Diploma courses after 10th | After 10th courses list for Students

Diploma courses after 10th | After 10th courses list for Students

Class 10 is considered the most crucial stage of a student’s life. It is the stage where students have to decide on their upcoming future careers. Diploma courses after 10th are available for the students in their interested field of study. These courses offer a strong foundation for their career growth. Are you interested to know more about diploma courses? Check out this blog and get a brief insight into the diploma courses.

Diploma courses after 10th are career-oriented programs that students can opt for and develop thorough knowledge about the subject matters. It also provides a better understanding of skills when they opt for higher studies. A huge number of course options are available which confuses students. So, before choosing any particular diploma course, consultation with experts is a must. SeekEx bridges the gap between experts and seekers so the seekers can easily approach the experts and receive appropriate career guidance. Accordingly, they must choose the course that ensures a bright future. 

What is a Diploma Course After 10th? 

What are Diploma courses

A diploma course is a type of course that is offered by recognised colleges/institutions to grant a brief knowledge in a specific field of study. Usually, these courses are short-term that last around 1 year to 3 years. Polytechnic colleges and many other institutes tend to offer diploma courses both in technical and non-technical fields. The main focus of diploma courses after 10th is rendering practical knowledge and skills so that students get prepared to work at the industry level. 

Diplomas after 10th are specialised programs that students can opt for just after completing their class 10. These courses focus on a particular topic and enable the students to begin their professional careers in that field. If a student is interested in some specific subject then they can opt for a diploma course and acquire relevant skills in that field. For example, if you are interested in photography then opt for a diploma in a photography course and have a successful career in it.

Can we do a Diploma course after 10th?

Class 10 is the foundation of your entire career. After completion of class 10, you can opt for diploma courses. It enables you to gain professional skills in a specific field of study. Lots of fields are available as the list of diploma courses after 10th is quite vast and diverse. Besides that, diploma courses are less expensive than graduate degree programs. Today lots of new fields in diploma courses have been introduced. 

A student who has completed class 10 also opts to pursue a diploma course as the duration of the course is much shorter than other degree courses. So, in a short duration of time, they are able to acquire knowledge in the relevant field and also pave their way toward jobs. Today, in this fast-growing world, skills and knowledge can render you the opportunity to acquire a job in a specific field rather than just obtaining a degree. Hence, if you are looking ahead to have a successful career then diploma courses after 10th will be one of the best ways out. 

Requirements for diploma courses after 10th

Requirements for diploma courses after 10th

These days diploma courses after 10th have become common among students. A huge number of institutes and colleges have started offering diploma courses. Government institutes like DSEU are famous institutes that are known for offering diploma courses to students. Admission to these courses depends on the entrance test scores. So, the students are advised to keep a check on the official website of the colleges/institutes to check the details of the requirements for diploma courses in that particular college or institute. Here are some of the basic requirements for diploma courses:

  • The minimum age requirement to obtain admission to a diploma course is 17 years.
  • The maximum age limit for admission in a diploma course is 21 years.
  • In the case of the reserved category, age relaxations are applicable
  • Candidates must pass the class 10 examination from a recognised board
  • The percentage of marks required depends on the institution/college you are applying

Diploma courses after 10th | After 10th diploma courses list

diploma courses after 10th

Once class 10 results are declared, students start wondering what next? Usually, students prefer to pursue 12th in Arts, commerce, or science stream. However, those students who want to get into jobs as early as possible opt for diploma courses after the 10th. These courses are available in different subjects in both governments as well as private institutions. 

The advantage of diploma courses is that students gain knowledge and skills related to the industry. Usually, these courses are practical job oriented. Although there are many other options available that students can pursue. Here is after 10th diploma course list that the majority of students prefer to pursue.

1. Diploma in Computer Engineering

As computers have become a necessity in this era, a diploma in computer engineering is one of the most preferred diploma courses. It is a 3 years course consisting of 6 semesters. A candidate can pursue this diploma course just after completing their class 10th. This diploma in engineering after 10th deals with hardware and software of the computers. It also renders knowledge regarding researching, designing, and testing the computer system. In addition to that, students also learn about the components of computers in detail like Analog sensors, hard disk drives, control units, motherboard, storage unit, memory, processor, etc.

2. Diploma in Information Technology

Another popular course on the after 10th course list is the diploma in Information technology. It is also a 3 years diploma course consisting of 6 semesters. This course can be pursued after completing class 10th. In this one gets to learn about computer networking, programming languages, software, and digital hardware. It also involves the design, development, and testing of software and hardware of computers. 

3. Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering

While searching for courses on the diploma course list after 10, there’s always one course that you can find that is Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering. It is also a 3 years course that has 6 semesters. In addition to that, it also imparts knowledge about computer fundamentals, various computer programming languages, web designing, software engineering, coding database management, internet, operating system, etc. 

4. Diploma in Computer Programming

Just like other diploma courses in computer science, this is one of the preferred diploma courses after the 10th. The duration of the course is 1-2 years and it deals with software development. In this course, candidates learn about computer fundamentals and various programming languages like Java, and Visual 6.0. 

5. Diploma in Mechanical engineering

In the after 10th diploma course list, a diploma in mechanical engineering is one of the engineering courses that candidates can pursue after class 10th. Due to technological advancement, engineering courses have largely expanded. Now a huge range of engineering courses is available from robotics to fire and safety. In this course, students learn about the manufacturing, and production of different types of machines. 

6. Diploma in Civil Engineering

Various diploma courses in engineering are also available that aim to impart relevant knowledge in the specific field as well as grant industry exposure. Any student who has a career in engineering can opt for diploma courses after 10th in engineering technology-related domains. Diploma in civil engineering deals with subjects like building, manufacturing, production, bridges, airports, houses, etc.

7. Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is one of the popular diploma subjects after 10th. In this course, you learn about the design and development of the new electrical system and electrical equipment. All about electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism is taught in this course. 

8. Advanced diploma in graphic design

Today, almost every business is opting to get into digital platforms. In this respect, graphic design plays a crucial role. Hence, if you are someone who is interested in designing then you can choose this diploma course after the 10th and have a great career. Most importantly, an advanced diploma in graphic design is a 1-year diploma course that deals with logo designing, multimedia, animation, etc. You can learn basic information related to web designing, typography, computer animation, visual communication, computer animation, etc. 

9. Advanced Diploma in Multimedia and Animation

Basically, multimedia and animation is a course that deals with animated movies, creating 2D/3D videos, cartoon videos, etc. This is one of the best diploma courses after the 10th that enables you to learn about 2D Animation, 3D Animation, special effects, computer basics, web designing, multimedia presentation, special effects, etc. The course duration is 6 months to 1 year, depending on the institution offering the course. 

10. Diploma in Animation and VFX

Many movies use animation and VFX as presentations. Moreover, VFX is applied in many ads too. So, if you are interested in this field then a diploma in animation can render you a great career ahead. This diploma course after 10th is a 2 years course, consisting of 4 semesters. In this course, students learn about the techniques to create cartoons using photos and drawings and further incorporating motion into them. After completion of the course, you can easily acquire placement in mass media, television industry, animation studios, film production houses, etc. 

11. Diploma in E-Accounting(Taxation)

If you are someone who is interested in the commerce field, then a diploma in the e-accounting course will be the best choice. This 1 year’s diploma course after 10th deals with the preparation of tax reports and financial statements. In this course, you learn about basic computers, financial accounting, auditing, tally ERP 9, payroll, financial risk management, GST, etc. 

12. Diploma in Mobile App development

With the increase in the use of mobile phones and apps on them, the demand for mobile app developers is constantly increasing. A diploma in mobile app development is such a course which also presents on after 10th courses list for girls. Although both boys and girls can opt for this 1-2 years course and learn about application management, designing, planning, and mobile application development process. The course also renders knowledge about programming languages like Javascript, coding, application designing, etc.

13. Diploma in Paramedics

A diploma course in Paramedics is a complete job-oriented course that can be opted after class 10. This is a field-wise course that trains students to work in a particular healthcare area. Some of the common healthcare areas include hospitals, medical and diagnostic laboratories, and nursing and residential care facilities. Urgent care centres, clinics, etc. Upon completion of this diploma course after 10th, one has the chance to become a hospital administrator, nurse staff, blood bank technician, ECG technician, etc.

14. ITI diploma courses

Among various other diploma courses, ITI courses are a popular choice on the list. ITI courses are training courses that are suitable for those who are planning to get into a particular stream after 10th. However, students have the opportunity to explore both technical and non-technical fields through this course. These courses are trade specific and spread across numerous branches of engineering, science, designing, jewellery making, etc. 

15. Diploma courses in travel and tourism

In recent times, travel and tourism have become famous career options for many. If you are someone interested in this field then you must pursue a diploma course after 10th in this field. Most of the courses related to travel and tourism are related to the hospitality sector. The course duration of these courses lies between 6 months to 3 years depending on the type of course and institution/college offering it. 

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How can SeekEx help?

How can SeekEx help 1

The list of diploma courses after 10th seems to be never-ending. In this huge list of courses, it’s difficult for a student to choose a course that can benefit their future career. To make this choice easy, you need to approach career experts. SeekEx offers access to skilled and experienced career experts who render relevant guidance to choose the best course. 


A varied range of specialisations in diploma courses after the 10th are available. These courses are usually job-oriented so once you pursue the courses you will gain practical knowledge in this field. This blog provides insight into different diploma courses and the segments in which you can gain knowledge upon pursuing that particular course. However, you can find the top 15 diploma courses listed in this blog. If you need further insights on the diploma courses or the job opportunities related to those courses reach out to experts on the SeekEx app. The career experts will guide you to select the ideal field that aligns with your career aspirations. 

Get the right guidance and choose the best diploma courses for a secure future!

Frequently Asked Question

What is the duration of diploma courses after the 10th?

Usually, the diploma courses after the 10th range between 6 months to 3 years depending upon the specialization and the institution offering it. 

What is the best Diploma course after the 10th?

Usually, polytechnic, engineering, and ITI diploma courses are considered the best. Each specialization has its own significance so whichever course interests you, can be considered the best.

Can I opt for degree courses after diploma courses?

Yes, you can opt for degree courses once you complete a diploma course. 

Can I pursue a diploma course after class 12?

Yes, many specialisations of diploma courses are available for the students who have completed class 12. 

Is there any minimum percentage required to pursue a diploma course?

No, there is no such specific percentage requirement to pursue a diploma course. However, the institutions offering the course may have such eligibility criteria. 

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