Top Event management courses after 12th | How to become event manager – Seekex

Top Event management courses after 12th | How to become event manager – Seekex

Over the years, there are a number of events that we tend to organise. Some are related to celebrations while some are for entertainment. Whatever, the reason for an event may be, organising an event is not a cakewalk. Irrespective of the fact the event is big or small, organising it takes hard work, time and money. Event management is a concept where someone else takes up all your responsibilities to organise an event successfully in exchange for certain prices. With ṭhe increase in the number of events, demand for event managers is increasing day by day.  

To have a career in event management, the aspirants need to pursue event management courses after 12th. With a proper course, one can learn the techniques of event planning, conceptualizing, organising, and implementing the ideas efficiently. Those who want to be an event manager should opt for courses like BBA in event management, a diploma in event management, or MBA in event management. The basic eligibility criteria to opt for these courses is passing class 12 from a recognized board. Read the blog by seekex to understand all other details related to event management courses.  

What is Event Management?


The process of overseeing the tasks that involve organizing an event is termed event management. The event may include a conference, wedding, or any other organized gathering. Event managers are the ones who are responsible to execute the plans to manage the finances, vendors, and staff effectively. Diverse job titles are available in this profession and it can provide numerous services that are difficult to differentiate. However, event management is quite a challenging profession and those who want to opt for this profession must have a complete understanding of the job role and the responsibilities. 

Event management courses after 12th, enable the aspirants to learn the event management process effectively. Be it a festival or a conference, event management ensures that the event will be organised and all the projects will be conducted without any hindrance. Event managers also make sure that the budget is maintained throughout the process. Apart from these responsibilities event managers supervise the services of all outside vendors and professionals including event planners. 

What is an Event Management Course? 

Event management course details the topics that explain the entire process of planning an event and executing it successfully. Some of the common event management processes include planning a program, ceremony, concert, wedding, party, etc. Varied job titles are present in the event planning profession and numerous services are available that a professional can opt for. The course encompasses an event’s entire logistics and details about collaborating with the workers smoothly and managing the project as a whole. Normally, the course fees of the event management course range anywhere from INR 40,000 – 5,00,000. Any candidate who wants admission to an event management course after 12th, must have completed class 12. 

Admission to these courses is either granted on the basis of merit or the score obtained in the entrance examinations. Common entrance exams for event management courses are CAT, CMAT, MAT, GMAT, etc. Some of the most opted courses in this field are a Diploma in Event Management and an undergraduate degree in event management. The course duration of diploma courses is around 1-2 years and undergraduate degree courses are 3 years. 

How to become an event manager?


Event management is a well-rewarding career option for those who love to plan and organise events. In fact, the salary of an event manager in India is quite promising. This inspires the students to opt for this profession and create a successful career path in this field. So, what’s the process? The process to become an event manager includes some simple steps. The candidates need to simply follow these steps and become event managers. Below mentioned are the steps:

1. Complete class 12 

One of the basic criteria for becoming an event manager is to complete class 10 and then class 12 from a recognised board. Without completing class 12 a candidate can’t pursue event management courses. Moreover, some of the colleges/institutes may seek a certain percentage of marks in class 12. So, make sure that you obtain the required percentage to apply for event management courses after 12th.

2. Opt for an event management course

The most common and certain pathway for becoming an event manager is to opt for an event management course after 12th. Some students opt to pursue certificate or diploma courses while some go for undergraduate degree programs. The basic difference between all these courses is the duration. Certificate courses take 6 months to 1 year while diploma courses may range up to 2 years whereas undergraduate degree programs are 3 years courses. Both theoretical and practical concepts are taught in all these event management courses. 

When you complete any event management course in India, you gain skills and knowledge about different positions in the event management industry. Getting a job as an event manager becomes quite easy. Although most employers search for candidates who have some sort of experience in this industry. Opting for an event management course is the most effective way of getting employed in this field. 

3. Gain work experience

Will you appoint an inexperienced candidate to host your function? Trusting any inexperienced candidate to organise your special event is quite difficult. So, if you are someone who has completed an event management course after 12th and is searching for projects or jobs in this field then you must first gain some sort of experience in this field. 

These days there are lots of job roles available in planning and coordinating the event. You can join as an event planner or coordinator and gain some experience in this field before you opt to become an event manager. Getting these job roles would be quite easy if you have even a diploma in event management. The qualification requirements are quite less. Still, you get to learn a lot about managerial duties which will allow you to gain experience and put your best when you get employed as an event manager later.

In case you are facing difficulty acquiring job roles of planner or coordinator then you may apply for a role of assistant. Being an assistant to the event manager you can gain knowledge of various managerial activities. You can clearly get insights into the event management industry and learn about the planning process. Once you gain the extensive work experience you can easily progress in your career and become an event manager. 

4. Consider obtaining a degree in Event Management

Although a candidate can get a job as an event planner or coordinator with a diploma or certificate degree in event management, still to get opportunities to become an event manager you must pursue a degree in event management. If you complete a bachelor’s or master’s degree in event management from a University or college then it will take three to four years to complete. Usually, a bachelor’s degree comprises both practical as well theoretical subjects that render extensive knowledge about managing events efficiently. 

Hence, with a bachelor’s degree, you can easily show a potential employer that you are dedicated to the industry. These degree courses impart your knowledge for overseeing large events like concerts and sports. Most employers prefer to select candidates with extensive experience and advanced qualifications in this aspect. 

5. Apply for jobs in event management

Once you have obtained basic qualifications and work experience in the field of event management, you can start applying for jobs in this field. The companies that are associated with planning and coordinating events can provide employment to those who have completed a course in this field. At times the candidates can also apply for jobs in the large corporate companies that regularly organise events for their customers or employees.

While applying for a job in event management, make sure you complete a relevant event management course after 12th. Moreover, having experience in this field is an added advantage to gain an opportunity to work as an event manager. 

Hence, these are the simple steps to becoming an event manager. Among all these steps the main one is passing your class 12 from a recognised board with a relevant percentage of the mark. Besides that, gaining work experience in this field will surely help you to get a hand on better job opportunities. 

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Requirements to Become an Event Manager


If you are someone who wishes to secure admission in event management courses after 12th, you should fulfill all the required eligibility criteria. The basic requirement to pursue a UG-level course is to pass class 12 from any recognised institute with a minimum of 45% marks in aggregate. In some colleges, one of the criteria is that the candidates need to be fluent in both Hindi and English languages.

Whereas to get admission in a Postgraduate course, the students need to complete graduation from any recognised institute. Preferably the candidates must complete their graduation in event management. Although the requirement to pursue a PG course in event management is to pass graduation from any stream. Apart from the educational qualification, it’s expected from the aspirants of event management course after 12 to have some specific skill sets. These skills sets are as follows:

  • Instant problem solving: An event manager should have the ability to make alterations to event plans whenever required. Certain variables such as weather may cause hindrance in the event. But a professional event manager identifies these hindrances and solves them as early as possible. 
  • Creativity: Mostly the event managers are the ones who bring out their creativity to organise an event beautifully. With a high level of creativity, event managers can plan events that engage attendees and render them memorable experiences.
  • Communication skills: Another important criteria for becoming an event manager and succeeding in this field is to have fluent communication skills. Fluency enables the managers to communicate and deal with various professionals, coordinate, and thus plan events efficiently.
  • Time management: Often in large events, there are several activities and performances that the event managers had ṭo organise. Having the skill of time management enables you to effectively organise all the activities and make them fit into the event schedule. 
  • Adaptability: After completion of event management course after 12th, usually, you get appointed to an event management company. As per your job role, you have to plan and organise many activities in a short period of time. In that situation, adaptability enables you to strategise the activities according to the requirements. 

Event management courses after 12th


Basically, the event manager courses are divided into three types: certificate/diploma courses, undergraduate degree courses and postgraduate degree courses. If you want to opt for event management courses after the 12th then you can go for either diploma/certificate courses or undergraduate degree courses. Let’s discuss each type of course in detail. 

1. Diploma Courses

a) Diploma in Event Management: For any candidate who wishes to opt for event management courses after 12th but for a short duration then a diploma in event management is the best option. Usually, the diploma course’s duration ranges between 6 months to 2 years. Most candidates prefer to pursue this course when they want to gain knowledge in some of the specific subjects included in this course. The subjects that are taught in the diploma in event management are event marketing, event production, event accounting, event risk management, etc. 

b) Diploma in event management and Public Relations: This is another type of diploma course that candidates can opt for after class 12. The event management course subjects in this course include communication and personality development, Principles of integrated marketing, Marketing and brand management, PR and event management, Introduction to media, and a lot more. 

c) Diploma in Event Design and Management: Those candidates who prefer designing an event should opt for this course. The duration of this event management course is 1 year. One needs to have a good sense of design and lots of creativity to opt for this course. Upon completion, of course, you get a huge number of job opportunities. 

d) Diploma in Media and Event Management(DEM): These days the scope of jobs in the media field is too high. All those who are looking to build a career in the media or event management field can opt for this course. The basic eligibility to pursue this course is to obtain class 12 certification. This is also a 1-year diploma course that renders knowledge about different fields of event management. 

e) Advanced Diploma in Event Management: If you have already completed class 12 from a recognised institution and you are looking for an event management course after 12th, then this would be one of the best options. It enables you to gain detailed knowledge about some of the important aspects of event management. The course duration of the Advanced Diploma in Event management is 1 year. 

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2. Undergraduate degree Courses

a) BA in Event Management: One of the most popular courses that candidates who consider event management as their profession opt for is BA in Event Management. Like any other undergraduate degree program, BA in Event Management is also a 3 years course. The subjects taught in this course provide detailed knowledge about the event management processes. 

b) BBA in Event management: If you wish to pursue a skill-based course instead of regular graduation then you can opt for BBA in event management. It is also a 3-year-old course offered by several colleges and universities. Lots of job opportunities are available after completion of a BBA in Event management. 

c) BMS in Event Management: Apart from the above discussed 2 undergraduate degree programs in event management, BMS in event management is also available. This is a 3 years course offered by several colleges or institutions. After completion of the event management course after 12, the candidates get a number of job opportunities as an event manager, event coordinator, and a lot more. 

3. Postgraduate degree courses:

a) MBA in Event Management: This is a postgraduate degree in event management that one can opt for after completing graduation from any stream. It’s preferable that a graduate degree is obtained in event management. The course duration of an MBA in event management is 2 years. 

b) MA in PR & Event management: Another popular post-graduate course in the field of event management is MA in PR & Event management. The course duration of this event management course is also 2 years. The basic eligibility to pursue this course is  graduation from any recognised organisation. 

c) Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management: The course duration of Post graduate diploma in event management may range between 1 to 2 years. Duration completely depends on the institute/University offering the course. Usually, those candidates who have completed BA in event management course after 12 opt for the postgraduate diploma in event management. 

d) Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management and Public Relations: This postgraduate diploma course is a 1 to 2 years course that allows the candidates to gain specialised knowledge about event management activities. The duration of the course may vary depending on the university/college offering the course. 

How can SeekEx help?


A variety of event management courses after 12th are available for the aspirants. Be it diploma, graduate, postgraduate, or doctorate, all the courses offer knowledge about event management. Those who have the dream to manage events professionally, can opt for any of the event management courses and have a successful career in this field. Which course would be the best for you? 

A common confusion that causes a dilemma for the students is which course would be the best. In that case, SeekEx is there for help. The experts on the SeekEx platform are the ones who are from an event management background and hence possess practical knowledge about the course. They can brief you on the prospects of event management courses after 12th and also guide you to choose the course that’s best for you. They also guide you on whether opting for online or offline courses will be beneficial for you. Therefore approach career experts on SeekEx and get complete knowledge about event management courses.


In this blog, you get an overview of numerous event management courses. Some of the courses are available online whereas some of the courses are available offline from institutes/colleges/universities. If you are interested in the event management profession and want to build your career in this field then opt for the available event management courses after 12th. Whether you should opt for a diploma or certificate or degree or postgraduate event management courses completely depends on your eligibility and your preference. Get in touch with experts on SeekEx and gain insights about the courses and build your career in this field successfully. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pursue an event management course after the 10th? 

Some of the diploma and certificate event management courses are available that one can opt after 10th.

What is the average salary of an event manager?

The average salary of an event manager is around 4 LPA. 

Which entrance examinations are conducted for admission in Event management courses?

Some of the popular entrance examinations for admission in event management are CAT, MAT, SNAP, etc.

What are the job profiles that I can get after completion of event management courses?

Upon completion of event management courses, one can expect to get jobs as an event planner, marketing manager, event coordinator, etc. 

Can I pursue event management courses after 12th science?

Yes, irrespective of stream of study in 12th, one can opt for event management courses. 

Can a girl opt for an event management course?

Yes, a girl can also opt for an event management course. 

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