Photography courses after 12th | Career, Eligibility, Job, salary and so on- SeekEx

Photography courses after 12th | Career, Eligibility, Job, salary and so on- SeekEx

Photography Courses after 12th: Do you like capturing moments? Photography can be an aspiring career option for you. These days the job role of a photographer is quite high in demand. Several photography courses are available that one can opt for and begin their career in this field. This blog consists of all the details about the photography courses after the 12th and other related details about a photography career. 

If you like photography and handling cameras then you can opt for photography courses to learn the techniques and tricks. All these courses will allow you to become a professional photographer. Today, the global digital photography market has grown tremendously. Students who want to take up photography courses should first consult the experts in this field to gain accurate knowledge and choose the best course. Here’s where you need help from SeekEx. There are experts on the SeekEx app who have relevant knowledge about the photography profession and hence they can guide you through the right pathway. 

What is a Photography Course?

What is photography course

Photography courses are the courses that offer the candidates complete knowledge regarding photography. The art of capturing and thereafter creating real images by recording color, light, and scenes is overall termed photography. With the help of either an image sensor or photographic film in a camera, photographs can be created. Over the years, the concept of camera and photography has gone through lots of changes. The invention of the modern digital camera gave the concept of photography an entirely new dimension. If you opt for photography courses after the 12th, you can learn about the art of photography in detail. 

Learning details about cameras and the techniques of using cameras effectively is being taught in a photography course. A camera has a lens that needs to be focused on the light coming from the object. In this way, within a fixed time, the real image of the object is captured on the light-sensitive surface present inside the camera. Mostly, the cameras have electronic image sensors that produce electric charges at certain pixels and process the image electronically. 

In this era of smartphones, there’s hardly anyone who doesn’t take photographs. But to excel in this field professionally you need to learn various modes, settings, and working procedures of a camera. There are various photography courses after 12 you can opt for and grow in your career.

Scope of the photography course

The boom in the advertising sector, media, and fashion industry has increased the scope of photography in India. Earlier photography was just a hobby but now it has emerged in a bigger form. Listed below are the career scope and types of photography courses :

  • Photojournalists: The photojournalists are the ones who are responsible to supply pictures to the national as well as the global press. In this career role, you need to photograph newsworthy places, people, events, and politics for journals, magazines, newspapers, or television. Certain photography courses after the 12th enable you to become a photojournalist. 
  • Advertising Photographers: Usually, these photographers are the ones who are associated with the departments of photographic studios and advertising agencies. Most of these photographers are freelancers. Among all other career opportunities, advertising photographers are the best-paid ones. However, success in this field entirely depends on the ability, efficiency, and right personality. 
  • Fashion photographers: To become a famous photographer in India you must opt for specific photography courses after the 12th. These job prospects are available mainly in cities like Mumbai or Delhi. Freelance fashion photographers usually work from highly sophisticated and well-equipped studios. Whereas some fashion photographers are also hired by fashion houses or advertising agencies. 
  • Scientific photographer: Typically scientific photographers are the ones who possess additional knowledge in various fields like engineering, medicine, biology, or chemistry other than photography. In this job role, you get a variety of work in terms of assignments where you can opt to work as individual freelancers or under some organizations. 
  • Wildlife photography: Capturing nature is like a lifetime achievement. Wildlife photography is associated with capturing natural and rare scenes. If a photographer is aware of the right technique and clicks on the right moment they get highly paid for their uniqueness. 

Those photographers who opt to remain self-employed or work as freelancers must license the use of their photographs. A license can be obtained from certain stock photo agencies or they can also obtain a contract with the clients or agencies and provide them the photographs as per their requirements. The scope of photography is too high but if you want to get success in this profession then you must pursue relevant photography courses after 12th. Besides that, you should develop an individual style of photography for gaining success. 

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Photography courses after 12th

Photography Course After 12th


If you are still reading this blog, then you are well aware that photography is not about capturing pictures and printing them. It is an art of capturing moments by using different photographic techniques in such a way that photographs are able to speak what they are meant for. When you opt for photography courses after 12, you get to learn about numerous skills, expertise, and knowledge 

With a photography degree or diploma courses, you get to learn skills, expertise, and knowledge that helps you to become a professional photographer. The best way to become a professional photographer is to earn a degree, diploma, or certificate in this field. However, these days you have the option to pursue certain courses online or offline. Usually, students prefer certificates, diplomas, or degree courses. Certificate courses are available in both online and offline modes. Let’s check out different photography courses after 12th in detail. 

Online Photography Certificate Courses

Online VS offline Photography courses.

If you are already in some other profession but have a passion for photography and want to take it professionally then online certificate photography courses are perfect for you. You can also opt for such online courses if you already have the creativity and only want to add to your professional skills. It will enable you to create masterpieces of photography. Through online photography courses after 12th, you can gain an idea about photograph development and processing, the basics of different types of photographs, and the proper use of camera and lighting techniques. 

Apart from the basic skills, online certificate courses also provide knowledge of advanced and modified essential tools that are quite useful in terms of employment. Most of the short courses are in the range of 6 months to one year. Most importantly online courses provide you the facility to complete the course from the ease and comfort of your home. These photography courses after 12th are also meant to deliver knowledge of all technical and artistic skills of photography. Some of the online photography certificate courses are mentioned below.

  1. Introduction to digital photography: This online certificate photography course can be pursued just after completion of class 12. Irrespective of the field of study in class 12, one can pursue this course from the Alison platform absolutely free of cost. It is a 3 hours course that provides an idea about photography and its scope. 
  2. Photography Basics and beyond: This is a certificate course on photography available on Coursera. In this course, you get to learn various aspects of photography from smartphones to DSLR specializations. This photography course fee is 8000 INR. The course duration is 6 months. 
  3. A crash course in Photographic Composition: This is a 2.5 hours course on photography available on skillshare. The course fee for this course is only 610 INR. So, if you are someone who wants to gain knowledge about basic concepts of photography and the related camera uses in brief then this course is perfect for you. 
  4. Photography course: A Cambridge in a color course on photography is a 3.5 hours course. It allows you to learn about various techniques of photography in brief. Moreover, it also deals with various aspects of photography and how effectively you can capture moments. Most importantly you get this photography course after 12th absolutely free of cost on Cambridge in color platform. 
  5. Introduction to Photography Class: This is an introductory program on photography available in R-photo class. The duration of this online course is for 4 weeks and there’s no fee for this course. You have the facility to attend these classes as per your choice from the comfort of your home.

Offline Photography Certificate Courses

Photography was there from a time when digital platforms were not present. Photography is still there and will continue to exist forever. Keeping aside passion and love for photography, it has played an important role in keeping up our present as history. But over time the photographers have become more innovative and have implemented various innovative photography techniques. Let’s check out some of the popular offline certificate  photography courses after 12th:

  • Certificate in Photography: This certificate course is provided offline by New Delhi YMCA, Delhi school of photography. The course duration is 6 months and the fee for it is 1,00,000 INR. Anyone who has passed class 12 can opt for this course and begin their career in this field. 
  • Certificate in Contemporary photography: If you are someone who wants to gain knowledge regarding the techniques of contemporary photography you can pursue this course. Pearl Academy offers this 11 months course for a fee of INR1,00,000.
  • Professional Certificate in Professional Photography: This is another offline certificate photography course after 12th offered by Pearl Academy. Unlike a certificate in contemporary photography, in this course, you get to learn about different techniques related to photography that enable you to take it as a profession. The entire cost of the course is 4,20,000INR.
  • Still Photography: Asian Academy of Film and television offers a course in still photography. It is a 3 months course and is opted mainly by those who want to learn the art of still photography. 
  • Certificate in Nature and wildlife photography: These days wildlife photography course is quite a popular choice. If you are interested in nature and wildlife photography then you should opt for this course offered by the Delhi school of photography. It is a 4 weeks course that costs around INR 17,500. 

Bachelor’s Degree courses in Photography

List of photography courses after 12th

Just like certificate courses, bachelor’s degree courses are also opted by those who want to study deeply about photography before undertaking it as a profession. With a bachelor’s degree photography course after 12th you will gain knowledge about this field as well as get numerous career opportunities upon completion of the course. 

Degree courses in photography offer easy, flexible, affordable, and reliable knowledge in this field. If you have sufficiently qualified then doors to multiple career options are open. In this photography course, you can learn about different technical and visual skills that are essential in this field. The courses start with basic principles and practices that go on. Once you obtain a bachelor’s degree you get accustomed to the use of cameras, camera focusing, color management, and development and digital imaging. Hence, the knowledge about the fundamentals of photography and visual literacy helps you to excel in the field of photography. Here is the list of some bachelor’s degree courses in photography: 

  • BA photography: The Bachelor in Arts(Photography) is a degree course that you can pursue once you have completed your class 12. Irrespective of the stream of study you can opt for this course. 
  • B.Sc. Photography and video visual production: In this photography course after 12th, you learn about different techniques of video visual production. Although it offers you, Bachelor, in science degree certificate but still anyone who has completed their class 12 can pursue this course. 
  • in photography and cinematography: Cinematography is an integral part of photography. Those who have a knack for movie making usually opt for this course. Upon completion of the course, you have a vast number of opportunities available. 
  • BA in Visual arts and photography: The most common type of degree course that is opted for by the majority of students is BA in visual arts and photography. Any students who have completed their 12th and are able to crack the entrance examinations conducted by the colleges/institutions offering the course can apply. 
  • BFA photography: Bachelor’s in fine arts offers you the visibility that polishes your creativity in the respective field of fine arts. So, if you want to opt for BFA photography courses after 12th, then you must at least complete class 12 successfully. 

Undoubtedly, you have multiple career options available if you have the passion to learn irrespective of the field you belong to. After completion of the degree courses, you can opt to become a VFX artist, film/video editor, film director, digital marketer, advertising art director, media planner, etc. 

Diploma courses in Photography

Photography courses are such that anyone can choose for gaining specialization. Diploma photography courses after 12th include subjects like news photography, wildlife photography, commercial photography, portraiture, etc. After completion of these diploma courses, you get many opportunities. You can either choose to work for any specific organization or work as a freelancer. 

To be eligible to opt for a diploma course in photography, you must have completed 12th or equivalent. Usually, for providing admission to these courses, the colleges or institutes conduct entrance exams. However, some of them may also grant admission on the basis of merit. Upon completion of the course, you can expect to earn an average salary of 2LPA to 5 LPA. Here is the list of some common diploma photography courses after 12th

  • Diploma in Advertising and Commercial Photography
  • Diploma in Digital Photography
  • Diploma in Photography and Cinematography
  • Diploma in Fashion Photography
  • PG Diploma in Photography
  • Diploma in Photography and Digital Imaging
  • Diploma in Digital Cinematography
  • Diploma in Professional Photojournalism

Photography colleges in India

There are some notable colleges in India that provide complete and valid courses, easily adopted all over India. 

  • National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad
  • Light and Life Academy, Ooty
  • Asian Academy of Film and Television, Noida
  • Osmania University, Hyderabad
  • The Indian Institute of Digital Art and Animation. Kolkata
  • Sir JJ Institute of Applied Arts, Mumbai

How can SeekEx help?


If we say that photography is a very common profession that everyone wants to opt for then that will be wrong. It’s an entirely passion-based career option but those in this industry get paid very well. In the past few decades, opting for photography courses after 12th was not that common. Today, in the age of developing media photographers are not only well paid but they have well-established careers. 

While choosing photography as a profession you must have a career roadmap ready. Without a proper roadmap, you can’t reach your destination successfully. Therefore, there comes the need for an expert who is well aware of this field. SeekEx app provides access to such experts who have complete knowledge about photography and the career opportunities available in this field. The career experts will offer a thorough roadmap that enables you to succeed.

These days there are so many photography courses after 12th available that one can easily opt for. It can be difficult for you to choose between online certificate courses, offline certificate courses, diploma courses, and degree courses. With the help of experts on SeekEx, you can determine which photography course is suitable for you and accordingly opt for that. Hence, before you get into photography professionally, you must consult career experts and gain thorough knowledge about this field. 


Photography is the creative art of representing your vision. It is a blend of technical expertise with creativity. Earlier people viewed photography as a hobby but now people pursuing this hobby can become a professional easily. Further, one can opt for photography courses after 12th and convert their passion into a profession. In this blog, you came across various photography courses, their career prospects, eligibility, salary, and all other relevant details. Now, you are well aware of the roadmap to becoming a professional photographer. 

In case you are still confused about how to begin your career in photography or which course you must choose for a successful career then consult the career experts. The genuine, experienced experts on SeekEx will not only render the course details but also offer you a vision to get into this career and constantly grow in it.

Get a consultation with experts on SeekEx and become a professional photographer!

Frequently Asked Questions About Photography Courses after 12th

What are the core skills that are necessary to become a photographer?

Artistic skills and technical skills to handle a camera are necessary to become a photographer.

Is there any government exam for photography?

Archaeological Survey of India, ISRO, DRDO, and some other government organizations recruit photographers.

Can I get a government job with a photography course?

Some of the government jobs in the field of photography are a technical assistant(Photography) by the Indian Space Research Organisation and Photographer Grade I by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Can I do a photography course after the 10th?

In case you want to pursue a photography course after the 10th, then opt for a diploma or certificate course as for degree courses in photography, you need to pass class 12.

Is there any online photography course in India?

Numerous online photography courses are available on platforms like Skillshare, Coursera, Alison, etc.

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