Top 10 Diploma Courses After 12th Commerce for Bright Future | Seekex

Top 10 Diploma Courses After 12th Commerce for Bright Future | Seekex

Are you a commerce student and want to get a job after the 12th? Commerce is one of the most preferred streams among the students. Often many students want to get a job as soon as they complete their higher secondary studies. The most common step for them is to opt for diploma courses after 12th commerce and get a job. If you are among such commerce students then this blog is for you. Here you can find a list of top diploma courses and all the details related to those courses. 

The advantage that commerce streams have over other streams is that the commerce stream students can opt for skill-based courses just after completing their class 12 and get jobs easily. Mostly the diploma courses enhance your skill level and enable you to compete with the world. There are so many diploma courses available nowadays, it may create lots of confusion for the students. In that scenario, it’s advisable that before selecting particular diploma courses after 12th commerce you get a consultation with career experts. The experts on the SeekEx app provide all the required details about the courses and also help you to make the right choice according to your preferences. 

Check out the blog completely to know about the top 10 diploma courses available for commerce students. 

What is a Diploma Course?


What is Diploma course


A course that offers you knowledge regarding career-related skills is known as a diploma course. Numerous colleges and educational institutions across the country offer such courses to make you ready for a career. Usually, these courses are short-term courses that enable you to acquire credentials at graduate, undergraduate, and vocational levels. Some standard forms of diploma courses are dentistry, healthcare, welding, and business. 

For anyone who wants to opt for diploma courses after 12th commerce, science or arts must complete their class 12th first. The level of knowledge one can gain through diploma courses is definitely less than the degree programs but more than the knowledge gained in certificate courses. As the diploma courses have less duration and fees than a degree course, lots of students prefer them. Typically a diploma course may have a duration of three months to 1 year.

To determine whether a particular diploma course is for you or not you should consider your interests, the duration of the courses, and the job opportunities you get after completion of the course. Before applying for any particular diploma course you should also check that the course is fully accredited by a recognised institution. A diploma course is a perfect option if you want to change careers, gain new skills quickly and decrease the chances of unemployment. 

Types of Diploma Courses

There are multiple factors on which the categorizations of the diploma courses can be done. Basically, the entire list of diploma courses can be categorized into two segments on the basis of curriculum: technical and non-technical. Similarly, on the basis of the purpose of the course, the diploma courses can be divided into two parts. One is skill development courses and the other one is formal diploma courses. They are also known as regular diploma and vocational diploma courses. Let’s check out the types of diploma courses on the basis of the format of education:

  • Diploma in Engineering: These types of diploma courses are technical training programs opted by engineering students. However, students who have passed class 10th are eligible to apply for a diploma in engineering courses. Upon completion of a diploma in engineering courses, candidates can easily secure admission in B.E or B.Tech courses by using the lateral entry system. 
  • Non-technical diploma courses: These types of courses can be said as diploma courses after the 12th that candidates can pursue irrespective of their streams. Usually, these courses are related to management skills, design, arts, office skills, soft skills, etc. These are some of the popular ones however there are a lot more categories of such diploma courses. The duration of courses ranges between two to three years and even 10th pass students are also eligible to opt for these programs. 
  • Diploma in Vocation: These types of diploma courses are three-year vocational training programs. Usually, students opt to get admission in this type of program just after completing their class 10. 
  • Skill diploma: The main objective of skill diploma courses is to train the candidates with relevant skills. That’s why it is named a vocational training course. You can opt for the skill diploma courses after 12th commerce and become eligible to apply for multiple job opportunities. 
  • Private institutes diploma: These are the types of diploma courses that are certified by the private institutes offering these courses. Usually, the curriculum of the course is designed by the institute itself. Some of the common private institute diploma courses are diplomas in social media marketing, diploma in beauty and makeup, diploma in digital marketing, etc. 

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Diploma courses after 12th commerce

Commerce is a vast field that comprises a huge range of courses. The courses are related to various aspects of the business from finance, accounting, and taxation to human resource management. All the diploma courses enable you to learn the basic fundamentals and get hold of benchmark concepts. Besides that, these diploma courses after 12th commerce also help you to broaden your horizon by providing specialized skills in a particular field. Let’s discuss some of these diploma courses in detail.

List of Best Diploma courses after 12th Commerce

Diploma courses after 12th

Whenever a candidate is searching for the best diploma course just after completing their class 12, usually there are two main reasons behind that. One of the main reasons is that the candidate wants to acquire some professional skills and get jobs as early as possible. Another possible reason is upgrading the skills. Whatever the reason may be, the sole purpose of diploma courses is to grant you career-related skills. Here is the list of top diploma courses after 12th commerce. You can choose any one of them and have a successful career ahead. 

  1. Diploma in Digital marketing

Today, in this era of digitalization, a diploma in digital marketing is at the top of the list. It is one of the trending diploma courses after 12th commerce. After completion of the course, there’s no looking back, you can go ahead having an exciting career journey. These days many candidates who are from different backgrounds are also opting for certificate courses or diploma courses in digital marketing because of its different career opportunities. 

Any student irrespective of their stream can enroll in a diploma in digital marketing course just after completing their 12th. Apart from offering you exciting job opportunities, this course also helps to create your own digital presence and market product and services. Through various digital marketing techniques, one can easily improve the reach of their business. So, this course is one of the best diploma courses listed after the 12th. In this, you get to learn about the implementation of new marketing skills and conversion skills. 

This course is considered suitable especially for 12th commerce students because they already learned about marketing techniques in their class 11 and 12th-course curriculum. They also learn about different analytical skills to manage data which makes learning digital marketing easier for commerce students than for other stream students. Typically the diploma course duration for digital marketing ranges between 4 months to 6 months. Sometimes the course duration may range up to 1 year. The eligibility to enrol in the course is to pass class 12 from any stream. 

  1. Diploma in Financial Accounting

One of the top diploma courses after 12th commerce is a diploma in financial accounting. Through these diploma courses, you learn the skills of arranging and managing tax reports and different financial records effectively. Besides that, you also get an idea about the economic conditions of a company and how a company can grow financially. Companies are able to make their financial conditions better by analyzing their financial health. 

The financial accounting diploma course duration is around 1 year. The eligibility to get admission in this diploma course is completing class 12 with commerce. You can opt for the diploma in financial accounting course if you have good knowledge about finance and want to further enjoy numbers and computations. With this course, you can gear up your career in the field of finance. 

  1. Diploma in Hotel Management

Among various other sectors, hospitality is growing tremendously. For decades, it is a sector that has remained evergreen. This field has a huge number of job opportunities and hence enables you to have a fulfilling career. Once you complete the diploma in hotel management course you can easily get a job in the hospitality sector. That’s the reason it is considered one of the best diploma courses after the 12th. Usually, after completion of the course, you can expect to get a job in resorts, restaurants, hotels, fast-food chains, etc.

The diploma course duration  of the hotel management course is 1 year. The students of all the streams; commerce, arts, or science can get admission to this course. Multiple private and government institutions are available that offer both diploma and degree courses in hotel management. To get admission in any of the courses related to hotel management you need to complete your class 12. If you want to travel across the world and work in the hospitality sector across the world then this course is perfect for you. 

  1. Diploma in Retail Management

With the increase in the number of malls and department stores across the country, there’s an unexpected increase in demand for experts in retail sectors. In recent times diploma in retail management is one of the top diploma courses after 12th commerce. It teaches you about the management of retail stores. As it is quite a promising career option so if you are looking for a career in this field or you want a hike in your existing job profile in retail then opting for such diploma courses would be quite beneficial. 

Typically the diploma course duration of a retail management course is 1 year. In the duration of just one year, you get to learn all the technicalities related to retail management. This diploma course is also beneficial if you want to opt for MBA in the future. This is one of the evergreen sectors as it’s true that people will not stop shopping and there will always be opening for individuals who can manage the requirements of the customers who come to shop. 

  1. Diploma in Physical Education

Those who are interested in the health and fitness industry and want to have a career in this field can opt to pursue a diploma in physical education. After completion of the diploma course, you can become a fitness trainer however if you want to grow in this sector, you should opt for higher studies in this field. If you are someone who is interested in sports and want a career in that field then also a diploma in physical education would be beneficial for you. 

The diploma course duration of a physical education course is around 1 year. You can get admission just after completing class 12 in commerce or any other stream. By completing this course, you gain knowledge about fitness and health and get placed as sports teachers or trainers in schools or other institutions. 

  1. Diploma in Computer Application

The use and importance of computers need no new explanation. Today, knowledge of computers is not an additional knowledge but it has become a necessity. Irrespective of the course you choose, even if you opt for engineering or degree courses, a diploma in computer application is necessary for gaining knowledge about the fundamentals of computers. This course is present on the after 12th commerce courses list because many students get job opportunities by just completing a diploma in computer application after their 12th. 

In this course, you get to learn about the basics of computer application. After completion of the course, you get employed in the job role of a lead consultant, application developer, office assistant, etc. Even if you opt to get into the banking profession you need to complete a diploma in computer application course. The diploma course duration ranges from 6 months to 1 year. Some individuals can even opt for a 3-month basic diploma in computer application course. Whereas if you want to learn software languages then you have to opt for the 1-year diploma course. 

  1. Diploma in Fashion Designing

Fashion designing is another flourishing sector that has come up with lots of job opportunities in the past decade. Not only fashion designers are in high demand but these days career options like fashion bloggers, influencers, fashion stylists, personal shoppers, etc are high in demand. If you are looking for the best diploma courses after 12th commerce and you have creativity within you then a diploma in fashion designing can be a good choice. 

The fashion designing diploma course duration is 6 months to 1 year. Not only 12th pass commerce students are eligible but even other stream students are also eligible to apply for this diploma course. You should opt for this course if you have a good fashion sense and like to experiment with choices of clothes. You get employed in the garment and textile export houses, retail chains, and as costume designers in the television and film industry. 

  1. Diploma in Writing & Journalism

Apart from all the discussed diploma courses after 12th commerce, the diploma in writing and journalism is one of the tops discussed courses. If you have perfect writing skills and wanted to get into a journalism career then opt for a diploma in writing and journalism. After completion of the course you can have a job in media, magazine houses, publishing houses, work as a freelancer, writer in digital marketing companies, etc. 

Writing & Journalism diploma course duration is also 1 year. Anyone who has completed class 12 with a commerce, science, or arts background can opt for this course. You should opt to pursue this course if you have great communication skills and perfect writing skills. However, having a great sense of creativity is an additional benefit. 

  1. Diploma in Yoga

Across the world, yoga has become a popular form of exercise. Having knowledge of yoga can bring you lots of career opportunities. The best thing is that upon completion of the diploma course after 12th commerce you can opt to become a yoga teacher and begin your career in this field. You can opt to offer classes privately or join institutions as a yoga teacher. These days schools and colleges also have a demand for yoga teachers. 

The diploma course duration in yoga ranges from 6 months to 1 year depending on the level, of course, you are opting for. You need to complete your class 12 in commerce or some other streams to be eligible to apply for the diploma in yoga. Those who are fitness freaks and want to take fitness as a career should opt for this course. 

  1. Diploma in Banking

Banking is one of the favorite career options of most commerce students. A job in the banking sector is rewarding not only in terms of remuneration but also in terms of career growth. A diploma course in banking will allow you to get into the banking sector easily. Depending on your skill sets and qualifications you will get jobs in this sector. If you want to work in the banking sector and have likings in finance and accounting subjects then this job role is perfect for you. 

The diploma course duration of a diploma in banking ranges from 6 months to 1 year. As banks have multiple departments and there are always requirements of individuals to work in these departments, there are huge number of job opportunities available for those who complete a diploma in banking course. Upon completion of the course, you will be placed in sections like loan servicing, personal banking, wealth management, commercial banking, retail banking, investment banking, electronic banking, deposit operations, mortgage banking, etc. 

Therefore, these are the top 10 diploma courses after 12th commerce that are most preferred by the students. However, there are many other diploma courses too that you can opt for and have a successful career. Most of the courses mentioned here are for students belonging to commerce students but other stream students can also opt for these courses and build up their careers in these fields. 

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Requirements for Diploma course

Requirements for Diploma Courses after 12th Commerce

Usually, diploma courses are preferred once students complete class 12. Whatever their stream maybe, a diploma course provides them with a strong foundation for the future. But for pursuing the diploma courses there are certain requirements that the students have to fulfill. Check out the eligibility criteria to take admission in a diploma course after 12th commerce, science, or arts:

  • Students must have passed their class 12 from a recognized board of education.
  • Some of the courses may allow the students who have passed class 10th to pursue those courses. 
  • Typically, diploma courses don’t have any specific requirement of marks percentage. 
  • The admission process and other requirements depend on the institute where you are taking admission. 
  • The eligibility criteria may differ from institute to institute and course to course. 

6 month to 1-year Diploma courses after 12th

Having a successful career after 12 matters a lot for the students. After 10th, in India, a huge mass of students opt for the commerce stream. These days commerce streams offer a vast amount of opportunities to explore. If you are one who wants to opt for courses just after completing class 12 then diploma courses after 12th commerce would be the best option. You can opt for 6 months to 12 months courses. Usually, the 6 months to 1-year courses are either certificate courses or diploma courses. With these courses, you will be able to gain knowledge of specific domains.

The 6 months to 1-year duration diploma courses are job-oriented, short-term courses. If you have just completed class 12 or you are about to pass class 12 then you can choose to pursue diploma courses. Some of the popular diploma courses after 12th commerce are diplomas in financial accounting, accounting courses, diplomas in coding, taxation diploma course, etc.  

How can SeekEx help?

How SeekEx can Help

Commerce is one of the most lucrative fields that includes a plethora of courses like business studies, accounting, management, economics, statistics, etc. While in classes 11 and 12 the commerce students get the opportunity to learn about a wide range of subjects. This is the right time when the students can determine the areas and subjects they are interested in and accordingly decide their capabilities. Further, they can try to choose the right 6 months courses after 12th or 1-year courses. 

Upon deciding the subjects of your liking you can consult the career experts on SeekEx. The experts will enable you to determine your preferences and accordingly decide the best diploma courses available for you. They will also offer you knowledge about the scope of pursuing a particular diploma course and the job opportunities available upon completion of the course. Often students tend to get into a particular course after 12th commerce just because their friends have opted for that. Making the wrong choice of course can be harmful to your entire career. So, always opt for a diploma course after 12th commerce only after consulting genuine experts. 


A course that you choose after the 12th should be the one that relates to your preference and has amazing job opportunities. Is there a short-term course that can help you get a job? 

Diploma courses that range from 3 months to 2 years are short-term skilled-based subject-specific courses. These courses enable you to gain knowledge and at the same time allow you to get a job after completing them successfully. 

Deciding the best diploma course after 12th commerce that can offer you the best job opportunities is the most difficult task. So, rely on the advice of experts on SeekEx and make the right choice. Choose the best diploma course after the 12th and begin your career journey!

Frequently Asked Questions About Diploma courses after 12th commerce

  1. Are diploma and degree courses the same? 

    A degree course is recognized by UGC or a university whereas diploma courses are recognized by AICTE. The former is a knowledge-based course whereas the latter is a skill-based course. 

  2. Is there any difference in the duration of degree and diploma courses?

    The duration of a diploma course ranges from 3 months to 2 years, whereas the duration of the degree course is 3-4 years. 

  3. What to do after 12th commerce?

    A.There are two main options for those who have completed their 12th in commerce. One is they can opt to pursue degree courses or they can pursue diploma courses for gaining skills in related fields. 

  4. What are the diploma courses after 12th commerce?

    The most common diploma courses after 12th commerce are diplomas in financial accounting, diplomas in banking, diploma in digital marketing, diploma in retail management, diploma in hotel management, etc. 

  5. What are the best courses after 12th commerce with a high salary?

    The best courses after 12th commerce with high salaries are chartered accountancy, Management, Company Secretary, Actuarial Science, Statistics, and cost management accountancy. 

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