Top 15 best engineering courses for better salary and career in 2022

Top 15 best engineering courses for better salary and career in 2022

In India Engineering is the most lucrative career option that attracts a huge number of students. For the past few decades, most parents have wanted their children to pursue engineering. Is each engineering course equally best? No, the fact is each course has its own significance. In this blog, we’ve discussed the best engineering courses that will enable you to obtain a better salary and a successful career. 

Among so many engineering courses available, selecting the one that will be best for you becomes crucial. It’s important that before you opt for a particular course, consult a career expert who can guide you in the right way. SeekEx provides access to the experts who provide you knowledge about various courses and thus align the best one according to your requirements. 

What is Engineering? 

The branch of science and technology that is concerned with the building and designing of various machines and structures is termed Engineering. This is a four years long professional degree program that provides B.Tech degrees or Bachelor of Engineering degrees to the students upon completion.

Engineering courses mainly focus on scientific theories and concepts related to a particular subject. Some of the famous types of engineering courses are mechanical engineering, computer science engineering, aerospace engineering, electrical engineering, communication engineering, etc. For a successful career, one must choose the best engineering course in the field of interest.

These days the demand for individuals with engineering degrees is rising. Due to the constant rise in technological inventions and ideas more job opportunities are available. Globally, it is one of the most demanded fields. Hence, students who decide to pursue engineering courses have great scope in their careers. 

Engineering Courses-Eligibility

Engineering Courses Eligibility

To get admission to the best engineering courses, you must meet the eligibility criteria. Different engineering courses have different requirements. Moreover, eligibility criteria may differ depending on the colleges to which you are applying. The engineering aspirants must score certain percentage marks to get into the admission process of the best engineering courses. Let’s check out the eligibility criteria in brief for each type of engineering course. 

1. For undergraduate Engineering courses

  • Candidates must pass class 12 with at least 60% marks for seeking admission to the undergraduate courses. 
  • Candidates to pass class 12 in the science stream with subjects like Maths, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry.
  • On the basis of entrance exams admission is granted to the candidates. However, some institutions select candidates on the basis of merit.  

2. For Postgraduate Engineering Courses

  • To pursue a postgraduate degree in the best engineering courses, candidates must obtain 60% marks in the bachelor’s degree.
  • The bachelor’s degree must be Bachelor in Engineering or Bachelor in Technology. 
  • Candidates can obtain admission to the courses through either entrance exams or on the basis of merit. 

List of top 15 best engineering courses for youngsters

best engineering courses

1. Computer Science Engineering 

With the advent of computer technologies, the demand for computer science engineers has increased manifold. In India, the IT industry is growing at an exceptional rate giving chances to computer engineers to get a huge number of job opportunities. The computer science engineering salary is quite higher than other branches of engineering. Today, almost everything around us has become digital so it is evident that the demand for computer engineers will always be there. Upon completion of the engineering course, candidates have career options like data analyst, cyber security specialist, data engineer, web developer, project manager, machine learning engineer, etc. 

This is one of the best engineering courses available for students who have completed their class 12th in science. Diploma, Bachelor in Engineering, and Master’s in Engineering courses are available for the students. Some of the subjects that students get to learn in computer science engineering courses are software development, coding, programming language, program management, etc. The skills in these subjects are highly required and the professionals are paid well. 

2. Electronics and Communication Engineering

Those who are interested in electrical circuits, signal systems, appliances, gadgets, and communication technology can opt to pursue electronics and communication engineering courses. Telecommunication is a field that is ever-growing and always full of opportunities for students. Some of the popular career options that one can have after completion of these courses are network engineer, software analyst, technical analyst, R&D software engineer, desktop support engineer, etc. This is one of the best engineering courses that enable you to get job opportunities in companies like ISRO, BEL, HPCL, etc. 

3. Information Technology Engineering

Information Technology engineering is quite similar to computer science engineering. It deals with subjects like Artificial intelligence systems, computing in mobile and website gaming, web applications, IT networking, computer systems, etc. The IT industry is constantly growing and with that, it has attracted a huge number of students to pursue engineering in this branch. In fact, IT is considered the best among other engineering branches

Some of the common career options that students have upon completion of the course are computer support specialist, machine learning engineer, software engineer, web developer, security analyst, database analyst, computer technician, etc. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Infosys, HP, and Dell hire information technology engineers so it can be considered one of the best engineering courses. 

4. Mechanical Engineering

Various industries require skilled professionals who can operate machinery. This is one of the best engineering courses that involve training regarding mechanisms to operate different machinery. This engineering course covers subjects like physics, material sciences, machinery applications, etc. If you are interested in automobiles, or the manufacturing sector then this course will be the right pick. 

Mechanical Engineering courses are available for diplomas, bachelor’s, and master’s. Upon completion of any of the mechanical engineering courses, you can expect to acquire career options like civil engineer, automobile engineer, manufacturing engineer, instrumentation specialist, construction engineer, etc. 

5. Electrical Engineering

Among all engineering courses, electrical engineering is not only the most preferred branch but it is also the most offered course by the colleges. Commonly, an electrical engineering course covers physics, circuit analysis, control systems, instrumentation, application, systems, etc. The common career fields available for the students after completion of this engineering course are telecommunication, technical engineer, electrical design engineering, electrical engineer, and a lot more. Popular companies like Siemens, BHEL, Reliance, Crompton Greaves, and other Industries hire electrical engineers. 

6. Civil Engineering 

One of the best engineering branches is civil engineering. It involves subjects like infrastructure, construction processes, maintenance, and planned architecture of the overall system. In countries like India, construction projects are continuously going on and that’s the reason demand for civil engineers is too high.  

Civil engineers are the ones who are responsible to build highways, bridges, metro, and all other construction projects that go on around us. Building, planning, and surveying are crucial aspects of a construction project that is performed by civil engineers. The subjects included in the civil engineering courses are construction mechanisms, construction technology, structural analysis, building design, etc. 

7. Chemical Engineering

The chemical engineering branch involves the study of chemical reactions and processes. Usually, industries like fertilisers, petroleum, pesticide, and the petroleum industry hire chemical engineers. It is one of the best engineering courses as after completion of the course you get the opportunity to work in many reputed companies like ONGC, ESSAR Oil Ltd., Reliance, etc. Mostly, students prefer bachelor in Chemical engineering courses and master in Chemical engineering courses.

8. Automobile Engineering

Automobiles have become a necessity in our life. Every day a huge number of vehicles comes on the roads. With the advent of electric vehicles, the need for automobile engineers has increased manifold. In the automobile engineering course, students study vehicle engines and other related components. Apart from that, students also learn about research, design, development, and testing of different types of vehicles. This is considered one of the top engineering courses where students can pursue a diploma, bachelor’s, or master’s degree courses. 

9. Biotechnology Engineering

Biotechnology engineering courses are preferred by the students who have completed their class 12 in science with PCB. This course deals with studies related to devices and equipment like lasers, surgical instruments, dialysis, ventilators, etc. Hence, the students opting for this course are responsible for conducting research, designing, testing, and developing various biotechnology equipment and devices. Diploma, Bachelor’s, and Master’s courses are available in this field. Students can opt for any of the courses and start their careers in this field. 

10. Agricultural Engineering

India is an agricultural country, so a huge section of its population is involved in the agricultural sector. With the use of new technologies, there can be growth in agricultural outputs. This is where agricultural engineers are required. In a country like India, agricultural engineering courses are considered one of the best engineering courses. The course involves studies related to the research, design, and development of various agricultural products and methods. These methods are applied to increase the productivity of the crops. 

11. Marine Engineering

If you are someone who is fascinated with ships and the sea then you should opt for a Marine engineering course. Students can opt for different courses be it a diploma, bachelor’s, or master’s. This course deals with concepts and operations of submarines, ships, boats, yachts, etc. Being a marine engineer you will be responsible for designing, producing, building, testing, and repairing ships, submarines, underwater crafts, and boats.

12. Mining Engineering 

Another popular branch of engineering is Mining engineering. This course mainly deals with underground mines of coal and other petroleum minerals. The career prospects in this branch of engineering are quite high. India is a reservoir of lots of precious minerals. Being a mining engineer, you will be responsible for discovering mines of coals and other petroleum minerals. Apart from that, the mining engineers also take care of the development of various methods of extracting minerals from the earth. This is one of the best engineering courses which is available in three different types: a diploma, bachelor’s, and master’s. 

13. Aerospace Engineering

With time airways have become a vital mode of transportation. Due to the increase in aircraft, the demand for aerospace engineers is also increasing day by day. This course covers concepts related to the development of spacecraft, missiles, aircraft, etc. A student who desires to get into this field may opt for a diploma course in Aerospace engineering or a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace engineering. Being an aerospace engineer you will be responsible for planning, designing, researching, and production of spacecraft, satellites, aircraft, etc.

14. Industrial Engineering

Another crucial branch of engineering is Industrial engineering. With the advent of so many different types of industries, the requirement for industrial engineers has increased manifold. In the industrial engineering course, candidates learn about the research, design, development, implementation, and maintenance of different manufacturing processes. This course includes subjects like data structure, production control, planning, costing, welding, industrial process, engineering graphics, physics, etc. 

15. Robotics Engineering

Among all other engineering courses offered by universities/ colleges across India, Robotics is one of the best engineering courses that focus on research, development, design, testing, operation, and management of robots. Different types of robots that students learn about are autonomous robots, medical robots, service robots, humanoid robots, etc. Students have to first opt for a Bachelor’s course in robotics engineering and then masters in robotics engineering.

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How can SeekEx help?

How can SeekEx help

Engineering is a vast subject and there are a huge number of engineering courses. Most of the engineering courses focus on designing engines and structures, the building of machines, and a lot more aspects that impact common life. Over the last decades, engineering has become one of the most famous career options. Parents look upon their children to opt for Engineering and earn a better salary. 

Will pursuing an engineering course will render a secured career? No, you must choose the right course for a perfect career. To determine the best engineering courses after the 12th, you must have complete knowledge about the career prospects that the course includes. Career experts on SeekEx are there to help you out with the right guidance to choose the best course and have a complete career plan. 

Only when you are aware of your preferences you can align them properly with the subjects of the courses and select the best engineering courses. Suppose you are interested in manufacturing and you choose biotechnology then that would be something that is not of your interest. You will not be able to give your best to learn those subjects. So, always consult a career expert and seek relevant guidance before pursuing an engineering course. 


In this blog, the top 15 best engineering courses are mentioned in brief. Engineering is a vast subject and hence there are many more courses that are available for engineering students. If you find the right match of course from the list mentioned here you can choose one. However, it’s always recommended that before pursuing any particular course you should always consult career experts. 

Selecting the right engineering course will render an opportunity to have a secured career in the future. Moreover, a student should never pursue an engineering course just because their parents or friends want it. In that situation, it is essential to consult a career expert who can guide you on the right path. Hence, avail career consultation on SeekEx and choose the best engineering courses to grab a high-paying job and have a bright career!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which engineering course is considered best in 2022?

A. Computer science engineering and Information technology engineering are considered the best engineering courses. However, each course has its own significance and renders equal opportunities.

Can I pursue an engineering course after the 10th?

No, a candidate must pass class 12 in science to pursue an engineering course. 

What is the average salary of engineers in India?

The average salary of engineers in India lies between 3LPA- 5LPA.

What are the popular entrance exams for engineering courses in India?

JEE, GATE, and NATA are some of the popular entrance exams for engineering courses in India. 

Which engineering entrance exam is the best?

Joint Entrance Examination (Main) is the best engineering entrance exam in India.  

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