know that becoming a doctor is a challenging process since it involves years of hard work but the result of the years of effort is worth it. In the process to become a doctor, you must ensure that you are committed to the process and follow the intensive course of study with full dedication. 

How many years to become a doctor in India?

You can achieve your goal easily if you keep moving towards your goal through hard work and dedication. The minimum time period required for an individual to become a doctor in India after completing class 12 is around five years and six months. 

How to become a doctor in India?

Steps to become a doctor in India

Typically doctors work round the clock and have long duṭy hours. Still, it is considered one of the best professions for those who want to serve people. A common question that comes to mind of all those who want to serve people by treating them is ‘How to become a doctor in India’. Below mentioned are the steps that you must follow before proceeding towards the main steps of becoming a doctor:

  1. Check out if you are interested to become a doctor

The doctor is a profession with huge responsibilities. Usually, a doctor is a career option that parents suggest to their children and every child in the science stream with biology aims to become a doctor. Don’t opt for this profession just because the majority of society is rushing towards it. Analyze your preferences under the guidance of experts and find out whether medicine is the right profession for you or if you really love biology. 

  1. Take the help of career experts

Often students get confused hearing different suggestions from different people around them. Moreover, the decisions by the friends confuse them even more, So, it’s highly recommended that before proceeding towards any specific step you take help from experts and determine whether this career option is appropriate for you or not. Besides that, the career experts will also provide you step by step of how to become a doctor in India. 

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  1. Study Mathematics subjects thoroughly in school

One of the basic requirements of becoming a doctor in India is you must opt for the science stream after class 10th. You must study Mathematics courses at the upper primary level which is class 6 to class 8 and in high school that is class 9 to 10. In school, you should study these courses well because they will create a base for your career as a doctor in the future. Some children think that just studying Biology would be enough for them but that’s not the fact. You need to have a thorough knowledge of all the Mathematics courses. 

  1. Opt for science stream after 10th

You must choose science stream subjects after 10th if you want to become a doctor in India. Most importantly, you must choose to keep physics, chemistry, and Biology in classes 11 to 12. Besides that, make sure to choose additional subjects to minimize your load in class 12. If you are wondering how to become a doctor in India, you must choose science subjects wisely after class 10th.

  1. Appear for relevant entrance exams

Once you complete your class 12th boards, you have to appear for relevant entrance tests. If you want admission to some of the reputed medical institutes you must appear and crack NEET. National Eligibility cum entrance test is the entrance exam for MBBS, BDS, and graduate-level courses. 

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Steps for becoming a doctor

1. Complete class 12 in science: 

If you are looking ahead to quality medical education and becoming a successful doctor, you have to first complete class 12 in the science stream. The combination of subjects you must opt for is physics, chemistry, and biology. These subjects are necessary for acquiring admission to MBBS. Besides that having knowledge of these core subjects will also allow you to qualify for medical entrance examinations like NEET, JPIMER, and AIIMS.

With in-depth knowledge of these subjects, you need to secure the desired rank in the entrance examination and get admission to your preferred medical school. 

  1. Appear for the required entrance exam:

If you are wondering how to become a doctor in India then after completing class 12 in science you have to appear for different entrance examinations for securing admission to any of the reputed medical colleges. The National Eligibility and Entrance Test are one of the most preferred entrance exams for getting admission to various medical colleges. Only after passing the entrance exams do you have to pay specified fees and submit the necessary documents for getting admission to the desired medical college. 

  1. Complete MBBS

Once you get admission to one of the colleges, you can apply for MBBS. This is the first degree that one can obtain in the process of becoming a doctor. While many candidates may apply for it directly after graduation as you can apply for MBBS until the age of 25 years. However, it’s recommended to enroll for MBBS with 2 years of completing class 12th board exams. The minimum age limit is 17 years and the maximum age limit is 25 years. The time period within which you need to complete the course is five years and six months. 

  1. Opt for an internship

Obtaining an MBBS degree solely will not allow you to practice as a doctor. You need to complete a mandatory internship program for at least one year. In the internship program, you are allowed to work under the supervision of senior doctors and patients who need treatments for different health issues. If you have successfully completed an MBBS program, you will have the required amount of knowledge and skills during the internship.

Some of the medical colleges have their own wings where you can easily complete your internship. However, if your college doesn’t have a hospital wing where you can complete the internship then you can choose to complete it at some other specified hospital.

  1. Register yourself as a doctor:

To practice as a doctor in India, you have to register with any of the state medical councils in India. Typically doctors who have registered under the Indian medical register are eligible to practice. Moreover, to achieve the eligibility to register you have to first obtain the MBBS degree from a recognized institute and then complete an internship from an institute recognized by the Medical Council of India. 

  1. Practice as a Doctor

If you want to become a doctor in India and practice as a doctor then you must first complete your master’s degree and then opt for a second master’s or a Ph.D. for gaining more knowledge about this profession. However, many doctors prefer to practice just after completing their MBBS and master’s degree in medical science. There are two options regarding practice, one is to practice as a doctor in a specific healthcare institution and another one is to practice independently in a clinic of your own. 

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How is SeekEx helpful?

How is SeekEx helpful

Many students start analyzing How to become a doctor in India before understanding whether this profession is right for them. This career option is considered a noble profession but it comes with a number of challenges. That’s the reason before proceeding to choose this profession you should discuss the pros and cons with the career experts. SeekEx is a platform that offers access to reliable career experts who have relevant knowledge in this field. 

In the SeekEx platform register as a Seeker and choose the expert with whom you want to have a conversation. Put up all your queries and get expert opinions. The career experts on SeekEx will not help you to understand the process of How to become a doctor in India but also allow you to make the right decision regarding the college that you can choose. 


Choosing a doctor as a profession is not only challenging but rewarding too. If you want to understand what to do to become a doctor then get in touch with experts who can provide complete information regarding the entire profession. Moreover, before opting for it as a profession you must remain aware of the possible job challenges. 

Consult career experts on SeekEx to understand the process to become a doctor and start preparing for the journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to become a doctor without NEET?

Apart from NEET, you can opt for JIPMER, AIIMS entrance examinations for becoming a doctor. 

     2. What are the tips for developing your career as a doctor?

If you want to develop your career as a doctor then you should keep on updating your knowledge and for that attend seminars where you can get knowledge about present new findings in your field. 

     3. What to do after NEET to become a doctor?

After completing NEET you can choose courses like MBBS, BDS, etc to start your journey to become a doctor. 

     4. Which course is best for becoming a doctor in India?

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery is considered the best course for becoming a doctor in India. 

     5. At what age do doctors start earning?

After completing 5.5 years of course and 3 years of internship, a doctor can start earning. 

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