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Psychology Courses After 12th | How to Become a Psychologist After 12th -Seekex

Are you interested in reading faces? Does understanding human behaviour interest you? If yes, Psychology is the subject for you. Basically, Psychology is a study by which you can learn about human behaviour and mental processes scientifically. If you opt to take Psychology as your career, you will work with the human brain including intelligence, personality, perception, etc.Browse the blog to know about the Psychology courses after 12th and the scope of a career in the field of Psychology.

Although Psychology is a relatively new form of study, today it has emerged as a prominent multidisciplinary field. The core principles of Psychology are also applied in various other fields like sociology, biology, sports, sports, health, education, forensics, law, and much more.

Usually, Psychologists have to undergo rigorous training before they receive a license to practice as psychologists and begin their career professionally. Before taking this field as your career, you must get an overall idea about this career option. 

The best way to find out whether you should opt for Psychology courses after 12th and have a career in this field is to consult a career expert. On SeekEx, you can easily find experts who are there to help you out with the best suggestions. The expert’s advice and guidance are based on their knowledge, experience, and most importantly your preferences.

Who is a Psychologist?

Who is a Psychologist

Anyone who is involved in the studies of mind and behaviour is known as a Psychologist. Usually, people have a mindset that psychologists only perform talk therapy, but this is not true. There is a huge range of specialty areas in it that includes organizational behaviour and research. Upon completion of Psychology courses after 12th, a candidate becomes a psychologist who uses knowledge and research to solve problems like treating mental illness. 

The major job role of a psychologist is to work as a social scientist to conduct research and teach at universities. They tend to use their principles for solving real-world problems. Some of the common problems that a Psychologist tends to solve are engineering, human factors, aviation, etc. Psychology career options include various types. These are:

  • Research Psychologists: Those who pursue Psychology courses after 12th to conduct studies and experiments with human and different animal participants are known as research Psychologists. The main job role of these types of psychologists is to work on different types of specialty areas with psychology like cognition, personality, and social behaviour.
  • Mental health Psychologists: Most psychology courses after 12th are available to become Mental health psychologists. They are those who work with people experiencing mental disorders or psychological distress. After completion of the course, they are placed in hospitals, mental health clinics, schools, private clinics, or government offices. The popular types of mental health psychologists are counselling psychologists, school psychologists, and clinical psychologists. 

Requirements to Become a Psychologist

Requirements to Become a Psychologist

Psychology is a blend of medical science, sociology, and other related aspects. So, if you are wondering how to become a psychologist after 12th, then you must have a certain set of skills. These are the set of skills that you must inculcate in yourself if you want to become a psychologist.

  • The first and foremost skill that you must have is analytical skills. These sets of skills are essential to diagnose the problems faced by a patient.
  • For being a psychologist, you must have excellent communication skills for communicating with people and counselling them on their mental and behavioural issues.
  • You must have empathy so that you can understand the struggles and challenges associated with the mental and psychological health of the patients. 
  • Another important requirement for becoming a successful psychologist is observational skills. If you have the quality to observe then you can keenly perceive, detect and note the behaviours and detect the undergoing issues easily. 
  • Every individual has different mental health. So, for being a psychologist you must have the required amount of compassion.
  • You have to obtain a minimum of 55% marks in class 12. Besides that, you have to pass entrance exams to obtain admission to psychology courses in certain colleges or universities. 

Above all, you must pursue relevant psychology courses after 12th and gain advanced knowledge of psychological theories, counselling, and treatment. A course develops various other skills that are essential for a successful career as a psychologist. 

List of Psychology courses after 12th

list of Psychology Courses After 12th

Those who desire to become a psychologist can pursue psychology courses after 12th offered by several colleges. Most of the courses are either in the science or arts stream. Hence, the steam that you select will depend upon your stream in class 12. 

1. B.A(Hons.) in Psychology

One of the most common courses that are pursued by students upon completing their class 12th in arts is Bachelor of Arts Honours in Psychology. In this course, you will not only study theories, and concepts about human behaviour but also the strategies and tactics to tackle human behaviour.

This psychology course duration is 3 years and can be pursued only after completing class 12th. As this is an honours course, it will enable you to gain in-depth knowledge of the subject. The average salary earned is 3-12LPA. 

2. B.A in Psychology

If you have completed class 12th in Arts and want to pursue an undergraduate course in psychology that would give you lots of career opportunities then a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology is the best one. Although this course will not render you knowledge like an honours course, still you gain lots of knowledge in this field which allows you to get an undergraduate-level job as soon as you complete it.

Also, you learn how the human mind functions in varied situations. In this course usually students learn about human understanding and behaviour sciences. The graduates in psychology either get placed in different NGOs or work as freelancers. in Psychology

Just like a bachelor in arts, the Bachelor of Science in psychology is an undergraduate program for students who have completed their class 12 in science. This program of psychology is more technical-oriented. Besides the common psychology subjects like experimental psychology and organisational behaviour, it also includes basic science subjects like biological psychology.

Upon completion of these psychology courses after 12th, there are lots of job opportunities available in the healthcare sector. The average salary after completion of the course is  3-7LPA.

4. B.A(Hons) in Applied Psychology

Another popular psychology course after 12th is a bachelor of Arts Honours in Applied psychology. In this course, students learn about theories and principles to overcome various issues associated with mental health, education, law, and ergonomics. Upon completion of the course, there are bright scopes of jobs in both the public and private sectors. Average salary after this course is 1.29-7 LPA.

5. Diploma Courses in Psychology

Apart from the undergraduate degree, several diploma courses are also available in psychology. If you have completed class 12 and are wondering how to become a psychologist after 12th with a short-term course then opt for diploma courses in psychological specialisations. Some of the popular courses in this field are Diploma in Applied Psychology, Diploma in Child psychology, Advanced diploma in Counselling Psychology, and Advanced Diploma in Child Psychology. 

Apart from the diploma courses, some postgraduate diploma courses are available for those who have already completed their graduate program.

These courses include a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Psychology, Postgraduate Diploma in Application of Psychology, Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology, Postgraduate Diploma in Mental Health Counselling, Postgraduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Psychology, Postgraduate Diploma in Family and Child Psychology, and Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Psychology.

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How to become a psychologist after 12th?

How to become a psychologist after 12th

The human mind is the most complex feature to understand. To understand a human being, one has to understand various elements that affect the mind and its behaviour. There’s where the role of psychologists comes in. A psychologist is someone who pursues psychology courses after 12th and learns the techniques to study the human mind scientifically.

This profession is perfect for those who have an inquisitive mind and a passion for helping people. But how to become a psychologist after 12th? Let’s check out the steps to becoming a psychologist:

1. Pursue a Psychology Course

If you desire to become a psychologist then the first and foremost thing that you must do is pursue a psychology course after 12th. These days varied course options are available that you can choose from like undergraduate degree programs, diploma courses, and postgraduate diploma courses.

Most of the students who want to build their careers in this field pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology. The undergraduate degree enables you to create strong knowledge of the field as well as improve other aspects like communication skills. 

Numerous esteemed institutions in the country offer varied psychology courses. The best psychology colleges in India ensure that you gain certification as well as relevant knowledge in this field. According to your preference, you can choose the course and relevant career prospects in the field. Some of the most popular courses are BA Psychology, BSc Psychology, BA in Psychology (Hons), etc. 

2. Gain experience

Once you have pursued a relevant course in the field, you must gain some experience. Suppose you are inclined towards experimental psychology then you can opt to assist a profession in any specific research project as an intern and gain relevant experience. Besides that, you can also work with physically challenged children and promote social awareness.

Whereas in case you prefer a developmental psychology course after 12th, then volunteer at any mental health hospital or clinic to gain experience. Apart from that various workshops on different themes ranging from hypnosis to dream analysis are conducted. One can attend these workshops to gain relevant experience in any specific field. Gaining experience makes getting jobs easier for students. 

3. Opt for a specialised course

Pursuing a psychology course after 12th, may provide lots of opportunities, still if you want better options then pursue a master’s degree. This will enable you to gain advanced knowledge in the field. Psychology has varied specialisations so one can choose any one of them for gaining relevant knowledge in a specific field. The admission criteria in the post-graduation courses are that the candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in a specific subject.

However, an entrance exam for psychology after 12th enables you to obtain admission to a higher-level degree and choose a specialisation in the master’s program. A post-graduation degree is a 2-year course in which you learn about research methods, counselling theories, social and cultural diversity issues, etc. In the final year of the course, students have to submit a dissertation project for receiving their degree. 

4. Pursue a Doctorate Degree

Psychology courses have multiple disciplines and most of them require the students to earn a doctorate degree in that field. In the doctoral level program, a student earns intensive research training for people who are interested to have a career either in the academic field or want to become a clinical psychologist. The course covers topics such as perception, neuroscience, cognition, etc. 

5. Join Internship programs

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in psychology from the best psychology colleges in India, it is always advisable to pursue internships. Do as many internships as possible to gain relevant knowledge in the field and gain a successful career. Usually, students are advised to complete a two-year internship program to gain an overall practical insight into the field.

Internships are beneficial for students as they learn while working. Moreover, you can also determine whether the specific field is right for you or not. 

6. Obtain Certification

In case you pursue psychology courses after the 12th from a recognised college or university then upon completion of the course you will earn a degree that is affiliated with the Rehabilitation Council of India. However, those who haven’t pursued the course from an affiliated institute can separately apply for certification from RCI. 

These are some of the simple steps for a career in the field of psychology. Although the main part of becoming a psychologist is pursuing a psychology course after the 12th. But only completing a course will not help you to land a good job opportunity. Along with the course, you must gain experience and opt for internship programs for opening up more career opportunities in this field. 

Entrance exam for psychology after 12th

Today, psychology courses after 12th have become a popular choice for students. While numerous universities and institutes offer admissions to the courses on a merit basis there are numerous universities that select the students through entrance exams. Let’s discuss some of the entrance exams for psychology after the 12th:

1. CUET(Christ University Entrance Test)

In this entrance exam, there are five sections, namely Current Affairs, General Knowledge, Reasoning, English, and Psychology. The number of questions asked in CUET is 120 and all of these are multiple-choice questions. 1 mark is allotted against each correct answer and for every wrong answer, 0.25 marks are deducted. 

2. CUCET(Central University Common Entrance Test)

The number of Sections in CUCET is six, namely English, Numerical Aptitude, General knowledge, General Aptitude, Analytical Skills, and Reasoning. The number of multiple-choice questions asked is 100. As per the marking scheme, every right answer gets 1 mark and for every wrong answer, 0.25marks is deducted. 

3. JMI Entrance Exam

Four sections; General Awareness, Language skills, social awareness, and reasoning are asked in the JMI entrance exam. The total number of questions in the exam is 100. All of the questions are multiple-choice questions and for each right answer, there’s 1 mark and the wrong answer deducts o.25 marks. 

4. SET (Symbiosis Entrance Test)

In this entrance exam, the sections are General English, Quantitative, General Awareness, and Analytical and Logical Reasoning. The number of questions is 60 which are multiple-choice questions. 1 mark is allotted for each correct answer but there’s no negative marking for the wrong answers. 

5. Psychology Entrance Exams for Masters Programmes

Some of the entrance exams for master’s programs in psychology are TISSNET, DUET, BHU PET, Manipal Entrance Test, and Pondicherry University Entrance test. Many students wonder whether NEET is required for a psychology career. If you want you can opt for NEET for better career opportunities, although it is not mandatory for a psychology career. 

Best colleges for psychology in India

If you have already decided that you want to opt for a career in the field of psychology then you must choose the right institution for an undergraduate or postgraduate program. Selecting the right institution will not only allow you to gain the required skills and knowledge in the field of psychology but it will also impart practical and theoretical knowledge in this field. Let’s check out the list of best colleges for psychology in India:

  • Christ University, Bangalore
  • Lady Shri Ram College for Women, New Delhi
  • Ashoka University, Sonepat
  • DAV College, Chandigarh
  • St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai
  • Fergusson College, Pune
  • Modern College of Arts Science and Commerce, Pune
  • Aligarh Muslim University
  • Tata Institute of Social Sciences
  • Jesus & Mary College, New Delhi

How can SeekEx help?


A psychologist is one who performs research and experiments for understanding various processes in our brain and behaviour. They help people to deal with various mental problems like stress, emotional patterns, disorders, etc. If you are someone who likes to deal with psychological problems then you can opt for psychology courses after 12th and proceed towards a career in this field. However, before you proceed to pursue a course you must understand whether you should opt for this profession or not. Many people initially get into this field but later realise that it is not meant for them. To avoid such situations you must consult career experts who can guide you in the best possible way. 

SeekEx is a platform that enables seekers to directly connect with career experts and discuss their career paths. If you are someone who wants to build a career in this field then approach relevant career experts on SeekEx and find out the opportunities available for you. Moreover, consulting an expert will enable you to find out how to become a psychologist after the 12th. Besides that, career experts also guide you to determine the specialization that is right for you as well as will allow you to get good career opportunities upon completion of the course.


Upon reading this blog, you have brief information on psychology courses and also the steps pertaining to how to become a psychologist. Further, if you want to know about salary scope or career prospects in the industry, it’s recommended to consult a career expert on the SeekEx app. To have a successful career in the field of psychology, it’s essential to determine your interests in this field. Only if you are interested and willing to work with human and animal minds opt for the course.

Many students get inclined towards this profession by looking at the salary packages. It is not the right way to determine a career path. Before seeking admission in psychology courses after 12th, you must obtain a complete counselling session with experts on the SeekEx app. The experts will analyse your preferences and accordingly provide insights into whether this profession is right for you or not.

If they find that you are the right candidate to become a psychologist then they will further guide you to choose the right specialisation, colleges, workshops, internships, and so on. Hence, with the proper guidance of SeekEx’s experts opt for a successful career in psychology and contribute significantly to society.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NEET required for psychology courses?

No, NEET is not required for psychology courses. 

Is a career in Psychology good?

Career in psychology is good for those who like to work with other’s minds. 

Is psychology a hard course?

No, Psychology is not a hard course if you are interested in this field. 

Do I need to pursue internships after completing psychology courses?

Pursuing internships will enable you to gain practical knowledge about psychology and hence it is recommended to pursue internships after completing psychology for better career opportunities.

What is the average salary a psychologist gets in India?

The average salary of a psychologist in India is 3LPA.

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