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Top Career Options After 12th Science | Courses After 12th Science -SeekEx

Top career options after 12th science Courses After 12th Science

Every young mind has a common question, what’s after 12? If you’re someone who is in 12th science you may be confused among so many professions that are available in your field. 

Do you know which one is the highest paying or which one is as per your preferences? 

Confused! One step solution is getting career guidance from career counsellors! 

The career counselling platforms like SeekEx have experts who have the required expertise to provide guidance regarding career options after 12th science. It’s obvious that you will face confusion while deciding your career. But with career guidance, you can easily choose the right path as per your interest and thus build a productive career in it. 

Most importantly, you will be able to enjoy your profession without any difficulty. This blog explains the available career options after 12th science. Scroll down to have an idea about the different career options that are available for science students. 

What does the science stream include? 

Students who want to have a career in the medical field, scientific study, or career in non-medical science fields prefer the science stream. Before understanding which career options after 12th science, you should opt for. It includes a combination of subjects like physics, computer science, Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry. These subjects come under the science stream because all of them encompass elements of scientific theories. 

Career guidance for career development is extremely necessary. And, the career options in science are mostly for those who have a technical mind and always prefer an analytical approach. The Science stream has lots of lucrative career options but you have to choose the right one among them for a secured future. With proper career guidance, this purpose can be easily accomplished. Let’s explore various career options and try to analyse which career option is best after the 12th.

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Career options after 12th science PCM

Broadly in class 12, the science stream is divided into two parts. The first part is the medical and the second one is the non-medical. The non-medical section of the science stream includes Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry subjects. The scope of this section of students is equally lucrative as another one. Often students get puzzled among all these options. That’s the reason they must opt for career guidance after the 12th. Only with proper guidance, you can understand the pros and cons of each career option and determine what’s best for you. Let’s discuss some of the popular career options and find out which career options is best after 12th science: 

  1. Engineering

The most popular and the most preferred degree course after 12th science is Engineering. It offers the students lots of specialisations as well as has many lucrative job opportunities. Some of the prominent branches are computer science, electrical, civil, mechanical, and electronics. Lots of colleges and universities offer these branches and allow you to gain knowledge in these fields. To know in detail about all the branches opt for career counselling. A proper counselling session will clarify all your doubts and help you choose the best career option. 

Apart from these known fields, nowadays there are many new emerging fields. Irrespective of university or country the course duration of BE or BTech remains the same is 4 years. Get the best career guidance after 12th to understand all the details in the right way. The criteria for studying abroad is that you have to appear and meet the qualification criteria of English proficiency tests like PTE, IELTS, TOEFL. These criteria may differ according to the country and the university. If you want to know which exam is for which university and which career options after 12th science, you should gof for then seek career guidance. 

  1. Architecture Courses

With new settlements coming in every other day, more and more people are getting employed in the architecture field. These days, many students want to pursue a course in this field after 12th science. B. Arch (Bachelor in Architecture) provides the students pursuing it the intricacies of designing a layout. If you want detailed information on this, get career guidance after intermediate

After the course, they learn about the process of various physical structure construction including buildings, hospitals, schools, etc. The duration of this course is 5 years and is offered by many popular universities across the world. In the process of finding which career options after 12th science, most often this course is mentioned by the career counsellors. If you genuinely want to get a detailed explanation about this course then go for career counselling online. 

  1. Computer Science Courses

Another popular course that is quite much in trend these days is computer science courses. The criteria for opting for these courses is that you must have computer science along with PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) as a combination of subjects in 12th science. In the computer science courses the students are able to gain information in the subjects like Database systems, Java, C++ and thus incorporate students with various technical skills. Before deciding whether this career option after 12th science is best for you, you must completely opt for career counselling from the experts. 

  1. Aviation

The careers options in the aviation field are also quite lucrative be it the career of an Aviation engineer or a commercial pilot. As it was not a popular option until this time when the aviation industry was booming, many students don’t find much information related to this field. Free career counselling for students will clear all your queries and tell you how you can pursue a career in this field after completing class 12 in science. With proper counselling you can determine which career options after12 science is good to you. Also, you get to know the process and the criteria to get into this career. 

  1. Information Technology

Information technology includes all aspects of management and processing of information. The IT professionals are the ones who are responsible to design, develop and manage computer-related hardware, software, and most importantly network. 

These days, it is one of the booming professions across the world. Free career counselling online allows you to find out the requirements to get into this profession after class 12 science. Moreover, it is among the high-paying jobs in the science stream. To find whether this profession is suitable for you or which career option is best after 12, get the help of the career counsellors online.

  1. Computer Application Courses

Those students who have opted for a PCM combination of subjects along with computer science usually opt for computer application courses like BCA(Bachelor in Computer Application). For a profession in this field, you must have knowledge of basic fundamentals and programming concepts. The best career guidance after 12th will ensure that you find unbiased details about the courses.

By further studying the course, you will be able to learn and master different computer languages. There’s wide scope for those who want to pursue computer application courses. With career guidance after 12, you will not be able to understand the scope of this course but the counsellors will analyse your requirements and help you to find out right career option 12th Science.

These courses are only a few such courses that are highly preferred by students nowadays. However, there are a huge number of courses apart from these ones that you can opt for to have a highly successful future. Before you proceed with any of these options you must know what’s  the best  career options after 12th Science is great for you. Thus, career counselling plays a vital role in this process. With the right career guidance, you can make the right decision regarding your career. 

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Career options after 12th Science PCB

When a science stream student opts for Biology along with Physics and Chemistry then they have a different set of career options available. Most of the options are in the medical field. Thus, those students who are looking for CBSE career guidance after class 10th must pursue Biology after 10th to get into the medical field. 

Some of the career options in this field require you to clear NEET(National Eligibility Entrance Test) whereas some options don’t require you to clear this test. In this blog, we’ll discuss both types of career options in brief so that you can easily determine which career options after 12th science is good

career option is best after 12th science with neet and without Neet

Career options in the medical field with NEET exam

If you are interested to get into the medical field then you must know that there are two ways to pursue a course in this field. One of the ways is to clear the NEET exam and become eligible for the courses that have the criteria of NEET. Here we shall discuss the list of courses that are popular and requires you to clear the entrance exam of NEET:

  1. MBBS

MBBS is one of the most popular courses across the world. Basically, it includes Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. The first preference of all the science stream students with Biology is always MBBS. After completing class 12 in science students can choose this as a career option. To check out which career options  after 12th science then you must consult an expert. The career expert will also explain to you the job roles that you can expect after completion of the course. So, it’s advisable that before you opt for this, get free online career counselling after 12th.

  1. BHMS

After MBBS the second most favorite course of the Biology students is Bachelor’s Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery. It is the study of homeopathic medicines that are related to curing the human body with the use of natural substances like plants, herbs, and various types of minerals. While determining which career options is best after 12th science PCB this is the preference of many students. If you are curious to know what is the scope of this course and how successful a career you can have after the competition of the course then opt for career guidance after 12th science from recognized experts. 

  1. BDS

Bachelor of Dental Science was not so popular course in the earlier days. But nowadays more and more people are realising the importance of dental care and that’s generating the demand for dentists across the world. If you can’t understand career options after 12th science and you are curious to study orthology or prosthodontist then you can pursue this course. It includes studies related to dental organs. Thus, you can opt to become a dentist or a dental surgeon. Career counselling after 12th will allow you to get more information related to this course. 

  1. B.Pharm

Bachelor’s of Pharmacy is for the students who want to make their career in the pharmaceutical field. Those who are keen to find out career options after 12th science can opt for this course. After completion of this course, you can either start your own pharmacies or pursue further studies related to chemical and medical salts. With free career counselling after 12th, you can easily understand the admission process and scope of this course. 

  1. BMLT

Bachelor in Medical Laboratory technology is not that popular course like MBBS yet it has lots of job opportunities. If you are interested to learn about the manufacturing process of medicines and medical instruments and trying to find career options after 12th science then you can opt for this course. Upon completion of this course, you can get placed in hospitals. Medical centers and laboratories. Before pursuing any course, you must get career counselling after 12th science and clear off all your doubts regarding all the career options. 

Career options in medical field without the NEET exam

Below mentioned career options are for the students of science stream with Biology as a subject. The options mentioned here don’t require you to clear NEET examination. You can pursue these courses without the NEET entrance exam

  1. Nursing

Nursing is considered a very noble profession. So, if you have the willingness to serve people then this profession is perfect for you. In this career your job responsibility you need to assist the doctors in various departments like ICU, CCU, ER, OT, etc. To understand your job responsibilities in detail, you must get career guidance for students after 12th. The career counsellors will guide you with the admission process and also help you to analyse the job opportunities available after nursing. Further, if you face difficulty in finding career options after 12th science, again they guide you in the right direction. 

  1. Biotechnology

In the last decade, a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology has become a quite popular preference among science students. It is perfect for students who want to find career options after 12th science where they don’t have to clear the NEET exam. This three-year undergraduate course includes molecular and applied biochemistry studies. For further details about biotechnology and related job opportunities get career counselling for students after 12th

  1. Food Technology

Bachelor’s degree in food technology includes the study related to food-related inception, food analysis, food microbiology, nutrition, and other things associated. If you’re in a dilemma about which career option is best after 12th science then this can be a perfect choice. After completion of the course, you can opt for government sectors exams and grab a government job. Career Counseling for students after 12th will enable you to get a detailed explanation of this job profile. 

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Other Career options after 12th science

Evolving career options after 12th science, career counselling after 12th science

  1. Honours Degree courses in Science

There are numerous honours degree courses of three to four years duration. These undergraduate degree programs allow students to study different selected specialisations of science stream. Generally, it is pursued by students who want to go ahead for further higher studies once they complete the undergraduate program. If you’re completely confused between best career options after 12th science then go ahead with any bachelor degree program. 

In this course, a student is provided knowledge about a major subject in which they become an expert. The subjects that are essential for pursuing the course completely depend upon the specialisation that you are opting for. However, it’s expected that students might have studied Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, IT, and English. To get a detailed explanation about the opportunities after completing a degree program, obtain online career counselling after 12th

  1. Forensic Sciences

The course in forensic science is quite interesting and adventurous. If you are such a person who loves adventure and trying to find right career options after 12th science, then go for forensic science. Forensic science technicians are the ones who help in the process of criminal investigations. Basically, their job is to collect the evidence and examine it. You are expected to work at unusual hours and work at the crime scene. Determine whether this career option is appropriate for you or not with help of career counselling for 12th students.

  1. Data Scientist

Across India, the job role of a data scientist is high in demand. As per this role you have to collect, analyse and interpret a large amount of data. If you are keen to learn, adapt, and perform professionally and trying to choose best career options after 12th science then this is the one that you must choose. The scope of this course is quite high in India so get all details related to it from the counsellors when you opt for free career guidance after 12th.

  1. Management Courses

For those who are confused between career options after 12th science, they must know that after completing 12th class they also have a domain of commerce and management open for them. By studying this course you have multiple lucrative career options available. Be it Business Administration hospital management or Healthcare management you can expect to get a high salary after completion of these courses. Some of the popular options are Bachelor of Management Studies, Bachelor of Hotel Management, Integrated MBA, Bachelor of Business Administration, and hospitality management courses. To understand each of these courses in detail get career guidance for 12th students

  1. Arts, Design, and Media Courses

Although some students tend to complete their class 12 with the science stream, they tend to have an inclination towards creativity. Designing, writing, painting are some of the pursuits in this field. If you are one who has such skills and trying to find which career options after 12th science to go forthen opt for a career in the creativity or media field. There are lots of short-term courses as well as degree programs like Bachelor of Fine Arts, BA in Journalism and mass communication, Fashion Technology Courses, and a lot more. To pursue some of these courses you have to qualify for certain entrance exams. Get guidance after 12th from career experts to know each course in detail. 

Various entrance exams for 12th science students

The science stream students have to prepare for various entrance exams to pursue certain courses. If you are in class 12 science, then you must know about various entrance exams and their purposes in detail. Although you get a clear view of the details when you get career guidance after 12th science in biology or physics. Here is the list of common entrance exams for science stream students:

  • NEET Entrance exam: NEET entrance exam is for the students who want to get admission to undergraduate medical courses in government and private colleges. This entrance exam is conducted by NTA(National testing Agency). Even for studying abroad this qualification is mandatory. Get career guidance after 12th bio maths to understand whether you’re eligible for this entrance exam. 
  • AIIMS Entrance Exam: This entrance exam is conducted by AIIMS(All India Institute of Medical Science). If you want to pursue a good career after completing 12th science in the medical field then you can opt for this. It allows you to get into different AIIMS Institutes present across the country. 
  • CET Entrance Exam: The main purpose of the Common Entrance Test is to allow admissions of students to the first year or first semester of full-time courses in different medical courses as well as dental and engineering courses in various states of the country. However, it’s essential that you prepare well to clear this entrance exam. If possible get career guidance after 12th in Hindi to prepare well for the examination. 
  • BVP Entrance Exam: The main purpose of the Bharati Vidyapeeth University Common Entrance Test is to allow students to get admission to B.Tech. This entrance exam enables the students to get admission to those colleges that are affiliated with BVP university. Around 750 seats are available in every stream so make sure you get proper career guidance for commerce students after 12th as well as science students after 12th to understand the right ways to prepare for the entrance exams. 
  • TS EAMCET Entrance Exam: EAMCET is an Engineering Agricultural and Medical Common entrance test that is held in the state of Telangana where it is known as TS EAMCET. The main purpose of this examination is to get admission into various colleges in the field of Engineering medicine and Agriculture in the colleges present in these states. Get career guidance after 12th BIPC to explore the tips to qualify for this entrance exam. 
  • AP EAMCET Entrance Exam: AP EAMCET is an entrance examination that is conducted for admission to engineering, agricultural and medical programs. These are the programs that are provided by private and public colleges in Andhra Pradesh State. Every year the examination is held once. Those who want to seek admission in the colleges of Andhra Pradesh must get proper 12th career guidance for the tips from the experts to qualify the test. 
  • KEAM Entrance Exam: Just like other entrance exams mentioned above Kerala Engineering, Agricultural, and Medical Entrance Exam is for providing admission to the candidates in the BTech courses across Kerala’s government and private colleges. This entrance exam is conducted by the commission of entrance examination annually. Get proper CBSE career guidance to understand the significance of NCERT books for the entrance exams. 
  • BHMS Entrance Exam: Those candidates who are confused between career options after 12th science and want to pursue homoeopathic medicine must clear the BHMS entrance exam, which is the Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and surgery entrance exam. Career guidance after 12th science PCB is necessary to understand the key highlights of this entrance exam. 
  • BMLT Entrance Exam: After passing class 12 with science, those students who are interested in studying lab equipment and laboratory diagnostics techniques should opt for BMLT entrance exam. AIIMS Paramedical, JIPMER paramedical, PGIMER Paramedical are the entrance tests conducted for BMLT. Opt for career counseling after 12th science for understanding the steps in detail.   

How career counselling on SeekEX helps in making the right selection?

Seekex Career Cousnelling App

Deciding the course and planning the entire career after class 12 is not that easy. As there are so many career options available, you may get confused in finding the right career option for you. Often your friends, family members, and parents may suggest you some options but you shouldn’t rely on their advice without getting career guidance after intermediate. These days getting advice from professionals has become quite easy. Career counselling platforms like SeekEx help you to get in touch with the experts in no time. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect when you get help from SeekEX’s experts:

  • Identify your career goals: After plus two career guidance you can easily plan for your future. The experts provide you with all the details of the job responsibilities and the trends. Accordingly, you can define your future career goals. If you’re one who wants to find which career options after 12th science to take, then take help from SeekEx’s professionals.
  • Determine various options: Science is a vast subject with a huge number of career options. Career guidance after 12th MPC becomes essential to explore various options and determine the one that’s best for you. The professional career counsellor will help you to understand the scope and align your interests with the available options.
  • Unbiased information: If you want to find out which Career option you should choose, then you usually tend to seek information from different places. At very few places you can find unbiased information. When you obtain career guidance after 12th PCM you will have clear and unbiased insights about the options. Thus, you can easily figure out what you want from your career. Most importantly it will clear your doubts about the right career options after 12th science

Summing up

All the career options in the science stream are highly prestigious and professional. Science is a vast subject and thus includes a huge number of career routes for students after 12th. This blog might have cleared some of the doubts of the students who keep wondering which career options after 12th science to choose

Want to evaluate your interests and align them with the available career options? Why wait? Approach the career experts on the SeekEx app! Get answers to all your career-related queries!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which career option is best after 12th for the students with PCM?

Usually, students with PCM, prefer Engineering. However, there are many other courses that you can opt for. Get information about these opportunities with career guidance after 12th.

Which entrance exam is popular for medical students?

NEET entrance exams and AIIMS entrance exams are popular exams for those who want to have a career in the medical field.

I want to study homeopathy. Which entrance exam is for homeopathy?

Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery(BHMS) entrance exam allows you to study homeopathy.

Can I get into defense services after completing my 12th in science?

Yes, you can easily opt for defense services as a career option after 12th science. To find which career option is best after 12th science gets proper counselling from the experts.

Which career option is best for 12th science PCB without NEET entrance exams?

Nursing, Biotechnology, and food technology are a few career options that are best for 12th science PCB without NEET entrance exams.

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