Architecture Courses After 12th | Eligibility, Course Details, Top Institutes, and So on – SeekEx

Architecture Courses After 12th | Eligibility, Course Details, Top Institutes, and So on – SeekEx

Over the years architecture has been a demanding profession. The architects are the ones who are in charge of designing homes, educational institutions, and other infrastructures. Architecture courses after 12th focus upon developing the skills that are required to become an architect. 

The architecture courses offer deep knowledge about construction techniques and skills and enhance the abilities to bring out new innovative ideas. Is an architecture course suitable for you? If you have likings in the construction sector, then you should go for it. However, it’s always recommended to have a brief conversation with the consultants on SeekEx

The experts will understand your preferences and accordingly suggest appropriate architecture courses. In this blog, you can check out details about the architecture courses after 12 and other relevant details regarding them. 

What is an Architecture course?

What is Architecture course

Students who want to pursue architecture courses after 12th, usually prefer B Arch(Bachelor of architecture). It is an undergraduate program in the field of architecture where students get to learn a blend of theoretical and practical skills. A professional architecture is involved in every stage of construction be it ideating, mapping, or overseeing the construction process of the physical structures.

Apart from the Bachelor’s in architecture, there are various other types of courses like diplomas in architecture that enable the students to start a career in this field.

List of Architecture courses after 12th  

Architecture courses after 12th

All the architecture courses are in demand and can offer you a successful career in this field. They may differ in several criteria and levels but they tend to work towards the same purpose. Let’s discuss some of the top architecture courses after the 12th that students can opt for.

  1. Bachelor of Architecture(B Arch)

Bachelor of Architecture is a five-year undergraduate program that students who want to get in the field of architecture usually opt for after class 12th. To be eligible to apply for this course you must obtain at least 50% marks in class 12th. This course is created by the University of grants commission so that students can opt for this course and take up construction projects of private and government sectors.

Most of the architecture colleges in India offer B Arch in which the students are taught to design models of buildings, formulate construction blueprints, etc. Usually, students with a science background prefer this architecture course. But candidates from other streams with Mathematics in class 12 are also eligible for this course.

  1. Bachelor of Planning

Bachelor of planning is also an undergraduate course for stūdents who want to pursue an architecture course after the 12th. To pursue this 4-year program, a candidate needs to have a minimum of 50% marks in class 12 and they should have mathematics in class 12 irrespective of their stream.

This course consists of eight semesters and the student has to appear for an entrance test to secure admission to the architecture colleges in India that offer this course. After completion of the course, students can have a successful career in the architecture field and start working as urban planners, regional planners, interior designers, etc. 

  1. Bachelor of Engineering in construction technology

Bachelor of Engineering in construction technology is also a four-year undergraduate degree program in architecture science and technology. Those students who have passed class 12 with an aggregate score of 50% are eligible to apply for this architecture course after the 12th. However, some architecture colleges conduct entrance exams for admissions to this course.

This course enables the students to learn various skills related to the management of people, technological processes, materials, equipment, and funds of the construction process. Upon completion of this architecture course, students can opt for their careers as project managers, construction managers, civil managers, etc. 

  1. Bachelor of Architecture in Landscape engineering

Bachelor of Architecture in Landscape engineering is a 3-year course. It is a basic architecture course that mainly focuses on landscape architectural design and analysis. The students pursuing this architecture course after 12th get specialised in environmental planning.

In the landscape architecture course, students are taught about ecology, industrial landscape, green belts, environmental up-gradation, and a lot more. Usually, students completing a bachelor of architecture in landscape engineering get hired for commercial complex projects and constructions. 

  1. Bachelor of Architecture in building and construction management

Bachelor of Architecture in building and construction management is an undergraduate architecture course after 12. This five-year architecture course focuses mainly on the importance of construction management. In the duration of the course, students learn different supervision techniques and surveying processes. Along with that they also gain a basic understanding of designing and construction.

If you are one who wants to find how to become an architect in India, then opt for this course. Upon completion of the course, students can pursue their careers as architect-engineer, data analyst, interior designer, architecture designer in both government and private sectors. 

  1. Diploma in architecture

Apart from degree courses, there are numerous diploma courses that students can pursue. Diploma in Architecture is a certificate-level course that students can pursue after completing their class 12th. This is one of the best architecture courses after the 12th. The time duration of this course is 3 years.

Diploma in construction management, diploma in an architectural assistantship, and diploma in architecture engineering are three types of courses that come under diploma in architecture.

If you want to find how to become an architect then pursuing a diploma in architecture is one of the best ways out. Upon pursuing this course students can have careers as project engineers, civil engineers in various organisations. Numerous diploma in architecture colleges is available that offers these courses. 

  1. Certificate Architecture courses in India

All the students can’t pursue degree or diploma courses. If you are one who doesn’t want to pursue any long-term courses then several certificate courses enable you to enhance your practical knowledge in this field. To pursue a certificate course you must have either passed 12th or have a diploma in any stream. Usually, the architecture courses after the 12th are for 6 months duration.

The subjects offered are AutoCAD, 3D studio Max+Vray, photoshop, Revit, etc. 

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Architecture entrance exams after 12th

The majority of architecture colleges select the candidates for admission in the respective courses through entrance exams. If you want admission to the best architecture colleges in India, you must opt for the respective entrance exams. Let’s discuss the architecture entrance exams that are available for the students:

  • National Aptitude Test in Architecture: NATA is one of the most famous architecture entrance exams in India. It is conducted twice every year and it selects the students to get admission to B Arch colleges in India. There’s no common counselling for the students to select their preferred colleges. Usually, students have to apply individually to their preferred college. 
  • JEE Main Paper 2: The JEE main examination is conducted for the students who want to pursue engineering. Paper 2 of JEE Mains is dedicated to the students who want to get admission to architecture courses after the 12th. The national testing agency is responsible for conducting these exams. Through JEE Main Paper 2, students get admission in IITs, GFITs, NITs, and various other private colleges.
  • Architecture Aptitude Test: AAT is the architecture entrance exam that is conducted for students who have already qualified in the JEE Advanced examination. Through this entrance exam, qualified students get admission into the B Arch courses that offer the opportunity to the candidates to pursue architecture courses after 12th from IITs.

Best Architecture colleges in India

Above mentioned list of architecture courses after the 12th, might have enhanced your urge to pursue architecture. Once you decide the course and discover the entrance exam you have to take for pursuing that specific course, then comes deciding the colleges. These are the lists of the best architecture colleges in India.

Top 10 architecture colleges in India

Top 10 architecture colleges in India

Candidates who want to get admission to architecture colleges always look for the top colleges in India. This is a list of top 10 colleges and acquiring a seat in any of them can ensure a great career journey ahead. Here is the list of the top 10 architecture colleges in India:

  1. IIT Kharagpur
  2. School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi
  3. IIT Roorkee
  4. BIT Meshra
  5. CEPT University
  6. Sir JJ College of Architecture, Mumbai
  7. Jadavpur University
  8. NIT Trichy
  9. Jamia Millia Islamia University
  10. Chandigarh College of Architecture

Government Architecture colleges in India

Often candidates seeking admission to architecture courses after 12th, opt for government colleges. One of the biggest factors is the fees of architecture courses in government colleges. In comparison to private colleges, government colleges charge quite reasonable fees for these courses. Let’s check out the list of the best government architecture colleges in India:

  1. CEPT University
  2. College of Engineering Trivandrum
  3. Birla Institute of Technology
  4. Sir JJ College of Architecture
  5. Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
  6. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
  7. Anna University, Chennai
  8. BMS College of Engineering
  9. NIT Hamirpur
  10. Andhra University

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B Arch Colleges in India

  1. VIT Vellore- Vellore Institute of Technology
  2. SRM University, Chennai
  3. 3.Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering
  4. MSRIT Bangalore- Ramaiah Institute of Technology
  5. IIEST Shibpur-Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology
  6. Sathyabama University-Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology
  7. Andhra University- College of Engineering, Visakhapatnam
  8. Jadavpur University, Kolkata
  9. REVA University, Bangalore
  10. College of Engineering, Trivandrum

Over 881 B.Arch colleges are present in the country. The colleges mentioned here are some of the best architecture colleges in India. So, you can easily choose a college of your preference and check out their selection process. 

How to become an architect after 12th in India?

How to become an architect after 12th in India

A career in architecture can provide a bright future. Today, lots of students have an inclination to become an architect but wonder where they can start and which architecture courses after 12th they should pursue. The first thing that’s required to become an architect is to have a certification or degree in any field. Besides that, the candidate must meet other requirements for admission into architecture courses.

The entire admission process is based on the eligibility criteria set up by the respective university. Let’s check some of the essential factors that you need to take into consideration if you want to become an architect after the 12th. 


One of the main factors that everyone should consider is the eligibility criteria of the respective colleges. At some point, there may be some differences in the eligibility criteria but overall there are a few common eligibility criteria that the candidates must possess to pursue architecture courses after 12th. Here is the list of common eligibility criteria:

Eligibility Criteria for B Arch

  • The candidates must have scored at least 50% marks in aggregate in class 12 or equivalent. Mathematics is the mandatory subject for pursuing architecture courses after the 12th.
  • Candidates who have a 10+3 years diploma in any stream from a recognized institution and have scored 50% aggregate marks are also eligible to apply to the architecture courses.
  • NATA score is mandatory for those candidates who want admission to B Arch colleges. NATA entrance examination for architecture after 12th is conducted by the council of architecture. 

Eligibility Criteria for M.Arch

Usually, M.Arch is pursued by those candidates who have already opted for some bachelor or diploma architecture courses after the 12th. The main eligibility to get admission in M.Arch is that the candidate must hold a Bachelor of Architecture degree from a recognized board. Besides that, the candidate must obtain at least 50% marks in aggregate in their B.Arch.

Career options after architecture courses

With the advancement of infrastructural developments all over the country, there has been tremendous growth in the scope of architecture. In the last century, lots of villages got transformed into cities. Hence, day by day demands for architects are increasing.

People are looking for new concepts, designs, and technology for their new construction, renovations, etc. As a result, architects are receiving lots of different career opportunities. The salary of architects in India may vary according to the productivity and value addition of the project.

Today, there are a huge number of career opportunities in the field of architecture. The architect doesn’t always mean someone who is drafting drawings of bridges and dams. There’s a lot more in the field of architecture and the architects often tend to work in different layers. So, let’s discuss the career options available for students pursuing architecture courses after the 12th.

Career options

  1. Landscape Architects

The architects who are involved in environmental restoration, designing recreational areas, stormwater management, etc. are known as landscape architects. Basically, they are involved in designing outdoor areas for different types of businesses. That’s where their focus lies because their work is related to the interaction with trees, plants, and other materials associated with horticulture.

These architects implement their knowledge to integrate it with the way of living. Hence, it can be one of the best career options for those who have pursued architecture courses after the 12th

  1. Industrial Architects

Industrial architects are the ones who are involved in the projects like construction of bridges, industries, hydroelectric dams, and so on. They have a complete understanding of the engineering principles. As architects are responsible to design so they are considered as the primary component of the construction process. If you are interested in such job opportunities then opt for relevant architectural courses after the 12th

  1. Architectural historians

Architectural historians are the ones who are not responsible for designing any buildings or dams rather they research the history of architecture. Upon completing architecture courses after the 12th, if you opt to become an architectural historian then you are employed in museums, government agencies, non-profit organisations, and archives.

The job responsibilities include conducting historical research and evaluation for historic sites and getting technical support for the community associated with preservation programs.  

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Different types of architectural professions

  1. Architectural technicians

Being an architectural technician, you have to implement your science and engineering skills to create designs of constructions and refurbishments that are tough, resilient, and sustainable. With the help of computer-aided design and traditional drawing techniques, the architect prepares design proposals on different technical matters. After completing architecture courses after 12th, this can be a great architectural profession.   

  1. Interior and Spatial designer

A student pursuing architectural courses has the option to become an interior and spatial designer. The architect has to implement their architectural creative design and project management techniques to renovate internal spaces, fixtures, and fittings. They are responsible to ensure that the spaces are both attractive as well as efficient.

These days the demand for internal designers is increasing due to the huge number of people looking to renovate their internal spaces. Therefore, you can opt for this profession after completing architecture courses after 12th and opt to work in a variety of commercial, leisure, or domestic settings.  

  1. Building Surveyor 

If you’re someone who enjoys problem-solving and you’re interested in designing and constructing buildings then the job profile of building surveyor is appropriate for you. As a building surveyor, you will be responsible to conserve, modify, fix, renovate, and restore existing buildings. When you opt for this profession, you need to take precautionary measures to maintain the conditions of the buildings and ensure that they remain sustainable.

Once you complete architecture courses after the 12th, you can opt to pursue this profession. 

  1. Town Planner

The graduates in architecture courses after 12th can opt for a career as a town planner. This profession is suitable for you if you are interested in the development and regeneration of the countryside, towns, villages, and cities. Being a town planner your responsibility is to balance the needs of the local environment, people of the area, and the economy. You have to bring out new innovative and sustainable solutions for development. 


Certain factors like urbanisation, population growth, and government initiatives are fueling up the construction industry. That’s acting as a catalyst in the growth of demands of architects across the country. If you want to have a career in this field then pursue an architecture course after the 12th and begin your career. 

Making the right choice of architecture course after 12th for a successful career becomes difficult for many students. In that situation, career consultation plays an important role. The experts on the SeekEx app have relevant expertise to guide you about the right options. The experts help you to align your preferences with appropriate architecture courses. 

Why are you still waiting? Go ahead! Avail online career consultation on the SeekEx app & choose the right architecture course!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between and BE?

A.BTech stands for bachelor in technology where BE is Bachelor of Engineering. BTech is more skill-oriented, unlike BE which is more knowledge-based. As per industrial requirements, the curriculum of Btech is continuously updated. 

  1. Can I pursue an architecture course after 12th commerce?

A.Yes, any candidate who has passed class 12th with mathematics from a recognised board can pursue architecture courses. Thus, the students who have completed their 12th in commerce students and had mathematics in 12th, are eligible to opt for an architecture course. 

  1. What are the best entrance exams for architecture after the 12th?

A.The best entrance exams for architecture after 12th are NATA, JEE Main Paper 2, and the architecture aptitude test. 

  1. What is eligibility for architecture courses after the 12th?

A.To pursue an architecture course after 12th, the candidate must have scored 50% in class 12 and had mathematics as a subject. 

  1. How many years is needed to complete an architecture course?

A.The time duration of the architecture course depends on the type of course you are pursuing. In the case of B.Arch, the time duration is 5 years, whereas the duration of diploma and certificate courses may vary from 6 months to 3 years. 

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