How Does Career Guidance Help In Profound Career Development in 2022?

How Does Career Guidance Help In Profound Career Development in 2022?

How Does Career Guidance Help In Career Development

Career development is an important aspect of any individual’s life. The earnings and standard of living are highly influenced by career development. But the process of excelling in your career can be challenging at times. In that scenario career guidance is the best way out.

Often individuals rely on family and friends for seeking guidance instead of professionals. This leads to choices that can end in wrong career choices where there’s no scope of success in the future. 

So, what can be done? Well, you can opt for professional career guidance from experts on reputable and genuine platforms like SeekEx. In this blog, we’ll throw light on the ways career guidance can help in the career development process. Keep reading to find more information on it!

What does Career Guidance mean?

For those who are new to career guidance topics, let us first start the blog by explaining the definition of career guidance. Further, we shall discuss the meaning of career development and how proper guidance is essential for development.

Career guidance is the process that helps individuals in making the right decision regarding their education or job choices. The experts provide guidance on the basis of your passion and the demands of the job opportunities. 

In reality with proper career guidance, people can understand the practical career options that are available for them. Most young people opt for this as they are at the stage where they have to make crucial decisions regarding their careers. The choices made at the early stage of life not only affect the career development of the person but also sketches their entire future. 

But that’s not limited only to young adults. Often people who are already working find their profession not interesting and thus they look out for ways to pursue their passion. In that case too 

Thus, career guidance refers to all the information that experts share with the individuals for making informed career decisions. The experts also show you the path that leads to a successful career. 

Beyond this, one of the main purposes of career guidance for students is to identify the available career options. Usually, students remain aware of the career options that are common but there are numerous such options that may be suitable according to their interests but they are not aware of it. In that situation without proper guidance, students tend to opt for a wrong career and thus regret later for it. Hence, a career guidance expert renders you information about all such available options and you’re able to make the right decision. 

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Is career guidance different from career counselling?

There is a very slight difference between career guidance and career counselling. Basically, the main purpose of both is similar, that is assisting you in the process of career development. 

Now, let’s talk about the small difference between them. Career guidance is about providing relevant help to individuals for achieving their desired career goals. Whereas career counselling is the process by which individuals understand their own needs and interests through various career assessment tests and make the right career choice. 

Basically, one needs career guidance for excelling in their career once they have selected the right career choice with a proper career counselling process. Career counselling is mostly recommended for students who are in classes 10, 12, or in college. It is also useful for those working professionals who want to switch careers. 

However, career guidance is meant for those who are concerned about their growth in that particular career itself. Even students who opt for career counselling also need it for deciding their future goals and career plans. 

6 ways Career Guidance Influences Career Development

Why career counselling is important for career growth

Numerous individuals who are aware of career counselling platforms seek help from professionals when they are about to begin their careers. Most people believe that guidance is required only when you want to start your career or want to change your career. Though the intent of career guidance is not only meant for that. It means providing relevant support to the individuals throughout their lives. 

Let’s check out the ways by which career guidance influences career development:

  1. Helps in choosing a career

Many people may choose a career and also get a job in that field but still, they are not happy. Why does that happen? Such a situation arises when people choose a profession without proper career guidance and thus end up in a profession that’s not a good fit for them. It’s not surprising as self-understanding what’s suitable for you and what’s not is a tough thing. Usually, people end up selecting the profession that their family or friends recommend. 

Making a random career choice may be simpler for a time being but it’s not always wise. Profession comprises a good amount of time in your life. So, it should be such that you enjoy it and that’s the reason you must always make a well-informed decision about your career. Getting help from a professional career counsellor will enable you to choose the right career and prevent you from getting into a miserable one. 

A career development professional first analyzes your interests, values, capabilities, and personality through assessment tests. After that, they come up with a number of career options that seem suitable for you. Now you can choose among those options and further the experts will provide you career development plans on that particular career option. 

  1. Helps in finding a job

You may select a great profession but what’s the use if you are not aware of how to find a job in that field. After all, the main purpose of a profession is earning for living. Career guidance provides you relevant assistance in a job search when you are looking for either a first job or want to change your job or you want to look for subsequent jobs. 

Over the last decades how we search for a job has significantly changed and it is continuously changing. In the career counselling online session you can find the resources that you can use for locating job announcements. Apart from that you also get help to create an effective impressive resume. These days networking is the key to finding a good job opportunity. With proper guidance, you can learn the techniques of networking as well. Further, counsellors provide you advice to crack interviews and negotiate a job offer. 

  1. Provides guidance in mid-career decisions

Apart from helping you with the decisions related to the matters at the starting of your career, you can expect to get career guidance even in mid-career issues. Sometimes there are workplace issues that you may find difficult to face or there is an obstruction in the advancement of your career. In an online career counselling session, the experts analyse the reasons for the obstruction and also find out the causes that are not allowing you to grow in your career. 

They provide you answers to all your questions about your career advancement. You can easily find out the ways to acquire a promotion or seek a raise from your employer. Often you want to quit your job but you can’t find the right time to do so. Through a career counselling session, you can find the right time to quit a job and find another one quickly after that. 

Many people find it difficult to survive in a particular job because they are not able to get along with their co-workers or their boss. A career counselling session prepares you for that. Moreover, it prepares you to quickly respond to the performance reviews, and therefore manage job stress and burnouts effectively. 

  1. Supports you when you lose a job

Job loss can be devastating both financially and emotionally. Thus, when you lose your job, you actually can’t understand what you should do next. It seems that your identity is lost and you are nowhere. However, the biggest loss in that situation is the loss of income. 

One of the main components of career guidance is supporting people who are going through this devastating situation. Since you will not spend more money on career counselling while you’re already facing this situation, in that case, free online career counselling is the best way out for you. If you have recently become unemployed then there are certain practical things that you must remain aware of like unemployment benefits and health insurance.

 Career counselling online will not only provide you information related to steps that you must take as soon as you get unemployed but they also guide you through the job search process. Moreover, the encouragement and motivation that they provide will enable you to cope with the devastating situation and again secure a good job. 

  1. Obtain Advice in midway career-changing process

There are numerous people who do not stay in the same profession their entire life. Some individuals switch their careers multiple times. Whenever you come across a situation when you want to switch your profession then career guidance becomes quite essential. With professional advice, you can find out whether this is the right time for transition and whether the switch will help in your career development process. 

Switching a job or transferring one career option to an entirely different career option is not an easy decision. There are lots of drawbacks that you have to face like you have to again compete with the freshers who are just pass outs from the college. Obviously, they will have updated skills and knowledge in that field. In this situation, career counselling is the only way out as only a professional can provide you with all the information about the current scenario of that particular job profile. Moreover, you can also discover the skills that you need to acquire for beginning a new career. 

  1. Provides constant motivation

When you are making crucial decisions regarding your career then sometimes you need an unbiased cheerful leader beside you. Your family, friends, and relatives are always motivating you but at times they may have some other preferences. Moreover, they don’t have professional knowledge about career options so they can’t help you to make a completely informed decision. Choosing a career just because your neighbour suggested it or your friends are pursuing it is not at all a wise decision. So, it is always recommended that before making a career decision or switching careers you should take proper guidance from a career expert. 

While in a job seldom individuals may face a situation when things are not going in their way. In that situation, they feel stuck and want to leave the job. But with proper career guidance, you will feel motivated and if required you will get enough encouragement to leave the job or the career itself and get into something new. It’s not that a career expert will always encourage you in whatever step you take. They will provide a realistic look at the decisions so that you can make the correct and wise decision. 

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Who needs Career Guidance?

These days career guidance and counselling programs have become a vital part of career decisions. It not only enables the individuals to acquire knowledge about various available career options but also helps them to identify the right option. 

Here are types of people who can seek Career guidance from experts:

  • Parents of children at a younger age need counselling to understand which school is best for them. A proper CBSE career guidance will enable you to know all the benefits of getting admission to CBSE schools. Similarly, experts explain the pros and cons of studying in other board schools as well. Hence, after understanding the features of different schools you can seek admission in the school that meets your requirements. 
  • When a student is in class 10, then they get confused about the stream they must choose in their class 11. Most of the time, children of this age get influenced by their friends and thus tend to choose the stream that their friends have selected . But later in their career, they have to struggle to continue a profession of that stream. Career guidance after class 10  helps them to choose the right stream according to their preferences. 
  • Class 12 is an important step in the career graph. After this students tend to select the career that they will pursue lifelong. Career guidance after class 12 will not only allow you to explore available career choices but also the colleges that are available for those options. Moreover., a career counsellor provides you guidance through the admission process as well. 
  • While studying in a college, students have to make a very crucial decision of their life that is deciding whether they want to continue their higher studies or look for a job after completion of graduation. In both cases,  career counselling for students will explain the best way out.
  • After class 12 some students want to get a job and in the long run, they want to grow in that job too. You may think that isn’t possible. But it is possible if you are aware of all the steps that you need to take. To know the steps in detail, get proper career counselling after the 12th and understand the vocational courses available for you. The experts provide a complete career development plan. 
  • If you have already completed your studies and now you are well settled in a job yet at the time you feel you are not satisfied with what you are doing then immediately rush to find out career counselling near me and explain everything in detail to the counsellor. They will either motivate you enough to remain in the same job for a longer period of time or switch the job. 

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Key components of Career Guidance and Development programs

Proper career guidance can ensure a strong foundation of your career as well as provide you a road map to remain focused on the goals. Deciding the career path of a student is not an easy task. Often students try to make their career decisions on their own and as a result due to a lack of clarity about career options they may make the wrong choice. 

But the question arises, how do career counsellors understand this so easily? 

Various components of the career guidance process enable the counsellors to guide you in the right direction. Let’s check out those components one by one:

  1. Complete information about career options

Counsellors are highly qualified and professional in this field so they have knowledge about multiple career options. Even the online counselling sessions provide career feed with information on various career fields. When you have comprehensive information on all the career options, their job opportunities, and packages you can make your career decision transparently. 

  1. Assessment tests

Among various other components of online career counselling sessions, psychometric and assessment tests are the main and primary components. These tests enable the career guidance providers to understand the underlying skills and interests of students. As a result, it becomes quite easy for them to suggest a future course of study. Therefore, career development programs always keep these tests as a standard to provide individuals with a complete career road map. 

  1. Multiple career options

Once assessments tests are performed, in online career counselling a single career option is not suggested. In fact, the career guidance provider suggests multiple career options. They provide all the required information about each available option. Hence, the individuals can explore almost all possible options in their field of interest and thus choose the one they like the most. 

  1. Trained Career counsellors

A career counseling development program can’t become successful without well-experienced career counsellors. The counsellors are well experienced in this field and have knowledge and understanding of labour market changes. So, they are able to provide information about the complexities of the workplace and also suggest ways to cope up with them.

  1. End to end support

Career guidance doesn’t imply only helping the students to make the right career choice. There are many other aspects associated with this like providing a career road map. This road map consists of all the steps that an individual must take through their journey. Besides that, career counsellors on reliable platforms like SeekEx are available to provide end-to-end support by answering all the queries through chat messages and call facilities. 

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How career counsellors on SeekEx app provide Career guidance? 

career counselling online with SeekEx career counselling app

These days lots of information and resources are available online for the students. At times this information confuses them even more. Thus, career counselling is the best way out by which one can get genuine and reliable career guidance. SeekEx app is the platform that provides easy accessibility for career counsellors. For availing career counselling on SeekEx app, all you need is to download the app and search for career counsellors. You can find a list of the experts with their intros. Go through the list and select the expert whom you like the most. 

The career counsellors on the SeekEx app have the expertise to enlighten you with the right career path. Whether you need career counselling after class 12 or guidance to find jobs, experts are available to provide you with advice on every career-related topic. With utmost responsibility, counsellors provide impactful guidance to those who are in need of explanations on their careers. 

Here are the reasons that make SeekEx app one of the best among other career counselling providers available online:

  1. Career counsellors on SeekEx have knowledge of different career options

Class 12 is the most vulnerable stage for the students. Due to a lack of a clear view of the available career choices, students find it difficult to choose the right career option. In this case, career counselling plays a significant role.  

On the basis of the expertise level, research work, and knowledge counsellors provide relevant career guides to the students to understand the career opportunities and their respective market scenarios. Whether students want to take a common career option or a completely new option, the experts will always suggest the most suitable career path. 

Often students are not aware of uncommon yet rewarding fields like astrophysics, bartending, and ethical hacking. The career experts on the SeekEx app provide information related to such uncommon fields. This not only increases the reach to the options but also expands the scope of job opportunities for the students. 

  1. Career counsellors embraces broad perspective depending on skills

Whether you are an individual who is just about to start your career or you are looking for ways to switch careers, get the right career guidance. SeekEx has the best experts who use various techniques to analyse your skills. These days various technology-equipped tools like personality tests, aptitude tests, and other such tests are conducted. With the help of these tests, career counsellors are able to understand your skill levels and thus help you to make smart decisions regarding your career. 

Proper evaluation tests analyses your interests, capabilities, and personality types. Understanding your potential and skills in terms of a profession is necessary for career counsellors for filtering out the most suitable job types. In the process of free online career counselling, the experts will not only suggest to you the profession that is suitable for you but also provide information about the courses that you must opt for in that particular career option. 

  1. Career experts on SeekEx provides a clear career road map

A successful career is based on a clear career road map. The path to reach your goal should be clear before you start your journey. The career counsellors on SeekEx app guide the students towards the career path by defining various obstacles present on the way. 

With career guidance students stay focused on their path and thus they are able to achieve results from it. The free career counselling online provided by SeekEx is not limited to providing desired career choices to individuals. It includes a complete process that encourages them to first determine their skills and accordingly understand their career matches. It provides an optimal career solution to all. The counsellors strategize a robust career plan for the students. 

  1. Career Counsellors on SeekEx also guides the parents 

Parents always make the right decision for their children even for their career they want to make the right decision. Often their decisions get influenced by others or the knowledge that they already have. With time, there are lots of changes in career options and job opportunities. Thus, parents should rely on an expert who has knowledge in this field and can provide accurate career guidance.

 If parents forcefully make the children opt for a particular career option, children might feel suffocated and struggle their entire life in that profession in which they are not at all interested. Career counsellors on SeekEx always ensure to provide relevant guidance to the parents as well so that they are aware of where their children’s interests and capabilities lie. 

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Benefits of Career Guidance on SeeKEx app

Career development is an integral part of career growth. The decision you make at the beginning of your career highly influences the further development process. Career counsellor definitely guides you on the right path. These days there are so many counsellors who are ready to take free sessions online. 

Can you rely on their advice? You are not aware of their qualification or knowledge. So, relying on their career paths is not at all recommended. 

SeekEx app is the one-stop solution for this problem. Along with genuine and expert professionals, you get to enjoy various other benefits of career guidance when you opt to get free online career counselling on SeekEx. Let’s dive into the benefits:

  • The counsellors here are professionally trained and provide career guides to the seekers. Whatever career queries you have, you get a one-stop solution for all.
  • There are huge number of professions in the world. Sorting out one among all these can be a tedious task. The career guidance process helps you to understand distinct career opportunities and select the best one. 
  • SeekEx not only helps you to choose the right profession but also provides all the details related to it. You can easily gather information about the best colleges, admission processes, fees structures, etc, from the experts. Thus, you get a complete roadmap to mark the success. 
  • The career experts on the app will not spoon-feed you with the choice that you need to choose. Instead, they make you learn about the techniques that you should follow whenever you want to make any career-related decision in your journey. 
  • They provide you step by step to transform your career and become successful in your profession. You also get relevant guidance to build your profile and find out the best job opportunities available for you in the market. 


The above blog has provided you with a clear view of career guidance and how it is beneficial for career development in the long run. In this blog, there is  a detailed explanation of all the aspects associated with career guidance. If you are a student, parent of a student, or a working professional looking for the best verified and genuine career counsellors, go ahead with the career experts on the SeekEx app. 

So why are you still waiting? Get the free online career guidance on SeekEx!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is career guidance helpful if I want to know the ways to get a promotion in my current job?

Yes, career guidance will help you to understand the obstacles in the way of getting a promotion and you can easily excel in your career.

Can I opt for career guidance if I have already selected my stream in class 11?

Yes, career guidance after class 12 is necessary for every student even if you have decided you stream with any counselling go for the guidance and now define your future career.

Is there an age limit to avail career guidance?

Though there’s no age limit to avail career guidance but usually it starts with students of classes 9 and 10.

Will career guidance help me to understand the admission process in a college?

Yes career guidance provides all the information related to your career including the admission process.

I am a civil engineer. I am not interested in this field anymore? Can I seek career guidance to find a way out from this?

Career guidance is meant for anybody at any stage of life. You can always take the counselling session to understand the next right step.

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