Top Humanities Courses After 12th | List of Courses After 12th Humanities – SeekEx

Top Humanities Courses After 12th | List of Courses After 12th Humanities – SeekEx

Do humanities have enough scope in careers? In the era of science and technology, this question is common in the minds of students. If you are someone who is interested in humanities but fearing about the scope of courses after 12th humanities then this blog is for you. Read this blog to find top humanities courses after 12th and determine their scope to have a bright career.  

Humanities is the most versatile career path as there are a huge number of courses that students can pursue after completing their 12th in Arts. With the humanities courses, students get a sensible approach to understand various levels of humanities and hence acquire a perfect career path. Some of the popular career options are law, literature, political science, sociology, psychology, political science, and many more.  

As so many options are available, usually students get confused about which course would be the best. Making the right selection of humanities courses after 12th is essential for having a bright future. Only a career coach can analyse your preferences and align them with the available courses. SeekEx renders access to the career experts who guide you to make the selection of the courses. Not only courses, but they also provide a complete career roadmap to have a successful career. 

Scope of Humanities after 12th

A wide spectrum of opportunities is available for students who complete their class 12 in Arts. Through this course, students facilitate essential skills to appear in the most competitive exams. Some of the job roles that are available are editor, multimedia specialist, digital marketing specialist, data linguist, psychologist, archivist, etc. Pursuing top humanities courses after 12th increases the number of domains in the employment sector. Apart from all other courses, there is a huge range of BA courses that humanities students can pursue and have a successful career.  

List of top humanities courses after 12th

List of top humanities courses after 12th

Humanities is one of the major academic streams. Students pursuing Arts subjects learn about various fields like history, art, culture, music, and religion. It provides exposure to different aspects of society. If you are interested in the humanities field but wondering which course options after 12th humanities are the best for a successful bright career then check out the list of courses mentioned below:

1. Bachelor of Arts (Archaeology)  

The Bachelor of Arts ( Archaeology) deals with topics related to the strengths of Archaeology and ancient history. Ancient history is a study related to analysing material culture. The focus of the subject is on understanding the past of human life. Those who are interested in this field can apply for the course. This humanities course after 12th includes lectures, projects, field visits, independent research, laboratory practicals, tutorials, and fieldwork. It is a three-year bachelor’s course in the field of humanities. 

2. Bachelor of Arts (Economics) 

In the list of courses after class 12 Arts, Bachelor of Arts (Economics) is one of the most preferred courses. This is a 3 years undergraduate course in which students can apply after completion of their class 12 from a recognised board. The course curriculum includes nature, scope, structures, markets, theories, and trade. Once you complete a Master’s degree you can start your career as an economic consultant, compensation and benefits manager, analyst, economic consultant, actuary, policy analyst, etc. 

3. Bachelor of Arts (English)   

Students who want to have a career in the field of literature or communication can opt for a Bachelor of Arts(English) course. This course deals with the art of writing and understanding literature. You must have a strong background in English for pursuing this humanities course after 12th. Apart from imparting knowledge about English literature, this course also renders knowledge in the field of linguistics, composition, communication studies, etc. Usually, the eligibility criteria for this course require a student to pass class 12 in any stream from a recognised board. The course duration is 3 years, after which you are eligible to pursue a career as an author, interpreter, translator, freelance writer, proofreader, etc. 

4. Bachelor of Arts (Geography)

Bachelor of Arts in Geography is a three years course that deals with different geographical aspects. In these courses, students learn about different aspects of the earth and its inhabitants. Apart from gaining knowledge about Earth, students also get to know about various other topics like vegetation, planting, soil, climate, etc. Additionally, students learn to conduct independent research on different topics and analyse important concepts of geography. The main aim of this undergraduate degree program is to produce geographers who are skilled in the field of economics and social geography. Upon completion of this course option after 12th humanities, students are eligible to work in industries like agriculture or tourism. Such candidates are also hired at educational institutions as teachers. 

5. Bachelor of Arts (Hospitality and Tourism)

With globalisation, there is a significant expansion of the hospitality and tourism sectors. A huge number of tourists visit India every year and that enhances the need for employees to manage these tourists. The Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality and tourism enables the students to learn about planning, management, travel sciences, conventions, food, recreation, and much more. This humanities course after 12th is a 3 years undergraduate program. Upon completion of the course, the candidates have the opportunity to acquire jobs in hotels, resorts, hospitals, etc, 

6. Bachelor of Arts (Mass Communication and Journalism)

Today, the media plays an important role in our lives. BA in Mass Communication and Journalism enables the students to acquire basic journalistic skills in various sections of mass media. Students who want to pursue this humanities course after 12th must pass class 12th in any stream and have English as a compulsory subject. This course offers the opportunity to the candidates to work as a TV correspondent, director, producer, photojournalist, columnist, editor, etc. 

7. Bachelor of Arts (Physical Education)

BA in Physical Education is a 3-year undergraduate course that teaches students various subjects and science associated with physical education and medicine. To pursue this course, a candidate must pass class 12 from a recognised board with at least 50% in aggregate. This humanities course after 12th is suitable for those who are ready to have a career in fitness, sports, and education. The job role of these candidates will be to render valuable skills to people to remain physically fit. 

8. Bachelor of Science(Fashion Designing)

Yes, a bachelor of science is also available for humanities students. If you desire to be a fashion designer then you can pursue a fashion designing course from any reputed institution. In this 3-year graduate program, students learn to create original designs in apparel, footwear, jewelry, etc. You can get a huge number of jobs and career opportunities after 12th Arts with this course. Some of the popular career options available are costume designer, personal stylist, entrepreneur, fashion designer, and a lot more. 

9. Bachelor of Arts (Political science)

This humanities course after 12th deals with theoretical and practical aspects of politics. It provides knowledge and analysis of the political system and political behaviour. A candidate pursuing this course learns about politics both from a national and international point of view. If you want to opt for this course then you have to pass class 12th from a recognised board. It is a 3 years course that focuses on the historical and modern political system, government policies and procedures, public affairs, international relations, and much more.  

10. Bachelor of Arts (Sociology)

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology is another popular course in humanities that students pursue to have a bright career ahead. In sociology students are taught about human society’s development, structure, and functioning. The curriculum includes a study of specialised fields like comparative sociology, cultural sociology, collective behaviour, community, and behaviour. Students can opt for this 3-year undergraduate humanities course after 12th and start a career as an HR representative, guidance counsellor, social worker, sociologist, rehabilitation counsellor, and a lot more. 
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List of Diploma courses after 12th Humanities 

List of Diploma courses after 12th Humanities

Diploma courses are lateral courses that enable you to pursue courses of your choice. Numerous students pursue diplomas with different career objectives. As it is evident, lots of diploma courses are also available in humanities. There are many humanities courses after 12th that may not have degree programs but have diplomas. To start your career just after completing class 12th, pursue a diploma course and start your career successfully. Let’s check out the list of top humanities courses after 12th humanities:

1. Diploma in Interior Designing

The duration of a diploma in Interior designing course usually ranges between 6 months to 1 year and completely depends on the institute from which you are pursuing. Once a student completes this humanities course after 12th, they can start their career as an intern and get employed at various architectural consultancies and firms. Besides that, you are also eligible to work as a freelancer and create designs for different clients.

2. Diploma in Advertising and Marketing

Candidates pursuing a Diploma in Advertising and marketing get an opportunity to work with various media houses. They are responsible for researching and increasing clients for enhancing sales and engaging consumers in the process of product development. The course duration of a diploma in advertising and marketing is 1 year. 

3. Diploma in 3D Animation

On the basis of the institute offering a diploma in 3D Animation course, the duration ranges between 6 months to 1 year. Upon completion of this humanities course after the 12th, students get job opportunities in software companies, digital marketing agencies, digital designing companies, creative agencies, and other digital companies. A candidate can expect to earn a starting salary of up to 12000 INR after this course. 

4. Diploma in Event Management

Event planners are high in demand these days. They are the ones who are hired for conducting huge events such as ceremonies, brand promotions, conferences, etc. To start your career as an event manager, you must pursue a diploma in event management course from any recognised institute. Usually, the duration of this humanities course after 12th is 1 year.  

5. Diploma in Multimedia

With a diploma in multimedia, a candidate can get jobs in the domain of website and template design. Besides that, multimedia experts can also be hired by various creative and digital agencies in the job roles of an image editor, audio editor, graphic designer, etc. The course duration ranges between 1 year to 18 months depending on the institute from where you are pursuing the course. 

6. Diploma in Travel and Tourism

This is one of the popular courses in humanities studies that comes with huge scope. It is a 1-year course that provides the candidates the opportunity to work with various travel agencies, public transportation agencies, etc. You can easily get upfront office jobs at various travel agencies upon completion of  a diploma in travel and tourism. 

7. Diploma in Photography

Photography is no more limited to passion. Nowadays you can have a secured and prospering career as a photographer. A diploma in Photography is a short-term course that ranges between 3 months to 1 year. With skills in photography, you can get hired by various studios and fashion companies. Apart from that you also have the opportunity to get into the entertainment industry. 

8. Diploma in Various Languages

Another popular course option after 12th humanities is a diploma in various languages. It enables the candidates to acquire jobs in various regional newspapers and magazines. Moreover, if you prefer to pursue a diploma in foreign languages then you get the opportunity to work as a translator and interpreter. Apart from that, the candidates can also work as freelancers after completing this 1-year diploma course. 

Jobs and career opportunities after 12th Arts

Jobs and career opportunities after 12th Arts

A huge number of jobs and career opportunities are available for students who pursue humanities courses after 12th. Most of the students are recruited from the government sector. Those who are willing to pursue their creative passion as their career also have the opportunity to pursue such courses. Below mentioned are some of the popular career options that students pursuing humanities courses have:

  • Government jobs: The most common career path that humanities students choose after 12th is appearing for government exams and acquiring a government job. Both state and central governments have examinations for 12th Arts students. Usually, students prefer government jobs because of job security and higher pay scale. 
  • Hotel Management: While considering humanities career options, hotel management is also at the top of the list. As the hospitality sector always has vacancies to recruit young people, students pursuing hotel management courses have an opportunity to grab a job as soon as they complete the course. 
  • Fine Arts: Those students who are interested in cultural activities and want a career in that field can pursue Bachelor of Fine Arts. BFA is a humanities course that deals with studying and creating visual works of art. Some of the popular aspects included in this are painting, dance, theatre, photography, etc. The specialisations available for students pursuing BFA are cartooning, dance, graphic designing, cartooning, calligraphy, architecture, calligraphy, music, and a lot more. Usually, to pursue BFA the eligibility criteria is 12th pass, however, some universities may take an aptitude test for granting admission. 
  • Designing: Whether it is fashion designing or interior designing students with creativity can pursue these humanities courses after 12th and have a successful future. This field is for those who have a high sense of creativity and great visualisation power. Various colleges and institutions offer designing courses. 
  • Event Management: Another top career option for art students is event management. Various types of occasions are organised that require proper planning. With a proper event management course, you can work as an event manager to organise an event successfully. Apart from a creative mind, you need to have excellent management skills to be successful in this career. 
  • Digital Marketing: These days social media and other digital platforms play an important role in the product promotion process. If you want to be successful as a digital marketer, you must pursue a diploma course in that field. 

How can SeekEx help?

How can SeekEx help 4

Humanities is one of the major streams and there is a huge number of humanities courses after 12th. Apart from Bachelor’s and Diploma courses, students can also opt to study integrated programmes that will bring in more career opportunities for them. Making the right selection of courses will enable you to choose the right career path. Hence, SeekEx helps you to make the right selection. 

The career experts present on the SeekEx app will first analyse the efficiency of the student and their preferences. Accordingly, they determine the list of course options after 12th humanities that will be appropriate for them. When a candidate avail consultation from a career expert they explain each available course in detail along with the career opportunities you can have after its completion. Therefore, SeekEx’s career experts will guide you throughout the career roadmap and enable you to make the right career decisions. 


Students who are in class 12 or have recently passed are in a critical phase of life. If you have completed 12th in Arts then many people around you may say that the Arts stream doesn’t have too many career options. But the reality is that Arts courses are available in abundance. In this blog, we have already discussed some of the top humanities courses after 12th. If you want to know more about the mentioned courses or you are looking for some other courses then consult a career expert on the SeekEx app. SeekEx’s career experts guide you with a complete career roadmap and ensure you choose the right humanities course after 12th and have a bright career ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Humanities Course is high in demand?

Currently, humanities courses on hospitality & tourism, mass communication, and designing are high in demand. 

Does humanities provide a good career?

Wide spectrum of courses is available in humanities. Hence, one can have a good career in humanities. 

Can I pursue humanities after 10th?

Yes, after 10th, students can pursue humanities in class 12. 

What are salary packages after humanities courses after 12th?

The salary packages depend upon the courses the candidate is pursuing. However, government jobs have the highest pay packages.

What are the common types of humanities courses after 12th?

After 12th, humanities courses can be segregated into two sections: Diploma and Degree. Although integrated courses are also becoming popular. 

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