How to motivate yourself to study? 

How to motivate yourself to study? 


Are you someone who no longer feels like studying? Has studying become a drag over time? You may be certainly undergoing such a phase. Due to which you searched this topic and landed on this page. Don’t worry! You’re at the right place. Read this blog to find out how to motivate yourself to study. Hope! Till the end, you will be motivated to begin your study again.  

Often students get stuck with their studies especially when an exam or the deadline is near. A simple push can motivate enough to start the study with full enthusiasm. If you are stuck in such a situation, and can’t understand what to do next then simply consult the career experts on the SeekEx app. The experts will provide relevant tips and enable you to frame a routine that would render a balanced study life. Keep reading the blog to find some of the tips that you can apply for motivating yourself with ease.  

What causes demotivation while studying?

What causes demotivation while studying

Before we move forward in the blog and discuss certain tips about how to motivate yourself to study, let’s first find out what is the main cause of demotivation. If you are aware of the causes of motivation, then it becomes easier to address those issues and motivate yourself. Here are the causes of demotivation while studying:

  • Improper studying style: One of the major causes of demotivation is using an incorrect studying style. Some students remain unattentive with their studies and wait to study till the exam arrives. These students find it difficult to concentrate and soon lose all the motivation for studying. If there is a lack of motivation for study then you can’t find interest and get frustrated. Over time, such a study pattern can even affect your health. 
  • Lack of Goals: Yes, having a long-term goal as well as short-term study goals is mandatory. Studying can be fun if you enjoy the learning process and attain a certain goal. Achieving small goals generates a sense of motivation to study further. If you have small goals and plan your study accordingly then you can easily take out time to enjoy yourself with your family or friends. But a lack of goal will end up losing interest in studies. 
  • Lack of Entertainment: Yes, entertainment plays an important role in motivating you for your studies. If you want to find how to motivate yourself to study then make sure there’s no lack of entertainment. Include extracurricular activities in your daily routine. A proper balance between studies, games, and entertainment will help you to remain productive. Research has found that after recreation students are able to concentrate on their studies in better ways. 
  • Invisible Results: Often students study hard but their results are not up to marks. If there is no result for the labour that you put in then surely you will get demotivated. In that situation analyse what’s going wrong and consult career experts. The experts will not only help you to find how to motivate yourself to study but they will also determine the areas where you need to improve to get visible results. You get results not only with hard work but with smart work.  

Steps to Motivate Yourself to Study

Steps to Motivate Yourself to Study

School/college days are hectic and after class students tend to get tired and end up watching a series. But you fail to study even when you are aware that you should study, why? Because you are less motivated to study. Besides, many students find a lack of concentration when they are continuously studying for long hours. Do you want to find out how to motivate yourself to study?

Here is a 5 step guide if followed properly then that would enable you to motivate yourself enough to study:

Step 1: Go for a walk

Yes, get up and go for a walk. This has been an effective step when you have lots of work to do. Usually, you may feel confused about where to start or to leave them but taking a walk will allow your brain to cool down and also creates productive momentum. Any sort of light exercise like walking puts the brain in a prime state and thus it is able to receive and store new information effectively. Walking for even 30 minutes will produce vitamin D in the body which will ultimately boost your energy level and provide motivation to study

Step 2: Focus on a single task at a time

You have dealt with a monotonous routine by going out for a walk. Now, you are geared up to start working on your tasks again with full enthusiasm. But there are so many tasks to do and it’s obvious that you will be confused about where to start. Don’t worry, relax! Focus on a single task at a time. If you start more than one thing then very soon you will get distracted. So, you must focus on a single task at a time. 

Once you are aware of how to motivate yourself to study, you shouldn’t try to accomplish multiple tasks. Often students tend to do so and end up finding everything boring or difficult. The best way out in that situation is to pick one thing to focus on at first, complete it and then only move to another one. You can also write down small goals and remain committed to them. When you have a fixed goal in front of you then it will help you to remain focused and motivated to achieve it. 

Step 3: Have designated Space

If you want to remain motivated towards your goal and try to find how to study for long hours with concentration then make sure to have a designated space for studying. The space can be a small desk in a corner of your bedroom or a portion of the dining table. It’s not necessary to have a study room for studying but having a space where you can sit and study routinely is important.

When you keep on switching your space it will cause a lack of concentration. If you want to find how to motivate yourself to study and always keep up your concentration level then having a study space is not enough, you must de-clutter it too. The study space should be away from all types of distractions like your phone, television, or even your pet. Give as much time as possible to yourself and your studies.  

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Step 4: Prepare a Study Schedule

Every day you have to get up and go to your school/college and that becomes a schedule. While you study at home you must have a study schedule. A well-structured timetable will enable your brain and mind to get into a routine. Our brains need instruction to focus so having a schedule will allow the brain to understand when to concentrate and when to relax. 

While preparing a routine don’t include only study times but also segregate your time for exercise and entertainment. Anyone who is wondering how you motivate yourself to study should prepare a study schedule and follow it dedicatedly. Initially, you may face difficulty in following the schedule completely but within a few days, you will be able to follow it. Upon following the schedule you can notice unbelievable changes in your concentration levels. 

Step 5: Mix up Different Learning Styles

Seldom, students who want to know how to motivate yourself to study have already followed all the above-mentioned steps. But these steps didn’t work for long for them. If you are also one of them then you must know that one of the possible reasons is that we have become tired of repeating the same learning style again and again. 

For example, You are reading a textbook and writing down important points in your notebook. You have been following this technique for a long time. Initially, it might have worked for you but when you tend to repeat the technique again and again then it becomes mundane.

Hence, if you want to keep your learning style new and exciting then try mixing up the approaches to learning. You can also take help from career experts to find new techniques and implement them. 

Step 6: Set up small Challenges 

How can I motivate myself to study? This is the question arising in your mind again and again. Try to set up small challenges and work to accomplish them. Often competitions and challenges inspire me to be more productive. By simply changing the way of studying you can easily make the process interesting and keep on motivating you. Over time, it has been found that small goals help the students concentrate for longer periods of time and successfully achieve them.

So, next time you feel demotivated to study instead of keeping a target to complete an entire task at a time, try to break up the tasks and successfully complete each one of them at a time. 

Step 7: Find the reason for demotivation

Even after trying all the different tools and techniques that are already mentioned in the list, some students may feel how to get interested in studies. In such instances, rather than getting frustrated you should remain calm and try to take out some moments to acknowledge and explore the reasons that are responsible for the demotivation. Only when the reason for demotivation is addressed, you will be able to overcome it and practise other steps to get motivated to study.

Usually, some personal stress makes you feel sluggish and lose interest in your studies. Hence, you should take the help of experts who will help you to analyse the reason for demotivation and overcome it. 

Step 8: Consult Seek’s Career Experts  

Whenever you have to complete a task and you have a common question that is how to motivate yourself to study and complete the task. You can try all the above steps, still, you feel a lack of motivation then consult SeekEx’s career experts. Direct consultation with an expert enables you to analyse the reasons that are preventing you from studying and thus you can solve the problem from its root.

Apart from that, career experts also share certain tips and strategies that enable you to remain motivated and complete all the tasks successfully. 

SeekEx’s Expert Tips to motivate yourself to study

SeekExs Expert Tips to motivate yourself to study

SeekEx is a career consultancy app that has career experts from various fields. The experts here are not only knowledgeable but they hold years of experience. With their expertise, they guide students on the right career path. So, whenever you feel demotivated to study and want to determine how to motivate yourself to study, immediately consult an expert on the SeekEx app.

They will surely help you to overcome the situation and start your study again with full enthusiasm. Below compiled are some of the tips that SeekEx’s experts usually provide the students:

  • Acknowledge your lackings: The first thing that experts suggest to the students is to acknowledge their difficulties in studying. Often writing down the feelings and thoughts help to determine the exact solutions for each negative thought. 
  • Never Quit: If you are trying to study but can’t you shouldn’t run away from the situation. When you escape from your studies initially you may have a feel-good factor but later it is emotionally even more draining. Instead of quitting you should always try to find out how to motivate yourself
  • Don’t blame yourself: Many students tend to procrastinate and later regret doing so. You shouldn’t keep on blaming yourself for procrastinating habits. Instead, try to motivate yourself and complete the task thinking you have to do it sooner rather than later. 
  • Understand your studying style: Every student has a particular style of studying. A study pattern may work well for a student but it may fail for another student. Whenever you feel you can’t concentrate then you should take help from experts to determine your studying style. It’s essential that you make your study experience pleasing so that you are interested to keep on studying. 
  • Believe in your abilities: Experts believe that when you start comparing yourself with others then you may put yourself down. So, whenever you want to find how to stay motivated to study, then first stop comparing yourself with others. You have to believe in your abilities and continue working to achieve your goals. 
  • Focus on a particular task: While studying often students find there is too much to complete. In that situation, they start multitasking. If you make yourself study a lot at a time then you can’t focus on a single task properly. Instead of multitasking, you should focus on a single task at a time. 

These tips are quite helpful to gain motivation for studying. However, each one of us is different and all the tips may not apply to a single student. That’s the reason it’s quite important to communicate all your issues and difficulties with an expert.

SeekEx is a platform that enables you to directly consult an experienced career expert. With the right guidance, you can easily find how to motivate yourself to study and succeed in your selected career.   

How to study for long hours?

How to study for long hours

Breaks in between study hours are important to keep you motivated. But if you have too many tasks to complete or you have to prepare for your exams then studying for long hours becomes extremely important. The first thing that you must do in that situation is to strategise your study timings.

Define the number of hours you need to dedicate to each task considering your strengths and weaknesses. The hours required for the retention of knowledge for every learner differ. There are some students who take longer hours than others to complete the same task. That’s the reason you must know how to motivate yourself to study for longer hours. Here are some tips that can be followed to study for long hours:

  • Suddenly, if you want to start studying for long hours then that can be difficult. Gradually, you must inculcate the habit of studying for long hours. One of the major benefits of studying longer without distractions is that it will enable you to learn more quickly and retain the knowledge for a longer period of time. 
  • If you continue to train your mind to study for long hours then you will be able to concentrate for an extensive period of time. In the extra hours, you can focus on the weaker concepts and topics. 
  • To continue studying for long hours at night you must do at least 10 minutes of exercise in the evening. Make sure to study in bright light while you are studying at night. Don’t make your body tired in the evening itself then you will not be able to remain awake for longer late at night. 


Whether you’re a school-going student or a college student or a professional preparing for competitive exams, irrespective of the stage of education, you will need to motivate yourself to study. Hope! you have already read this blog completely. Till now, you are well aware of how to motivate yourself to study. But for some students lack of motivation is quite prominent and they are unable to overcome it with any tips. Such students get direct consultation with career experts on the SeekEx app.

The career experts are the ones who analyse the root cause of lack of motivation and thus help you determine the ways by which you can easily remain motivated to concentrate on your studies. Get help from SeekEx’s career experts and get motivated to start your study routine now!

What you are waiting for! Keep your device on which you are reading this blog aside and start studying!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get interested in studies?

A.Focus on one task at a time to gain interest in studies. 

How can I concentrate on my studies?

A.There are multiple ways to concentrate on studies. The most important thing is to have a designated place and calm environment to concentrate on your studies. 

How to be consistent in Studies?

A.To remain consistent in studies follow a dedicated study schedule. 

How to start studying after a long break?

A.If you want to start studying after a long break then first analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Accordingly, create a study schedule and follow it. 

How to motivate yourself to study longer at night? 

A.For studying longer at night make sure to exercise for at least 10 minutes in the evening. You shouldn’t make your evening time too strenuous as that will exhaust you and prevent you from waking up longer at night. 


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