List of Post Graduation Courses | Courses After Graduation for High Salary 2022 – Seekex

List of Post Graduation Courses | Courses After Graduation for High Salary 2022 – Seekex


Higher studies pave the way to better opportunities. Once a student completes graduation their next step is Post graduation. A post graduation course renders more advanced knowledge in a specific field of study. Once you complete PG you are ready to research or opt for a job as per your choice. Most people who want to opt their field as their profession pursue PG courses. In this blog, you can find all the details associated with post graduation courses such as their types, list of PG courses and their significance.  

The majority of Post graduation courses require you to complete under-graduation courses in the respective field. Whereas some of the PG courses like MBA allow all the UG students to pursue it irrespective of their subject in UG. Having knowledge about various post-graduate courses enables you to decide which course is suitable for your profession. Once you are sure about the undergraduate course you are pursuing, you must approach a career expert who can provide the details about PG courses that are available for you. The career experts on SeekEx are from different fields. Hence, they render you genuine career-related suggestions and guide you to choose the best PG course

What are PG courses?

What are PG Courses

A Post graduation course is a type of course that allows you to gain knowledge in a specialised subject. There are numerous types of courses after graduation that can be pursued in the form of a PG course. It includes a master’s degree, PG diplomas and certificates, and PhDs. However, one thing that’s common in all of these courses is that they allow you to gain knowledge in a specific field. 

While considering the reasons for studying a postgraduate course, one of the main reasons is to pursue a career in academia or in research. Some people opt for a postgraduate course to change their career paths completely. Different aspects are associated with post-graduate education. If you want to expand your knowledge then pursue a PG course. 

Types of Postgraduate Courses

Types of post graduate courses

Often students look for courses after graduation for a high salary and better career prospects. Postgraduate courses are the best options after graduation. But which course would be the best? Before determining the best post graduation course, let’s first discuss the types of postgraduate courses available for the aspirants who have completed their graduation. Here are different types of Postgraduate courses:

  • Masters Degree: The most common post-graduate course is a master’s degree. Upon completion of a bachelor’s degree almost every aspirant wants to opt for a Master’s degree in the same subject. However, these master’s degree courses are available in various forms but the thing that’s common for all of them is that one needs to complete an undergraduate degree to gain admission to them. Some common master’s degrees are MA, MSc, Mcom, etc. Generally, the course duration is 1-3 years.
  • Postgraduate Diploma Courses: The professional degree courses that do not require a dissertation or thesis are termed as Post graduate diploma courses. However, the students get the same level of education as a master’s degree. Because it doesn’t require any sort of dissertation so it can be completed over a shorter period of time. If you don’t want to complete a thesis and still get a post graduation degree then these courses are the best.  
  • Postgraduate Certificate courses: Just like post-graduate diploma courses, the certificate courses also do not require you to complete any sort of dissertation or thesis for acquiring the final qualification. These post graduate courses are meant to provide students specialised knowledge in their selected areas within a short span of time. The post-graduate certificate courses are even shorter than the diploma courses. The course duration may range between 6 months to 2 years. 
  • Postgraduate Research courses: Some of the post-graduate courses aim to make you a specialist in a field as well as provide a Ph.D. The research courses are specially meant for those who want to pursue an academic career. However, PhDs are longer than the master’s degrees but you have the independence to work at your convenience. So, that you can focus completely on the research process and contribute an entirely new finding in your field.  

Courses after graduation for high salary | Post-graduate degree List

List of post graduation courses for high salary

Depending on different bachelor’s degree courses and distinct specialisations various types of post- graduation courses are available. There’s no single standardised system that can mention the number of courses or the variations they have between the institutions. Listed below are the popular post-graduate degree courses: 

1. Masters of Arts: 

The most common and preferred after-degree courses are Master’s of Arts (MA). There are various subject specialisations that students can choose if they want to pursue this course. The specialisations include communication, literature, history, geography, economics, and a lot more. In this course, the candidates learn about the details of their field of study thoroughly. In combination with lectures and seminars which are later assessed through an examination or dissertation. 

2. Master’s of Science

Master’s of Science ( is a postgraduate course that is offered in science disciplines such as biology, engineering, chemistry, mathematics, health, statistics, etc. Certain fields of social sciences and economics also fall under the category of The disciplines offered in Master’s of Science also depends on the university or institution from which it is being pursued. 

3. Master of Research(MRes)

The main objective of pursuing a Master of Research degree course is to obtain training to become a researcher. The research element present in this course is significantly larger than in the MA and MSc programs. A candidate should opt for this course if they wish to pursue a Ph.D. or get in the field of research.  

4.Master by Research(MPhil)

MPhil is another popular research-based post graduate course, especially for those who want an advanced research-based degree. Under this course, the candidate focuses on a particular topic in-depth and independently. The main aim of the research is to complete a single large research project. Commonly, the students pursuing M.Phil pursue Ph.D. The duration of the course is longer than other post-graduate courses, though the time significantly depends on the country and institution offering the course. 

5. Master of Business Administration (MBA)

One of the most popular after-graduation courses is MBA. Irrespective of stream of study in graduation, candidates are eligible to pursue Master of Business administration. The only eligibility criteria are that you need to complete your graduation. Under this course, candidates receive training in all aspects of business that allows them to learn a variety of career options. Many professionals opt for an MBA, especially in the field of accounting or finance. 

6. Master of Library Science

The master of library science offers students both academic and professional knowledge to work in a library. Usually, this post-graduate course is taught only at an accredited library school. This course also includes certain theoretical components along with some practical concepts. Often a Master of Library Science is required by those who want to work in this field professionally. 

7. Master of Architecture

MBA covers the concepts that allow you to learn about business and administration. But those who want to gain thorough knowledge in the field of science and technology should opt for a Master of Architecture. This is one of the toughest courses on the post-graduate degree list. One can crack certain examinations to get an opportunity to study this course from a reputed institution like IIT. 

8. Master of Computer Application

These days computer programming courses are quite popular among young students. Those who have pursued graduation in computers like BCA can go ahead with MCA as their post graduation course. Apart from computer programming job opportunities, cyber security is quite popular. With a PG course in computer application, you can climb to the top of the IT industry. 

9. Master’s of commerce

After completion of, you get a huge number of job opportunities but these opportunities will not offer you a high salary. So, further to get better job opportunities you need to pursue Master of Commerce is a 2 years course that can be pursued only when you have completed successfully. This can be considered one of the best courses after a degree in commerce. 

10. Masters in medical science

Those who have enrolled in MBBS in their graduation, have lots of post graduate course options available after completion of the course. Most commonly students prefer to opt for MD in any particular field of their interest. Also, some may opt for residency courses in foreign universities. The biggest advantage of pursuing master’s after MBBS is that you get a specialisation in your field. The second benefit is that you can pursue the master’s course while treating the patients. 

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Importance of PG courses in India

Importance of PG courses in India

Almost everyone who decides to pursue post-graduate courses after graduation is aware of amazing career prospects after completion of the course. In recent times the graduation job market has become fierce and standing out among the graduates is becoming challenging. In that situation, a postgraduate degree can help you to climb the career ladder successfully. Let’s check out the importance of PG courses in India:

  • Improves career prospects: The skills obtained by studying a post graduaṭe course strengthen your future career prospects. It will help you to stand out from others. Besides that, you would gain knowledge at a higher level than the things you learned during your bachelor’s degree. Pursuing the best course after degree enables you to attract a higher salary. 
  • Progression in the existing role: One of the biggest importance of PG courses in India is progressing in the existing job role. Many people may land a good job role upon completing their graduation. However, to gain additional skills and knowledge they pursue post graduate courses in specific subjects. Nowadays many arrangements have been introduced that allow you to obtain a postgraduate degree without leaving your existing jobs. The trend of online courses is also highly popular. 
  • Personal Development: With a postgraduate course, you can develop the skills that support you in daily activities. You can become better in time management, presentation and writing skills, researching, etc. In the field of expertise you’re studying, you can fuel your desire to learn and gain expertise. The fuel in the post-graduate courses is learning rather than just obtaining a degree for a successful career. 

1 year Post Graduate Courses in India 

1 year Post Graduate Courses in India

Upon completing graduation in a field of study, often students get a job and don’t have time to pursue a full-time postgraduate course. In that situation, a 1-year post-graduate course is the best way out. Within one year duration, you would get the required knowledge and skills of the field and at the same time open up better career opportunities. Let’s check out some of the popular 1-year post-graduate courses in India:

  • PGDM in Marketing: PG diploma in Management is a specialised post graduate course offered to students to gain fundamental knowledge of marketing management. In this course, you get to learn all marketing processes, approaches, and all other aspects related to it. The concepts included in this PG course are communication and business development, HR, Finance, General Management, etc. Often it is considered the alternative to MBA in Marketing. The best part of this course is that it is a one year PG course that imparts all the learnings of efficient marketing management for attaining organisational growth. Sales and distribution management, management of advertising, brand management, and customer behaviour are some of the key subjects of PGDM in Marketing. 
  • PGDM in Banking & Finance: This is one of the popular courses in the list of professional courses after graduation. Most commerce stream students opt for this PG diploma course. The duration of the course is 1-2 years. The main concepts included in this course are financial statements, derivatives and stock markets, etc. Students gain an intricate knowledge of the processes of banking and finances. Those who are planning a career in finance or banking can definitely opt for this post-graduate course and have a successful career ahead.
  • PG diploma in Human Resources: These days human resource management is one of the imperative fields of study. As organisations aim to enhance the relationship between employees and employers for a better working environment, demand for candidates with specialisations in Human resources is increasing. PG diploma in human resources is a one-year course that includes concepts like staffing levels, employee relations, employee benefits, compensation, etc. Further, it also teaches about the features and processes of human resource development. To pursue this post graduate course, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline. 
  • PG Diploma in Operations and Supply Chain Management: One can apply to this 1 year PG course only after acquiring a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognised university. The main objective of this PG course is to offer students an understanding of logistics and supply chain management, manufacturing process, etc. Some of the vital subjects that you get to learn through this course are Logistics Management, Operations Strategy, Global Operations, and Logistics, Strategic Logistic Management, Project Management, etc. 
  • PG Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development: Another prominent Post graduate course on the list is the PG diploma in Entrepreneurship Development. It is also a one-year PG course that students can opt for after completing their graduation in any discipline. If you are somebody who wants to transform a simple business idea into something extraordinary then this course can be helpful to you. A PG diploma in this field will enable you to develop the intricacies of business management and administration. Some of the topics included in this are financial management and budgeting, discovery and evaluation, corporate and contemporary challenges, etc. 

How can SeekEx help?

How can SeekEx help 5

In this competitive world, to get your desired position in a company or to get more opportunities than others you need to enhance your qualifications. Once you’ve already completed graduation, now it’s time to opt for higher studies. Numerous post-graduate courses are available depending on the subject that you have selected for your graduation. However, the duration of the post-graduate courses also plays a major role in the course selection process. 

In that scenario, understanding which college would be best for your career becomes difficult. In such a situation take the help of career experts on the SeekEx app. They will render all possible guidance to make you understand topics and concepts included in a particular course so that you can make the decisions accordingly. Further, the career experts on SekEx are experienced and have the expertise for suggesting the right Career path.


Post graduation courses aim towards providing additional knowledge and skills in your subject in graduation. However, some of the PG courses render a completely new set of skills to get job opportunities in that field. Often after graduation, students are worried about their future. They can’t decide whether they should search for jobs or try to obtain a PG degree for a higher salary. In that situation, career experts must be consulted. They will analyse your field and provide current job prospects. Career experts can recommend to you whether pursuing a PG course would be beneficial for you or not. Upon receiving the right career guidance from experts on SeekEx make your future career prospects better. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do after Graduation?

After graduation you can either search for jobs or pursue a postgraduate course.

What can I do after the PG course?

Once you have completed a PG course, you can find better job prospects and hence acquire a high-salary job. 

What are the most popular types of professional courses?

Some of the popular types of professional courses are PG Diploma in Management (PGDM), MBA (Masters in Business Administration), MTech, PGD in Hotel Management, and Certification in Finance and Accounting (CFA).

Can I pursue a 1-year post graduate diploma course in India?

Yes, you can pursue a 1-year post-graduate diploma course in India. 

Which 1-year post-graduate diploma courses in India are popular among students?

Most popular 1-year post-graduate diploma courses in India are PGDM in marketing and PGDM in Banking & Finance. 

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