Top ITI Courses After 12th for all streams Explained – SeekEx

Top ITI Courses After 12th for all streams Explained – SeekEx

Are you eagerly searching, how to get government jobs? One of the best ways to get jobs, specifically government jobs, is through ITI courses. If you are a 12th pass student then you must remain aware of ITI courses after the 12th. This blog explains to you the top ITI courses and how they can help you to land a government job. 

Industrial Training Institutes(ITI) offers numerous courses for students. If you have completed your class 12th, then courses from ITI will provide training in various technical or non-technical streams. Depending on the type of course you select, you will have opportunities to work in different government sectors. Which course to choose from so many ITI courses after 12th? This is a common question and the simple answer to that is to look for help from experts on the SeekEx app. The career experts will first analyse your capabilities and accordingly suggest you the best ITI course. 

What are ITI courses?

What is ITI

ITI courses are the courses that aim to offer training to the student pursuing it, be it in a technical or non-technical field. By opting for ITI courses after 12th, you earn job opportunities just by completing class 10th or 12th. These courses are mostly vocational training courses that provide essential skills to the students to find an appropriate job after completing class 12. Even the students can opt to start a small-scale business with these acquired skills. Usually, the duration of the course ranges from 6 months to two years. It completely depends upon the nature of the course.  

ITI Full Information for students after 12th

Requirements for Taking Admission in ITI

Types of ITI Courses

Broadly, ITI courses after 12th can be classified into two parts one is engineering, and the other is non-engineering. Although there is another category of classification of courses which can be divided on the basis of the duration. Let’s check out the types of ITI courses on the basis of the first category:

  • Engineering Courses: The ITI courses after 12th that provide technical training to the students come under the category of engineering courses. To pursue these courses the students should have science and mathematics as their subjects in class 12. That’s the reason most science background students prefer engineering courses. 
  • Non-engineering courses: These are the types of ITI courses that provide opportunities to students from arts and commerce streams to receive training in various fields like fashion design and technology. It doesn’t require the student to be from specifically from any particular background. 

On the basis of the duration of ITI courses after the 12th, it can be classified into 6 months,1 year, 2 years, and 3 years courses. The ITI course duration may vary depending on the courses and their respective objectives. A skill development course can be completed in 6 months as there’s no need for intensive training. Whereas in the case of courses that include a significant amount of training, will have a longer duration of 2 years to 3 years.  

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Admission process for ITI courses after 12th

Each state has its own admission process to provide admission to the students to the ITI courses. Some states may conduct entrance exams whereas some states may grant admission on the basis of merit. For considering the merit of the students their class 12 marks are considered. In the case of the entrance exam, let’s first discuss the exam pattern and syllabus and the application process for the ITI courses after the 12th. 

ITI Entrance Exam exam pattern 

The ITI entrance exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions and the duration of the test is 3 hours. Questions of the entrance exam are from different sections like numerical ability, logical reasoning, general awareness, and English. Usually, the entrance examination is conducted in the month of August for all the states. However, in some states, it is conducted twice a year, one in the month of April and another in the month of August. Generally, the result of the exam is declared in the month of September. 

Syllabus of ITI entrance exam

Before appearing for the ITI entrance exam, you must know what is ITI course you want to apply for and what is the syllabus of the entrance exam. The syllabus of the ITI entrance exam includes topics of different subjects of classes 8, 9, and 10. Usually, candidates have to prepare for topics from the science, mathematics, English, reasoning, and general knowledge subjects of these classes. 

Eligibility Criteria for ITI courses

Typically, ITI courses include various diploma programs. Basic eligibility criteria have been designed by the ministry of skill development and entrepreneurship. These criteria are formulated taking into consideration the state government and union territories administration. Here are some of the essential eligibility criteria:

  • The minimum educational qualification for ITI courses lies between class 8 pass to class 12 pass.  
  • The minimum age limit to pursue these courses is 14 years. However, there’s no upper limit to the courses. 
  • In the case of widows or women separated from their husbands, the upper age limit is 35 years. 
  • In the case of ex-servicemen and widows of servicemen who were martyred on service, a relaxation of 5 years in the upper age limit is provided. 

Application process

To apply to the ITI course after 12th, the candidates have to undergo an admission process online through the official portal of respective state governments. Firstly, you need to visit the concerned state website and register using a valid ID proof and mobile number. Once you have successfully registered then complete the application form. To complete the process pay the application fees. For pursuing ITI in India, there is a certain fee exemption that is provided to physically challenged, war widows, and various other special categories of people.

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ITI courses list after 12th 

Top ITI course after 12th

Often 12th pass students who want to pursue ITI courses become confused while finding ITI best courses. It’s quite tough but equally essential to determine the best course for getting jobs in railways or government sectors. ITI courses not only allow you to get jobs in the government sector, but it also offers you numerous private-sector jobs. This is the list of top ITI courses after 12th for all streams including Arts, commerce and science:

  1. Electrician

Among various other ITI courses, the electrician course is one of the best. It’s so popular that almost every student is aware of it and the job opportunities after completing this course. You can pursue this course just after completing class 10. Preferably if you are from a science background in class 12 then this ITI course is perfect for you. There are huge job opportunities in railways for those who have completed their ITI course after 12th as an electrician.  

  1. Fitter

One of the most preferred courses by the class 12 science students is fitter. This is such a course that’s available in almost all ITI institutes across the country. If you want to find which ITI course is best for a high salary then the fitter course is the one that you must choose. Many students think that to pursue this course they need some specific skill sets. However, if you have basic knowledge of physics and other science subjects then you can easily opt for this course. Moreover, the eligibility to pursue this ITI course is 10th and 12th pass.

  1. Plumber

Many students want to find government jobs with less competition. This is an ITI course after 12th that opens up government job opportunities, especially in railways. Even in the private sector, the job of a plumber is one of the highest-paying jobs. Besides that, upon completing the ITI course of Plumber you have the option to start your own business related to fitting and fixtures of plumbing or plumbing services. Other than water pipelines, these days opportunities are also available for gas pipeline fittings and other similar categories. 

  1. Carpenter

The ITI course on carpentry is also another prominent course. One can opt for this course just after completing class 10. These days, the need for carpeting services has increased manifold. So, if you want a decent job in the government sector without facing too much competition then this is the ITI course after 12th that you must opt for. 

  1. Interior designing

The interior designing course comes under non-engineering types of ITI courses after 12th. Nowadays designing courses is quite high in trend. In that scenario, this course is one of the best on the ITI courses list after 12th. In this course, students are taught to create a layout and execute it. Further, they learn the ways to furnish an architectural interior. The training conducted in the interior designing course teaches the student the process to establish the mood of colours and lighting at a location for enhancing the beauty of that location. If you are looking for one of the high-paying ITI courses after the 12th then you must choose this. 

  1. Hair and Skincare

The courses related to hair and skincare are the types of non-engineering courses that are popular among the students. It is a one-year program where students are trained in various hair and skin care processes. Along with that they are trained to become beauty professionals. If you are interested in this field and have relevant skills, then you can opt for these ITI courses after 12th.  

  1. Painter

Again this is another non-engineering type of ITI course. If you are from an arts or commerce background then this course is appropriate for you. If you were wondering about ITI courses after 12th commerce then you can consider this. As it is a 2-year course, so once you complete this, you can expect to get jobs both in the public as well as private sectors. It trains individuals to apply paint, wallpaper, or other finishes and also teaches how to read blueprints and many more things. 

    8. Network Technician

The course for network technicians comes under the engineering type of ITI course. Like most of the other courses, it is also a 1-year course that offers a deeper understanding of hardware, system architecture, analysis, and implementation of hardware and network depending on the requirements of the business. If you have completed your class 12 with the science stream then this is one of the best options for ITI courses after 12th that you can opt for. 

    9. Dental Laboratory equipment

This is another engineering type of ITI course that has immense opportunities for students with science backgrounds. It is a vocational course of two years. The main objective of this course is to train students about the topics on the use of a full set of dentures for individuals, removal of partial dentures, and a lot more. It has a huge amount of job opportunities once a student completes this ITI course after 12th. 

    10. Computer Hardware and Networking

The computer hardware and networking is an engineering type of ITI course for a duration of 2 years. During this duration, the students learn about various technical skills that enable them to eligible to build computers from scratch. Apart from that, they also learn about the methods to manage and maintain the computer and network setups to maximise performance. This course is among those ITI courses after 12th that bring immense job opportunities. 

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Which ITI course is best for government jobs? 

ITI courses for Government Job

Industrial Training Institute(ITI) is a government organisation that aims to offer vocational training to Indian students who want to get government jobs. The Ministry of skills development and entrepreneurship and the Union government manages the ITI. Each year railways releases vacancies to recruit ITI students of all types. To get ITI full information you should consult career experts. Numerous government agencies prefer to hire students from ITIs. There are multiple job options in railways, telecoms, power plans, and a lot more. Often students get confused about which ITI courses after 12th will be best for acquiring a government job. That’s the reason we are sharing here a list of ITI courses that are best to get government jobs. 

  1. Electrical course 

Among all other ITI programs, the job of electricians is the most sought-after course. Once a candidate decides to opt for ITI courses after 12th and is from a science background, then they should opt for this course. There are huge job opportunities for students of ITI electrician course in railways as well as the private sector. Today, the profession of an electrical contractor is in-demand, and pursuing electrical courses from ITI will provide an excellent opportunity to earn a good living. Moreover, the course is quite simple for those who have knowledge of basic physics. 

Usually, an electrical course is among such ITI courses after 12th that lasts for a duration of one year. It provides knowledge about electric wiring, stationary machines, and other machines related to electrics. With the help of this course, individuals learn how to configure electronically controlled components of home equipment and routine repair and maintenance of daily used equipment. 

  1. Interior design and decoration course

The course of interior design and decoration is one of the famous ITI courses after 12th. These days many students have a liking for designing and thus opting for this course from ITI. Among the huge number of technical courses that ITI offers, this course is such a course that belongs to the arts field. Students who are looking for ITI courses 12th arts  can easily opt for this. 

The ITI course duration of the interior design and decoration course is also one year. So, if you have just completed your 10th grade or 12th-grade examinations, you can easily enrol for this course. Students learn about improving the interiors of the buildings and many other related topics. Government brings out openings for these positions and the perks and salaries of these job opportunities are also quite inviting.

  1. Digital Photography

These days the government is digitising its departments. In this move, there’s a huge requirement for professional digital photography. Besides the government sector, lots of digital photographers are also required for e-commerce companies and digital marketing companies. Hence, digital photography ITI courses after 12th  can bring in lots of job opportunities for the students. 

In the digital photography courses after 12th, students learn about photography, photo editing, photography shooting techniques, and video production. After completion of the course, you can easily opt for jobs in media houses or other departments of the government sector. 

  1. Baking Course

Usually, people have a perception that technical ITI courses after the 12th bring in more government job opportunities. But these days non-technical fields are equally demanding and the scope of these fields is also high. If someone has an interest in baking then this course from ITI can help them to acquire a job in a related field in the government sector. At the same time, people can create good earnings by getting into it professionally.

In the baking course of ITI, students are taught to create cakes, cookies, and other baked goods. It is a one-year training program where the students gain knowledge about the different processes of baking and confectionery. This course enables them to acquire knowledge and training and take up baking as a profession. Numerous government canteens have vacancies for this position. Unlike technical fields of ITI jobs, the competition in these fields is relatively less. So there’s a huge chance of getting a government job. 

  1. Network technician course

Over the years, the web has grown tremendously. Due to technological advancements, people can now easily connect with the internet. With each passing day, the importance of the internet is increasing exponentially. That increases the need for network technicians who are knowledgeable in this field. Hence network technician course is one of the best ITI courses after the 12th if you want government jobs after completion of the network technician course. 

After completing this course students become computer and network technicians and technology professionals. Usually, they assist people to get connected with internet services and most importantly in solving computer network issues. Typically, the duration of the course lasts from six months to two years. You can select the type, of course, you want to opt for. 

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How can SeekEx help in choosing the ITI career?

How SeekEx helps in Choosing Right ITI career

By selecting the right ITI courses after the 12th, one can easily have a successful career in ITI. If you can’t understand which course is right for you then first analyse your liking and consult an expert on SeekEx app. The consultants on SeekEx consider your preferences, qualifications, skills and suggest you appropriate ITI course. They also provide a career roadmap to achieve your goals. The experts also provide information about the government jobs related to that specific course.


In earlier days, people used to associate ITI jobs with technical jobs in the government sector. Still, the scope of technical jobs in government sectors is possible after completing an ITI course. But many non-technical sectors have boomed in the past few years. Irrespective of your stream of study in class 12, you can choose an ITI course after the 12th and have a successful job in a government or private sector. 

Do you want to find out which ITI course is best for you? Get career guidance from the experts on SeekEx and select the right ITI course for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which ITI course is best for a high salary?

A.ITI fitter course is considered the best for a high salary.

  1. Can I do ITI after 10?

A. Yes, there are numerous courses that one can opt for just after completing class 10.

  1. Is ITI a diploma or degree?

A.ITI is neither a diploma nor a degree. It is a vocational certification course. 

  1. Is there any age limit to pursue ITI courses after the 12th?

A. There’s no upper age limit to apply for ITI courses after 12th. However, the minimum age limit is 14 years.

  1. What is the duration of ITI courses?

A. Usually, the duration of ITI courses ranges from 6 months to 2 years. It completely depends on the type, of course, you want to pursue. 

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