How to Crack Interview Like a Pro | Cracking Job Interview With Ease

How to Crack Interview Like a Pro | Cracking Job Interview With Ease

How to crack interview like a Pro Cracking Job Interview With Ease by

The way to your dream job goes through a successful interview process. Cracking an interview is a challenging task. But recently it has become tougher because of the increasing amount of competition. Often before attending an interview anxiety and stress level used to get triggered. Then a common thought comes to mind ‘How to crack interview?’

 For a fresher, this level of anxiety and stress is even more because they’re attending an interview for the very first time in their life. By following some simple tips freshers can easily remain prepared and crack the interview like a pro. Consult career experts on the SeekEx app to find out some useful tips on interviews. In this blog, you can find some tips on interviews for different situations and help you to find out how to crack interviews.   

How to Crack Interview -Tips 

How to face an interview like a pro is a common question that comes to mind before appearing for an interview. If you have some tips handy then that will allow you to control your anxiety and stress levels. If you’re a fresher then how to face interviews for freshers is a challenging question. As it’s quite natural for freshers to go through numerous conflicting emotions for the first time while searching for a job. The excitement of getting a job when combined with fear of rejection can be quite overwhelming. Let’s check out some interview tips for freshers and how to appear for an interview to crack it like a pro.

How to Crack Interview – Tips for Interview for Freshers 

How to crack interview Interview tips for freshers

Are you a fresher looking for how-to crack interviews? Without bothering much you must follow the below tips for interview for freshers and remain calm before attending the interview. Here are some tips that will help you to crack the interview easily:

  • Be punctual: Remaining punctual is a key to becoming successful in your interview. This tip for interview will really help you to get the job as it is one of the deciding factors. Even if you give your best and perform well in the interview, there’s still a possibility that you will not get the job because of showing up late. 
  • Bring all the documents: If you want to find out how to crack interviews then the second tip for that is you must carry all your documents. Be it your CV or academic documents or passport size photographs, make sure to carry everything with you. It will help you to leave an everlasting impression on the interviewer.  
  • Be in formal attire: The first impression that you leave on the interviewer comes from your appearance. For cracking an interview, the third most important thing for fresher is to learn how their appearance should be in the interview. Your attire not only plays an important role in getting the job but also impresses the interviewer. 
  • Have positive body language: Like your appearance, your approach is also equally important during an interview. If you’re a fresher and wondering how to crack an interview then the first thing that you must do is bring positive body language. During an interview, your body language speaks about your overall personality and attitude. That’s why having positive body language is quite important to crack the interview

Therefore, as a fresher, you may not have enough work experience but there’s always something unique in everybody. You have to identify those strengths and work on them to move ahead in your career. During your interview try to highlight those strengths to leave a powerful impact on the interviewer. 

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 How to appear for Interview?

As soon as you receive an interview call for a dream job you keep wondering how to crack interview and how to appear for the interview. Cracking an interview is easy provided that you are pre-prepared for a job interview to be successful in it. You have to present yourself in such a way that you’re a good fit for the job. Follow these steps for appearing in an interview: 

  • For having an everlasting impression on the interviewer, reach the destination of the interview on time. If you’re one who wants to know how to attend interview and leave a good impression then always be on time. Punctuality shows sincerity towards your job so take it seriously and avoid arriving late. 
  • A day before attending an interview you must organise all the things that you want to take to the interview. Also, arrange the hard copies of your resume and other documents so that you don’t miss anything while attending the interview. This step may seem simple but it can be a deciding factor. So if you want to know how to crack interview you can consult the experts and take their guidance. 
  • While appearing for the interview, you must remain enthusiastic and energetic. A positive and cheerful environment will show that you are confident enough to tackle things easily. Among various other tips to interview, this is one of the most crucial ones. Your overall appearance also matters, so get into formal attire and make sure you have an appealing gesture. 
  • Researching about the company before appearing for the interview is a good practice. Apart from gathering knowledge about the company you can also check the profiles of the administrators who run the organisation. Usually, hiring managers ask about the organisations and other related facts about the organisation. You may not know everything about the company but knowing important facts is quite essential before attending an interview. 

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Things to do before Interview 

You get an invitation for an interview only when your skills are appropriate for the type of position for which the organisation is searching for an employee. So, now you know that you have the right set of skills. There are some simple things that you need to do before an interview. If you want to find how to crack any interview successfully, then simply follow the below-mentioned steps before appearing for the interview:

  • Employers detect how interested you are to get this job by checking how well you know the company. Before you appear for an interview, always make sure that you learn about the organisations. Also, be prepared for all sorts of possibilities that employers may ask you. 
  • For finding out how to crack interview you must also learn about current trends and events that can impact your future employer. This can be easily done by reviewing the company’s website and social media pages. 
  • Use different social media platforms to contact the current employees of the company and gain insider knowledge. Often you may not know some facts about the company by just reviewing their website and social media accounts. Current employees will provide you with the right insider information. 
  • If you are one who keeps wondering how to crack any job interviews then you must know that reading the job descriptions thoroughly is quite important. When you are aware of the job description then you can answer the questions by considering the descriptions and highlighting related strengths. 
  • Before finding out how to crack interview, you must have a purpose for cracking that interview. Often employers are interested to listen about your career goals and the purpose of appearing for that interview. Your goal and purpose should be supportive of the company’s requirements. 

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Things to do during interview

Now you have prepared well before the interview. You have already researched the company and identified all its strengths and skills. Now comes the interview day! For understanding how to crack interview you must know a few essential things to do during an interview. Check out the list mentioned below and follow it religiously during your interview:

  • Always be on time and if possible reach 10 to 15 minutes early at the interview venue. This is especially an important tip for interview for freshers
  • Bring all the required documents with you. As you have already organised the documents and day prior to the big day so you must have all of them with you on the interview day. 
  • During the interview remain considerate and polite to all staff members over there. You never know who is going to provide input in the hiring decision. 
  • For all those who want to find how to crack interview easily, they must know that appearance in the interview plays quite an important role to impress the employer. 
  • You must listen to the interviewer carefully and answer all the questions efficiently. Always try to relate your strengths, skills, and accomplishments with the questions asked and also with the objectives of the company.  
  • Apart from understanding how to crack an interview during the interview process, you must observe the people and office space. This will provide a sense of the company’s culture. 
  • Confidence is the key to crack the interview. You should maintain a good posture, eye contact, and correct hand gestures for leaving a good impression on the interviewer. 

Things to do after an interview 

Once you receive a call for an interview there are lots of things that you do to prepare and give your best during the interview. Very rarely do people know that there are things that they must do after an interview as well. Yes, once you know how to crack an interview, you must know what are things to do after completion of the interview process. Below mentioned is the list of the things you must follow after the interview process:

  • Within 24 hours of the interview send a thank-you note. You can easily check out a sample online. Especially freshers who are looking for an opportunity and how to crack an interview for freshers must follow this step.
  • In case you don’t hear from the employer even after completion of the mentioned timeline then you should follow up only once that too professionally. You may call or email the interviewer or the human resource representative and seek information about the job position.
  • Those who face numerous interviews and still wonder how to crack the interview must evaluate their performance after the interview. This is a very crucial step as you can identify the places where you might have gone wrong. Now, before preparing for the next interview make sure to improve your answers accordingly. 
  • While some may wonder how to face interviews for freshers, an organisation may have more than one round of interviews. Therefore, after the completion of one round of interviews, you should start preparing for the next rounds. 

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How to prepare for an HR interview?

The phase of the HR interview is the most crucial part of the entire process of getting a job. In the case of a few companies, the HR round is held at the beginning of all the phases whereas in some companies it is held at the end of all the selection phases. Usually, HRs are not going to evaluate you on the basis of your skills. You will not have to present your skills in the HR interview rather what matters in this round is your overall personality. 

If you want to know how to crack interview for freshers then the first thing you must do is prepare well for your HR round. Often it has been seen that even if a candidate was not able to perform that great in the technical round still they were hired because HR thought that he/she has the capability of fast learning. If you have to face an HR interview then follow the below-mentioned steps to prepare yourself: 

  • Apart from researching about the company you are going to interview, you must also find out who will take your interview. You can check the LinkedIn profile and understand his/her working profile and the time they have spent in that company. This will help you to perform accordingly in the interview. If you want to know how to crack an interview with HR, then you have to understand your HR.
  • Reading the job description and understanding every point regarding the job is essential to analyse your skills and present the answers to HR as per the company’s requirements. For those who want to know how to face interview for freshers, they should always remain prepared to explain and use their skills clearly to HR. In case there is any gap in between then also there’s no need to worry just fill the gaps with soft skills and other applicable experiences. 
  • The first step of the process how to crack interview is to review the CV very well. Further, remain prepared to answer the questions related to it as well. HR will ask you questions like why you want to leave your current role, why are you interested in this job, etc. If you remain prepared for such questions you can handle the questions very well. 

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Signs you will get the job after an interview

Signs you will get the job after an interview

After learning about how to attend interview it’s time to get something more important. Often after your interview, you keep wondering whether you were selected or not. You followed all the tips of interview and were able to give your best. There are a few signs that you can notice during the interview itself to find out whether they will select you or not. Let’s discuss each sign in brief:

  1. Interviewer’s body language: If you notice the interviewer’s body language then that will tell you a lot about the fact whether they are liking you or not. If you have followed all the interview tips for the freshers and gave your best then possibly you can find the interviewer reacts positively. Sometimes you may find that they are smiling and nodding in agreement as you speak which is a sign that you will crack the interview. 
  2. Casual questions: Whenever you wonder how to crack interview you must follow certain tips that allow you to do so. Usually, interviews are considered typically formal and the interviewers stick to a general list of questions. But towards the end of the interview if you notice that the interviewer is shifting from a general list of questions to causal ones then that is a sign that you have cracked the interview. Several tips for interviewing for freshers are there that enhance your chances of getting selected. 
  3. Introduce to other team members: In the process of understanding how to crack interview, you’re usually prepared for every possible question. But suddenly during the interview process, if you notice that the interviewer introduced you to other team members then that is a big sign that you’re being selected. Typically if an interviewer thinks that you’re not a right fit for a job role, then they will not introduce you to other team members.
  4. Discusses perks: If you follow all the interview cracking tips, then usually you will know how to crack interview successfully. Still, after you attend an interview you feel like finding out whether you were able to get the job or not. If the interviewer starts discussing the perks and benefits of working in that company then that’s a sign that they’ll be making you an offer. That’s a clear indication that they are hiring you. 
  5. Asks about salary expectation: While interviewing if the interviewer asks about your salary expectation then that can be a sign that they are planning to move ahead with your candidature. However many interviewers ask everyone about their salary expectations especially when they have a restricted budget. If you have followed successful interview techniques and are confident enough that you’ve performed well and then this can be a possible indication that you’re being hired.

How Seekex helps to crack interviews like a Pro?

How Seekex helps to crack interviews like a Pro

SeekEx is an online career counselling platform that helps seekers from all around the world to get their queries solved by talking 1 on 1 with experts. On the SeekEx app, you can easily book your schedule with an expert of your desired domain and get the consultation of a call. You will find numerous well known experts from diverse fields on SeekEx app. For your interview queries, you can call directly to the expert working on the same position you are trying to get and avail their valuable advice and counselling to easily clear the interview.


Some simple tips can help you to get through an interview and acquire a job. Whether you are a fresher or experienced, before attending an interview you have a common question in mind that is how to crack the interview. This blog provides a complete overview of the facts on how you can give your best in an interview and crack it like a pro. Besides that, there are a few techniques that you can follow to define your skills and give your best in an interview. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How to answer the ‘why are you interested in this job interview question?

The best way to answer the ‘why are you interested in this job ‘ interview question is to start with, ‘The reason why I am interested in this job is …’ Add at least three such reasons that are in favour of the company and support the fact you want to work there. 

How to explain that your background and experience would be a good fit for this job interview question?

To answer why your background and experience would be a good fit for this job you have to highlight your experiences and skills and align them as per the requirements of that job position. Besides that, you can also explain in detail how you have applied your skills in the previous job role. 

How to crack the technical round of interview?

The best way to crack the technical interview is to brush up on your skills and identify your strengths. In the technical round, you have to give your best to prove that you have all the required sets of skills for that particular job position. 

How to answer ‘what are your strengths in an interview?

Often you are asked about your strengths in an interview. This question provides you an
opportunity to tell about your technical and soft skills to the interviewer. So, to answer this
question, share your qualities and most importantly relate them to the job role.

How to answer ‘what are your weaknesses in an interview?

Every person has both strengths and weaknesses so you should not skip this question. You
can share some of your weaknesses as that will show that you are self-aware about yourself.
But along with the weaknesses also mention what steps you have taken to overcome those

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