How to Pursue MBBS in Canada? Eligibility, process, best colleges, and the rest details 

How to Pursue MBBS in Canada? Eligibility, process, best colleges, and the rest details 

Medicine is considered the noblest profession for generations. Whether you pursue medicine courses in India or abroad, you will have a highly prosperous career. These days a huge number of students are planning to pursue MBBS in foreign countries, particularly in Canada. If you also desire to pursue MBBS in Canada then this blog is a must-read.

In this blog, you can find the eligibility, complete admission process, best colleges, and other details about studying  MBBS in Canada. Besides that, you will also get all the other relevant  information that will enable you to make your selections correctly. However, you always have the option to approach a genuine career expert on SeekEx and find out answers to all your queries. A career expert guides you throughout the process of pursuing a course and also provides a career roadmap that enables you to succeed in your career.

What is MBBS called in Canada?


Students wish to pursue MBBS in Canada must know that MBBS is referred to as Doctor of Medicine(MD) in Canada. It is a 3 to 4-year program that has very high academic standards. Medical students in Canada have exposure to an excellent curriculum, teaching standards, and training. The majority of Canadian Universities offer an undergraduate degree in medicine for international students as well. 

To pursue MBBS course in Canada, Indian students have to take the MCAT(Medical College Admission Test). This test is similar to NEET in India and it allows the students to acquire admission to the reputed universities of Canada. Among all other countries, Canada is preferred the most by Indian students because of its immigrant-friendly policies, state infrastructure, and world-class universities. Hence, all Indian students who want to pursue MBBS in Canada can have an amazing experience of high-quality medical education and training from the top medical schools in Canada. The degrees obtained from here are valid across the world as they are globally accredited. 

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MBBS eligibility in Canada | MBBS in Canada for Indian student’s eligibility

MBBS eligibility in Canada

If a student wants to study MBBS in Canada, they have to pursue a Doctor of Medicine, a bachelor’s level course. Some of the bachelor’s level courses are Bachelor of Medical science, Bsc Medicine, UGME, and a lot more. The MD course is a 3 to 4 years course that enables the candidates to pursue degrees in various specialisations like Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Medicine, Dentistry, and many other fields. So, if you want to practice medicine in Canada then you must have a valid degree in this field. Here are MBBS eligibility requirements  to enroll in a Canadian university to pursue a course in this field:

  • Candidates must be class 12th pass from a recognised board with at least 50% marks in aggregate with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as subjects. 
  • An international candidate can’t pursue a doctor in medicine course directly after high school. They need to obtain some sort of university experience. 
  • Some universities seek 2 years undergraduate program while some prefer 3 years of undergraduate degree programs for  admission to MD courses. 
  • To study MBBS in Canada a candidate has to obtain a diploma in CEGEP as well. 
  • Qualifying in MCAT is mandatory for seeking admission to any of the medical colleges in Canada. 
  • Required score in an English Proficiency Test is mandatory for all the students
  • Apart from the English Proficiency Test score, the candidate must clear both NEET and MCAT.
  • Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in Biology with the minimum score required by the university to which they are applying. 
  • Candidates must meet all the requirements of a Canadian Student Visa before applying for an MBBS course in Canada
  • Some universities may require candidates to appear for a basic entry test. 

English Proficiency Test Eligibility Criteria

  • One of the basic eligibility criteria for an MD course in Canada is to have a high score in English Language Proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL. 
  • Candidates who want to pursue MBBS in Canada must have a minimum overall score band of 6.5 and a TOEFL Score of 80. 
  • Candidates who want to opt for postgraduate courses must obtain a minimum IELTS score of 7 and a TOEFL score of at least 90. However, different institutions have different score requirements. 

Those international students who want to study MBBS in Canada have the option to choose from a number of popular scholarship programs to fund their studies. Lots of top-rated medical colleges in the world are present in Canada that offer high-quality education, advanced infrastructure, and reputed faculties. The education system in Canada is highly diversified and there are students from all over the world. So, Indian students don’t have to face language constraints while studying in this country. Upon completion of the program, students can register for the study programs and have a successful career as a doctor. 

MBBS Course in Canada

MBBS Courses in Canada

MBBS in Canada is precisely known as Doctor of Medicine which is a 3-5 years degree program in the medical science field. Often students are required to have a prerequisite medical degree to opt for this course. Upon completing the course, the candidate will get a licence to practise as a medical practitioner or doctor in Canada. 

Course Structure

A doctor of medicine course in Canada is divided into 2 parts one is 2 years of Pre-Clinical Courses and another is 2 years of Clinical Training which is also known as rotation. Those who wish to study medicine in Canada have to study for 4 years of MD course. The majority of universities enable the students to develop requisite skills, knowledge, and attitudes in the first two years. 

The classes of MBBS in Canada are held in various settings like lectures, seminars, and anatomy labs. Once the first two years, of course, are completed, in the next 2 years students gain knowledge about various clinical topics that enable them to develop their clinical skills and help them prepare for workplace learning. This phase of the course is often termed a clerkship. During these two years, students learn while working practically with physicians and other healthcare team members in hospitals and clinics. 

Course Curriculum

MBBS in Canada is just like any other MBBS course where the candidates have to go through different stages of the curriculum. In Particular, there are three stages of the course curriculum to become a doctor in Canada. The stages are discussed in brief below:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Medicine in Canadian Colleges is available for those who have 3 to 4 years of Bachelor’s degree in medical or non-medical fields. 
  • Doctor of Medicine is a 3 to 4 years course that is divided into two parts: Foundation and Clerkship. The first 2 years cover subjects that are known as foundation courses. These courses are completely academic with some sorts of lab activities. In the latter part of the course, students have to work with experienced doctors to gain hands-on experience. This phase is known as clerkship. 
  • Residency: Upon completing the Doctor of Medicine in Canada, candidates can opt for a residency program which is a 3 to 5 years training program. Upon completing the residency program, the candidates obtain the specialty certification from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Canada or certification as a family physician from the College of Family Physicians of Canada. 

What is the process of pursuing MBBS in Canada? 

What is the process of pursuing MBBS in Canada

The process of pursuing MBBS in Canada starts with the application process. The steps may differ according to the program and the university the candidate is applying for. Before you apply for the program make sure that you check the eligibility criteria mentioned by the medical school on their official website. Now, let’s go through each step of the process of pursuing an MBBS in Canada:

1. Application process: To seek admission to MBBS colleges in Canada, students need to check the official website and find out whether they are eligible or not. Every medical college has a different set of eligibility critters. As already mentioned in the eligibility criteria section, candidates must pass class 12th with biology for undergoing the application process. 

2. Clear the entrance exam: Apart from that, it is essential to clear NEET and MCAT exams for applying to medical colleges in Canada. Different institutions have different score requirements. However, you must appear for any of the mentioned entrance exams for applying for MBBS in Canada.

3. Score well in Language proficiency Tests:  You have to clear language proficiency test. One of the main eligibility criteria for obtaining admission to medical colleges in Canada is to obtain the required score in the language proficiency exam.

4. Get the transcripts of bachelor’s degrees:  Above all, the candidates must have transcripts of their bachelor’s degrees for applying for the MBBS in Canada. 

Top 10 Medical Colleges in Canada

Every year the provinces in Canada allot limited seats to the medical colleges according to their requirements. Thus, when it is about international students then the seats are even more restricted. Each university has around 3 to 4 seats on average. Listed below are the universities that offer Doctor of Medicine(MD) program to international students in Canada:

  • University of Toronto
  • McGill University
  • Queen’s University
  • McMaster University
  • University of Sherbrooke
  • University of Manitoba
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • University of Western Ontario

MBBS in Canada after 12th

MBBS in Canada is a 3 to 4 years undergraduate degree program. Usually, the students can pursue the MBBS program just after 12. However, for pursuing MBBS in Canada, students must have completed a 3 to 4 years degree program. Indian students can opt to appear for MCAT and NEET exams for seeking admission to medical colleges in Canada. Besides that, students who are from non-science backgrounds can also apply for medical courses in Canada. However, the course duration for these students will become 5 years. In the first 1 year, they have to undergo a bridge course. 

Around 17 medical universities offer Doctors of medicine in Canada. Out of these universities, 6 offer admission to international students. Once a student completes MBBS in Canada they have to appear for the National Assessment Collaboration (NAC) exam to obtain entry into the residency program. Besides that graduates have to appear for Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examinations. After clearing these exams, students from medical colleges in Canada are eligible to practise in their specialisation. 

Scholarship for MBBS in Canada

Scholarship for MBBS in Canada

 MBBS in Canada is fascinating for Indian students who want to pursue a medical course. Although it is fascinating, MBBS in Canada’s fees are comparatively high. Numerous universities in Canada offer opportunities for international students to pursue medical courses. The emphasis is put on the number of international students. So, various scholarship programs have been launched by Canadian Universities and government organisations. With the help of these scholarships, students can easily pursue medical courses and have successful careers in this field. Below mentioned is the list of scholarship programs available for Indian students who want to pursue MBBS in Canada:

1. Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute Scholarship:

One of the most popular scholarship programs for MBBS in Canada is Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute Scholarship. The value of the scholarship lies between CAD 500-1000. It allows Indian students to study in medical colleges in Canada. As per this scholarship program, the expenses are not provided by the home institution of the applicant. The scholarship is directly connected to the subscription of online meeting services, telephone bills, registration fees, etc. 

To be eligible to get Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute Scholarship, a candidate must have already studied in Bachelor’s, Masters, or M.phil programmes at Indian Universities. These candidates are eligible to avail of the scholarship for pursuing research or medical courses from any Canadian University. 

2. Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program

Among various other scholarships available, the Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program comes under medical scholarships, particularly for international students. The value of this scholarship is $5000 per session. This is tenable for one year which implies two to three academic sessions. The graduation awarding unit calculates the importance and length and details it in the letter of the bi.

If you wish to apply for the Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program for meeting the expenses of MBBS in Canada, then you must meet all the eligibility criteria. For applying for this scholarship program, the most important eligibility criteria are that you must have an offer from a University in Ontario. Only then you can receive the permit to apply for the scholarship.

3. Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan

The students who want to pursue MBBS courses in Canada can opt for Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan to meet the expenses. This scholarship includes the cost of travel, housing allowance, and payment for the tuition fee. The graduate student exchanges may provide a value of up to $10,000 as a scholarship. You must meet MBBS in Canada for Indian student eligibility criteria. Besides that, you must be among the highly intellectual candidates coming from commonwealth countries. This scholarship is available only for those candidates who apply for advanced study and research programs. 

4. Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship

Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship is another popular scholarship program that is available for students who want to pursue medical courses in Canada. This scholarship is particularly available for doctoral programs and the value of the grant is around $25,000. 

How can SeekEx help?

How can SeekEx help 2

The medical field is one of the vital career options for students. As doctors and all other fields related to medicine are important for society. Today, there has been tremendous development in the medical sector. With that, the need for doctors is continuously increasing all over the world. If you are someone who wants to have a career in this field then you have to pursue medical courses from either Indian universities or foreign universities. 

Among foreign universities, MBBS in Canada is considered one of the best options. In Canada, MBBS is termed  Doctor of medicine and it is offered by a number of Canadian Universities. Will pursuing MD in Canada be the right career option for you? Only a career expert can provide right guidance after analysing your requirements and eligibility. SeekEx comes to help you out. Genuine and experienced career experts on the SeekEx app are there to offer the best suggestions. 

Career counsellors guide you through the right career path only after analysing your eligibility, preferences, and interests. Besides that, for studying MBBS in Canada cost is one of the vital elements. Hence, career experts offer you suggestions considering your financial status and the scholarships that you can obtain. Thus, make the right selection of colleges for MBBS with expert advice. 


Hope, you have already read the blog and found out what MBBS in Canada is called and how one can seek admission to MBBS or relevant courses in Canadian colleges. Now, you also know the eligibility criteria and the scholarship programs that are available. Every year thousands of students get attracted to MBBS in Canada. Before making the selection of the college and country you should consult career experts. SeekEx is a career consulting app that renders you access to the best career counsellors. You can take counselling and determine the best path for pursuing MBBS and have a smooth and prospering career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pursue MBBS in Canada after 12?

Most of Canadian Universities seek a Bachelor’s degree of 3 to 4 years for the students who want to pursue  MD.

What are the jobs after MBBS in Canada?

After completion of MBBS in Canada, the common job profiles available are family physician, medical specialist, and surgical specialist. 

How much average salary graduates can expect to get after MBBS in Canada?

Graduates earn a salary in the range of 71,000CAD to 306,000CAD.

Is it necessary to clear the English Language Proficiency Test for applying for MBBS in Canada?

A.Yes, students need to clear either IELTS, TOEFL, or any other English Language proficiency test to appear for MBBS in Canada. 

Are scholarships available for Indian students for pursuing MBBS in India?

Several scholarship programs are launched by the Canadian Universities and Government for students who want to pursue MBBS in India. 

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