Polytechnic Courses After 10th to Build Your Dream Career – Seekex

Polytechnic Courses After 10th to Build Your Dream Career – Seekex

Have you heard about polytechnic courses? There are very few people who might not have heard about polytechnic courses. For ages, these courses have been opted for gaining technical education in different fields. Polytechnic courses are a three-year program that students can pursue just after completing their class 10th. 

Are you interested to know more about Polytechnic courses after 10th? Browse through this blog completely. Here you can find all the necessary details related to polytechnic courses. 

Moreover, if you want more information or you want to find out whether this course is appropriate for your future career or not,  get in touch with career experts. Besides that, these courses are available in varied fields including engineering. So, selecting the right field of study is also important. Thus, consulting a career expert on SeekEx becomes essential.

A career expert offers complete knowledge about the available courses and job prospects in that specific field. Hence, you can make your choice of field of study accordingly. 

What is a Polytechnic Course after 10th?


A polytechnic course can be defined as a diploma course that renders knowledge in the technical field. It serves as a start to undergraduate engineering programs such as B.Tech or B.E. Those who pursue polytechnic courses after 10th are eligible to join B.E or B.tech courses through lateral entry. With these courses, students are able to get insights into the basics of engineering subjects. 

Polytechnic courses render dynamic learning experiences to the students. Multiple numbers of diploma courses are available in the polytechnic institutes. If you are a student who wants to secure a job position as soon as possible then this course is the best choice. Irrespective of the state you can find polytechnic colleges almost everywhere. Both government-run and privately owned institutions are available. These courses are so famous among students because they are job-oriented. 

Eligibility Criteria of Polytechnic Courses

Eligibility Criteria of Polytechnic Courses

To get admission in polytechnic courses there are certain requirements that candidates have to fulfil. Hence, before you apply for polytechnic courses, you must ensure that you meet all the requirements for admission. The criteria differ from course to course and institution to institution. Here are the eligibility criteria to acquire admission to a polytechnic course after the 10th:

  • The most vital criterion is that the candidate must pass class 10th or 12th. The subjects that you should have as compulsory subjects in 10th or 12th are Mathematics, Science and English.
  • Minimum marks required in the qualifying exam may vary from institute to institute. However, most institutes require at least 40% marks in aggregate. 

Upon fulfilling the eligibility criteria, you can apply to your preferred polytechnic college. Further, admission will be granted on the basis of entrance examinations held by the state boards of technical education. Although the process of granting admission may vary from institute to institute. 

Polytechnic Courses: Admission process

Certain steps must be followed for securing admission to the best polytechnic courses after 10th. Before following the steps of admission, make sure you are eligible to apply for the course. If you are eligible then follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Register: The first and foremost step to acquire admission to a polytechnic course is to register for it. Candidates must fill-up the application form and submit it to the concerned authorities within the specified dates. Each polytechnic institute has a different application for varied courses. So, make sure you register with your preferred polytechnic institute. 
  • Appear for the entrance exam: The next step of the admission process is to appear for the entrance examination. According to the schedule of the specific polytechnic institutes, you will get notified about the entrance examination dates. Accordingly appear for the exam.
  • Qualify for the entrance exam: Once you appear for the entrance exam, you have to ensure that you qualify for the same. Only if the candidate qualifies for the entrance exam, they will be eligible to proceed with the admission process. Even if you have a good percentage in class 10th or 12th, you are not eligible to secure admission to a polytechnic course unless you pass the entrance exam. 
  • Counselling session: The final step of the admission process of polytechnic courses after 10th is the counselling session. On the basis of the counselling session, the authorities will offer seats to the candidates considering their merit, preference, and availability of seats. Although you will be eligible to appear for the counselling session only when you qualify for the entrance examination. 

Difference between a Degree and a Diploma 

Degrees and diplomas differ from each other so it’s essential to determine the difference between them before pursuing any course. The first thing that differs is the duration of the course and then comes the amount of the fees. Usually, degree courses are offered for a longer duration like 3-4 years. Whereas the duration of diploma courses is around 1-2 years only.

Another biggest difference between degree and diploma courses is that usually degree courses are conferred by University Grants Commission(UGC) which is not always the case with a diploma course.

Similarly, when a B.Tech degree is compared with polytechnic courses after 10th, the difference is the same. A polytechnic diploma is just like any other diploma course in the field of engineering. Candidates who pursue this course adds to their professional qualification.

Best polytechnic courses after 10th | Polytechnic courses list

Best polytechnic courses after 10th

To obtain a high-paying job in any field, candidates must have a thorough knowledge of their subjects. Polytechnic courses after 10th ensure that the candidates gain basic skills in engineering. One can easily get hold of a job on the basis of the skills learned in the polytechnic courses. However, polytechnic diploma courses are available in various subjects. Each one is unique in its own way. Here we’ll discuss the best courses available in the polytechnic course list:

1. Diploma in Computer Science Engineering

Today, the IT sector is growing rapidly across the world. We are directly or indirectly becoming dependent on computers. That has increased the job roles in this sector significantly. So, if you have the urge to have a career in this field then a diploma in computer science engineering would be the best choice.

In this polytechnic course after 10th, students have to study different subjects in computer and IT field. You get to learn about types of coding, basic application development, basic software development, etc. 

Once the polytechnic diploma course in computer engineering gets completed to get jobs in IT or companies related to computers. However, if a candidate opts to do engineering upon completion then they can get admission to the 2nd year of the engineering course. Some of the commonly available engineering courses are computer software engineering, computer science engineering, and information technology.

A diploma in computer engineering and a diploma in Information Technology brings in almost the same sorts of job opportunities so if you can’t get admission in either of them then go for the other one. 

2. Diploma in Civil Engineering

One of the most popular polytechnic courses after 10th is a diploma in civil engineering. Although computer engineering is the new favourite of the youngsters, civil engineering was the most preferred course for ages. Basically, this branch of study is related to construction. With so many infrastructural development programs going on, chances of acquiring a government or private sector job become easier. 

In this course, you learn about types of construction, building designs, building materials, etc. A polytechnic diploma in civil engineering enables you to get appointed as a junior engineer in the government sector. Upon completion of this course, you easily get admission to engineering courses in the branches like civil infrastructure, civil engineering, etc. 

3. Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Lots of job opportunities are always available in the electrical field. That’s why many students prefer to pursue a diploma in electrical engineering. This branch of engineering is all about electricity. So, you get to learn about electricity, its generation, electricity transmission, electrical machines, etc. Today, we can’t imagine our lives without electricity, that’s the reason there are so many employment opportunities in this field. 

If you pursue a polytechnic course after 10th in electrical engineering, you have the chance to secure admission in engineering exams like electrical engineering, electronics and communication engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, and all other electrical branches. 

4. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

The next best polytechnic diploma course is mechanical. For decades, the mechanical branch has been a famous branch both in the case of polytechnic courses as well as engineering courses. In this course, students are taught about machine design, machine fittings, and various other types of the production process. Upon completion of the course, one can easily grab a job in the private or government sector.

If a candidate wants to take admission in Engineering courses then they can opt for mechanical engineering, mechanical production, automobile engineering, and other mechanical-related branches. 

5. Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering 

Electronic is one of the interesting and demanding branches in both engineering as well as polytechnic diploma courses. The job opportunities available in this field are also high and thus one can easily grab a job just after completing it. This course is associated with electronics and communication. That means you have to study different polytechnic subjects like basic communication, telecommunication, electronics, digital electronics, etc. under this course. Upon completing the course, you can easily apply for jobs in both the government and private telecommunication companies like BSNL, JIO, etc. 

6. Diploma in Automobile Engineering

 The automobile sector is growing at a rapid speed. That’s increasing the demand for more employees in this sector. A polytechnic course after 10th in Automobile engineering helps you to land a job as a junior engineer. This course taught topics related to the manufacturing and maintenance of all types of automobiles. After completing the course, you can get jobs in reputed companies like Tata, Hyundai, Maruti, etc.

Just after completing a polytechnic course, you can expect a high-salary job. It also enables you to obtain admission in engineering courses like automobile engineering, mechanical engineering, etc. 

7. Diploma in Biotechnology

Another popular polytechnic course after 10th is a diploma in biotechnology. This is a comparatively new course which is a combination of biology and technology. The course is about the use of technology in biology and medical fields. That implies the students pursuing this course had to study both technical subjects as well as biology. Hence, these polytechnic course subjects would render knowledge of mathematics. Biology as well as chemistry.

After completion of the course, students get placed in pharmacy companies, medical device manufacturers, hospitals, etc. In case you look ahead to pursue an engineering course, then that would be in the field of Bio Info engineering, biomedical engineering, biotech engineering, etc. 

8. Diploma in Chemical Engineering

A diploma in chemical engineering is a polytechnic course after 10th that involves the study of chemistry papers. Those students who are interested in chemistry can opt to pursue it. In this course, you get to learn about chemicals so you must have a good hold in chemistry. Lots of job opportunities are available in the government and private sector upon completion of the course.

The best thing is that very few candidates apply for a diploma in chemical engineering and thus the competition in the job sector is comparatively low. You get placed in companies related to pharmacy, chemical, and petroleum with good salaries. Many students also get the opportunity to work in the gulf country at good packages upon completion of the course. 

9. Diploma in Agriculture Engineering

India is a country where the majority of people have agriculture as their occupation. In that case, pursuing a diploma in agricultural engineering can bring in lots of opportunities. As the name suggests, a diploma in agriculture engineering is associated with agriculture. Students are taught subjects like environment, agriculture, chemistry, etc.

Once you complete the course, you can either use your expertise level in your own agricultural land or you can acquire jobs in companies associated with the agriculture and chemical sector. After completing this polytechnic course after 10th, you can further pursue agricultural engineering and food processing engineering. 

10. Diploma in Aerospace Engineering

A diploma in Aerospace engineering is one of the preferred polytechnic courses after 10th. Numerous aspirants who desire to get into the aerospace industry after completing class 10 opt for this course. This course deals with different types of flights and topics related to aeronautics. After completion of the course, students can also pursue aerospace engineering and aeronautical engineering. This diploma course can assure you have a successful future. 

These are the top polytechnic diploma courses. Many more polytechnic courses after 10 are available for a better future. Diploma in interior decoration, diploma in fashion engineering, diploma in ceramic engineering, diploma in art and craft, diploma in power engineering, diploma in textile engineering, and a lot more.

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Career prospects of Polytechnic courses

Career prospects of Polytechnic courses 1

Different courses of polytechnic have different career prospects. Each course has its own significance and hence you get huge job opportunities upon completion of the course. Let’s discuss the prospects for the top polytechnic courses after 10th:

  • Civil Engineer: In the civil engineering polytechnic course after 10th, students learn about construction, designing, drafting, surveying, and planning. Upon completion of the course, you can get jobs in clerical posts, technicians, or apprentice in either government departments or private companies. 
  • Assistant Manager: Polytechnic courses allow you get hired as an assistant manager who is required to examine customers’ requirements.They also train the sales agents of different departments:
  • Field Inspectors: Usually, once a candidate completes a polytechnic course after 10th, they can get hired as field inspectors. The job role of field inspectors is to investigate particular areas and write reports for various organisations. 
  • Quality Control Engineer: This job opportunity is also available for the diploma in civil engineering holders. In this job role. The engineers have to look after the projects closely and examine the work process in assembling plants. 
  • Automobile Engineer: In this job role, you are responsible to develop, design, and manufacture vehicles and their parts. As an automobile engineer you shall even test the parts of the vehicles. Hence, you have to work on every component of vehicles and are directly responsible for the final product and sales. 
  • Web Developer: If you opt to pursue a polytechnic course after 10th in computer engineering, you have the opportunity to work as a web developer. The basic job responsibility of a web developer is to develop new websites for businesses. 

There are so many polytechnic courses available and so are the job prospects for each course. As polytechnic courses are practical or application-oriented, these courses enable the students to finalise their careers successfully. Apart from that students have the opportunity to get direct admission in engineering 2nd year of their respective courses. 

Job opportunities after Polytechnic courses

Job opportunities after Polytechnic courses

Often Polytechnic courses are considered a shortcut to start a professional career. If you have just passed class 10, and want to grab a job as early as possible then pursuing a polytechnic course after 10th is the best way out. Basically, the job opportunities after polytechnic courses can be classified into three parts:

1. Public Sectors/PSUs:

Public Sector Units or government organisations offer job opportunities to different polytechnic diploma holders. These companies recruit polytechnic course pass students to junior level positions both for technical as well as non-technical job positions. 

2. Private Sector:

Just like PSUs, private companies also offer jobs to those who have completed the polytechnic course after the 10th. Different fields of private companies like manufacturing, communication, and electronics recruit employees with a polytechnic diploma. However, the jobs offered are at the junior level.


Apart from grabbing job opportunities, upon completing a polytechnic course after 10th. A student can gain practical knowledge in a specific subject and thus start off their own business in the respective subject. They can apply their knowledge in their business and grow in it. 

Top Polytechnic Colleges

Several technology institutes and engineering colleges are present across the country that offer polytechnic courses to the students. Mostly these polytechnic institutes offer admission to the 10th pass students in different available courses. The list of polytechnic colleges in India are:

Polytechnic studies are offered across several technology institutes and engineering colleges across the country. Most of these institutes directly award a seat for polytechnic graduates into engineering programs and also offer job opportunities equal to engineering graduates. Some of the top polytechnic colleges in India are:

Government Polytechnic, Pune

Government Polytechnic College, Mumbai

Government Polytechnic College, Chennai

Adesh Polytechnic College

MEI Polytechnic College

SASTRA University

Manipal University

Agnel Polytechnic College

Government Polytechnic College, Coimbatore

How can SeekEx help?

How can SeekEx help

Just after completing class 10th, opting for a professional course like a polytechnic course will allow you to get a job as early as possible. However, most students opt to pursue engineering courses once they complete a diploma course from a polytechnic. A huge number of courses are available and choosing the right one is quite challenging. That is where SeekEx comes in!

SeekEx is a platform that renders the opportunity to consult career experts in respective fields and gain knowledge about the career prospects of a specific course. When you get in touch with experts on SeekEx, they will guide you through all the available courses and also suggest the best considering your talents, interests, and preferences. 

SeekEx’s career experts not only guide you to choose a course but also provide a complete career roadmap. Most importantly, they guide whether you should opt to take up a job after completion of the polytechnic course after 10th or you should consider pursuing an engineering course and opt for lateral entry in the 2nd year of the course. 


All the polytechnic courses after 10th are designed to render practical insights about the subject matter. Hence, these courses are quite useful for those who want to pursue a course and grab a job as early as possible. In this blog, you get a brief insight into the top polytechnic courses, colleges, eligibility, and other details. 

However, for a complete overview of the courses and their benefits get in touch with a career counsellor. SeekEx has the best of the career counsellors who will not only guide you to choose the right polytechnic course but also ensure you have a bright career ahead. Consult a career expert on SeekEx and pursue the best polytechnic course after 10th, initiate your career in the right direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a polytechnic course a good option after 10th?

Yes, for those who want to get into a professional career after 10th, a polytechnic course is a good option. 

How many years does it take a polytechnic course to complete after 10th?

The duration of a polytechnic course ranges from 2-3 years.

Polytechnic degree or diploma, which one is better?

Both polytechnic degree and diploma courses are good. The one that fulfils your purpose of the study can be considered better. 

Can class 12 students pursue polytechnic courses?

Yes, class 12 pass students can also pursue polytechnic courses. 

What is the salary after polytechnic?

After completion of a polytechnic course, candidates get hired at the junior level. Their salary ranges between 1.1 Lakhs to 4 Lakhs per annum. 







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