How to become a teacher after 12th Easily | Teaching Courses After 12th – SeekEx

How to become a teacher after 12th Easily | Teaching Courses After 12th – SeekEx

Become Teacher after 12th Arts

Since the emergence of humankind, the teaching profession has existed in some other forms. To date, it is considered one of the noble professions. If you have a passion for teaching or sharing your knowledge wiṭh others in an effective manner then teaching can be a great career option. If you want to know how to become a teacher after the 12th, then this blog is a must-read. It deals with all the types of teaching courses that are available after the 12th and the scope of this career option.

Multiple teaching courses are available for students to choose from. Each course will bring in different career prospects. Deciding on one course over others can be difficult for the students. There comes the role of career counselors who will not only guide you to select the right course but also provide you with information related to their career prospects. Read through the blog to find out how to become a teacher after 12th easily and to continue the growth in the profession. 

Why should one become a teacher?

Before discussing further how to become a teacher after 12th, let’s first discuss why to become a teacher. When you start your career as a teacher there are numerous challenges that you have to face. The best thing about the challenges is that there’s an equal reward for those challenges. This is such a profession that provides the ability to impact the lives of others. Here are some of the reasons that justify why one should choose teacher as a profession:

  • Shape the lives of young children: A teacher is responsible to educate and inspire young people. As a teacher, you may teach students who grow up to become doctors, scientists, or prime ministers. Before thinking about how to become a teacher you must look into the fact why to become a teacher. The best thing about becoming a teacher is that every day you get to work with inquisitive young minds who want to learn and share their ideas. Hence, a teacher plays a very inquisitive role in the lives of young minds and thus benefits society as a whole. 
  • Teaching skills are beneficial for every field: Although demand for teachers is high throughout the country, still if you want to switch to some other profession after gaining knowledge about the teaching skills then these skills are useful for other careers as well. The skills that are taught in teaching courses are useful beyond the classroom. Teachers are usually excellent problem solvers, organizers, collaborators, and communicators. These skill sets are in high demand across all the industries and thus can help you to stand out in whatever field you opt for. 
  • Demand for new teachers: One of the biggest reasons to become a teacher is that there is high demand for new teachers. A significant proportion of the current teacher workforce is ageing and retiring so the need for new teachers is increasing. Check out how to become a teacher after 12th and opt for it for better career opportunities. 
  • Includes both knowledge and creativity: The teaching profession includes values tradition as well as innovation. Teachers are known for using their knowledge to inspire children. However, they have to apply their own innovation and creativity to impart their knowledge in easier ways. They also manage data, follow the current practices and apply new trends to promote the student’s well-being. 
  • Challenging profession: The atmosphere and the learning that a teacher imparts in a classroom allows the young minds to determine their capability and learn new things. Apart from helping individuals learn new things, teachers are also responsible to guide them to shape their future. In this process, different individuals have different preferences so teachers have to understand it and overcome all the challenges to offer the best suggestions. 

Teaching is considered a noble profession. These are the reasons that are enough to state why one can opt for the teaching profession after the 12th. If you’re one who wants to find how to become a teacher after 12th and opt for this profession then you should check the list of teaching courses available after 12th. 

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Complete list of teaching courses after 12th

List of Teacher Training Courses After 12th

The profession to which we are connected closely from our childhood is teaching. If you’re still struggling to find how to become a teacher after 12th then find out the course that is appropriate for you. After completion of the course, you can move towards having a successful career as a teacher. 

1.B.A, B.Ed.(Integrated)

B.A,B.Ed is one of the popular teaching courses after 12th. It is an integrated dual degree program of 4 years duration. The main objective of this program is to integrate general subjects in Arts like History, political science, English, Hindi, etc., and professional studies in education. With this course, you can get the experience of classroom teaching as well as communication skills.

Through acquiring communication skills you can easily develop the pedagogical knowledge that is required to teach different subjects at the elementary level in both private and government schools. Among various other courses available, this is considered one of the most preferred courses.

If you want to know how to become a teacher after 12th and opt for this course then you have to pass class 12th with a minimum of 50% irrespective of your stream of studies from a recognized board. Admission to colleges is provided on the basis of merit and marks scored in class 12. However, some colleges may conduct entrance tests for admitting candidates for the course.  

  1. B.Sc. B.Ed (Integrated)

B.Sc B.Ed is an undergraduate dual degree integrated teacher training course that can be pursued after the 12th. It is a 4-year program that offers theoretical knowledge in science subjects that are Physics, Mathematics, Zoology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and professional studies in education. With this course, students will be able to prepare and offer a base for teaching in elementary and secondary levels of schooling with a specialization in science subjects.

To pursue B.Ed the minimum eligibility criteria is a 12th pass with PCM/PCB from recognized boards. On the basis of merit and marks obtained in class 12, admission to the colleges is granted. Some of the colleges may conduct entrance tests for offering admission to this teaching course after 12th.


This course is also a full-time undergraduate teacher training course that one can pursue after the 12th. It is a 4-year full-time program that is a combination of theory and practical courses regarding topics of child development, cognition and learning, curriculum development, gender and education, psychology of language acquisition and learning, and a lot more. So, if you are looking to pursue a course just after completing class 12th then this is one of the best courses. 

One of the main criteria to pursue B.El.Ed is to class 12th in any stream from a recognized school. You are granted admission in this course on the basis of merit and the marks obtained in class 12. Some colleges may conduct entrance tests in which you need to qualify for getting admission. 


D.Ed is a 2-year teaching course for students who have passed class 12. A diploma in education will enable you to acquire knowledge that allows you to be a nursery school teacher and teach at elementary schools. To be eligible to pursue a Diploma in education you need to obtain at least 50% marks in class 12th from a recognized board or school. 


A diploma in Elementary Education is another popular course just like Diploma in education which is best for those who want to pursue a teacher training course. The aim of this course is to offer classroom training regarding teaching in an elementary school. In the training process, you get to learn the process to develop lesson plans, and curating and evaluating classroom tests.

The topics covered in this course include childhood and the development of children, contemporary society, Diversity and education, pedagogy of environmental studies, etc. This will enable me to get prepared for teaching in an elementary school. The elementary school includes children from ages 4 to 12 years of age. 

The eligibility criteria to pursue this course is obtaining 50% marks in class 12 from a recognized board/school. 

  1. NTT

Nursery Teacher training course is a diploma course that focuses on the teaching methodology that is meant for nursery level students and includes subjects and communication. It is only a one-year teacher training course that one can pursue after completing class 12. The subjects included in this course are child care and health, child psychology, and philosophy of pre-primary education. This is a popular teacher training course after the 12th. The eligibility criteria for this is to pass class 12 from a recognized board with minimum 50% marks. 

  1. Certificate Courses

Apart from the degree and diploma courses that are mentioned above, you can even pursue different certificate courses. If you want to find out how to become a teacher after 12th, then you can opt to pursue any certificate course. Usually, the duration of courses is from 3 months to 6 months.

Some of the popular certificate cases are certificates in elementary teacher education, a certificate in guidance, certificates in primary curriculum and instruction, a certificate in primary education, certificates in primary teaching, certificates in early childhood education, a certificate in basic training, and certificates in junior basic training.

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How to become a teacher after 12th with arts stream?

Become Teacher after 12th Arts

As already discussed, to pursue any of the teaching courses, you must complete graduation or class 12th from any stream. In case you have completed class 12th with arts stream and are wondering how to become a teacher after 12th then you can opt D.Ed and become a primary teacher. 

 You can opt for the BA, B.Ed Integrated Course. B.Ed is a post-graduation program that can be pursued only after completing graduation. That’s the reason the government came up with a dual degree program where you can pursue both Bachelors of Arts and Bachelor of Education. On the basis of your preference, you can choose the subjects. 

The duration of the course is 4 years. You can join this course after completing the 12th pass with a minimum of 50% marks. However, the admission criteria may differ from college to college. Upon completing the course you can appear for the state teacher eligibility test or central teacher eligibility test that is held by the state and central government. 

How to become a teacher after 12th in the science stream?

For the students who want to know how to become a teacher after 12th science, they can pursue B.Ed after completion of However, the best way out is to join B.Sc, B.Ed integrated course for becoming a teacher just after completing class 12. In case you have already completed then you can directly join B.Ed course after writing entrance exams. This is among one of the most popular teaching courses after 12th. The duration of the integrated program is four years.

The commerce students can opt to pursue any of the teaching courses where the eligibility criteria are 12th in any stream. These students can even pursue diploma courses like a diploma in elementary education. Just after completing class 12 you can also get admission in a Diploma in education course. This course trains you to teach primary school students.

Moreover, you can also opt to pursue a bachelor of physical education course where you learn different techniques for maintaining fitness. The duration of this course depends upon the college and university where you are pursuing it.

How to become a government teacher after 12th?

How to become a teacher after 12th Easily

If you have the desire to become a government teacher after 12th then you should follow the below-mentioned steps. Every year numerous aspirants apply for government teaching jobs as it is among one of the most popular job opportunities available. Moreover, the teaching profession is one of the most respectable jobs. In the case of government teachers, the selection process is designed in such a way that it benefits the recruitment process of aspiring teachers.

So, if you are one who wants to know how to become a teacher after the 12th then check out the steps mentioned below.

Eligibility for become a government teacher after 12th

For becoming a government teacher, the first thing that you need to determine is what age group or class you want to teach and then check what’s the eligibility criteria to teach that group of students. Once you know the class then you can plan your goal. Here are the types of government teaching jobs options:

  • Pre-primary teacher: As the name suggests, the pre-primary teaching job allows you to teach nursery and kindergarten students. You are responsible for handling children who are under the age of 3 to 5 years old. 
  • Primary teacher(PRT): If you want to find out how to become a teacher after the 12th then you can opt for this job position. In this position, teachers are responsible to teach students who are in classes 1 to 5. You will be trained to handle young students who have budding minds. 
  • Trained Graduate Teacher(TGT): if you choose ṭo become a trained graduate teacher then you will be responsible to teach students in classes 6 to 8. Although in your career you can get promotions and become eligible to teach up to class 10. TGTs have to choose specialised streams and subjects. This is one of the best teaching courses for students who want to how become government teachers after 12th science
  • Postgraduate teacher(PGT): The post-graduate teachers are ones who are eligible to teach students upto class 12. To get a government job in PGT you need to complete postgraduation in a specialised subject. Mostly, PGTs are responsible to teach students the subjects in which they have specialised. This enables the students to acquire knowledge in depth in that particular subject. 

Government job process 

  • Appear for CTET or TET: If you are wondering how to become a teacher after 12th in a government school then you have to first appear in or CTET or TET examination and clear. In these exams, there are two papers. Paper one is for those who want to teach classes 1 to 5 however those who want to teach classes 6 to 8 need to appear for paper II.
  • Pass CTET or TET examination: To become a government teacher the next is to pass the CTET or TET examination and clear any of these examinations. Upon passing these exams they are eligible to apply for different job openings in various government schools. Clearing the examination doesn’t mean you are eligible for a government job.
  • Interview process: After passing the CTET or TET exam you must know that you have to apply for jobs in numerous government schools across the country. Further, the interview is conducted that helps you to decide your acceptance or rejection of the application process. 

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All those who were wondering how to become a teacher after 12th should follow the above-mentioned steps to make the process smoother. Once you are appointed as a teacher in a certain post you get lots of opportunities open for you. Basically, your growth in your career will depend on your skills, experience, and on job performance. 

How can SeekEx help in becoming a teacher? 

How seekex Can help

Often after completing 12th in any stream you remain confused about which way will be best for you. Depending on the types of career opportunities you are looking for in the teaching field you must pursue the teaching courses after 12. Whether you want to join at a low position and proceed further by getting a promotion or you get into a high post teaching job, it is completely your choice.

If you face difficulty in understanding which course will be suitable for you, take the help of career experts. 

SeekEx is a platform where seekers put up career-related queries in front of the experts and get suitable guidance in that field. So, if you are still confused about which teaching course to choose or which post is best then take consultation of the experts on SeekEx.

The career experts on Seekex will first analyze your preferences and accordingly guide you the right way. Moreover, they will also provide a career roadmap that will help you to excel in the career path and acquire promotion. 


Now, when you know how to become a teacher after 12th easily, you can take guidance and choose a course to proceed with. Although you must remember if you wish to become a government teacher or pursue a teaching course you need to meet the minimum eligibility criteria. Apart from relevant qualifications, qualifying for CTET or TET is mandatory. 

In case you face any sort of confusion in selecting the best teaching course, then take the guidance of experts on SeekEx. With proper answers to your queries, you will be able to make the right decisions and give your best in your job too. 

So, go ahead and download the SeekEx app to get the guidance of career experts and have a successful teaching career!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which subject is best to become a teacher?

Ans. Arts is considered the best stream to become a teacher although irrespective of the stream you choose in class 12 you can build your career as a teacher. 

What types of teachers are in demand in 2022?

Ans. Global teachers are high in demand in 2022.

Is teaching a good career option?

Ans. From decades teaching has been considered as a noble profession. It includes offering knowledge and learning to the new generation. So, if you prefer sharing your learnings then teaching is one of the best career options. 

Is it easy to get a job as a teacher?

Ans. Getting a teaching job in India is not very difficult. However, to get government teaching jobs you need to qualify  the CTET or TET examination. 

Which countries have a high demand for teachers?

Ans. The demand for teachers is growing worldwide. Tanzania and Solomon Islands are considered as the countries that have a high demand for teachers.

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