What Are the Best Career Options After 12th? Everything Unlocked

What Are the Best Career Options After 12th? Everything Unlocked

What Are the Best Career Options After 12th Everything Unlocked

Career options after 12th is a hot topic for all students. Which option is the best? Is career guidance after 12  a mandatory step? These are some of the common yet crucial questions that come to the mind of almost every student at this stage. Read this blog to find out some of the common options and how you can select the right career option after 12. 

Deciding the career should start even before the 12th that is after completing 10th. This is the time when you decide your stream. On the basis of the stream that you chose, remaining all the career options after class 12 depends. Nevertheless, if you haven’t taken career guidance after 12 while deciding your stream still you have the option to seek proper guidance and select the right career path. 

Usually, students pursue their class 12 in three different streams namely science, commerce, and humanities. However, it is difficult to do comprehensive research on all the options that are available in all these streams. That’s where you need guidance from experts. The career experts on SeekEx have knowledge about different domains and related career options. They provide their guidance to align the career as per their interests and thus help you to become successful in it. 

Why is it difficult to select a career option after class 12 ?

Right Career Option and Guidance after 12th

The majority of students choose their careers randomly on the suggestions of their friends, parents, and relatives. It’s quite probable that while selecting that particular career option they are not aware of anything related to it. Ultimately, they are unhappy and can’t give their best. 

Are you aware that there are more than 600 career options available after 12th? That’s why most of the students have confusing answers about their career goals. It’s not because they are focused or they don’t have any idea about their goal. But it happens because they are not sure what steps they should take to exactly reach their dream goal. 

These days conventional undergraduate streams are still preferred by numerous students. However, many students prefer to opt for skill-based courses that belong to their personal choice and interest. 

One major factor that makes choosing a career option difficult is that students believe that their class 12 results will decide which option they should choose. This is absolutely incorrect! Your results can’t decide what’s good for you and what’s not. For better directions towards the right career goal, you should opt for career counselling sessions. 

Another reason that confuses students is that there are a plethora of options available like they can opt for diploma, certificate, and degree courses. This is overwhelming and at the same time too confusing. The best thing to do in such a case is to get the career guidance after 12 and follow the passion blindly.

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Career options after 12th science

Career options after 12th science

Usually, the students of class 12 tend to study physics and chemistry with either a combination of Mathematics or Biology. Upon completion of class 12 with these science subjects, they have a huge number of opportunities open. Selecting a single opportunity among so many is really difficult for the students. There comes the need for career guidance after 12th.

Whether you opt for PCM or PCB, Bachelor of science is a three-year educational program that’s common for both. PCM denotes the combination of physics, chemistry, and Mathematics in class 12 whereas PCB denotes the combination of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. There are different sets of career opportunities for both PCM and PCB students. All the students need to do is get proper career guidance after 12. Let’s check out these options one by one. 

Career options for students with PCM

The students who pursued PCM in class 12 have lots of career options. Among these options, they can select anyone as per their interests and skills. Career guidance after 12 science PCM becomes necessary to avoid confusion and choose the right profession. Here some of the common career options are mentioned for PCM students: 

  1. B.Tech

One of the most preferred courses for PCM students is Bachelor of technology. Upon completing the B.Tech course you have the choice of becoming an engineer in various fields like computer software engineer, automobile engineer, electronics and communication, civil engineering, and many more. Across India, the majority of science students opt for this. Though it’s not necessary that you choose this course as there are myriad of options available so get career guidance after 12th science and choose the best one.

The counsellors will also let you understand the job opportunities in this profession and which colleges will be best for pursuing B.tech.

  1. BCA

These days BCA is one of the trending courses as there are huge job opportunities in this. Bachelor of Computer Application is a 3-year course where you’ll study computer science. With technological advancements in every field, this is becoming a booming career option. So, if you want to establish your career in the world of digital and data then pursuing this course will be the best choice. You should opt for career guidance after 12 computer science courses to explore other options related to computer science. 

Even after completing BCA, you can acquire various other professional qualifications in the field of data science and machine learning. Apart from that, career options like graphic designing, website administration, and web development are also becoming popular. Get career counselling after 12 science to get a clear view about all other career options. 

  1. B.Arch

Bachelor’s degree in Architecture is again another popular course that students after 12 science opt for. However, these days it is less popular than B.tech and BCA because digitalization has brought in lots of opportunities in these fields. B.Arch is a five-year graduation course that provides knowledge related to building construction. To know more about this course get free online career counselling after 12

If you’re interested in getting into this field then get  guidance after 12. That’s because you must combine PCM with engineering drawing or computer science in class 12 for moving further in this field. To get into this course all students have to clear NATA, which is the National Aptitude Test in Architecture. This is a necessary step for getting admission in the recognised colleges. Career guidance after 12 mpc will let you know whether B.Arch will be the best career option  for you or not. 

These three most famous options of courses after 12 science PCM. But you may not choose any of these three and still have a successful and bright career with some other courses. Talk to the career consultants online and get career guidance for 12th students. This process will enable you to analyse your field of interests and thus choose a course that can satisfy your interests. 

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Career options for students with PCB

Students with a subject combination of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology have lots of options available. Here some of them are discussed:

  1. MBBS

Yes, of course as we all know medical is the most common field that students with PCB opt for. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery is a five and half years rigorous course that students have to pursue for becoming a doctor surgeon. Numerous specialisations are available in it that one has to choose for rewarding opportunities. 

You must opt for career guidance after 12 science biology to understand whether medical will be the best career option for you. Moreover, career counselling will also allow you to find out which specialisation has more scope and is according to your interests. Many medical professionals also shift from the field of treating patients to research and creating treatment options. Career counselling online will enable me to discover all the specialisations and also find out the best colleges for MBBS. 

  1. BDS

Bachelor in Dental Surgery seems to be another branch of medical students. This course is the one that allows you to become a dentist. Those students who want to become a doctor but don’t want to take too much pressure of becoming a surgeon must consider this course. Upon completing this course one can become a dental surgeon and have a quite successful career. 

You will be a certified doctor and hence have the option to either work in a hospital or start own practice. This depends on your career goals and your preferences. However, with proper career guidance after 12, you can easily make the right choice and understand what’s good for you. 


Another lucrative career option for biology science students is a Bachelor in Pharmacy. Basically, it is a four-year course and you can practice as a chemist once you complete this course. Those with a B.Pharma degree are preferred in medical companies as medical representatives (MR). They get a good salary package and also enjoy various other perks. Proper career guidance after 12 will enable you to find out whether this course is suitable for you or not. 

4.B.sc Nursing

B.Sc Nursing is a course for those students who want to get into the medical field to provide care to the patients. It is a four-year course that teaches the student all the techniques involved in taking care of patients suffering from different diseases. To pursue this course you have to clear entrance examinations that are conducted by various states and their respective colleges. Though you should get into this profile only if you’re interested. It’s recommended to get free career counselling and understand the job profile in detail.

  1. Paramedics

Several paramedical courses are available that students can pursue easily after completing their class 12 in science. These courses are usually specialised courses that are related to some particular domain. Just like doctors, paramedical professionals are equally in demand these days. Some of the common professions in this field are ECG technology, lab technicians, anaesthesia, etc. A minimum of four years of full-time study along with practice is necessary before you start your career in this field. To understand this career option in a better way, you must get career guidance after 12th from recognized and verified counsellors. 

All these career options are the ones that are most preferred by the students who have taken PCB as their combination in class 12. Career guidance after 12 science PCB is essential for students to decide the best career option and a perfect career plan to succeed in the career. 

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Career options after 12 Commerce

Career options after 12th Commerce

After class 10, students select one among three common streams that are science, commerce, and arts. Due to economic growth and excellence in the finance industry lots of students these days have an inclination towards the commerce stream. While in class 12, students tend to study Economics, Business Studies, Mathematics, and Accounts. Majorly the career options are based on these subjects. Therefore, students should get career guidance after 12 commerce to find out which is the best career option and thus proceed with that career path accordingly. 

  1. B.com

After completing class 12 with commerce the most common graduation course that students pursue is bachelor of commerce. Like any other graduation course, the duration of B.com is also three years. In this duration, lots of subjects like Accountancy, Business Statistics, Business organisation, Economics are taught. Though the course material may vary across the colleges and universities. However, upon completing B.com most students get confused about what to do next. So, taking career guidance for commerce students enables them to determine the scope of other courses and accordingly decide whether to pursue B.com or not.

  1. BBA

Those students who are more interested in getting into the management field rather than gaining academic knowledge should opt for a Bachelor of Business administration. Career counsellors also recommend this course if you want to pursue a Masters in Business Administration in the future. In fact, having an MBA degree with a BBA degree increases the scope of job opportunities. With proper career guidance after 12, you can understand how to grow in the field of management. A BBA course offers you knowledge about the dynamics of management and business administration.

Some colleges and institutes require you to clear entrance exams for pursuing BBA whereas some of them consider class 12 marks for admission. Career guidance for commerce students after 12 will let them understand the admission processes of different colleges. 

  1. CA

Many students opt for commerce stream and further accountancy subjects with a willingness to become Chartered Accountants or Cost Accountants. After completing class 12 students need to pass a fundamental course of either Charter Accountancy or Cost Accounting. Once they clear the fundamental course, then they can pursue the intermediate courses. CA is quite tough, so you must consider all other factors before pursuing it. Get career guidance after 12th for commerce students and have a brief discussion with the career counsellors. 

  1. CS

Many commerce students are interested in studying the financial and investment aspects of taxation. For such students, the company secretary course is appropriate. Through this course, they can gain knowledge about various company affairs and all other related aspects. You have to clear the company secretaryship course which is approved by ICSI, New Delhi. If you want to discuss this course with the experts and find out job prospects in it, then get career guidance after 12 from verified career experts. 

Therefore, these four are the main career options for commerce stream students. However, there are many more options than a commerce student can pursue after class 12. With free career counselling you can easily find out the options that are according to your preferences and career goal.

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Career options after 12 Arts

Career options after 12th Arts

Apart from the science and commerce stream, a huge number of students opt for the Arts stream too. In fact, the number of students who appear for class 12 arts is more in number than the other streams. The arts stream has varied career options that you can pursue. 

The best thing about this stream is the students can pick from a wide range of subjects combinations. So, if a student wants to pursue Bachelors of Arts then they must make the correct choice of subject combination. Proper career guidance after 12 Arts enables you to streamline the options and select the best one. The career experts also provide you knowledge which combination of subjects will make grabbing a job easier for the students. 

Several colleges across India have excellent faculties in Arts. So, before selecting colleges you must first determine your career goals. Usually, Arts students prefer to opt for BA and BA(Hons). But in the last few years, many students have had an inclination towards BFA, BJMC, BLib, and BSW. Let’s check out some of the courses that are commonly preferred:

  1. BA or BA(Hons)

For a long time and interestingly till today Bachelor of Arts is the most common course that students who pass with Arts in 12 opt for. Students can get admission in their dream subject either through direct admission or through clearing entrance exams conducted by colleges. If you want clear information on this, you must get proper career guidance after 12th humanities

  1. BJMC

These days Bachelor in Journalism and Mass communication is a quite popular course for not only Arts students but for all stream students. With the advancement of media and communication, the scope in this field is also high. Those students who want to get into the media industry must select this three-year degree course after their class 12. However, for understanding whether this field is appropriate for you or not, get free career guidance after 12. The experts will also help you to choose the right college and that will enhance your scope of jobs after the course. 

  1. BFA

Bachelor of Fine Arts is an appropriate course for students with an interest in drawing and painting. With this course after class 12 students can also make their career in the field of visual arts. Even for those who want to get into professions like digital marketing, content writing, this course can be a stepping stone. Though you must understand the system of cut-off marks and entrance examinations for admission. For that take career counselling after 12

These three courses are the ones that the majority of students opt for. However, there are hundreds of other courses in this field that students can choose and excel in their careers. Proper career guidance after 12 will not only guide students to choose the right course but will also guide you with excellent entrance exam preparation tips. The career expert will let you know whether studying NCERT books will be helpful or you shall follow some other books for entrance exams. 

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How to choose the right career option after 12th?

After completing class 12 with science, commerce or arts the biggest challenge for the students is to select the right career. There are a few steps that every student must follow irrespective of their stream for finding out the best suitable option and having a great career in the future. 

Definitely, the first step will be taking career guidance after 12 from a verified expert. The experts will guide you to follow the following steps:

  1. Research your interests

Now, your class 12 is over, there will certainly be some subjects that fascinate you. Irrespective of your stream, research and find out the subject that you would like to study by heart. Often you may encounter some obstacles while finding out your favorite subject. Don’t worry in that scenario the career counsellors are there to help you out. Once you decide on the subject that you like then the experts will recommend you the career opportunities that are available. 

  1. Understand the course

On the basis of the subject that you selected, the career experts will help you to decide the course that you can pursue. It’s essential to understand the course details and the admission process. Apart from that with free career counselling after 12, you can also understand the job opportunities that you can have when you pursue that course. 

  1. Understand the future prospects

One of the major factors for deciding on a course and college is its future prospects. This is especially required when you are choosing some other courses other than the typical ones. You should opt for a course that matches your preferences but if it doesn’t have great job opportunities then it is of no use. Therefore, taking career guidance after 12 will enable you to understand the future prospects of a course. 

  1. Consider the finances

Wishing to pursue a course doesn’t imply that your financial background will always allow you that. Some students may have a strong financial background so they can go for the course that they prefer easily. Though there are many students who don’t have that strong financial background. For these students, there are alternative courses. A career counsellor provides you with all the information related to finances. They also guide you about the courses that require less finance and have great job opportunities. 

Why is SeekEx beneficial for career guidance after class 12?

Why is SeekEx online consulting app beneficial for career guidance after class 12

You’ve completed your schooling and also class 12. Even after studying a particular stream for 2 years, you’re still confused about your career? 

At times students are clueless about their own preferences and continue to pursue the stream or course that majority of students opt for. This is the biggest mistake they make. Then what should they do? Proper career guidance for students after 12 will enable them to make the right career choice. However, at times choosing a career counsellor also becomes a challenging task. 

These days there are a huge number of websites and apps that claim to provide the best career guidance after 12. But can you rely on all? No, not at all! Only a few of them are genuine. SeekEx app is one of them! Let’s check out the benefits that you will get upon consulting the career experts on the SeekEx app:

  • Make better career decisions: SeekEx: Career Consulting App has excellent career experts who have been providing CBSE career guidance for years. Irrespective of the board of your studies you can choose the experts and find out the course that will be appropriate for you. Along with that, the counsellors will let you know about the colleges and universities that are best for the course and the admission process of the respective colleges. 
  • Enables you to identify your strengths and weaknesses: For every student knowing their strengths and weaknesses is the first step towards success. When you avail career counselling for students after 12 from an expert on the SeekEx app, you get some tests. These tests are provided with the aim to identify your strengths, weaknesses, interests, and personality. You can understand yourself and thus determining suitable career options becomes much easier.
  • Helps in understanding your requirements: Some students have the opportunity to study abroad whereas some students need to take financial responsibility for their families. So, the requirements and background of every student differ. Through online career counselling after 12, you can determine the areas that you are good at and the skills that you lack. While providing career counselling for students after 12th the experts guide the students through the courses by which they can overcome the skills that they lack.
  • Offers guidance about newly introduced courses: Almost everyone is aware of the common courses that one may pursue in a particular stream. Sometimes there are courses that are newly introduced but have huge scope. Without class 12th career guidance, you would opt for a regular course and face huge competition with your peers. However, if you take after plus two career guidance from SeekEx, then you can easily gather information about the new courses and enhance your opportunity to get a job easily. 
  • Guides you through the admission process: These days almost every course has a huge number of colleges and institutes. That confuses the students even more. At times students keep on waiting to get admission to their preferred college and miss the chance of getting admission to the next best college. Career guidance after intermediate becomes necessary to avoid such unprecedented incidents. Apart from selecting the colleges, you also get to know about the ways to get shortlisted under SeekEx’s career guidance for plus two students. Moreover, the counsellors guide you to prepare for the rounds of interviews and group discussions. 

Final Words

Choosing the right career is completely in the hands of the students. There are plenty of career choices and each one comes with its own pros and cons. To analyse what would be best for you, avail career guidance after 12 and choose the right career path. A career counsellor will also enable you to understand different aspects of a particular career. After all, this is a decision that will decide your entire future and you have to live with it for a lifetime. Hence, there’s no scope for making any mistake while choosing the course. Career counsellors make the process smoother by guiding through the right way out.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am a science stream student but I want to pursue BBA. Will career guidance after 12 help me out in making the right decision?

    Yes, you should opt for career guidance after 12 to find out whether BBA will be a good course for you after class 12 with science.

  2. I am confused about the career options after completing my class 12 with humanities. Can I expect to find out the courses with career counselling?

    Career guidance after 12 allows you to find out all possible career options after 12 humanities as per your interests.

  3. I secured a good percentage in class 12 science PCM. Now, I am confused, whether I should go for Engineering or some other courses?

    You should avail career guidance after 12 to understand all available options after 12 science PCM.

  4. My parents wanted me to take science after my class 10. Now after class 12 I want to find out which stream or course will be best for me?

    You should avail career guidance after 12 to analyse your capabilities and skills and thus make the right career choice.

  5. I always panic about the interviews and other rounds in the admission process. Will career guidance after 12 help me out to make the right decision?

    Career guidance after 12 not only helps you to choose the right career option but also enables you to prepare well for the entire admission process.

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