Complete list of Merchant navy courses after 12th | Career, Course, eligibility, and salary – SeekEx

Complete list of Merchant navy courses after 12th | Career, Course, eligibility, and salary – SeekEx

These days the profession of Merchant Navy lures a number of youngsters. Besides high remuneration, it also offers the opportunity to travel around the world and have experience of adventure on the seas. How to get into the field of Merchant Navy? There are a number of merchant navy courses after the 12th that students can opt for and begin their career in this field. In this blog, we’ll discuss all such courses and help you to determine what’s best for you. 

Often people confuse the Merchant Navy with the Navy but both are two different professions. The Navy is associated with the defense of the country whereas the Merchant Navy is involved with commercial services. If you are fascinated by adventure in the sea then you can opt for this profession. Before choosing Merchant Navy as a career, you must have a brief conversation with the career experts.

On SeekEx you can find experts who will guide you about this profession and also help you to determine whether this is an appropriate course for you or not.   

What does it mean to be in the Merchant Navy?

What it means to be in the merchant navy

International trade is directly dependent on the Merchant Navy. They are responsible for carrying cargo across the world and delivering the goods from one country to another. The merchant ships employ people who can collect and carry the goods throughout the world. It’s more like an import-export business that works for the merchant navy. 

A career in the Merchant Navy is not only prestigious but also quite adventurous. It’s not for those who don’t like to travel much. At one place it offers you the opportunity to visit new locations across the world and at another place it provides you with a rewarding remuneration. Hence, it can be said that a career in the Merchant Navy is exciting as well as challenging.

If you want to build a career in this field then check out and choose any one of the merchant navy courses after 12th and begin your career in this field. 

Merchant Navy Eligibility Criteria 

Eligibility Criteria for Merchant navy

Educational Qualifications

  • The main eligibility criteria to be able to get into a career in the Merchant Navy is to complete your class 12 with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics subjects.
  • For applying for merchant navy courses after 12th, one of the major criteria is that the candidate has to be an unmarried Indian Citizen be it male or female. 
  • Although normal vision is preferred, glasses up to plus or minus 2.5 are allowed. 
  • A candidate who wants to opt for a merchant navy as a career must clear the entrance exam followed by a screening test and a main written examination. 
  • Upon passing the tests, there will be an interview and a medical test. 
  • Apart from these tests, the candidate has to complete a ship training course. Usually, this course is a short-term course where candidates learn the basics of the security concerns of voyaging. 

Merchant Navy Age Limit

To join the Merchant Navy course after 12, age is one of the major eligibility criteria. The minimum age requirement to get into the merchant navy is 17 years and the maximum age limit is 25 years. Scheduled castes and Scheduled tribes have maximum age relaxation of 5 years as per government rules. 

Physical fitness

Apart from the merchant navy age limit, physical fitness is quite a crucial factor. It’s essential to obtain a certificate of fitness from a registered medical practitioner for getting admission into the course. Those candidates who have some sort of disability are not considered for admission to any Merchant Navy courses. That’s because the candidates need to be fit for carrying out the duties on the merchant ship. 

Merchant Navy course Fees

Basically, the fees of Merchant Navy courses after 12th depend on the university or college or institute that the candidate has selected. Similarly like any other courses, the fees of private colleges are comparatively higher than the government ones. If we consider the merchant navy course fees of a government college then it will be nearly 2.5 Lakhs per annum. Whereas the course fees of merchant navy in the private colleges are in the range between 4.5 to 5 Lakhs. 

Merchant Navy Selection Process

The process to get into merchant navy courses after the 12th involves a number of steps. A candidate has to cross all the steps to complete the selection process and begin their career in this field. Let’s check the steps one by one:

  • Complete class 12th: The most important step of the merchant navy selection process is to complete class 12 with physics, chemistry, and mathematics as subjects. The candidate has to obtain at least 60% marks in the class 12 examination. 
  • Apply for IMU CET and JEE entrance exam: Once you have completed class 12 and you have the plans to opt for Merchant navy as your career option, you should first apply for IMU CET and JEE entrance exam. While you are in class 12 you should start preparing for the exam. 
  • Appear for the written exam: Your journey to get into a merchant navy courses after the 12th starts with appearing for the written exam. The exam consists of multiple-choice questions based on the 12th syllabus of physics, chemistry, and mathematics. There is also a section on aptitude and general knowledge in the written exam for the merchant navy. 
  • Complete the interview: Usually, the interview for merchant navy includes questions related to academic background, shipping industry, general awareness, and some personal questions. There is also a psychometric test where the candidates have to answer some multiple-choice questions in a specific time period. This test is held in English so you need to have good knowledge of English to qualify for this round. 
  • Complete the medical Test: Those candidates who are able to qualify the written and interview stages of the merchant navy selection process can appear for the medical test. Candidates have to undergo a medical test that is conducted by appointed doctors. Further, an eyesight test is conducted. 
  • Admission to BSc Nautical Science or other courses: Upon completing all the above-discussed steps, you have to get admission to a BSc Nautical science course or any other merchant navy courses after 12th. Further, you need to also complete a 1-year pre-sea training course.

The entire selection process depends upon the candidate’s ability to answer multiple-choice questions in a specific time period. Moreover, the students must have a good command of the English language to qualify for the tests. 

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List of Merchant Navy Courses after 12th

List of merchant navy courses after 12th

After completing class 12, if you want to get high-paying jobs and have an adventurous career then you can explore the opportunities in the maritime industry. The merchant navy courses after 12th are highly job-oriented and will enable you to have a great career in the shipping industry. Today, world trade is growing tremendously and the most cost-effective way to ship the goods is through seaways.

The shipping industry plays an important role in the exchange of raw materials and finished goods across the country.

So, if you want to get into this field then you can easily opt for merchant navy courses just after completing your class 12. Here is a list of the courses that allow you to begin your career in this field.

  1. B.E. Marine Engineering

One of the best courses to begin your career in the field of merchant navy is B.E. Marine engineering. This is a four-year merchant course that you can opt for just after completing class 12. Those candidates who want to be an officer can also opt for B.Tech instead of B.E courses. Whether you choose to do B.E or B.Tech both these courses provide you with a certificate of competency for becoming a marine engineer officer. 

These certificates are issued by the ministry of shipping. Before becoming a marine engineer on a ship, you have to serve for at least six months on sea service. One who has completed class 12 with PCM and has scored at least 60% marks has to clear the engineering entrance test to get admission in this merchant navy course after 12th

  1. B.Sc Nautical Science

Unlike B.E marine engineering, B.Sc nautical science is a three-year merchant navy course offered by numerous universities across the country. The ministry of shipping issues this foreign going certification to the candidates. Although to become a navigation officer, you have to remain in service for 12 months at sea. Once you complete in Nautical science, you will be provided the responsibility to handle the navigation of the ship.

To qualify for admission in this merchant navy course after 12th, you have to complete the 12th from the non-medical stream with a minimum of 50% marks. 

  1. B.E. Mechanical Engineering

To get into a career in the merchant navy, you can also opt to pursue a B.E mechanical engineering course. There are continuous maintenance and repair requirements for the ships. That’s why lots of mechanical engineers are required to ensure the smooth functioning of the ships. Hence you can opt for this merchant navy course after 12th and have a great career in this field. A candidate willing to get admission in this four-year course has to complete class 12th and also crack entrance tests like JEE. 

  1. B.E Naval Architecture and Offshore engineering

If you are one of them who wants to become a part of the merchant navy but don’t want to be on the ship then B.E Naval architecture and offshore engineering are appropriate for you. With this merchant navy course after 12th science, you can get such a job role. Usually, the job roles that you get after completing this field are based on land. To get admission in this four-year course, you have to appear for competitive exams.

After the completion of the course, you can expect to get job roles like manufacturing the ship, designing the ship, and various other engineering services associated with shipping. 

  1. Commercial Diving Course

If you want to experience some real adventure, you can opt for a course in commercial diving. This course is offered by numerous driving schools. Once you complete the course you get the job of a commercial diver on a merchant ship. In this job role, you will be responsible for cable laying, survey, obstacle assessment, etc. At times you have to also conduct rescue operations. You can even opt for this merchant navy course after 12th commerce and arts. As it is only a two months course so you can complete it and get into a merchant navy career very easily. 

  1. Diploma in Nautical Science

Unlike in Nautical science which is a three-year course, a diploma in nautical science is a short-term course. If you are looking for a short-term merchant navy course after 12th then this will be appropriate. The course duration may range from 18 months to 24 months then it is followed by training at sea. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of 2nd mate foreign going which is also issued by the Ministry of shipping. To be eligible for admission in this course you need to score at least 60% in 12th PCM subjects. 

  1. Deck rating course

A ship’s deck is one of the crucial places where lots of staff are required to manage the activities on the deck. Deck rating course is the course that offers specialized training to manage deck crew. If you are interested in working on the deck and want to find out how to join the merchant navy after the 12th then this course is appropriate for you.

This 6 months course is completely focused on providing training regarding tasks on the deck. To get admission in this course you need to be 17 years old and have completed class 12 examinations. So, you can opt for this merchant navy course after 12th arts and have a career in this field. 

  1. DME course

Often students opt for diploma courses but later they try to find more such courses through which they can enhance their skills. A diploma in Marine engineering course is two years course that also includes pre-sea training. Upon completing these merchant navy courses after 12th, the ministry of shipping awards the candidates four marine engineering certificates. Therefore, once you get into this course you will get a diploma in naval architecture, electrical, electronic, and mechanical. 

  1. NCV course

The NCV course is considered one of the most challenging courses in the merchant navy. In this course, you get to learn about the coastal voyage. Although the course duration is only 6 months you need to enroll in 24 months of offshore training to get the final certification. Most of the students prefer this course because it offers great exposure to different aspects of the merchant navy. The best thing about this course is that you can enroll for this as soon as you complete class 12.

The minimum age limit for this course is 17 years and the maximum age limit is 25 years. Apart from the age limit, you need to be eligible according to the rules of the merchant navy.

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  1. Electro-Technical Officer Course

Many students want to get into the Merchant navy but at the same time, they are interested in the electrical and electronics part. For these types of candidates, an electro-technical officer course would be the best course to get into the merchant navy. Once you complete the course, you will be eligible for the role of an electrical officer on the ship. In this job role, you will be responsible to manage the team that takes care of the maintenance and repairs of the electronic components of the ship.

This merchant navy course after 12 is a 6 months course after which you have to complete sea duty to get inducted. All those candidates who already have a diploma in some other similar course are also eligible to apply for this course. 

  1. Saloon rating course

Do you like catering services? But you want to travel across the world too. In that case, you can opt to offer catering services on a merchant ship. Isn’t that amazing? If you want to get into the catering department of a merchant ship then you must pursue a saloon rating course. As in charge of the catering department, you are laden with huge responsibilities. After completion of this merchant navy course after 12th, you can make your way to become head chef on the ship. To become eligible to pursue this course, you need to score at least 40% marks in class 12.

  1. Engine Rating Course

Apart from the deck management, the management of the engine compartment is also quite crucial. There is a dedicated crew who is responsible to look after the maintenance of the ship. If you get fascinated with vast engines then you must opt for an Engine rating course. With this merchant navy course after 12th, you will get training to work on the ship’s engine. This course duration is six months after which you can be part of the engine crew.

  1. STCW Basic Safety Training

Standards of Training and certification of watchkeeping course is one of the courses that allow you to work on a ship with bare minimum qualifications. In this merchant navy course after 12th there are four basic safety training modules that are fire prevention & fire fighting, elementary first aid, personal safety & social responsibility, and personal survival techniques. You can work on a ship once you complete all these four modules. However, you can again opt for advanced courses to enhance your skills. 

  1. GP rating course

General Purpose Rating course is a 6 months course that you can opt for if you want to enhance your skills before joining the merchant navy as an engine crew or deck crew. With the help of this course, you can grow in your career once you join a deck crew or engine crew. The best thing about this course is that you can opt for this course either after the 10th or 12th. If you want to apply for this course then you need to obtain 40% marks in your board examinations. 

These are the merchant navy courses after 12th that one can opt for beginning their career in this field. Beyond choosing the right course, it’s essential to select good colleges so that you can get placements once you complete the course. Above all, it’s also essential that you choose the right course that interests you the most. You can consult the experts who will provide you with all the relevant details about the courses so that you can choose the best one and have a great career in the merchant navy. 

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Merchant Navy Salary after 12th

Most of the candidates are willing to get into the merchant navy profession because of high-paying job profiles. However, merchant navy salary after 12th in India may vary on the basis of the hierarchical positions. The average lowest salary is 25,000INR whereas the highest is 10L per month. On the basis of job roles, the merchant navy salary differs. Besides that, the merchant navy course that you have pursued is also an important factor for deciding the salary after you get a job role in this field. Here are the merchant navy job roles and their respective salaries:

  • Trainee cadet: A trainee cadet in the merchant navy is responsible for the basic duties of a deck officer in a ship. Their basic salary is around INR 10.20LPA. 
  • Deck Cadet: The officers who are responsible for the navigation of the ship and also plan out the voyage are known as deck cadets. They earn around INR 14LPA.
  • Chief officer: Ship security officers or chief officers are the ones who are in charge of the safety of the passengers and the entire crew of the ship. The salary of a chief officer is around INR 72 LPA.
  • Captain: The person in command of the ship is the captain. They are responsible to regulate daily transactions and also look after legal affairs. They earn around INR 2.4 Crore per annum. 
  • Engineer: The tasks of upkeep and maintenance of the engine are taken care of by the engineers of the merchant navy. Their average salary ranges around INR 50 LPA.
  • Catering and hospitality crew: The catering services to the passengers and other crew members are taken care of by the catering and hospitality crew. They earn a salary of around INR24LPA. 

How to join the Merchant Navy after the 12th? 

How to join merchant navy after 12th

Step 1: Obtain at least 60% marks in class 12th with physics, chemistry, and Mathematics as subjects. 

Step 2: Apply for IMU CET and JEE entrance exams. 

Step 3: Once you clear the written exam, appear for interview and medical test rounds. 

Step 4: Get admission in any of the merchant navy courses that you find appropriate. 

Step 5: Opt for one year of pre-sea training and complete onboard training of 18 months on ship as a cadet. 

Step 6: Appear for the competency exam that’s conducted by the government of India. 

Step 7: Get inducted as a third officer and with your experience, the rank will also increase. 

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Why SeekEx is your Career Companion?

How SeekEx can help

A career in Merchant Navy has a huge amount of employment opportunities. All those who have completed any of the merchant navy courses after 12th can get jobs easily. Although the merchant navy fleet consists of large carrying ships, tankers, refrigerators ships, passenger ships, container ships, cargo ships, bulk carriers, and a lot more, the job opportunities are more in cargo ships. 

Companies handling merchant ships always have the requirement of trained people who can operate and maintain the ships with ease. Usually, the recruitment is done for mainly three departments that are the deck, the engine, and the service department. These courses can easily confuse you if you want to choose one of them. 

To avoid any sort of confusion and choose the best course appropriate for you, take consultation with career experts. SeekEx has experienced and knowledgeable individuals as experts who can easily guide you to the appropriate pathway.

Hence, go ahead and gain knowledge about the best merchant navy courses after 12th from experts on SeekEx and excel in your career ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions About Merchant Navy after 12th

  • What is the salary of the merchant navy? 

The merchant navy salary may vary depending on the job role. However, the average highest salary ranges around 10L per month whereas the average lowest salary is INR 25k per month. 

  • What is the biggest motivation to choose merchant navy as a career?

A career in the merchant navy offers a good remuneration and an opportunity to travel across the world. These reasons are enough to motivate a candidate to choose the merchant navy as a career.

  • What does the Merchant navy do?

A.The primary job role of a merchant navy is to transport goods from one part of the world to another through seaways. 

  • What is the best merchant navy job?

The job role of executive officers or the captain is the best merchant navy job because they are considered the commander of the ship.

  • How to join the merchant navy after the 10th?

To join the merchant navy after the 10th, you need to score at least 40% marks and then appear for an entrance test that includes a written examination followed by an interview and a medical test. 

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