How to study fast without forgetting (Easier Tips) – Seekex

How to study fast without forgetting (Easier Tips) – Seekex

The exam is knocking at your door? Worried about your preparations? You must know what you’ve studied so that you can give your best in the test. Often students get afraid of exams even after preparing well. Whereas there are students who keep on forgetting even after studying hard. In this blog, you can find tips on how to study fast without forgetting and perform well in exams. 

If you want to get tips for studying and preparing well for an exam then get in touch with the experts who will help you with the preparation tips. SeekEx App is a platform that has exam toppers as experts. So, you get the chance to directly have a conversation with the toppers and implement their strategies for learning the subjects without forgetting. As of now get to know some of the excellent tips in this blog to find how to study fast without forgetting

Why do I forget what I study?

why do i forget what i study

While studying, forgetting is quite a normal phenomenon. But in school exams, if you forget then you will get into trouble. Forgetting what you have learned will lead to low grades and sometimes dismissal. If you are also in the same condition and want to find how to study fast without forgetting then you can follow the below-mentioned suggestions for overcoming each reason for forgetting:

  • Using different study materials: Follow the sturdy material that focuses on your examination’s questions. At times if your study material focuses on something else while the examination asks for some other questions then you will find it difficult to recall and answer the questions. So, to understand how to study fast without forgetting you must try to prevent this type of confusion. Besides using the right study material you must learn the topics using as many of your own words as possible. 
  • Not preparing your own interference: While studying many students remain dependent on different study materials and don’t create their own notes. That’s where the tendency of forgetting starts. To deal with this reason of forgetting you must learn and structure it in a proper manner. Practicing this will enable you to revise the topics in a systematic manner. 
  • Overcrowding the mind: If you want to know how to study fast without forgetting then you should stop overcrowding your mind. When you fill-up your mind with too many things then that will not only inhibit learning but also cause difficulty in remembering. For example, if you watch TV or music in the background or worry about personal problems while studying then that causes difficulty in learning and remembering. So, experts always suggest studying at a quiet place till you finish learning as that will 
  • Negative thoughts: Often it is found that those students who believe that they forget things easily are more likely to forget. If you want to know how to remember something you forgot then the first thing you must do is to remove all sorts of negative thoughts from your mind. If required consult career counselors who can guide you on the right path. 
  • Lack of concentration: One of the common reasons due to why you forget what you learn is lack of concentration. To remember something you need to first learn it thoroughly only then it will get stored in your long-term memory. If you haven’t learned it in the proper way then forgetting is quite normal. So, if you want to know how to study fast without forgetting then you should first learn and remember the things with full dedication. 

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How can I learn something 10 times faster? 

how to learn anything 10x faster

Every one of us is in search of such techniques by which we can learn the study materials faster and not forget them. Here are some of the techniques by which you can learn anything 10 times faster. Isn’t that exciting? These techniques are quite helpful for those who want to know how to study fast without forgetting. 

  1. Concentrate on smaller units

Learning new things isn’t always easy. You need to read the information a few times especially when you get confused or you find anything quite difficult. The first thing that you must do is to figure out which parts you are finding difficult to concentrate on and then focus on them. While learning those parts, you must slow down the learning process. It will be helpful if you can deconstruct the new skill or technique into much smaller components and individually work on them until you are able to put all your learnings together. 

  1. Continue Practising

There are multiple areas where you may feel the need to make certain improvements. Whichever subject it is you need to continue practicing for incorporating improvements. If you don’t remain focused on your goal then it’s obvious that even after adapting to certain changes you will eventually go back to the place where you started. Often students have a common complaint about why they forget what they study. Experts believe that this situation arises because of a lack of continuing practice. 

  1. Determine ways to maximize learning skills

Nowadays various free assessment tests are available that allow you to determine your learning style and accordingly you can take steps to maximize your learning skills. If you want to find how to study fast without forgetting then you must know how to maintain your focus. When you gain the ability to stop your mind from moving in different directions without thinking much then you can easily maximize your learning skills. 

  1. Short periods of daily study

Instead of pressuring yourself to learn too many things together, you must take initiative to learn things for a short period of time every day. Many students have a habit of studying late at night a day before the exam and before the test starts. It has been found that several days later you forgot whatever you have learned. You can learn best when you repeat it again and again. So, if you want to determine how to study well for exams without forgetting then you must try to study for short periods.

Try to take a break in between and then again come back and study. This will enable you to learn faster as well as remember whatever you learn for a longer period of time. 

  1. Follow one single technique of learning

Initially, when you start learning you should try to test different methods of learning and find the one that is appropriate for you. But once you determine a method you should stick to the single method. In this way, you will not only learn faster but you will enjoy the process of learning. Certainly, at some point in time, you may feel that you’ve hit a plateau and you need to make changes to determine how to study fast without forgetting. In that situation, you should again try out different methods and find out one single way that works for you. 

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How to study fast without forgetting? 

How to study fast without forgetting

  1. Remain organized

Remaining disorganized is one of the biggest reasons for forgetting whatever you study. So, if you are looking for how to study fast without forgetting then you should first learn to be organized. Start from your study place, organize it if you have still kept it disorganized. Organisation also ensures that you know what to study next and when to study. You will find that your notes are organized.   

  1. Start studying with a positive attitude

Whether you are starting studies for your classes or for a specific examination you should always begin with a positive attitude. If you have a negative attitude then that implies you are already presetting your mind to not study. In that case, whatever you study would be a waste of time. Hence, if you want to know how to not forget what you studied you must approach your studies with enthusiasm. If you are excited about studying anything then it’s likely that you remember it for a longer time. 

  1. Make short notes

While studying, the best way to learn is by writing. You should consider making notes of everything that you find important. It helps you when you revise the topics. Apart from that, making notes enables you to avoid missing any important points. So, if you want to find out how to study fast without forgetting then you should first start studying by making notes. 

  1. Keep on switching the topics

When you keep studying one topic for too long then that can exhaust your mind. Gradually, you may lose interest in the topic. If you still force yourself to continue then surely you will forget whatever you learned. If you are someone who wants to find how to study fast without forgetting then you should keep switching between the topics for better learning. 

  1. Try different study methods

Often some students may wonder how to study fast and remember everything. These students should try to implement different study methods as repeating the same method of studying, again and again, can be boring. So, you should try different study methods and choose the one that you find interesting. Doing so will not only help you to learn faster but also help you not to forget the concepts. 

  1. Test yourself

If you are one who wants to read class notes and try to memorize everything that is mentioned then you are in the wrong way of learning. To find how to learn anything 10 times faster, you should first read and then test yourself to find how much information you were able to process. Testing yourself is an effective way of learning. It will not only ensure that the method you are using to memorize the topic is right but it will also build a sense of confidence in you. In this way, your brain will get forced to consolidate the information and make it easier to remember. 

  1. Keep the environment calm and quiet

It has been found that a noisy environment lowers the concentration level. Make sure while studying you find a calm place that is free from all sorts of distractions. In case you have family members or friends around you, then ask for some time to study without any disturbance. A comfortable and quiet environment will enable you to retain the information that you learned for a longer period of time. Hence, the answer to your query about how to study fast without forgetting is to remain free from all distractions while learning.

  1. Revise Periodically

Once you learn a topic, it is a known fact that you will forget it within a few days or sometimes the next day itself. It is difficult for the brain to retain all the information until it becomes concrete. For that, you have to keep making yourself familiar with concepts of particular topics. All those who want to know how to study faster for exams must keep revising the topics periodically. Suppose you read a certain topic today, you must revise it again the next day. In between, you can study other topics but remember to revise it again after a few days.

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How can SeekEx help you to study fast?

How SeekEx can help

These days students are burdened with lots of things to learn and remember for exams. In this process, they may forget whatever they learned and end up securing fewer marks in the exams. Further, they have the pressure to study fast without forgetting and that increases the tendency to forget. By following some simple tips, you can easily learn how to study fast without forgetting

These tips are genuine and effective when it comes directly from those persons who have already implemented them in their lives and have become successful. Where can you find such persons? On SeekEx! SeekEx has listed toppers of various examinations as experts on their app. Anyone who needs any sort of career-related guidance can directly contact the experts through the app and acquire relevant information. Let’s check out how experts on SeekEx guide you to find how to study fast without forgetting:

  • These days most schools focus on imparting academic knowledge to the students. Most of the time they try to learn the topics without understanding them deeply. Experts on SeekEx will help you to analyze whether you have understood the topic or not. If you understand the meaning deeply then easily you can remember it for longer. 
  • Apart from helping you to find how to study well they also focus on how to remember it for a longer period of time. The experts share their own experiences so all the tips that they provide will surely work for you. 
  • Further, the experts guide you towards the path of self-discovery and self-realization so that you can analyze and find the reasons why you are not able to concentrate and study fast. By working on those points of lacking you can easily overcome the issue and continue learning without forgetting. 

Hence, SeekEx is a support platform that allows the students to get in touch with experts in different fields and get relevant guidance on every career-related query. 


This blog might have provided you with an insight into how to study fast without forgetting. The tips and techniques mentioned here are quite effective. You can give it a try and find out whether you are able to learn fast and remember topics for longer. If still, you can’t remember the topics then make sure to consult the experts on the SeekEx app who will help you with the perfect techniques. 

Everybody has their own capabilities so the techniques that may work for you may not work for others. So, you have to make sure that the methods that you implement are according to your capabilities. Besides that, you should not always try to study fast to score good marks only. Your motive should be to study a topic and understand it thoroughly. When you learn and understand then the chances of forgetting decrease tremendously. 

Moreover, the techniques implemented by somebody else may not work for you or you may not feel that comfortable with those techniques. To find out what’s suitable for you, get in touch with the experts. Guidance by experts to study fast without forgetting will also enable you to score good marks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why am I not able to remember what I Study?

 Usually, you can’t remember what you study because you are not following the correct method of studying. 

  1. How to remember things for a long time?

 To remember things for a long time make sure to revise them periodically. 

  1. How many hours should I study for the best output?

 The hours of study may vary from person to person. First, analyze which method of studying is effective for you and then accordingly allot hours of study.

  1. How can I study without laziness?

 You can study without feeling lazy if you don’t make the learning process boring. 

  1. How to manage my study time effectively?

 To manage your study time effectively you should frame a daily routine and study accordingly. 

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