How to become CA after 12th | CA course details after 12th

How to become CA after 12th | CA course details after 12th

Although the commerce stream has a variety of career options, the best career option for class 12th commerce students is Chartered Accountancy. Are you a commerce student who wants to become CA after 12th? If yes, then this blog is for you. Here you can find how to become CA after 12th, its eligibility criteria, course details, fees, and all other information related to CA. 

CA course is considered one of the toughest courses in India. If you want to pursue this as well as complete all its levels successfully then you must have complete knowledge about its requirements. Once you complete the CA course you will have a fantastic job profile and get well paid. However, successful completion is often challenging. There comes a requirement to consult career experts who can guide you in the best possible way. SeekEx has the best career experts who are CA and have relevant experience in this field. 

Who is a chartered accountant (CA)?

Before we proceed in this blog to discuss how to become CA after 12th, let’s first understand who is a chartered accountant. A Chartered accountant is one who is professional and works as a financial controller of the business. Several job profiles can be allotted to a CA like a tax accountant, financial accountant, financial analyst, budget analyst, auditor, management accountant, and financial accountant. 

Basically, CA is categorized into three levels. Once you complete high school you need to obtain three years of practical training which is around 4.5 years in total. Any individual who desires to become a CA must complete all these levels of ICAI tests. Further, in this blog, you can find the details of all these levels. 

CA course details after 12th

CA is such a popular and honorable profession that almost every student pursuing commerce dreams of pursuing CA course. The profession is also equally demanding as almost every industry or company needs a CA who can look after the financial affairs. The primary role of a CA in a company is to manage the expenses and incomes and ensure financial stability in a company. That clearly implies the job role of CA is quite demanding and having a career in this field can be rewarding. Go through the blog to obtain information about CA course details after 12th.

Eligibility to become CA after 12th

Eligibility to become a CA after 12th

If you want to know how to become CA after 12th, make sure you are eligible to pursue it. Below mentioned is the list of criteria that one must meet to become eligible to opt for CA course and become a CA:

  • The first and foremost criteria is passing class 12th preferably in the commerce stream. 
  • To be eligible for enrolment in the Accounting Technician Course(ATC), a candidate has to first clear entrance examinations or foundation examinations.
  • Any candidate who gets registered to pursue intermediate/ professional education or competence is eligible for further enrolment. 
  • If you are a candidate who is registered for an intermediate IPC course without pursuing ATC then also you can opt to pursue the course. 

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CA course subjects and syllabus

Basically, CA courses can be divided into three main segments. Each segment is significant to make the process smooth. If you are someone who is wondering how to become CA, then you must understand that you have to qualify through all these steps before becoming a CA. 

1.CA foundation course

The course duration of the CA foundation is 4 months. Just after completing the 10th class and 12th class, candidates are eligible to apply for the CA CPT exam. Only after clearing the CA CPT exam, one is eligible to pursue a CA foundation course. If you want to know how to become CA after 12th, then it’s mandatory to pursue this course. Here are some course details related to the course:

  • For registering for the CA foundation course, students need to first appear for the CA CPT exam after passing class 12. Only after passing the CA CPT course, they can register for this course.
  • CA CPT exam, which is a common proficiency test, is the entrance exam that allows you to pursue a CA course from a recognized CA institute. 
  • Unlike the common perception that only commerce students are eligible to apply for the course, any student who has passed class 12 with science, commerce, or arts with 55% marks is eligible for the CA foundation course. 

2.CA Intermediate course 

The duration of a CA intermediate-level course is 2.5 to 3 years. Once you complete the CA foundation course, you are eligible to apply for the intermediate course. All those who want to know how to become CA after 12th must remain aware of the details of the CA intermediate course. Below all the relevant course details are mentioned:

  • Admission to CA intermediate courses is offered upon clearing the CA IPCC exam.
  • You are eligible to apply for the CA IPCC exam only when you clear the CA foundation course successfully. The entrance exam is of 100 marks out of which one needs to score at least 40% marks. 
  • Only those who have completed the CA foundation course successfully are eligible to apply for the IPCC exam. However, undergraduate students can directly pursue the course using a direct entry route. In that case, they must pass the CA intermediate examination of ICSI or ICWA examination.  

3.CA Final Course

The last segment of the CA course is the CA final. It is a 2 years course in which you can apply only after completing CA intermediate course. Here are some of the essential details of applying for the CA final course:

  • One can get admission to the CA final course only when they secure 40% marks in the CA intermediate level. 
  • Unlike other segments of the CA course, this level doesn’t consist of any entrance examination. 
  • Upon completing 2.5 years of articles and CA intermediate level course exam you can easily opt for this course. 

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CA course subjects 

Before analyzing how to become CA after 12th, the student who is in 12th grade should first concentrate on their senior secondary exams. While preparing for senior secondary exams, they can very well prepare for CA as well. A commerce student studies Economics, Law, Finance, and Accounts in class 12. So, if you are someone who wants to prepare for entrance exams for CA courses then you can study these subjects in higher secondary examination and at the same time prepare for CA as well. Below mentioned are different CA levels:

  • Paper 1 includes Principles and Practice of Accounting.
  • Paper 2 includes Business Laws and Business Correspondence that have subjects like business laws and business correspondence and reporting.
  • Paper 3 includes Business Mathematics, logical reasoning, and Mathematics. The subjects that come under this paper are Business Mathematics, logical reasoning, and statistics. 
  • Paper 4 includes Business Economics, Business, and commercial knowledge. The subjects that come under this are Business Economics and business and commercial knowledge. 

CA entrance exam syllabus

Different levels of CA include different entrance exams. Each exam has a specific syllabus that includes varied subjects. If you want to opt for CA after 12th then you must be aware of these entrance examinations and the subjects that are usually included. 

  •  The topics of fundamentals of accounting, General Economics, Laws, Quantitative Aptitude, fundamentals of accounting, and many other similar topics are asked in the CPT exam or CA foundation exam. 
  • The second exam of the CA course is IPCC which has a vast syllabus that comprises topics like Business Ethics, Taxation, Auditing, Advanced Accounting, Insurance, Strategic management, Information Technology, and similar other topics or subjects. 
  • The final and last stage to become a CA is the CA final exam. It is considered the toughest phase and hence it has the toughest syllabus which commonly includes topics like Professional Ethics, Advance management, Accountancy, Strategic Finance, and various other subjects. 

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CA course Fees

The approx course fees of the CA course after class 12 are around INR 50,000 to INR 80,000. This course includes registration fees, journal fees, entrance exam fees, orientation course fees, and others. If you want to know how to become CA after 12th, then first gather knowledge about the fees of the course. Here is the list that shows the courses and relevant fees:

1. CA Foundation Course Fees:  

The initial step in CA certification is the CA foundation course which is available twice a year. One in the month of June and another in the month of December. The annual fee structure of the CA foundation course is INR 10,900 which covers registration fees, examination expenses, and journal membership. 

CA Foundation registration fees are charged to students who are willing to register for the course. Often students benefit from varied programs that are sponsored by ICAI. Usually, these CA after 12th programs are associated with new updates and techniques to current demands in skills. Thus, INR 9000 is the registration fee for the CA foundation course. 

2. ICAI CA Intermediate Course Fees: 

Those who want to know how to become CA after 12th and enroll for CA intermediate can take two routes. In the first route, the students need to opt for the foundation course and complete it to get admission to the intermediate level. The registration process takes place twice a year. Whereas the other route is for the graduates who can skip the foundation level and get admission directly to the intermediate level through a direct entry scheme. This second route is applicable especially for those candidates who are either graduates or postgraduates. The total cost will be around 37000 INR. 

3. ICAI CA Final Course Fees

Those who want to find out how to become CA after 12th must remain aware that this is one of the most crucial steps. It is the last stage of the process so you can register for it at any time after passing the intermediate level. Once you pay the registration fee and register in the final phase of the CA course, the registration will remain valid for the next five years and it can be further renewed. However additional charges are implied when you want to revalidate the registration process. The cost of the final level course will be around INR40,000. 

Therefore, the total CA course would cost somewhere between 2 Lakhs and 2.5Lakhs when a candidate opts for a reputable coaching institute.

CA Course Duration 

When asked how to become CA after 12th, the course duration is one of the most concerning matters. Usually, a candidate has to contribute around 4.5 to 5 years after class 12th to complete the CA course successfully. However, at times it may take even more time. The candidate begins the course from the CPT/CA foundation course. Only after 9 months of pursuing the CPT/CA foundation course, a candidate is eligible for pursuing IPCC. Further, an internship can be pursued after 1 month of group 1 of IPCC. However, it completely depends on the choice of a student whether they want to opt for a CA course or they want to take admission to the intermediate course after graduation. 

Career options after CA course

Varied career options are available once you successfully complete the CA course. Some of the best career prospects after pursuing a CA are Finance manager, Auditor, internal auditor, Public accountant, financial analyst, cost accountant, taxation expert, and accounting firm manager. CA salary in India ranges anywhere between 5 lakhs to 8 Lakhs INR per annum. 

How to become CA after 12th?

How to become CA after 12th

Finally, we are in that part of the blog, where we are going to discuss the steps to become after 12th. Having knowledge about these steps is essential for all those who want to find how to become CA after 12th. If you are in class 12 or you have already completed class 12 exams then you can start preparing as early as possible. Check out the steps one by one to understand how you can achieve your dream career:

1. CPT after class 12: As soon as you complete class 12 you can register with the institute of chartered accountants of India (ICAI). You have to appear for the common proficiency test for pursuing the CA course. Although there is also an option to register for CPT after the 12th and appear for the exam after completing class 12. Four major subjects are asked in the test that are accounts, law, Economics, and Quantitative Analysis. If you are someone who wants to know how to become CA after 12th, then this is the primary step. You have to appear for this 200 marks entrance exam and score a minimum of 100 marks out of 200 to clear it. 

2. Pursue Integrated Professional Competence Course(IPCC): Only those candidates who have completed their class 12 as well as passed CPT exams are eligible to register for the IPCC course. Nine months before the first day of the examination month, one can register for the course. The IPCC examination consists of seven subjects with a total of 700 marks. A candidate has to score at least 40 marks in each subject to pass the examination. However, an overall score of 50% or above is necessary for clearing the IPCC exam.

Basically, IPCC is one of the main exams of CA course that consists of two categories. The first category has 4 papers, namely accounts, law, costing, taxation, and financial management. In the second category, there are 3 tests that are Audit, IT and Strategic management, and Advanced accountancy. If a candidate scores 60 marks or above in any subject then they are exempted from reappearing for that paper in the next attempt. 

3. Articleship/Internship

Passing the IPCC exam is a mandatory step in the process of completing the CA course so you must first pass it and then proceed towards the next step. The next crucial step in this process is articleship or internship. This articleship is a 3-year long training program or an internship that can be completed along with the CA final exam. For a period of 3 years, the articleship is pursued for a period of 3 years under a qualified CA. 

4. CA final course

The CA final course is held in the last 6 months of the internship program of 3 years. While registering for the CA final course, the candidate can register as a member of ICAI, designated as the Chartered Accountant. Once they clear all the exams including the CA final exam then they can call themselves a chartered accountant.  

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How can SeekEx help?

How can SeekEx help

When you choose to pursue CA as your career, you must know very well how to become CA after 12th. CA course will help you to become a Chartered Accountant, a professional who handles finances of certain organisations. The process of CA as discussed in this blog is considered tough by the aspirants. One has to give lots of effort to successfully pass all the stages and obtain a designation of CA. Commerce stream has numerous other career options available so if you find CA a bit difficult to complete then you can opt for other available options. 

How to determine whether this profession is appropriate for you or not? Consulting an expert in the field will enable you to determine how to become CA after 12th as well as whether this career option is according to your capabilities and preferences. SeeKEx offers direct access to CAs as experts on its app. A candidate who is willing to take CA as a career can approach these experts and discuss the course details and the prospects they can have after completion of the course. The experts also guide you on the right career path to succeed in your career. 


CA course is one of the most demanding career options that require the candidate to remain dedicated to the subject and prepare for the course enthusiastically. If you are someone who is interested in finance subjects and desire to work in this field then you can opt to become a CA. To understand the job prospects and how to become CA after 12th, one can get in touch with experts in this field. The experts will provide the right guidance and make you understand whether this is one of the suitable career options for you or not. 

Avail genuine suggestions from the experts on the SeekEx app. The experts on the app are usually CAs so they can provide exact course details. Moreover, you can also gather knowledge about the challenges that may come in the career path of becoming a CA and be ready to face them enthusiastically. Become a CA and have a promising career ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions for CA after 12th

Can I pursue CA after 12th science?

Yes, one can pursue CA after 12th science. However, CA is usually pursued by 12 commerce students. 

What is the minimum marks requirement in 12th for CA?

The minimum marks requirement in 12th for pursuing a CA course is 50%.

Is CA a good career?

Although the CA course is quite tough but it is a highly rewarding career option. 

What are the career options available after CA course?

After completing all the CA courses, one can become a Finance manager, Auditor, internal auditor, Public accountant, financial analyst, cost accountant, taxation expert, and accounting firm manager.

What is the average salary of a CA in India?

Average salary of a CA in India ranges anywhere between 5L to 8L INR. 


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