Paramedical Courses After 10th, Exams, Eligibility, Colleges, Scope, and So on

Paramedical Courses After 10th, Exams, Eligibility, Colleges, Scope, and So on

Have you completed 10th and want to get into the medical field? If yes, Paramedical courses are for you! A wide range of paramedical courses is available that students can pursue to build their careers in this field. Paramedical courses after 10th allow an individual to gain knowledge about healthcare services. Thus, it enables you to deliver services like direct patient care, diagnostics, health improvement interventions, and much more. If you are interested in paramedical courses and want to know more about paramedics then this blog will render you a complete insight into it.

If you want to get into allied healthcare professions, then acquiring training in paramedical courses is the best option. With training in this field, you can deliver patient care, treatment, diagnostics, and health improvement investments for restoring minimal optimal functions. But before pursuing paramedical courses after the 10th you must find out whether this profession is appropriate for you or not. But how to do so? Very simple! Consult a career expert on the SeekEx app and get career guidance and make the right, informative decisions.  

What is a Paramedical Course?

What is a Paramedical Course

Paramedical courses after 10th enable the individuals pursuing it to become resourceful and ingenious medical professionals. In these courses, you receive the training to treat medical, traumatic, and emergency conditions even without the guidance of a physician. These courses are for those who have an inclination to treat patients through clinical labs, diagnostic tools, ultrasound, x-ray, etc. Paramedical courses cover topics like rural health care, physiotherapy, Nursing, Ophthalmic technology, and a lot more.

Upon completion of the course, students have ample job opportunities. These courses are available in varying durations for both certificate and diploma courses. The duration of certificate courses ranges between 6 months to 1 year whereas diploma courses range between 1 year to 2 years. 

Are Paramedical and Medical different?

While researching about Paramedical courses after 10th, often students come across a common question: How is the medical field different from paramedical? Yes, there’s a difference between these two. If you are someone who desires to get into the medical field, then you must remain aware of the differences. 

Usually, whoever desires to get into the medical field professionally opts for MBBS ( Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery). The process to get admission to MBBS is quite tough as it requires you to qualify for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. This is the biggest national-level undergraduate medical entrance examination to get a seat in a medical college. That’s the reason competition is high and getting the chance becomes quite tough. 

If you want to get into the medical field, even when you are unable to crack NEET then paramedical courses are for you. These courses provide training to treat patients in various ways like clinical labs, diagnostic centres, etc. It is a branch that covers topics ranging from ophthalmic technology to physiotherapy to rural healthcare. Usually, paramedical courses are either certificate or diploma courses. 

MBBS is an undergraduate program of 5.5 years. In the medical course, you learn theory in the first 4.5 years, and in the next 1 year, you have to attend a rotatory internship which is mandatory. Most importantly to pursue a medical course, you must first qualify for NEET UG thereafter to secure a seat in any of the medical colleges. The medical field covers topics that enable candidates to become doctors and surgeons. 

Although over the years the scope of paramedical courses in India has increased drastically. Earlier people were hardly aware of paramedical courses. But today, it is one of the popular professions because of increasing career prospects and good salary. Whether it is a government hospital or a private hospital, the demand for paramedics is increasing day by day.

Types of Paramedical Courses

Types of Paramedical Courses

Different types of paramedical courses are available. The eligibility criteria and duration of these courses differ. Although they are mostly concerned about rendering knowledge about different medical fields. If you are looking for paramedical courses after the 10th then basically only two types are available that are certificate courses and diploma courses. The major types of Paramedical courses are:

  • Certificate courses: Numerous certificate courses are available in the Paramedical field. The duration of certificate courses ranges between 6 months to 2 years. In this course, you get to learn the basic concepts about a specific medical field. Most of the certificate courses are available for those who have completed their class 10th. 
  • Diploma courses: If you are looking for after 10th Paramedical course that has good career opportunities then diploma courses are the best. The basic eligibility criteria to pursue these courses is to pass class 10. However, some of the colleges/institutes may require you to pass entrance exams to pursue specific courses. Usually, the duration of diploma courses is between 1 year to 2 years.  
  • Bachelor’s degree courses: These paramedical courses are available for those who have completed class 12. Preferably you have to complete class 12 in the science stream with Biology for pursuing the degree courses. The duration may range from 1.5 years to 4 years. 
  • Master’s Courses:  Master’s courses in Paramedics are available for those who have already completed a bachelor’s degree course in this field. In this course, detailed learnings of a specific field of study are provided. Usually, the duration of a Master’s course is 2 years. 

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Paramedical Courses Eligibility

The eligibility criteria to acquire admission to Paramedical courses completely depend on the types of courses you opt for. The eligibility criteria for a bachelor’s degree will differ from a diploma course or a certificate course. Although the minimum eligibility criteria are class 10th pass, in the case of a bachelor’s degree the candidate has to successfully pass 12 as well. Apart from the educational qualifications, there are some other qualifications or skill sets a candidate must possess for pursuing paramedical courses after 10th. These are the skills sets that are required: 

  • One of the basic requirements for becoming a successful paramedic is the excellent presence of mind. In case of a medical emergency, you must remain calm and make corrective decisions. You must take appropriate precautionary measures for any type of injury so that it doesn’t worsen. 
  • To be a paramedic after studying a paramedical course after 10th, you must remain mentally fit and should have the willingness to work on weekends, at any hour of the day, and on holidays. 
  • As paramedics have to work in a team they must possess skills like a sense of responsibility, excellent communication skills, analytical and logical reasoning skills, memorising scientific facts, emphasis on people, and the ability to generate confidence in the patients. 
  • Usually, the work of paramedics is challenging and quite unpredictable, requiring physical stamina and emotional stability, and the ability to react under stressful conditions. 

Future Packed Paramedical Courses after 10th 

Paramedical Courses after 10th

Basically, two types of paramedical courses are available after 10th, one diploma course, and other certificate courses. So, if you want to get into the medical field then you can opt for paramedical courses after 10th. Below mentioned is a list of the most popular paramedical courses that one can opt for just after completing their courses.

Certificate courses in Paramedical Science 

1. Certificate in baby Nursing & Child Care

One of the most popular paramedical courses after 10th is the certificate course in Baby Nursing and child care. The duration of the course is 6 months after which you can work as a childcare assistant. In this course, a candidate learns about basic baby care, sleep training, healthy environment, feeding, comfort devices, symptoms related to baby health, care for a toddler as well as older kids, general knowledge about the environment of a baby, and lots more. To be eligible to pursue this course, one needs to pass class 10th. 

2. Certificate X-Ray Repair and Maintenance 

The certificate course in X-ray repair and Maintenance enables you to work in the private and public healthcare sectors. Basically, you learn about x-ray and ultrasound so you can easily avail a job in this field and become a part of the healthcare system. In this certificate course, you receive training in the repair and maintenance of different medical equipment like X-Ray and ultrasound machines. The course duration is 6 months. 

3. Certificate in Laboratory Technician

This course is one of the most popular courses after 10th paramedical course list. The basic eligibility criteria to pursue this course is to complete class 10. It is a short-term course that ranges anywhere between 6 months depending upon its nature. You get to learn about all the fundamental skills and competencies that are necessary to work in a science laboratory. After completing the course one can easily get jobs as a lab technician. 

4. Certificate in Dental Mechanics

If you are someone who likes designing dentures then opt for the certificate in dental mechanics and acquire a prospering future. A denture is like fake teeth that are used mainly by elderly people to chew food. In this course you learn about designing and shaping One can opt for this short-term paramedical course after 10th and become a dental mechanic to solve patients’ problems related to teeth, etc. Upon completion of the course, you can work as a dental mechanic, dental technician, or assistant dental surgeon. 

5. Certificate in Dialysis Technology

Patients suffering from kidney failure have to undergo a dialysis process to purify their blood. It is a process by which waste is removed from the body of the patients through an artificial purification process. It is one of the popular medical courses after 10th that students pursue to get into the healthcare and medical sector. Hence, if you want to have a bright future in this field then you can opt for the certificate in Dialysis technology after completing class 10th. Basically, in this profession, you are responsible to perform tasks like arranging dialysis instruments, monitoring the patients, supervising, cleaning, inspecting the process, etc. 

6. Certificate in Optometry

A certificate in OPtometry is a course that is related to the scientific study of sights and behaviour of lights and also treatments associated with lights. The duration of the course is 6 months to 1 year. The main focus is put on subjects such as visual optics, physiology, ocular pharmacology, microbiology, optometric, etc. This Paramedical course after 10th enables you to acquire a job in the medical field soon after completing class 10. 

7. Certificate in Prosthetics and Orthotics

A certificate in Prosthetics and Orthotics is for those who are looking for a short-term course to get a job in the medical field. This is 6 months to a 1-year course that covers topics like Pathology, amputation surgery, orthotics, orthopaedics, prosthetics, etc. In this course, you are taught the ways to deal with neuromuscular and locomotor disabilities. You can expect to get a job as soon as you complete this paramedical course after 10th. 

8. Certificate in Naturopathy and Yoga Science

Certificate course in Naturopathy and yoga science deals with the treatment of the human body with the use of naturopathy and different types of yoga. This is 6 months to 1-year certificate course that anyone who has passed class 10 can pursue. The subject that comes under this course is human anatomy, biochemistry, pathology, musculoskeletal system, pharmacology, yoga, physical culture, etc. Upon completion of the course, you can acquire a good-paying job in this field. 

9. Certificate in Anaesthesia Technology

After passing class 10th if you want to opt for a career in the medical field then you can opt for a certificate in Anaesthesia Technology. The duration of the course is 6 months to 1 year. In this paramedical course after 10th, one gets to learn about managing and monitoring patients, dealing with anaesthesia equipment and techniques, and supporting doctors in the surgery room. The subjects in this paramedical course after 10th include Pharmacology, microbiology, biochemistry, haematology, human anatomy, etc. 

10. Certificate in Nuclear Medicine Technology

Nuclear medicine technology is a paramedical course that one can opt for just after completing class 10. The duration of the course is 6 months to 1 year. In this students learn the process of treating a disease using radioactive materials. This course deals with subjects like physiology, nuclear medicine techniques, radiopharmacy, medical ethics, image process techniques, etc.

Diploma courses in Paramedical Science

1. Diploma in Nursing Care

Typically, diploma courses in Paramedical science are of comparatively longer duration than certificate courses. This is a 3-year diploma course that teaches the fundamentals of nursing for various health diseases, and medical and surgical practice. Upon the completion of the diploma in Nursing care, students have to work under the supervision of doctors or superior nurses. Being a nursing assistant you have to provide relevant support to the patients in their daily activities like eating and bathing. They are also appointed for rendering basic care to the patients for getting long-term therapy either in care facilities or at home. 

2. Diploma in Ayurvedic Nursing

Ayurvedic therapies are applied as a cure for numerous diseases. The diploma in Ayurvedic Nursing is a three-year course that provides information and skills associated with ayurvedic nursing care. In this course, students learn about fundamental concepts of Ayurveda along with comprehensive ayurvedic therapy. Apart from that training about healing mechanisms using ayurvedic medicine and holistic techniques related to wellness and health management are also discussed in this paramedical course after 10th. 

3. Diploma in Gynaecology and Obstetrics

A diploma in Gynaecology and Obstetrics is a two-year course. It is a postgraduate degree program so the basic eligibility to pursue this course is to complete your graduation in a related field. In this course, students learn about the basics of Gynaecology, labour, foetus development, diagnosis of the reproductive system, etc. Upon completing this course you would easily get hired for gynaecology departments of both private and public hospitals. 

4. Diploma in OT technology

This course is a 2-year graduate degree program that deals with operation theatre technology. Admission to this paramedical course is granted on the basis of the relevant entrance exam and then a subsequent round of counselling. To pursue a diploma in Operation theatre technology, the basic eligibility criteria is to pass class 12. This course renders a huge amount of opportunities to the aspirants who are pursuing the course. 

5. Diploma in technicians

The technician or lab technician is the one who helps doctors with laboratory equipment. With a diploma in technician, you get jobs as lab technicians where you are in charge of repair and maintenance of all equipment and at times you have to assist the doctors in the process of diagnosis of patient disease. In this course, you learn about MRI technicians & CT scan technicians. 

Top Colleges for Paramedic Courses in India

  • AIIMS, Delhi
  • IGNOU, Delhi
  • Nalanda Open University Patna
  • Sanskriti University, Mathura
  • Parul University, Vadodara
  • Amity University, Noida
  • Smart Academy, Mumbai
  • COER Medical College of Ayurveda and Hospital, Dehradun
  • All India Institute of Vocational and Paramedical Studies, Delhi
  • Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar
  • Indira Gandhi School of Nursing, Amethi

Scope of Paramedical Courses after 10th

Scope of Paramedical Courses after 10th

Candidates can choose the best paramedical courses after 10th and find numerous job opportunities in the respective field in India as well as abroad. Due to the rapid increase in pharmaceutical companies, nursing homes, and hospitals the scope of the paramedical field is also rapidly increasing. After completing the paramedical course, a professional can easily acquire job opportunities in government and private hospitals, clinics, etc. Below mentioned are job profiles that are highly in demand in the paramedical sector:

  • Geriatric Manager: Geriatric Managers are those who act as family members and put a complete care plan together and execute it for the patient. Those families who stay at distance from the patient hire geriatic managers. Apart from the basic responsibilities, they are also responsible to look after legal, financial, or medical issues. If you are hired as a senior manager, then you have to make visits to the clients routinely for ensuring their safety and well-being. 
  • Nurses: Abundant job opportunities as Nurses are available for the students who have pursued paramedical courses after 10th in this field. The basic job responsibility of a Nurse is to take continuous care of sick, disabled, and injured patients. They are responsible to take care of the patients, communicate with them as well as the doctors, and continue supervising the health of the patients. Nursing is one of the most important healthcare job profiles and hence there are abundant job opportunities. 
  • Lab Technicians: If you are interested in laboratory work then you can pursue lab technician courses after 10th. As a lab technician, you are required to assist doctors in the process of diagnosing and treating various types of diseases such as performing tests on blood, body fluids, and tissues. Usually, they get appointed in doctor’s offices or hospitals so lab technicians must have strong observational skills and an eye for minute details. 
  • Radiology Technicians: Those medical professionals, who have completed the relevant paramedical course after 10th and have gained knowledge in the subjects like anatomy, examination techniques, equipment protocols, radiation protection, basic patient care, and radiation safety. The job role of radiology technicians includes diagnostic imaging examinations and administering radiation therapy treatments. 
  • Pharmacist: Pharmacy Courses after 10th enable you to become a pharmacist. The basic job roles of a Pharmacist include advising patients and other health practitioners on dosages, and interactions, selecting medicines, and any other medication side effects. Besides that, they also monitor the health progress of patients to make sure that medications are safe and efficient. 

How can SeekEx help?


Often students interested to serve people opt to get into the medical field. It’s not possible for everyone to pursue medical courses. So, those who desire to pursue a course in the medical field can opt for paramedical courses after 10th and have a bright future. But which course is appropriate for you? To explore different courses and relevant career options, you must take help from a career counsellor on SeekEx. The experts will provide all the details and ensure that you select the course that is according to your interests, talents, and preferences. Moreover, they also suggest courses that are high in demand, and opting for a course in that field would enable you to have a bright future. 

Selecting the right paramedical course after 10th is not enough to have a successful future. It’s essential to decide on the entire career roadmap. Initially, the pay structure may be less but with experience, you can easily obtain good pay. Besides that, you must continue to learn new things to upgrade your talent and succeed in this field. The career experts on SeekEx provide all the details and help you to make the right career path. 


Today, paramedical courses are among other prominent courses that students opt for after completing their class 10th. Hospitals and clinics have a huge demand for paramedics. Hence, a paramedical course after 10th will enable you to acquire all the required skills and move ahead in your career. Paramedics are the support system of the healthcare sector. So, if you desire to get into the healthcare industry, paramedical courses after 10th are the best option. In this blog, you get a complete insight into the paramedical courses and the career scope after completing the course. However, consult career experts on SeekEx to find out the course that aligns with your preferences and have a bright future in this field. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can arts students pursue paramedical courses?

Yes, Arts students can pursue certificates and diplomas in paramedical courses.

What is the salary of paramedics in India?

The salary of Paramedics in India can go up to 5.5lPA.

Is NEET required for a paramedical course?

No, NEET is not required for a paramedical course. 

Which is the most preferred university/college for a paramedical course in India?

AIIMS Delhi is the most preferred college for paramedical courses in India. 

Do I need to appear for any entrance for pursuing paramedical courses?

Some colleges offer admission on the basis of merit whereas some offer admission on the basis of entrance exams. So, whether you need to appear for the entrance exam or not depends on the college or course you are pursuing. 

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