How Do I Get 1 on 1 Free career counselling for students?

How Do I Get 1 on 1 Free career counselling for students?

How Do I Get Free career counselling for students

What’s the toughest decision you have made till date? If you are a student in school then doing your homework on time or choosing to study while your friends play are some of the decisions that seem tough to you. Right? 

But when you reach 9, 10 or 12 then you have to make the most crucial decision of your life. That is choosing your career. Your entire future will depend on it! Career counselling for students enables them to understand the available career options and make the right decision. 

Later in life, you have to spend the majority of time at your workplace with the career that you selected. So, it becomes very crucial that you select the profession that you are interested in. 

With free career counselling, you can smoothly transform your dream career into reality.

Is getting career counselling for students difficult? No, not at all! There are numerous apps and websites like the popular SeekEx app that allows you to connect with experts easily. A career expert helps you to determine your interests and accordingly suggests ways to enhance your capabilities. 

Gone are the days when seeking career counselling would take a good amount of time. As you had to first book an appointment and wait for your chance. But through apps like SeekEx, you can directly get connected with the career experts either through video/audio calls or chat messages. So, without struggling to find career counsellors near me, you can straightaway opt for online counselling. Check out this blog to find a detailed explanation of the process to get career counselling online. 

What are the types of Career Counselling?

Career counselling is a process by which career consultants offer solutions for various career-related problems. Different counsellors have their own way to help the students. That’s why there are varied types of career counselling. Even the types also vary depending on the requirements of the clients. 

In fact, counselling can be considered as a therapy that allows the students to share their preferences and interests with the experts freely. In a career counselling online session, the expert makes you comfortable and provokes you to speak about your problems in detail. There are different formats that the counsellors follow depending on the types of students. Let’s discuss them one by one:

  • Face-to-face counselling: In this format of free career counselling, the counsellor and the students communicate with each other face to face. In earlier days, this was only one format that the counsellors used to follow. The students had to simply schedule an appointment to discuss the problems with the counsellors. Upon visiting, they used to analyse all the aspects and thus guide them the right way. 
  • Group counselling: Often schools or some organisations arrange free career counselling for the students. In this format, the counsellor addresses an entire group of students at a time. It’s expected that the entire group has a similar set of problems. However, if you have some specific problem regarding your career then other formats of career counselling for students are recommended. 
  • Audio/ video counselling sessions: With the advancement of technology audio and video calling formats of counselling are more preferred by the students. It is not only convenient but also provides a similar experience as in-person counselling sessions. Certain apps like SeekEx offers the students the facility to directly call the counsellor and have a telephonic career counselling session with them. In this format, you can easily discuss your problems with the counsellor personally from the comfort of your home. 
  • Online Counselling: These days we have the opportunity to do almost everything online, from bill payments to attending classes then why not counselling. Yes, online counselling is the recent trending format by which students can directly communicate with the counsellor. Various websites and apps like edumilestones, SeekEx, brainwonders provide the facility of online counselling. 

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What are the different techniques of Career counselling?

How SeekEX helps in free career counselling for students

Whenever a student approaches a career counsellor, they have lots of queries related to career. They often have just finished the 12th and want to know the Career options are 12th. Often they may get confused about what to ask and what not. A good counsellor knows the requirements of the students very well. Therefore, they frame a step-by-step process to understand the requirements of the student and thus guide them the right way out. Career counselling for students involves certain common steps. Let’s have a look at those steps and understand them briefly: 

  1. Pre-counselling:

When a candidate books an appointment for a counselling session, a form is provided to them. In this form, the student has to mention their basic details. Before conducting the free career counselling online session, the counsellor tries to get a basic understanding of the candidate. Instead of straightway suggesting career options, a good counsellor always tries to have a brief conversation. A direct conversation also allows the counsellor to identify the gap between their current state and their desired goals. On the basis of these details, the counsellors assist you to make an informed decision about your future career path.

  1. Builds a rapport

Free communication between the counsellor and the student is necessary for removing any type of hindrances. The counsellors establish a rapport with you by showing empathy and mutual trust. When they understand you in a better way and make you feel comfortable in their company then only effective career guidance is possible. In this way, you can feel a bond with the counsellor and thus you will have the feeling of trust to open up your liking and dislikings to them. This will help the counsellor to guide you in the right way without getting influenced by other factors. 

  1. Conducts Career Assessment

The assessment test plays an important role in the process of career counselling for students. It is a tool that helps in detecting the student’s talents, skills, and aptitudes. In this process, the counsellor tries to find out how a difference in personal attributes can impact success in different career options. While providing career guidance, assessments provide a clear view about specific areas like interests, emotional quotient, knowledge, personality traits, and aptitudes. 

A complete career assessment is possible by analysing all these components of the assessment process. Often counsellors tend to take multidimensional assessment rather than one-dimensional. The most common form of assessment test that counsellors prefer is psychometric test. A career counselling session is successful only when the right form of career assessment is used for guiding the candidates. 

  1. Profile analysis

Sometimes students may get into the profession for which they have relevant skills even though they dislike it. Getting into such a career will never provide you satisfaction in the long run. So, you must come to a conclusion of a career option in which you are not only skilled but also have your likings. 

That’s why in the process of providing career guidance, counsellors always consider the candidate as a whole instead of specific areas. A student’s thoughts, financial background, beliefs, frame of mind are considered together to suggest the career options that they can opt for. The best career counsellors near me not only provide a list of suitable career options but they help in deciding suitable career goals. 

  1. Sets career goals

The whole concept of online career counselling is to obtain a career goal. Career experts help you to determine specific goals and also frame a road map to reach that particular goal. The road map is designed by devising various strategies that tell the students how to reach the goal easily.

Moreover, they break the goal into various forms like short term, midterm, and long term resulting in a well laid out career plan. Besides that, they include all the alternatives that you have in case there is any need to make changes in the plan. That’s because sometimes even well-planned career goals don’t work out in the long run. 

  1. Develops a plan of action

The counsellors develop an action plan for the students while conducting a career counselling process. In this development process, a well-defined checklist is framed that consists of all the actions and steps that you have to take for reaching the desired career goals. At times there can be multiple goals and multiple action plans. 

Suppose for a class 12 student completing engineering with computer science would be a career goal. But upon completing that goal they will need further career plans. In that case, the next step will include action plans for studies or jobs. Thus, developing an action plan is necessary for a successful career. 

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What is Online Career Counselling for Students?

Career Counselling is a process by which students or professionals can analyse their potential and accordingly opt for the career of their interest. When this process is conducted online then it is termed online career counselling. Several platforms offer you the opportunity to get in touch with career experts online from the comfort of your home.  

We have to live with the career that we have chosen at the initial stage of our life. There’s no scope of mistake in that choice, otherwise, you have to suffer lifelong. That makes career counselling for students quite important. Through a proper online career counselling process, students can easily discover their true potential and thus perfectly align their desires with the available career options. Being the process online, students can easily get the career guidance of professionals from the comfort of the home at a reasonable price. 

Often while selecting a particular career, your parents, relatives or friends may suggest you lot of options. Your career choice should completely depend upon your interests and abilities so that you can enjoy your work and have a hassle-free career. A career counselling for students by a professional will allow you to identify your strengths as well as work on your weaknesses. A career counsellor is just a step away when you opt for online career counselling. 

Whether you want career counselling after 10 or you need career guidance for getting a promotion, online career counselling is the best way out. A professional guides you to address all the shortcomings and challenges and set up realistic goals. Upon seeking guidance you will move in the right direction with a proper career road map. 

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Different groups of students who can opt for career counselling

The best thing about an online career counselling process is that students can easily get in touch with the best career counsellors from the comfort of their homes. Free Career counselling is not restricted to only students, even working professionals who have 10 years of experience can also opt for this. 

At any point in life if you are confused about your career path or you want a perfect career plan to stabilise your career then availing of online career counselling is the best way out. Though career counselling for students is particularly quite useful. At an initial stage of a student’s life, they can find out what they aim for and which career option they must choose. These are different groups of students who can opt for counselling:

  • Students of class 5 to 7: Usually, many people believe that small students don’t need any guidance from professionals. Yes, true parents and teachers can easily understand their requirements and guide them. But a CBSE career guidance from a professional helps them to understand the learning style. Accordingly, they can work on their intelligence quotient and aptitude. In short, availing career counselling for students of this stage provides a strong foundation for their career.
  • Students of Class 10: Class 10 is believed to be the most crucial stage of a student’s life. Career guidance after 10 can help them to analyse their strengths and weaknesses in various subjects and accordingly select their stream. This stage is such a juncture of a student’s life that decides their entire future. Hence, career counselling after 10 becomes essential to pave the right path for the future. 
  • Students of class 12: Choosing the right course after 12 is the second crucial step of a student’s life. The subject or course that you will select now will determine your entire future. Career counselling after 12 helps the students to analyse all the available options. On the basis of available options and their interests, students can easily make the right choice of course. Proper career guidance after 12 also helps the students to gather information about the best colleges and the placement opportunities that they offer to the students. A counsellor also provides you with relevant information about the admission process in a particular college or university. 
  • Students of Graduation: It’s common nowadays that after completing engineering a student realises they are not interested in that field and hence opt for management. Similarly, commerce students feel that they are interested in teaching. This can be avoided if you opt for Career counselling after 12. But students who are already in graduation and can’t understand what should be their next step as the course that they have selected is not of their liking then and there they can opt for online career counselling for students. A career consultant will not only help in making the right decision but will provide a complete career plan. 

4 Benefits of Online Career Counselling for Students

Benefits of cbse career guidance with online career counselling

Career choice should be made by considering one’s interests and abilities and aligning them with the desired goals. These days plenty of career options are available and that creates more confusion for the students. A professionally trained career counsellor is a saviour in that case. 

Apart from determining career options, there are several other benefits of online career counselling. As long as you get in touch with the career experts who are professionally trained and are available on a reliable platform you can completely rely on their suggestions and reap the benefits. Here is the list of benefits of online career counselling for students:

  1. Reliable experts: When you opt for offline career counselling, it’s quite common that you find career counselling near me and visit a chamber of a counsellor who is located in your area itself. In that situation, it’s not necessary that they are professionally trained and have updated knowledge of the career options. Whereas when you opt for online career counselling then the location parameter completely gets erased.  You can avail consultation of career experts across the world. Hence, you get access to the best counsellors. Moreover, the platforms from which you get the consultation also provide assurance that the experts on them are verified and well qualified. Only when you consult genuine consultants you can receive expert advice to identify your interests and find out the most suitable career options. 
  2. Effective assessments: With fact-based assessment and testing tools, career counsellors help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. In a free career counselling session tests and assessments are provided in which questions related to your personality traits, liking, disliking are asked. Apart from that, there are questions that are for testing your knowledge and aptitude skills. On the basis of the results of these tests, the counsellor would suggest you the best career choice. Since everything is based on facts, you need not worry that you were not able to perform well. The counsellors are there to help you out to understand your failings as well as guide you in the ways by which you can easily improve. 
  3. Reasonable Price: Another benefit of online career counselling for students is that most of the platforms have the option to consult and obtain a career guide online free of cost. Though you can further contact the career experts on these platforms by paying a minimum price for an extended career guidance session. When the experts provide a session at their chamber, they have to set up everything which incurs cost. As a result, the cost that the students had to pay is much higher than the cost they have to pay now due to the online facilities. 
  4. Easy Access: Nowadays, due to the presence of online career counselling platforms like careerguide, SeekEx, etc. finding and booking career counselling sessions have become much easier. Whereas if you opt to do it in offline mode then that would include lots of hassles. Of course, these days finding the names of counsellors online is not difficult. Still, you have to arrange an appointment with them and most importantly take out time to travel and visit them in person. If you are a student or a working professional then that becomes challenging for you at times. Hence, online career counselling for the students is best for accessing counsellors across the world from the comfort of your home.

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Steps of SeekEx’s Career Counselling for Students

Free Career counselling for students online

When you approach a career expert on the SeekEx app then they follow certain steps. Using these steps they try to understand your interests and preferences. On the basis of your interests, they align your requirements and provide multiple career options that are available for you. 

Listed below are the steps that most of the experts follow while providing career counselling for the students:

  1. Self-Analysis

Upon consulting the counsellor the first step that they do is ask the student to take a psychometric test. You can take this test from the comfort of your home, there’s no need of travelling. This is the best thing about online career counselling for students. The psychometric test helps in analysing personality type, career values, learning style, aptitude, and career interests. According to this analysis process, a career counsellor determines your career profile.

  1. Explore various career paths

As per your interests and skills, the counsellor might suggest you various career options. But each option doesn’t need to interest you. If you feel confused among so many options then the counsellor considers your educational background and financial background to determine the best career path for you. Thus, career counselling for students enables you to explore various career paths and find out the one that is meant for you.  

  1. Decide a career path

This is one of the crucial steps as you match your profile with all the explored career paths. Career counsellors know the job opportunities and job profiles for various career paths. On the basis of that information, the experts help you to understand the path that will be suitable for you. Therefore, career counselling for students is not meant for determining the career path randomly. The counsellors consider current job status and trends before suggesting you a career option. 

  1. Define career goals

Deciding career paths is not enough to excel in reality. Thus, the final step in career counselling for students is to have defined career goals. The experts help you to define a career goal and accordingly they provide you with a road map. These days competition is present in every field and if you want to grow ahead of your peers then you must have a clear career road map. 


 Whether you are a school student in class 10 or a college student, career counselling plays a vital role in your life. With proper career counselling for students, you can plan a successful career ahead. Most importantly, you will be able to choose the one that suits your preferences. So, make use of the expert’s suggestions and plan an amazing future. 

What’s stopping you from getting counseling? Check out SeekEx’s app and get in touch with the best career counsellors in the country!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the career assessment test provided during career counselling for students tough?

No, it’s not tough at all. Career assessment test in career counselling for students includes tests that ask you questions regarding your personality, interests, and skills. 

I am in class 9 but I am very curious about my future career. Can I opt for career counselling for students?

Yes, you can opt for career counselling for students as students of every age group can get connected with career experts.

What are things I can decide after attending career counselling for students?

Students can decide their career goals and get the strategies for reaching the goals with the help of career counselling for students.

Can I connect with experts free of cost for career counselling for students?

Yes, SeekEx provides you an opportunity to get connected with career experts free of cost for career counselling.

I keep worrying about my child who is in class 12 science. He is not performing well. What should I do?

You must get career counselling for students for your child. The counsellors will detect the problem and also suggest the best way out.

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