How to become a software engineer after 12th?

How to become a software engineer after 12th?

How to become a software engineer after 12th

In the last few decades, software engineering and professions related to computer science have been a charm in the job industry. Most science stream students prefer this career option after completing their 12th. Read this detailed article to know how to become a software engineer after 12th

Several routes are available to enter this field and get to the top. The routes depend on your preferences and capabilities. Although for a clear roadmap in the profession of a software engineer you must take the help of career experts. SeekEx app provides access to the best career experts in the industry who can guide you on the right way to have a successful career!

What is Software engineering?

The software engineering course focuses on the ways software is built, tested and its quality is maintained for proper usage in different types of industries. These days software is used in almost every sector, be it finance, healthcare education, or shopping. Software engineering is the process that includes all the aspects of software production and maintenance for obtaining efficient and reliable software.

In short, software engineering is a stream that is focused around building and maintaining software solutions for businesses.

If you are interested in software engineering, you must know how to become a software engineer after 12th. keep reading.  

Skills and Qualifications Needed for software engineering

Required qualifications and Skills for Software developer

If you want to become a software engineer or developer you must remain aware of software developer qualifications and skills. There are some technical skills as well as some sets of soft skills that you need to have to become a software engineer. These days technology is a vast concept and there are numerous tools, platforms, and languages that are out in the market. Whether you are already an experienced developer or a new programmer, you should have knowledge about the technical tools and also develop skills to integrate with modern technologies to develop a good product.   

Technical Skills to become a software Engineer

  1. Data Structures and Algorithms

Those computer science students who want to find out how to become a software engineer must know that one of the most essential technical skills is data structures and algorithms. It is the topmost technical skill that almost all companies look for in software development. These skills also tell the companies about other related skills like problem-solving and coding skills.   

If you want to find how to become a software engineer after 12th, then you must know how to organize data so that it can be used to solve real-life problems. Whether you are a developer, computer science student, or software programmer, you must put in the effort to learn data structures and algorithms.

It is like the heart of programming and initially many developers may not consider it that important but while starting your career in software development, it has lots of significance. When you find that the code is taking too much time or space then you can use these skills to organize them. With the help of data structure and algorithm skills, you will be able to solve a specific problem in less time and space. 

  1. Source Control

Another essential technical skill that developers must have is source control. It is a skill by which developers manage and store their code. If you want to know how to become a software engineer after the 12th, then you must start with acquiring source control skills.

Companies are also looking for a developer who is proficient in version control and thus can effectively communicate with other team members. If you want to become a software engineer you have to be comfortable with version control concepts and other tools like Git.

  1. Programming Languages

Numerous programming languages are available and you must have command of at least one of them. In-depth knowledge of one of the programming languages is necessary to become a software engineer. Hence, if you are one who is searching for how to become a software developer after 12th, then you must take the initiative to learn programming languages. Although the type of language you can opt for completely depends on your area of interest.  

  1. Integrated Development Environment

IDE is a technique by which software engineers are able to modify, compile, run and debug codes. Though the best development environment depends on various factors like the purposes, languages, and choices of the programmers. If you are trying to find how to become a software engineer then acquire these sets of skills as well. You must know the steps to use IDEs to write, compile and debug the codes. With the use of IDE, developers can speed up their work.  

  1. Text Editors

Irrespective of the fact that whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert programmer, text editors are important for programming. In fact, the journey to becoming a programmer starts with text editors. It can be considered as an essential tool in the programmer’s daily life. Besides that, programmers, even non-programmers, also use text editors for different purposes. 

  1. Databases

As a 12th pass student, if you want to know how to become a software engineer after 12th, then you need to obtain all essential skills for developers. That implies you must remain aware of all types of operations related to how to store records, create, update, delete, etc. Without the organization of a proper database, it’s impossible to create any sort of application and software. 

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  1. Operating System

Understanding the basics and mechanisms of the operating system is essential for a software developer. While working on a project they come across numerous issues that are associated with an operating system such as memory usage, running a program, tools that are conflicting issues, blocking issues, having communicated with other machines, etc.

There can be a serious problem if the code that the developer wrote on one machine doesn’t work on the other. So, if you are one looking for how to become a software engineer after 12th, then first acquire knowledge of operating systems. 

  1. Basics of Networking

Usually, the application of the developer is based on the client-server model. In this model, the request is sent through a network to a server and client irrespective of the place in which the client is based and accessing the application. That’s the reason it’s essential for software developers to develop and support an application. 

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Software Engineering Courses after 12th

Software engineering courses after 12th

Today, the field of computer science is booming. Students can opt for plenty of career options once they complete their class 12th. Often the number of career options may confuse them because selecting one specific career is a problematic task. Before selecting one, check out the details of the software engineering courses after 12th:

  1. Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science

The first and foremost course that comes to mind for those who want to know how to become a software engineer after 12th is Bachelor of Technology in computer science. As there’s a huge demand for software developers who can work with applications, the course of B.Tech in computer science has become highly popular.

In this course, students are taught about the basics of the subjects and how it can be applied in different areas. Multiple computer software, computation, computer hardware, aligned things, and programming languages are taught. If you want to become a software engineer then you can opt for this course.     

  1. Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology

These days most of the students who are looking for a career in software engineering after 12th, opt for B.Tech (IT). Often people get confused between a Bachelor of Technology in computer science and a bachelor of technology in information technology. There’s a difference between these two software engineering courses.

The B.Tech in computer science includes computer engineering subjects and provides a complete understanding of various aspects of computer programming and its concepts. While B.Tech in information technology focuses on information theory and management. There may be a difference in the subjects and concepts taught in both the courses but the pay package is almost similar.

  1. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

If you are one who wants to know how to become a software engineer after 12th and gain full-fledged knowledge in this field then a computer science will be the best course option for you. Many students believe that computer science and Btech computer science provide the same education, however, that’s not true. Every syllabus related to computer science doesn’t provide the same learning.

They may seem to be similar but differ in a number of things. If we consider bachelor of computer application then it focuses on the application part of the computers whereas when it is about computer science it is concerned with the theoretical parts of the computers. 

  1. Bachelor of computer application

A Bachelor of technology in computer science is not only the best option to get into the profession of software engineering. Those who want to find how to become a software engineer after 12th can also opt for a Bachelor of computer application. BCA or Bachelor of computer application is an equally effective course to get into this profession.

This course offers knowledge about the fundamentals of computers as well as focuses on other subjects like database management systems, artificial intelligence, software development, computer network, etc. Every year a huge number of students enroll in this course to start their career as software engineers.

  1. Other Notable Courses

Other than the courses mentioned above, a student can get into the field of software engineering by completing an engineering degree in any field. Suppose anyone has completed their engineering electronics and communications, then they are also eligible to start their career as a software engineer by acquiring relevant skills. Moreover, the students who are from management also can get into this field by understanding and acquiring the required skills. 

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What to study to become a software engineer?

Commonly computer programming, web development, human-computer interaction, security, ethics, architecture, and algorithms are some of the major software engineering subjects that students have to study. The bachelor’s and master’s level software engineering courses include these subjects. If you want to know how to become a software engineer after 12th, then make sure you have complete knowledge in all of these subjects. 

However, those who opt for certificate or diploma courses, they can find that their syllabus includes all the subjects in brief unlike in graduate and post-graduate courses where the topics are discussed in detail. Apart from core subjects, software engineering courses also include case studies, seminars, internships, projects, and a lot more as part of the syllabus. 

Software engineering subjects

  • Some of the common subjects that everyone studies irrespective of their course are computer science, programming, Mathematics, machine learning, engineering, etc.
  • The syllabus of software engineering courses changes depending on the level of study. The software engineering subjects of bachelor’s, master and research-level differ from each other. 
  • When it is about B.Tech/BS in software engineering, then it focuses on software engineering and concepts related to basic software engineering. 
  • In the case of M Tech software engineering courses or Ph.D. software engineering courses, the focus is mainly on specializations and advanced subjects. 
  • BTech in software engineering covers around 30-40 subjects whereas includes 10-20 subjects and all of them focus on basic areas of computer science. 

Software Engineering Course Fees

Apart from understanding the subjects to study in software engineering, those who want to find out how to become a software engineer after 12th should have knowledge about software engineering course fees. Here is the list of fees for different courses for both private and government institutes:

  1. Undergraduate: In the case of private colleges, the fees range from 1.83 Lakhs to 10.00 Lakhs. Whereas in the case of government colleges the fees range from 80.53 Lakhs to 7.81 Lakhs. 
  2. Postgraduate: The range of fees in private colleges lies between 70k to 9.23 Lakhs whereas in the case of government colleges it ranges between 7.90k to 4.98L.
  3. Doctoral: For all those who want to pursue a Ph.D. program from private colleges have to bear fees in the range of 2.43Lakhs to 15.98Lakhs whereas the government colleges charges fees of only 6.42Lakhs.
  4. Diploma: The diploma courses in software engineering are available in mainly government colleges and the fees are usually around 1.80k.

How to become a software engineer after 12th without a course? 

All those who want to know how to become a software engineer after 12th must know that there are two ways for gaining expertise in software engineering. The first way to get into the engineering field is by pursuing courses like B Tech or Bsc in computer science. Some people even prefer to pursue diploma courses in software engineering. 

However, there’s an alternative way too to undertake intensive training programs that focus on particular aspects of software engineering. The programs can be associated with programming languages, design, network, security, etc.

Although courses offer a comprehensive understanding of the subjects whereas the latter way to get into a software engineering career is skill-oriented and the emphasis is more on the practical aspect of the subjects. Here are the steps that you need to follow to become a software engineer without pursuing any particular course:

  1. Opt for internship/ project:

If you are already pursuing some training program or course, then you should grab internship opportunities or some projects where you can work practically and acquire skills in this field. Internships will enable you to gain insights into different tasks that you can perform in the future. Apart from helping you recognize your skills and interests, internships also provide an idea of a working environment. If you want to know how to become a software engineer after 12th must opt for internship programs. 

  1. Enhance your skills

The career of a software engineer or developer requires you to work in diverse working spaces. Be it programming, data analysis, networking, or web designing, there’s a lot that can be explored. To enhance and explore different skills in software engineering you can pursue various courses online or offline. At the entry level, students must have that zeal to learn new things and keep on experimenting with them.

Learning new skills and tools will not only enhance your job opportunities in this field but will make you comfortable to understand its working environment. Apart from the skills listed here, students also get the opportunity to learn about data science and machine learning. If you are one who wants to explore how to become a software engineer after 12th, then make sure to learn different skills relevant to this field. 

  1. Acquire Certifications

Some of the popular certifications that one can pursue are Amazon web services certifications, Oracle, CAD, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft(MTA), salesforce, Scrum, etc. With the help of these certifications, students not only gain industry-recognized knowledge and expertise but even aim for career progressions. If you are one who wants to opt for a software engineering career but wondering how to become a software engineer after 12th, then opt for any one of these certifications. 

  1. Gain knowledge of programming languages

Programming languages are in itself a whole world. Getting knowledge of programming languages is an additional benefit in a software engineering career. Some of the programming languages that are usually preferred are Java, Python, R, basic C programs, etc. Most of these languages are required because they are used to set up backend operations of companies, data analysis, application development, and much more.

You can easily pursue online courses that allow you to learn languages within 8 to 15 weeks through intensive learning programs. 

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How can SeekEx help?

How seekEx can help

If you are trying to find out how to become a software engineer after the 12th and which way is best for you then take the guidance from the experts. The career experts on SeekEx will not only guide you about the steps but also offer you the entire career road map that will ensure career progression. The career counsellors on the SeekEx app also help you to choose the right course after the 12th to become a software engineer.

They will provide all software engineering course details. By analyzing all the details like fees, scope, and job opportunities you can choose an appropriate course. Hence, the guidance of a career expert is instrumental in career growth and progress.


These days we are too much dependent on technological devices like computers, mobiles, etc. In this scenario, a career in a field related to computers like software engineering is always demanding. This blog might have cleared your doubts about how to become a software engineer after 12th at least to some extent. Now, you are aware of the opportunities and scope of becoming a software engineer then it’s quite obvious to remain uncertain about the course you must select.

There comes the need for assistance from someone who has knowledge in this field. SeekEx is a career counselling platform that provides access to the best consultants who are there to help you out with all your queries be it related to selection of course or job opportunities that are available after completion of the course. 

So, take the assistance of the SeekEx app and have a vibrant career as a software engineer!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the main aim of software engineering?

The main aim of software engineering is to develop efficient and reliable software.

  1. Is software engineering a good career?

In this era of technology, a career in software engineering has lots of scope and opportunities.

  1. Can I become a software engineer without pursuing any specific course?

Yes, even without pursuing any specific course one can easily become a software engineer or developer by acquiring all the relevant skills. 

  1. What are the skills required to become a software engineer?

The main skills required to become a software engineer are software development, computer programming, and coding, software testing and debugging, object-oriented design and problem solving, and logical thinking abilities.

  1. Which courses can I pursue to become a software engineer?

B.Tech in Computer Science, B.Tech in Information Technology, B.Sc in Computer Science, Bachelor in Computer Application are the main courses that you can choose from to become a software engineer after the 12th. 

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