Top scholarships for studying abroad for Indian students in 2022

Top scholarships for studying abroad for Indian students in 2022

Top scholarships for studying abroad for Indian students in 2022

Studying abroad is like a dream come true for many Indian students. It requires both merit and money for fulfilling the dream. At times students are unable to pursue studies even after meeting all the requirements of merit. In that situation scholarships for studying abroad for Indian students allow them to complete the monetary requirements and study abroad. 

However, you must know which scholarships to apply for. In this blog, we’ll discuss the top scholarships that are available and how you can apply for them. To determine which scholarship is best, you must get proper career counselling from experts. SeekEx app provides access to experienced and knowledgeable career counsellors online. 

What does Scholarship mean?

The scholarship is the funds provided by institutions like schools, colleges, universities, or any other organisations to the students for meeting their monetary requirements for studying abroad. When a student has the required expertise and ability to study abroad but doesn’t have enough money to do so then they can get scholarships to meet their expenses. Some of the scholarships for studying abroad for Indian students allow students to apply irrespective of their academic abilities. 

Who is eligible to apply for scholarships? 

Those who can meet the requirements of scholarships to study abroad can easily apply. Different types of scholarships are available for different types of students. Before applying for scholarships you must check all the details related to it and then only proceed with the application process. Besides that, there are numerous other requirements for scholarships for studying abroad for Indian students.

Let’s check out the steps to apply for a scholarship for abroad studies:

  • First of all, register for the scholarship program. These days application form is available online. You must fill in all the required details in the application form to proceed with the process.
  • Upon filling up the form, you receive a confirmation email in your registered email address.
  • Write a statement mentioning your requirements and why you need the scholarship. You can easily find numerous templates online. 
  • Keep ready official documents which include your academic certificates, athletic or artistic achievement certificates(if any). If required you may keep the translated version also ready. 
  • For scholarships for Indian students, you will need an income certificate along with the documents to prove your nationality. Again, make sure to have the translated version if required. 
  • Another step of the application process includes rechecking all the required documents and sending them to the scholarship provider. 
  • Further, you must have the acceptance letter from the university. Without confirmation from the university, you can’t apply for the scholarship. 
  • Finally, you have to wait. If you are selected then you are eligible for the scholarship. The amount sanctioned will be directly sent to the university. 

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Different types of Scholarships

At different levels there are different types of scholarships for studying abroad for Indian students, If you want to obtain the best out of them then you must research well about all the available scholarships and consult career experts who can suggest the best. Here is the list of the categories of scholarships:

  1. Merit-Based: These scholarships are provided on the basis of the merits of the students. The merit implies academic records or achievements in extracurricular activities. This is the scholarship for Indian students to study MBBS abroad or any other subjects. The only criteria are that the candidate must have higher academic excellence. 
  2. Student-centric: There are few such scholarship programs that depend on the student’s gender, colour, family, religion, etc. These types of scholarships for studying abroad for Indian students at times also consider a student’s medical history or condition. 
  3. On the basis of destination: Several government agencies, universities, and governments provide scholarships for commerce students and science students from different destinations. Students from specific countries get scholarships to study abroad. 
  4. On the basis of subjects: Many universities and institutions provide grants to students who want to study abroad. Suppose a student wants to study MBA, then there are institutions that provide MBA scholarships for Indian students. Similarly, institutions related to a specific category provide scholarships for the same.
  5. On the basis of requirements: Most of the time scholarships are provided depending on a student’s financial situation. For those students who have the required merits but are financially not strong to study abroad then the scholarships for studying abroad for Indian students provide them with that capability. To avail the scholarships, in that case, the student has to furnish the family’s income and other relevant documents. 
  6. For Athletes: This is one of the unique types of scholarship programs that is available for the best athletes. These types of study abroad scholarships require that the student represent the university in various tournaments along with balancing their studies. 

Common concerns and Answers regarding scholarships for Indian students to study Abroad

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Top Scholarships for studying abroad for Indian students

Top Scholarships for studying abroad for Indian students

Do you want to apply for scholarships for studying abroad? Wondering which scholarships are available? Here is a list of top scholarships for studying abroad for Indian students. You can check out the eligibility criteria and select the one that is suitable for you. For more details, you can also seek help from career consultants. Check out this list to study abroad in your desired location and university. One thing to note that you should not fear about exams while preparing to study abroad. 

  1. Tata Scholarships

Numerous scholarships are offered by the TATA group. These scholarships include the ratan tata scholarship for engineering students that are funded by Tata Education and Development Trust. The Indian students who desire to study at Cornell university usually opt for the TATA scholarships. Cornell University offers degree programs that are eight semesters long. That’s why the scholarship provided to the students is provided throughout the degree program. 

Along with the tuition fees, this scholarship program also includes other expenses like living costs, travel expenses, medical and food costs. Tata scholarship for medical students also fulfils all the financial requirements of the medical students who want to study abroad. You can seek help from career consultants for further details of internship programs. 

  1. Indian Global Leaders Scholarship

This scholarship is for Indian students who want to study at the University of Queensland’s Faculty of Business, Law, and Economics. A student can apply for this scholarship only when the university shortlists the student for an undergraduate or a post-graduate program. Scholarships for studying abroad for Indian students are granted for students who are in the first or second semester. 

This sort of undergraduate scholarship for Indian students covers the tuition fees of the university. As the shortlisted candidates get the chance to be a part of the Queensland Global leaders community so the chances of employability also increase for the students after completion of the course. For further details, you can check the official website. 

  1. Fulbright-Nehru Fellowships

The Fullbright-Nehru Fellowship is intended for postgraduate students. This scholarship for studying abroad for Indian students is offered by the United States- India Educational Foundation. This scholarship program is useful for those students who want to study at a University in the United States. Once you become eligible for this scholarship then it will take care of all the requirements to study abroad from India including tuition fees, stipend, cost of textbooks, and airfare. 

There are certain eligibility criteria that you need to meet for getting this scholarship. The first one is that the candidate must have completed four years of bachelor’s degree. Besides that, a work experience of 3 years is also needed. While selecting the student for the fellowship programs, certain qualities like community service, leadership, communication skills, and motivation for community building are also considered. 

  1. Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship program is for students who have the willingness to study in the United Kingdom. Commonwealth Scholarship Commission has started this fellowship to provide scholarships for Indian students who are deserving and belong to the commonwealth countries. As India is also one of the commonwealth countries so Indian students are also eligible to apply for this fellowship program. 

Those students who want to pursue a master’s degree or Ph.D. programs in the United Kingdom can easily get Ph.D. scholarships in India. The scholarship not only covers the tuition fees of the university but also living costs and airfare. To avail of this scholarship, students must meet all its essential requirements. Having a bachelor’s degree that too from an English medium is one of the first criteria that students need to fulfil to get scholarships for studying abroad for Indian students. 

  1. Inlak Shivdasani Scholarships

Indian students who want to study in the universities of popular countries like the USA, UK, or some other countries in the UK can avail of Inlak Shivdasani Scholarships. These study abroad scholarships are issued by the Inlak Shivdasani foundation for Indian students who want to pursue degree courses abroad. So, you can apply for degree courses, Master’s, Doctoral programs, M. Phil, or some other courses. 

These scholarships for studying abroad for Indian students enable the students to meet various expenses that include tuition fees, air travel expenses, and living expenses. To apply for Inlaks Shivdasani scholarships, the minimum criteria for the student is that they must have obtained an undergraduate degree from a recognized Indian institute. Apart from that at least 2 years of professional experience is also required to apply for this scholarship. If you want to get more detailed information then obtain information from career consultants.

  1. The Felix Scholarship

One of the main purposes of the Felix Scholarship program is to promote the education of the students who are unprivileged and belong to India or other developing countries. With this scholarship, the students can pursue post-graduation courses from Universities in the United Kingdom. The major universities where the students can take admission are University of Oxford, University of Reading and the school of African studies, and the University of London. 

If you are looking for scholarships in India, then this is the one you can opt for. It will cover your airfare and living expenses along with the entire course fees. The minimum eligibility criteria for obtaining this scholarship is that students must have a first-class bachelor’s degree from a recognized Indian University. If you want to know about other scholarships for studying abroad for Indian students then get the help of career counsellors. 

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  1. Orange Tulip Scholarships

Indian students get the opportunity to study abroad in Universities in the Netherlands through orange tulips scholarship programs. These scholarships are issued by either educational institutions or by government organisations or multinational companies. Scholarships for studying abroad by the Indian government and other institutions allow the students to pursue bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs that are listed in the scheme. Different Universities provide different facilities to the students. Hence, students must contact the experts before applying for this scholarship program. 

  1. Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship

The Indian students who are looking ahead to pursue MBA from Stanford University USA can opt for the Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship program. This is one of the top scholarships for studying abroad for Indian students that grants financial support to the future leaders of the country. The expenses that are covered in this fellowship program include almost 80% of the total attendance fees and all other associated fees of MBA at Stanford for two years. This scholarship for Indian students to study abroad includes the cost of living, books, supplies, program fees, health fees, medical insurance, transportation, and most importantly tuition fees. 

  1. Charpak Master’s program

Charpak Master’s program is a scholarship for studying abroad for Indian students that allows them to pursue a master’s degree in France. This program is run by the Embassy of France and is available for students of all streams. Basically, there are two types of this scholarship to study abroad for Indian students. One is the Charpak AME scholarship which includes the living costs, student visa waiver, assistance in finding accommodation in France, and tuition fees. Another one is the travel grant that includes airfare, student visa costs, and social security costs. The student would receive these funds for a period of around two years of study. 

  1. Chevening Scholarships

The Chevening scholarship is one of the popular scholarships for studying abroad for Indian students who are looking for opportunities to receive an education in the UK. This scholarship is suitable for those who want to pursue one year master’s program at Universities in the UK. If a student is shortlisted for this scholarship then the program includes the expenses of tuition fees, round trip air fare to the UK, arrival allowance, visa application cost, monthly stipend, and travel grant. If you want to know how to get scholarship to study abroad then consult an expert on a career counselling platform. 

How SeekEx’s career counselling help to choose the right scholarship?

How SeekEx’s career counselling help to choose the right scholarship

Most of the students who dream of studying abroad fail to fulfil their dream because of two main reasons. One reason is a lack of money that can be easily compensated with the help of scholarship programs and another reason is a lack of knowledge that can be compensated under the guidance of SeekEx’s career counsellor. 

Before finding out the scholarships for studying abroad for Indian students, the career counsellors tries to understand the exact requirements of the candidates. Different scholarships have different purposes so you must remain aware of which one you must choose. If you select the right scholarship then that can reduce the cost of the studies significantly. 

The consultants also provide information about scholarships for studying abroad by Indian government after 12th so that the students can pursue their desired courses successfully. Besides that, consultants also guide you throughout the application process so that you can enjoy the benefits of the scholarships without much hassle.

All in All

Studying abroad is no more a luxury. Now, any student who can meet the merit requirements can easily pursue a course from a foreign university. The financial requirements can be easily met with the help of various scholarship programs. 

Today, there are a huge number of scholarships for studying abroad for Indian students. Choosing one among them can be challenging. There’s where you need the help of career counsellors. SeekEx has expert and knowledgeable career counsellors who guide aspiring individuals and enables them to pursue their dream career in foreign countries. 

Are you still confused about which scholarship is best for you? Go ahead and get a consultation on SeeKex and have a bright and fulfilling career. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which is the best fellowship of India? 

Young India Fellowship is one of the best fellowships of India.

How to get admission in UK Universities for Indian Students? 

Inlak Shivdasani Scholarships and Chevening Scholarships are some of the scholarship programs that enable students to get admission to UK universities. To find out about other associated scholarship programs get the help of SeekEx’s experts. 

How to get admission to foreign universities after 12th? 

SAT. GRE. IELTS, TOEFL, and ACT are some of the common entrance exams that students can opt for after the 12th to get admission to foreign universities. 

How to get into Oxford university from India? 

To study at Oxford University from India, students can opt for scholarship programs like The Felix scholarships. 

How much money is required to study in Canada for Indian students? 

The cost of study in Canada for Indian students ranges from INR 3,50,000 to 19,00,000 per year. The amount depends on the type of the course and the university. 

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